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Lin x Reader

(kill me, i have sinned)(sort of)

“What on earth are you doing right now?” a voice asked you from behind.

“Winning,” you replied, focusing on the game that was in front of you.

You had been playing Dance Dance Revolution for the past hour, working your ass off to win as much as you could. You hadn’t lost yet.

Your boyfriend came behind and watched as you did the last move and win the round.

“Pfft I can totally beat you in this game.”

You smirked and turned to look at him.

“I don’t think so, Linny boy. You may be on broadway, but I am the true dance master in this household.”

“Is that a challenge?”

“You bet your ass it is.”

You looked straight into Lin’s eyes. They held a silly twinkle, the kind when you new this whole adventure would most likely end up with some kind of make out session and donuts.

“Bring it on,” he said. You laughed and handed him the remotes to the game.

“Good luck,” you told him, falling down onto the couch.

He chose the song All Up In My Face and began the game.

You had to admit that he was good at this, but it was nothing that you couldn’t handle.

“There, I got to your level,” he said gloatingly.

You swallowed the rest of your water and and got up off the couch, grabbing the other set of controllers and setting it to one of the hardest songs.

“If you can beat me, I’ll buy you a donut tomorrow, if I win you’ll actually come to bed with me tonight,” you said to him.


The music started up and you stood in your beginning poses.

The music was fast, but you held your ground. The both of you were laughing and giggling through the entire thing, even as Lin fell down.

“See, I told you I would win.”

You stood over him as he laid on the grown, tired and sweaty.

“Alright, I give. You win.”

You smiled and held out your hand for him to grab.

“Come on, let’s shower and go to bed.”

“Sounds good to me,” he said, picking you up and carrying to the shower.






“You are the worst type of person,” Lin huffed as he flopped back down onto the bed.

“Strawberry donuts are great Lin and I will fight you if you saw otherwise.”

“Whatever babe, but it’s weird.”


“Why am I dating you again?” he asked, rolling towards you with a small grin on his face.

“Because you love me,” you gushed, placing kisses all over his face.

He started laughing, grabbing your arms and pinning you to the bed.

He gave you a loving look before lowering himself down to kiss you softly.

“Ya know, if I didn’t know how tired you are I would expect this to be going in a completely different direction,” you smirked.

He rolled his eyes and leaned down again, kissing you harder. Then he shifted and wrapped his arms around your waist, rolling over so that you were on top of him .

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Lin.” 

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intersection (fake movie): pairing requested by @queenofmahishmati

Saranya (Kajal) and Raghu (Rana) are two ambitious, strong-willed young people. Both have planned out a path for their lives: degree, job, profit, fame. But in the scramble to get the most out of their professional lives, their personal lives have fallen by the wayside. When their life paths cross, will their disagreements help them gain a new perspective on love and relationships? Or will the head-butting between them be too much and leave their lives in disarray? 

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undyne in 262?

i hope a baby undyne is okay!!

she’s never been more excited to find plastic cutlery in the dump (asgore has to convince her to replace it with a feather when they’re not training together)

One Direction Preference Master List

I have had many people ask for a master list of my preferences so here it is. Happy reading. 

** are the preferences that have been requested (I am taking requests, just FYI)

Preference #1 - His Smile

Preference #2 - Your Fear

Preference #3 - Spilt Drink

Preference #4 - Photo Subject

Preference #5 - Air Conditioner

Preference #6 - Cloud Watching

Preference #7 - I Won’t Give Up

Preference #8 - Walk

Preference #9 - Autumn Leaves

Preference #10 - Surprise Time

Preference #11 - Mobbed **

Preference #12 - Date Night **

Preference #13 - His Jealousy **

Preference #14 - At First Sight **

Preference #15 - Birthday

Preference #16 - Hands

Preference #17 - I Miss You

Preference #18 - Embrace

Preference #19 - Midnight Memories

Preference #20 - Puddles

Preference #21 - Sunrise

Preference #22 - Water

Preference #23 - Blankets

Preference #24 - School

Preference #25 - Heartbeats

Preference #26 - Stolen Moments At Your Wedding **

Preference #27 - Reminiscing

Preference #28 - Chivalrous 

Preference #29 - A Little Time    Part 2 **

Preference #30 - Not Wanting To Grow Up

Preference #31 - Hush Now

Preference #32 - New Years

Preference #33 - Best Friends Holding Hands

Preference #34 - Daddy’s Home

Preference #35 - He Mentions He Wants To Marry You

Preference #36 - Packing

Preference #37 - His Tears

Preference #38 - Baby’s Milestones

Preference #39 - Night Before Your Wedding

Preference #40 - Don’t **

Preference #41 - I’m Not The Only One **    Part 2 **

Preference #42 - He Gets Car Sick **

Preference #43 - Thinking Out Loud **

Preference #44 - If You’re Not The One **

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Hi. Idk if you still take requests(?) anymore, but if you do can you please make a snowbaz shower scene, not necessarily smutty or anything... They would be so shy and delicate with each other because they're not used to seeing each other naked when it aren't sexual. Please omg this would be so cute

Hi, thank you for the request! Just, fyi, I always take request ;D

aww, yea, I love this idea (and, yea, I’m not going to make it smutty, bc I don’t feel comfortable writing smut.) 
Wow, I was planning on just a short blurb, but this is quite long. I hope you like it! 

It’s a cold morning and Simon is still in bed. I am in the bathroom in just my boxers and an old T-shirt. I’m looking for a new bottle of hair conditioner. I want to take a shower, but I need my hair conditioner. All I had been able to find was an empty conditioner bottle and it was frustrating me that, apparently, neither Simon or Penny had bought a new one. 

I walk back into Simon’s bedroom, straight towards my snoring boyfriend. 

“Simon,” I say, shaking him lightly. 

Simon groans, still half asleep. “What is it Baz?” 

“Where is the hair conditioner?” 


“I said, where is the hair conditioner?” 

“In the bathroom cupboard,” Simon answers with a hoarse morning voice.

“I have already looked there, I can’t find it.”

Simon sighs theatrically and gets out of bed. He stands in front of me, yawning and rubbing one hand in his eyes. “I’ll show you,” he says when he gives me a quick peck on the cheek. 

We reach the bathroom. 

“Simon, I really don’t think there is any hair conditioner. I looked everywhere and all I could find was an empty bottle. I think you and Penny forgot to buy a new one” I ramble. 

Simon ignores me and within seconds he hands me a new bottle of conditioner. “Of course we bought a new one, Baz,” he says. “We know you can’t go without it.” He has a grin playing on his lips. 

“Thank you,” I tell him and Simon walks towards the bathroom door, but instead of walking out of it he stays inside and closes the door.

“Uh, Simon, you can go now, I’m going to take a shower.”

“No, we are taking a shower.” He corrects me, still sounding sleepy. I go completely still. 

“I am not letting you wake me up and then shutting me out for twenty minutes because you’re taking a shower,” he says, and he sounds confident about the whole idea of taking a shower together.

His confidence doesn’t last for long though. We both get awkwardly quiet, standing in front of each other, waiting for one of us to start stripping down. Simon is wearing pajama bottoms (and a boxer, I assume). I see Simon’s cheeks slowly turning pink. 

It’s not like we haven’t been naked in front of each other, it’s just, those times we we’re being… passionate. Being naked whilst being passionate with each other and being naked whilst just being in your natural habitat were two very different things. 

Simon is the one to make the first more. He slowly moves closer to me and takes the hem of my shirt. I stand there, completely still, whilst he lifts my shirt, revealing my stomach, and than my chest. I raise my arms and Simon lifts my shirt off of me. 

Simon plants a soft kiss on my collarbone and then he looks at me. He’s waiting. It’s my turn. 

I hook my fingers under the waistband of his pajama bottoms. I let them glide down Simon’s legs and Simon steps out of them. 

Then we both stand straight, looking at each other. We’re both in just our boxers now. What now? 

“We take our boxers off on three?” I suggest.

Simon giggles. “Okay.” 


I feel a tingling rise in my stomach. 


I swallow a huge swallow, pushing my nerves away. 


We both take off our boxers, but we’re too nervous to look at each other. I lock my eyes on his, too scared to lock down. Simon does the same. After a long stare we both start to giggle. If fighting the urge of covering myself up. 

“We’re a mess,” Simon says. I agree. 

Then we finally dare to look at each other. I stare at Simon and I take it all in. He’s truly beautiful. I look up at his eyes again, but he isn’t looking back, he’s staring at me and I blush. When he does look up at me again he smiles, I smile back. 

I take a step towards Simon, standing close to him now. I cup his face with my hands and kiss him sweetly. “You’re beautiful,” I tell him. 

“You’re beautiful, too, Baz.” 

We kiss and then I turn away from him and walk into the shower cabin. I can practically feel Simon’s eyes burn on my bum, but I try to ignore it.

Simon follows after me and I turn on the shower. 

The hot water relaxes my muscles. Simon stands really close to me. We have to stand close or else we won’t fit under the water stream together. 

I slide my arms around his waist and Simon places his arms around my neck. I smile at him. Then I lay my head on Simon’s shoulder and he does the same. 

We stand there, enjoying the warm water and each others company. 

“Baz?” Simon murmurs.

“Yes, love?” 

“Can I wash your hair.”

“No. You know you can’t.”

“Why? You don’t trust me with your hair?”

“I barely trust myself with my own hair.”

He chuckles at that. 

“Will you wash my hair?” he asks me.

“Yes,” I reply. And I do.

I massage the shampoo into his hair. He seems to enjoy it. 

When I’m done with his hair I do my own and Simon just watches me do it. We’re both a more comfortable now. 

When we’re done in the shower we get out and help each other dry off. We stand in front of each other with towels around us. 

We kiss and we smile. We come to the agreement we have to do this more often. 

Send me a quote/general request and I’ll write a short snowbaz fic/blurb!!