taking responsibiliity

H x H reaction episode 25

In the previous eisode : we meet Killua’s family, and everyone is an abusive asshole, especially his dad. Also, Canary isn’t dead and I am happy about it because she and Killua needs to be friends again.

Mmm. I still don’t really know what’s her deal with Killua, but I’ll gladly take anything that fleshes her character.

Yeah, sure, how would you even take responsibily for her letting you in ? The whole point of her existence is keeping intruders out. If she just gets shot the way I thought she was two episodes ago, what the hell are you going to do, Gon ?

I kinda zig-zag on my feelings for Gon, but this kind of detail is why I just can’t really embrace him as a character.

Oh, fuck you.

I was joking about The Hell of a Butler, but he is just as douchy as Sebastian, and a thousand times less attractive, so I’m just -_-. Killua’s family really interests me, not this guy, though.

Fuck you gently with a chainsaw ! I’m going to fight you, Ugly Sebastian !


I was low-key hoping Kurapika’s eyes would have some Sharingan abilities and that he would be able to see the coin, but though luck, they are just good at being pretty and getting you killed, I guess ? :(

I’m not sure that’s how it works, but if Kura says so, who am I to disagree, am I right ?

This is ridiculous.