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all my friends are stressed up to their eyeballs right now, and as it’s exam season hell in the UK, i made a ““helpful”” powerpoint about it. ft. shitty clipart. on a calming pink background b/c it’s pretty and i like it
Enjoy my friends, i hope this helps :)

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So in the trailer the team is standing in the typical blue - red - black - green - yellow order .. Allura and Coran are at Keiths usual place aka red, while Keith is standing in the middle aka black aka leader. And that shot of Voltron is focussed on the black and red parts.. I have feels and hOW SHOULD I SURVIVE UNTIL SEPTERMBER

I’m gonna answer this (even though you said I didn’t have to) because I feel like it’s relevant to my dash right now: I survive by ignoring about 90% of what comes out of the cast and crew between now and September.

I know it’s tempting to analyse every single frame of a 30-second trailer. And I know this might sound weird coming from me, of all people, the fandom’s unofficial vodka aunt who’s usually to be found knee-deep in conspiracy theories at 3am. HOWEVER. I have been in fandoms for a long time, and I’m here to tell you that you’re never going to get any accurate information about a new season six months before it’s due to air. You’re just not.

S2 only just came out, and it ended on a dramatic cliffhanger with Shiro disappearing. The writers are not going to give anything away at this point. This far out from S3, teasers are going to be deliberately misleading. Answers at cons are going to be vague and wink-wink and haha wait til September!! No one is going to sit on stage and say “Yeah Shiro’s gonna be rescued in episode 3 don’t worry” or “Keith will pilot the Black Lion, so jot that down”. There’d be no point, and they don’t want to give away spoilers.

Honestly when it comes to this stuff I just ignore 90% of it. I mean, for sure I’m going to do a screencap analysis of that Lotornecker April Fool’s teaser, and i’m definitely going to write a cute shallura fic about them washing the mice together. But the rest of it? Not gonna touch it. It’s a waste of time. Remember “Keith… if I don’t make it out of here…”? Look how that turned out.

For all we know, in that shot where they’re lined up in “Paladin order”, they might be talking to Shiro. We literally have no way of telling at this point, so my best advice to you is this: don’t over-analyse. Teasers are misleading, we’re six months out from S3, no one is going to confirm or deny the identity of the new Black Paladin. If there even is one.

Things you can do instead of spiralling into pointless speculation on the basis of a misleading teaser:

  • Watch S1 and S2 again
  • Write some cool meta about a character you love
  • Read/write fanfic
  • Reblog cool gifsets and artworks
  • Analyse scenes we’ve actually seen in the show with context and understanding of the plot, instead of scenes we have zero context for
  • Make fun of Lotor for being secretly Kalternecker all along
  • Tell yourself: “Teasers are deliberately misleading”
  • Repeat it until you believe it

I know it’s fun to speculate! But like everything else in fandom, speculation should be enjoyable and not gutwrenching. Personally, I think Shiro’s going to be back with the team pretty quickly. One shot of the Paladins lined up with Keith in the middle doesn’t change that.

It’s perfectly okay to take a look at the tempting rabbit hole the writers have laid out for us and go “nope, not gonna fall down that” and move on.

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You understand that vampires having some connection to some themes do not make these themes always 100% relevant in every context there is something vampire related? Children dressed as vampires are disease transmitting drug users? Wow you are bad wrapping this concept of context and social construction of meanings around your head.

Thing is, I’m not referencing it in terms or the actual show. I was under the impression I was shitventing about romanticising April being an undead slave and “seducing” Donnie? And not calling kids watching the show and seeing the vampirism as a bad thing in plot context gross????

When it comes to the portrayal of vampires, there are two main portrayals we see: Family-Friendly and Mature.

The show’s aimed at kids, and the only thing about vampires that matters in that concept is Vampires = Evil. They want to suck out your blood and, in the context of the show, turn you into an evil slave with no will of your own to carry out an evil creature’s bidding. The TMNT version of Dracula is much closer to the family-friendly version of vampires being the antagonists because… well, they’re evil, that’s about the only reason. If I had watched the episodes without knowing fandom reaction I wouldn’t be bringing this up, because watching the special on its own I would take as just a fun little halloween thing.

Now, romanticising vampires isn’t really appealing to me now in the context of “mature” texts. Again, vampires as they are today came from classic literature in the gothic. This type of vampire is in the Mature pool of portrayals, with strong links to lust and disease, etc., etc.. I wouldn’t have brought this up in my untagged rant post if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve seen several instances already of people romanticising April’s enslaved state and how she ‘seduces’ Donnie. They’re linking her to lust and the seductress archetype. At 16. Some of those instances caused by Adults, i.e. into their second decade of life and above.

Like I’m going to keep stating how I feel about things, but really my untagged rant was a vent more linked to how I don’t understand how vampires get romanticised in the mature side of things with a hint of shitposting in there. Besides, how do you know where a vampire’s teeth have been?

Dood if someone wants to romanticise/bang a vampire that’s fine, we have an overabundance of literature about it and I’m not telling anyone to stop. And vampires in general supernatural settings, kids show or not, are awesome. Who doesn’t love vampires? I just find how the classic vampire often served as a metaphor for several unpleasant things back in the day amusing in hindsight since now vampires are hot or something and we can forget about past associations because of that.

but labelling a teenager in a kids’ show as “seducing” the guy you ship her with in a moment when (far as I can tell) there are no romantic implications in the original context? Not so much as heart-eyes or anything? linking her to a mature archetype of a vampire because you want to find something to support your ship for a couple of scenes where said teenager has no willpower or control and is just out to build her master’s army of evil vamps? i won’t tell you not to because hell you’re free to write or draw or imagine what AU you want, but I will vent and shitpost the implications of it when it comes to the canon. you link this to vamps from the mature category when from what I can tell the portrayal in TMNT is the fam-friendly category, you link it to the more mature and classic/gothic themes linked to vampires.

So yeah i make use of studying the gothic in English Lit (while i can still remember what I can of it ffffff) to mention how the mature category includes classic metaphors for icky stuff and the like, seeing how the TMNT Dracula dishing out the mind controlling vampirism is also another classic portrayal of vampires.

PS if you don’t like my shitvents or my clear lack of understanding of context, why are you sending me an anon about an untagged post?

Yeah, you know. Out of context. Remember when Sam shot Dean with a round of rock salt and then tried to shoot him with a pistol that fortunately for Dean was not loaded?? That happened on the show! Sam was so tired of Dean ordering him around, he tried to kill him. Oh wait, but I’m taking that out of context. Sam’s mind had been altered by a psychotic brain-tampering ghost.

Likewise, Cas and Dean have both had their minds tampered with. In season 8, Cas beat up Dean only because Naomi had brainwashed him and was controlling his mind. In season 10, Dean only attacked Cas because he was under the curse of the Mark of Cain. Would you say Cain was abusive to Colette because the Mark made him kill her?

Dean doesn’t use Cas. Season 6 and season 7 were all about teaching Dean that Cas was an angel but also a sovereign entity and not a powerful weapon. Dean’s previous experience with supernatural beings and creatures was that he only tolerated them if they were a) not hurting anyone and/or b) helping him out, so those two seasons were dedicated to Dean learning otherwise, at least in regard to Castiel. In season 6, Cas still severely underestimates the fragility of humans, which is why his arc in season 7 was realizing how easily broken humans could be. After he learns this, he never intentionally hurts Sam or Dean again.

So that’s what I mean when I say out of context. Because you are conveniently glossing over the fact that they weren’t in control of their own bodies when they respectively beat each other up, and that they both mutually misunderstood each other as different species in earlier seasons.

But you’re right, in real life, abuse never has a context. Fortunately, this is a TV show where a lot of things get pretty fucking surreal and a person can end up trying to kill someone else because said person has a cursed tattoo that’s slowly making them completely homicidal :)

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Have you seen the comments for the latest episode of snb posted by kyuubivids on YouTube? So much hate for Charioce(poor thing...even after the explanation & reveal ppl r still hating him) 😯 as far I can see I think this is the only channel that posts the new snb episodes and most of the people comment negatively. 😒 It will not only spoil the fun for fans but it also can create a false impression on the characters(mostly Chari) for people who want to start watching the anime.

I’ve seen some comments but not all of them are “hate” towards Charioce. Some of them didn’t get the hang of the story even though since episode 5 the show started to hint about Charioce’s goal being related to Bahamut and some fans are affected by biased viewers who take the story out of context to fuel their hatred of the show.

This’ll be an unpopular opinion and I’m sure I’ll lose followers for this, but I really feel like I need to get it off my chest...

tbh, I really don’t want to be around Tumblr when Sherlock ends.  I should do, because I’d want to soak up all that fandom goodness and emotion that we’ve all spent so many years building up to.  The jokes, the gifs, the fun, the hard-hitting emotion after Reichenbach, and of course, the sadness of our beloved show coming to an end.  But I know that the vast majority of Tumblr content will be people who watched the whole series with “Gay Goggles™”, analysing every shot and blink of an eye to mean that it somehow had homosexual tension between Sherlock and John, bitching about how they reckon the whole show was just “homophobic queerbaiting trash” when it ends with Sherlock and John not together.  

Don’t get me wrong, I used to do that analysing too.  But it was only as a bit of fun because none of it was actually believable.  It was all just stuff us kids had pulled out for the sake of a laugh, and I didn’t realise at the time that people were genuinely under the impression that it was ever anything more than us taking things out of context and ignoring the way actual human behaviour occurs.

I really hope I’m wrong, but considering I’m already seeing people go on about how ‘If this doesn’t end in Johnlock, then the whole show is just queerbaiting shit’, so I know that’s how it’ll most likely go down, and that’s really upsetting.  I miss what the Sherlock fandom used to be.  Full of crack, marvelling at the cinematography, and the endless fanart about something silly like Jawn loving jam and shit like that.  That’s how I want to remember the fandom, but that’s not how it’s going to end after the show ends, and I’m really mad about that.

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Do you play D&D in person? or do you do it online? Any tips for a new player?

Hi there! I play both online and in person (same with running games), actually! These are some of the tips I tell my new players, and I hope you can find some of them helpful.

When all else fails, make the character who is the most like yourself. Some people think doing this is self-insert fanfiction, but I’ve never had it go wrong. A lot of new players think they have to match some sort of Lord of the Rings or Skyrim standard of super character, and impress everyone at the table, along with the DM. It’s a lot of pressure, and it can result in overcompensation, or just making a character you don’t even like. The key to really enjoying your character is to feel a connection with them, to be able to crawl into their skin and live through them. For first-time players, this is a lot easier if they share a lot of the same personality quirks, hobbies, and talents with their character.
This is actually where Prianna came from - I’m a trained cook in real life, and she was a very early character of mine. So I just used my cooking abilities, something I knew well, and built the entire character around it. I’ve seen amazing characters that were musicians, writers, athletes, crafters, knitters, painters, mechanics, comedians, etc. The most beloved characters are usually the ones who feel the most real.

Always write a backstory. You can give this to your DM and show them, and sometimes another player will want to see what you’ve come up with, but this is mostly for yourself. Writing a backstory seems unnecessary, but I’ve always seen it add an extra level of confidence to a nervous new player. If they know their character inside and out, they feel more prepared, and it’s noticeable around the table. It also helps you make decisions in game, because you’ll often pull from what you wrote as past experiences. It doesn’t have to be pages long, just a blurb about how they grew up, and why they became an adventurer.

Keep an extra sheet of paper handy, listing what all of your abilities and spells do EXACTLY. That way you don’t have to pause the game and feel uncomfortable while you get the information out of the book, or online. My character sheets still have every range/effect/saving throw scribbled all over them because I always forget, and having them there to look at while I wait for my turn makes the entire process SO much faster. Being able to immediately pipe up about what your spell or ability does adds extra player confidence too!

Have a cheat sheet handy for awhile. I usually hand out this one to new players if I’m running a game in person. All DMs will encourage players to ask questions if they’re confused, but these kinds of cheat sheets are handy to answer the basic ones for themselves, and keep things running a little smoother.

Some people are lore nerds, but you don’t have to be one to play! There’s decades of books, modules, magazine articles, and blog posts about D&D and all the different realms and worlds. If you want to dive deeper into the particular world that your DM is running, that’s great! It’s also perfectly fine if you just want to play and not read novels for the sake of world history. It can be kind of intimidating to play with someone who knows all these names and places you’ve never heard of, but remember - your character is usually hearing about them for the first time too. Just play them like a visitor from a new land, or someone who didn’t travel much outside of their home town. It won’t seem out of place to anyone else, and if you decide you want more information, there are lots of people who can point you in the right direction.

Lastly… don’t do the fandom character thing. I know in some games it’s encouraged to play a character from a video game or movie, but unless that’s the case… don’t show up to a game with Naruto or Batman on your character sheet. I’ve had multiple players, both when I was a DM and a player myself, show up and do this because they wanted to impress people, or just use what they knew best without putting in extra effort. It often takes everyone out of the context of the game, and… it’s not very creative. Don’t be that guy.

D&D is a great way to meet new people, socialize, stretch your creative muscles, and have a lot of fun. It can seem really intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll get to have some great times! Stick with it, and good luck!

May I just say a couple of things about what's wrong with harassing Tohru Adachi Fans for liking the character?

I am not posting this into the tags, because I don’t wanna get involved into flame wars with complete strangers, but still. feel free to reblog this. I am just getting sick of seeing friends and people I follow getting bombarded with Anon hate just for having a favorite character to talk about.

Careful, contains the topic of rape. 

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So, you may have seen this fun little image going around lately. At first glance, I can understand why this might seem bad. “Holy shit!” somebody who has read this out of context might say, “This means that tumblr can take whatever I put on tumblr and use it however they want, including making money off of it and not giving me credit!”

However, what this picture fails to show is the next part of the clause.

External image

What this says is that you can reblog somebody’s art, and they are not able to sue you. They put it in so many words, but that’s literally all it says. Tumblr can’t steal your art and claim it’s their own. They can put it wherever they want on their website, but that’s not new. The only money they’ll be making off your art is the money that they get from people who are purchasing ads on this website. This also allows this:

External image

which is what allows you to reblog posts on tumblr without fear of being sued by the content creator.

Essentially, what these clauses do is ensure that tumblr stays the free website that it’s always been, instead of a place where expression is limited to what a content originator wants it to be.

tl;dr: Seriously, nobody is going to steal your shit. Really.

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I like when you write and explain things. What are your thoughts on their 2 years long break?

i think it’s baloney haha… i think they won’t be ‘touring’ until 2017… or maybe not putting out an album until 2017 but more likely the touring thing and thats where the 2 years comes from, but i think they’ll be back before that… 

actually i dont think they’ll disappear at all tbh… they’ll still be around, they’ll still be relevant. they’ll be papped, they’ll take fan pics, they’ll interact on social media with the fans and do fan service, they’ll go to awards shows and they might have guest appearances on their friends shows or whatever.,. .they’re not gonna drop off the radar at all. they’re gonna be shown as happy and healthy and they’ll be writing and having fun… they’re just not touring which is what harry said. 

so when i hear ‘break for 2 years’… like thats just a scare tactic to me thats been taken way out of context by none other than mr dan wootton himself who started this whole thing.. they’re not gonna be mia for 2 years.. it’s not like we wont see them for 730 days. haha… they just dont have the gruelling schedule that they normally have where we as fans can see exactly what they’re doing every single day… which i think will be so so so so nice for them!