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Park Place (6/7)

Summary: You go on your usual walk with your dog only to bump into someone special.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1200

Warnings: A little bit of angst. Mention of blood & injury. 

A/N: Second to last part! Eeek! I’m working on a new series as we speak. If anyone has any, I’ll take requests! Pretty much anything is fair game honestly.

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Staying in the tower by yourself was interesting, you found out that next morning. You had such an expanse of rooms to go to or things to do - you didn’t know what you wanted to do first. You opted to walk with Lola in the indoor track first, not wanting to go out in the cold.

         As you were walking, you heard the communicator beep. You looked down at it, raising your wrist closer to your face.

         “Y/N?” you heard Bucky’s voice from the small speaker.

         “Bucky! How are you? Are you okay?” you asked. “How’s South America?”

         “I’m fine. Everyone is, besides a little jetlag. And it’s warmer, and busy,” he answered. “How’s life in the tower?”

         “Empty,” you replied. “This place feels a bit like a ghost town with zero Avengers here. It’s like a restaurant with no chefs.”

         You heard Bucky’s laugh, and you smiled to yourself. You missed him already.

         “Well, that’s why you’re there. We should make you an honorary Avenger,” Bucky told you. You heard a faint voice say something before Bucky cut off the sound, but you could have sworn you heard your name. “Sorry, Tony was being Tony again. Anyway, we’re about to leave soon to get some more intel.”

         “Shouldn’t you not tell me what you’re doing?” you asked. “I mean, I feel like my security clearance isn’t high enough. Will my car suddenly blow up?”

         “Nah, I’m not telling you the actual stuff. But your car wouldn’t explode, it’d probably be your apartment,” Bucky retorted.

         “Okay, glad we’re avoiding that. Stay safe.”

         “Anything for you, doll. I’ll talk to you later.” With that, the communicator beeped again and turned off.

         Bucky’s calls a few times a day were the only thing that allowed you to relax a bit. Even though you could go swimming in the heated pool, or sit in a luxurious massage chair, or do whatever various unknown things you had yet to see in the facility, you were still stressed.

         Monday morning, you were lying in Bucky’s bed, having been talking to him for the past hour and a half when something happened.

         “How’s Lola doing?” Bucky asked you.

         “She’s good, I think she misses you. She snuggles down in your blankets a lot. Your bed is going to smell like dog when you get back,” you told him.

         “Well, tell her I miss her, too. And that I don’t mind that my bed stinks,” he replied. “I miss you, Y/N.”

         You sighed. “I miss you, too. Just a few more days, right?”

         “Yeah. And I know it’s cold out, but maybe we could go to the park. The Christmas lights should be up, and—”

         Suddenly, Bucky stopped talking.

         “Bucky? What happened? Bucky!”

         When sound came out of Bucky’s communicator again, it was mostly static, but you caught one word out of what he was saying: HYDRA.  

         After anxiously waiting an hour, just to see if it was due to a sudden change in the mission, you tried contacting Bucky for what seemed like hours. And no response, not even static. It was like he was gone.

         You barely slept the next two nights, but you were relieved by the fact they were all supposed to return today. You waited anxiously, still trying to contact Bucky through his communicator, and still no response.

         It was 11:59 on Wednesday night, and no one had returned. Despite the fact that they were late, you assumed that they would just show up in the middle of the night Thursday.

         But that wasn’t the case either, as Thursday no one showed up.

         Lola sensed your unease, and whined, resting her head on your arm. You were bundled up in Bucky’s bed, gripping a pillow tightly, trying to find something that smelled like him to calm you down. But nothing could work. You pulled Lola close, and you cried into her fur. You had to believe they were all okay, that they were just late. There was some reasoning for the lack of radio silence from Bucky. He was okay. He had to be.

         You stayed in Bucky’s bed all day Friday, and despite the fact you were exhausted, you couldn’t sleep. Not if Bucky might try to contact you, or if they’d come home in the middle of the night. Your eyes eventually closed from just how fatigued you were, but when you heard the loud engine of a quinjet Saturday afternoon, you bolted out of bed. You would have taken the stairs, but you knew the elevator was faster. You didn’t care if you were just in sweatpants and one of Bucky’s t-shirts – they could mock you all they’d like. That is, after you gave them a stern talking-to.

         You waited painfully as the quinjet landed. Sam was the first one off, and he bolted toward you.

         “Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been?” you practically screamed at him. “You’re three days late! And I’ve dealt with radio silence for six! How could—”

         “Y/N,” Sam interrupted, placing his hands on your shoulders. You angrily shrugged out of his grip, and he sighed. “Listen, you can tear us all a new one later, but Bucky’s injured.”

         You nearly collapsed on the spot, but as you saw Steve and Nat supporting Bucky, you knew you had to stay upright. That didn’t mean your legs didn’t tremble, and that your heart didn’t feel like it was beating.

         You followed them into the med wing, and Bucky was placed down on one of the gurneys.

         “Y/N, could you remove his vest?” Steve asked you. “I have to get a kit and some sutures. Be careful of his left side – he got shot.”

         You nodded, and began to undo Bucky’s tactical vest. You worked gently, but still quickly, knowing he needed treatment.

         Bucky groaned in pain, and looked at what you were doing. “At least buy me dinner first, Y/N.”

         “You’re in no position to crack jokes with me right now,” you told him. “Shut up and let me help you.”

         “It’s just a scratch, really,” Bucky told you. He winced sharply as you peeled his vest from his left side, revealing his long-sleeved undershirt, and how it was covered in blood from the wound. You began to peel up his shirt, your eyes welling up with tears as you saw the hole the bullet had left. You were working on taking off his shirt entirely, but Bucky’s hands encircled your wrists, stopping you. “Y/N… I’m fine. Steve can patch me up. Go rest – you’re exhausted.”

         You glared at him. How could he expect you to just up and leave him while he’s wounded? “Like hell. Let me help you, Bucky.”

         His grip didn’t loosen, and you saw the look in his eyes. Fear.

         “I…I don’t want you to see my arm. Please. Just… just go outside, or something. I don’t want you to see me right now.”

         Your eyes stung with tears, and you nodded slowly. You didn’t say a word as you left the med wing and stared heading back to the living room. As much as you wanted to help him, to be with him, you didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. But you couldn’t help but feel like you were being pushed away from him regardless.

         And that scared you.

🎃Happy Halloween!🎃

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Headcanon for how Lucifer acts when you call him attractive:

  • At first Lucifer will laugh.
  • Once he’s done laughing he’ll realize that you’re not kidding. That’s when shit gets interesting.
  • Lucifer will probably tease you a bit about it.
  • When things get more serious he’ll want to make sure you’re 100% serious. He wouldn’t want anyone lying to him.
  • Lucifer will treat you differently from then on. He won’t hurt you, and won’t let anyone hurt you.
  • He’ll hurt anyone who says anything awful about you.
  • Lucifer will come around more often. I hope you like seeing Lucifer, because he’s going to probably pop in on you!
  • It will take time for Lucifer to confess his feelings for you (if he feels the same way).

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“Welcome Home” Snafu X Reader

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Summary: You and Snafu were living together before he left, and he didn’t write you while he was gone. 14 months later he’s coming home and he’s terrified to see you after he hasn’t spoken to you in so long. You knew he would eventually come back to you but part of you had always feared, the worst. when he finally comes home, you don’t know how to react. 

In all seriousness i pretty much wrote this because i wanted a happy ending for Snafu, no one is writing Snafu smut, and i’m a sucker for a New Orleans accent. also feedback is encouraged im thinking about taking requests so if y’all want me to write anything let me know!-L


Welcome home:

“What about you Snafu, anyone waiting for you back home?”, Sledge asked him sitting across from him on the way back.
Snafu pulled his cigarette from his lips smirking softly,“ I hope so…”
“Come on, tell us about her,” sledge teased him pushing his arm softly.
“Is she pretty, huh Snaf?” Burgin watched the blush creep up his cheeks.
“Well…her name is (Y/N). We lived in the same apartment complex back in New Orleans. I don’t know if she’ll still want to see me though…”, Snafu looked down a bit.
“So you’ve had a girlfriend this whole time and you never said anything?”, Burgin took a drink looking closely at the Cajun man next to him
“Well…I kinda left things….shitty,"he shrugged letting part of his cigarette fall in the ashtray in front of him before reaching into his pocket,"I got a picture of her,”
He pulled a small photo of the last time he saw you, it was just after you two had slept together, your hair was perfectly messy, tumbling down your shoulders only slightly covering the hickies developing on your neck, you had the blanket pulled over your chest but you had kept a leg cheekily out of the sheets to tease him, a cigarette hung loosely in your fingers and you looked directly in the lens of the camera. A pair of netted stockings clothed your legs, actually being the only thing you wore other than the sheets. Sledge took the picture from his hands amazed.

-flash back-
“Promise you’ll take it with you, right?”, you giggled, smirking at Snafu with his camera.
“Baby…I won’t ever leave the house without it,"he smiled taking another picture of you.
You posed a few more times watching him before reaching out for him,"come on Merriell, put the camera down, get over here!”
Merriell crawled back up to bed on top of you,“Ya’ look so beautiful right now,”
You blushed hard as he moved up and kissed you. He wore only his boxers as he moved over your body you could feel his heart beating. You moved your hand over his chest feeling his heart beat speed up. A smile creeped across your lips as you moved his hand over your heart.
“Ya feel that?” You asked him.
He nods,“movin fast,” he kissed your neck softly.
“That’s what you do to me Merriell. That’s how much I love you,” you moved a hand through his hair.
He snuggled your neck softly mumbling in your ear,“vous avez fait de moi l'homme le plus heureux du monde, ma beauté.”
Growing up in the French Quarter you both spoke french fluently.
“Je suis tout à toi pour le reste de nos vies, mon loup,” you told him playing with his tight curls.
He kisses you roughly again reeling you back in to the passion of before.

“And she’s all yours?”,he asked and Burgin mimicked his shock.
Snafu chuckled taking the picture back,“yes that’s my (y/n). I’m hoping she’ll still wanna see me,”
“Why wouldn’t she wanna see you? Somethin’ happen between Ya?”, sledge asked.
“I didn’t write her…”,snafu mumbled embarrassed.
Burgin stared at him,“you didn’t write her while you were away?”
“ I wrote her but I never did send anythin’,"snafu lit another cigarette.
"Why wouldn’t you send it to her?”, sledge asked him surprised.
“I wanted to see her face when she read it,” snafu shrugged,“anyway she sent me some stuff while we were away and I’m thinking about stopping by our apartment when I get home,”  
“You live with her?” Sledge asked him.
Snafu nodded.
“I’m sure she misses you too, Snaf. She’ll be happy to see you, so what’s she like? What’s she do?”, Burgin comforted him.
“She’s…beautiful, funny, smart as a fox. I love her.” Snafu told them,“every morning when I woke up she would have fresh coffee ready for me on the bed side table. Every mornin…”
“She’s a keeper then, I’m sure she’ll be happy to see you again,” Burgin said patting snafu’s shoulder.
A few more hours on the train, the number of marines has thinned out and they finally reached the French Quarter. Snafu stood and grabbed his bag, said a silent goodbye to Sledghammer before tipping the driver and stepping on to the platform. The sun had set and he watched as the families of soldier greeted their loved ones. He felt a twinge of jealousy at seeing this, but he started his way home. A cab stopped for him and drove him to his apartment complex.
“How long were you out there?”, the driver asked him.
“About fourteen months,” Merriell answered looking out the window.
Once the cab stopped the driver helped him with his bag in the trunk and shook his hand,“thank you for your service sir,”
Merriell nodded and gave him pay for the ride,“thank Ya, keep the change,”  
“No please sir, no payment from you,"he told him and got back in the cab.
Merriell turned facing the complex, he dug his key out from his bag and walked inside, going up four flights of stairs before going to the door of his apartment. He listened carefully, light came on through the bottom of the door and he could hear music playing inside. He unlocked the door and opened it slowly. A few candles were lit, a mug sat on the coffee table next to a thick green book.
"Merriell….."he heard from the side of the room.
He turned and looked at you, you were dressed in a night dress with a silk black robe over it just barely tied around your waist, you after to take your make up off and wash your hair which was in messy curls after working all day.
You stared at him, his stiff uniform making him look incredibly handsome, his hair was neat underneath the small cap he wore, metals hung from his jacket and his bag was on his shoulder. His large green eyes looked exhausted and carried dark bags underneath them, a scratch sat underneath his left eye and part of his face was bruised. He looked more handsome that you remembered.
"Y-you’re here…."you smiled at him.
”(Y/n),“ he was speechless staring at you.
You approached him carefully before reaching out and touching his chest softly.
"Is it really you…"tears welled up in your eyes as your hand moved up to the side of his neck and under his jaw.
Tears welled up in his eyes as well,"it’s me baby girl..,” his hand moved around your waist as he looked down at you.
You took his face in your hands rubbing his cheek with your thumbs and smiling through your tears,“you came back to me….”
“Ain’t nevah gon’ leave you again baby,"he leaned down pressing his lips against yours.
Your hands moved over his jaw and neck into his tight curls as you kissed him, tears slipping down your cheeks. The kiss became rougher and more passionate. His hand moved over your waist and picked you up so you could wrap your legs around his waist.
"Why didn’t your write?”, you pulled back from the kiss just long enough to mumble.
“I did….jus’ nevah sent anythin’” he mumbled, his accent getting thicker with every second.
“I thought I lost you,” you pressed your forehead against his.
“Ain’t nevah gon’ leave you princess…I promise,” he smiled against your lips letting you down.
You gave him a smirk starting to lead him to your bedroom, his side of the bed looked almost completely untouched to Snafu. He smiled at the room, it looked almost exactly like he left it. A box of cigarettes sat on his night table beside the bed and the ashtray he always had at home.
“If I had known you were coming in today I would have cleaned up a little bit,"you blushed trying to clear off the bed a little bit.
"Baby, it’s our home. It’s perfect,” he kissed you again dropping his bag on the floor.
“I can’t believe it’s really you,” you stared at every inch of his face,“I forgot how handsome you are.
Snafu unbuttoned his jacket slowly and hung it on the back of a chair. He sat on the bed facing the wall as you crawled behind him and started to unbutton his shirt kissing the back on his neck, your hands moved over his warm, tan chest as you nipped his skin softly.
"I missed you so much Mon Loup,” you but the bottom of his ear softly.
Snafu turned and faced you kissing you again,“I missed Ya beautiful lips, forgot how good you tasted,”
You breathed in shakily,“ I missed hearing you talk like that,”
He quickly turned taking his shirt all the way off,“I wanna remember how you really taste,"he leaned you back on the bed and kissed your neck.
Your back arched up into him as he kissed your collarbone and the tops of your breasts.
"Oh Merriell….”, you moaned loudly grabbing and handful of his hair.  
He smirked against your hot skin and kissed along your sternum and down your stomach. His hands moved up your skirt and he scrapped his nails down. He kissed your inner thigh and sucked sweet lovebites into your skin.
“You’re so soft, I missed the way you feel,” he smiled flicking those big green eyes up at you.
You smile closing your eyes a bit  and biting your bottom lip.
His hands pulled your robe and dress off marveling at your body,“ you are the mos’ perfect thing I’ve evah seen. I missed this body so much baby girl,” his lower lip was trapped between his teeth.
You squirmed under his eyes kissing him,“baby I need you…”
“Don’t worry baby…let Snafu take care of you,”
He let your small giggle ring in his ears for a moment before pulling your panties away and burying his tongue inside of you, a long moan spilled from your lips and your tightened your thighs around his head. His tongue worked wonders on you as he licked, sucked, nipped at every part he could remember you loved. He separated your thighs a bit more so he could sneak a finger inside of you.
“Ohhh Merriell…” You pulled on his curly dark hair.
He pushed another one inside,“ya so wet baby,and  Ya so tight since you haven’t had me touching you, boo.”
You whimpered from above bucking your hips forward. He pushed you back down on the bed thrusting his fingers in and out and watching your with those big green eyes.
“B-baby… Righ là …. ne vous arrêtez pas bébé,” you begged and you could feel him smirk against your wetness.
Finally you reached a powerful, shaking orgasm. Merriell kissed up your leg and over your stomach, sucking dark hickies into your neck.
“Je oublié comment vous goûtez parfaite quand vous jouissez, princesse,” he mumbled against your earlobe causing shivers to go down your spine.
“No more teasing, just fuck me,"you bit the side of his neck roughly causing a small groan from him.
"Dont gotta as’ me twice,"he pulled his pants off giving himself a few hard strokes and looking up at you.
You bit your lip watching him before he moved over you and thrust in slowly earning moans from both of you. You cradled his neck in your hand as your eyes fluttered at the feeling of him filling you up again after being apart for so long. The love between you and him was one that you don’t get twice. You had met a few years ago in school, he was charismatic and kind but you never thought much of him as a lover. He courted you for weeks before you agreed to go out with him, when you did he took you on a late night drive in movie and then out to dinner. Your first kiss was that night, outside your apartment door.

Merriell slid against that point inside of you that electrified every part of your body. His kisses felt like beautiful touches of pure euphoria. You kissed his jaw and neck leaving little marks on him.
"Baby I’m gonna…."he told you quietly whimpering in your ear.
"Me too,” you told him scratching down his back.
Snafu left dark lovebites all over your neck and slid his tongue along your collarbone. His rough, calloused hands slid down your sides and thigh adding to your pleasure. You pulled on his curly hair causing small moans  to escape his lips, you dig your nails into his lower back causing him to speed up his hips and carry on making loved you resulting in that perfect ecstasy that brought you to orgasm. He followed closely and pulled your hips to him groaning in your ear gruffly. both of you panted heavily as he pulled out and laid next to you on his back and pulled you close to his chest. You snuggled into his neck wrapping an arm around his stomach.  You watched his chest rise and fall steadily. Careful fingertips danced over his chest softly and you readjusted the sheets to cover your body. Snafu grabbed the carton of cigarettes from his bed side table and lit one before handing one to you as well. You set it between you lips and lit it as well inhaling the smoke and letting it out. He moved his hand over your back, scratching softly.

“How did you get this?”, you moved your fingers over a small scar on his abdomen.
“Shrapnel, wasn’t anythin’ too serious…just a couple stitches and it was fine,”  he stretched lightly closing his eyes as he did so.
You brought your lips down to the scar and kissed it softly,“no one is ever gonna hurt you again, I promise”
He smiled down at you playing with your hair,“I ain’t gonna let you go again princess. You’re all mine for the rest of our lives.” His accent was thicker than when he left.
You took his hand in yours and looked at it, you always had loved his hands, the scars on them from work he had to do, his large, long fingers. You kissed each of his fingers softly causing him to let out a small chuckle bringing his cigarette to his lips again.
“Why didn’t you send anything?”, you nuzzled into his neck.
“I’d write ‘em and then they nevah sounded right. I always got embarrassed to send it to you,” he admitted blushing lightly.
“Did you get my letters?”,you asked him looking at the structure of his face.
He smiled,“yeah, I loved 'em,” he squeezed your side lightly,“I loved the pictures you sent too,” he kissed the top of your head.
You moved to straddle his hips smirking,“ yeah? Well I was thinking you could take a few more?”
Snafu raised his eyebrows to look at you naked above him, he moved his hands over your legs.
You reached over grabbing his blazer and cap from his desk chair. You slipped yours arms through the sleeves of his jacket pulling it on so it was still unbuttoned exposing the sides of your breasts and your stomach, you put the cap on your head as well, showing off your after-sex hair.
“God you are the sexiest woman I have evah seen.”, he put out his cigarette sitting up to kiss you.
You kissed him back grinding against his bare hips slowly.
“Let me take care of you baby,” you held his jaw in your hands tugging at the hair in the back of his neck.
“This was all I wanted while I was away…."he moaned licking up your neck.
"Yeah? Did you touch yourself when you thought about me? Tell me what you thought about,” you smirked against his ear nipping at it softly.
Snafu blushed a bit, he was used to your love of dirty talk, always said it was something about his accent. He moved his hands under the jacket your word and over your bare back.
“I thought about this tight body of yours, and the way you look when I make you scream,"he kissed the hollow of your throat again,” your perfect breasts and the way your mouth feels around my cock,“ his naughty words made you tremble and cling to his back.
"Come on boo. Don’t tease me anymore,"he moved his fingers over the dimples in your back.
You readjusted and guided him inside of you, slipping your head moaning. You put your hands down on his chest starting to ride him slowly.
"Fuck…"he mumbled under his breath gripping your thighs.
You moved your hips on him faster moaning loudly. He sat up gripping your back and wrapping his arms around your waist. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he urged his head between your breasts and kissed the space between them. His hot breath caused goosebumps on your exposed skin. Merriell tugged at your hair causing you to lean your head back and expose your neck to him. He kissed the dark marks he had already made and massaged your breasts.
"Oh I missed you so much,"you moved your hips even faster nearly coming to your orgasm.
He let out small, gruff moans as he rubbed your clit causing your orgasm to come. You let out a large moan that likely woke the whole building. He smiled wrapping his arms around your waist and following suit, cumming again.
He pulled you close to his chest taking his jacket off you and kissed your head.
"My perfect girl, my perfect (Y/N),"he kissed your cheek rubbing your back.
The heat between your two bodies was electric, snafu laid you down next to him looking at you.
"Don’t ever leave me,"he cupped your cheek kissing you.
"I’d never do that in a million years,"you smiled resting your head against
You laid down so your breasts were pressed against his stomach and hour could hear his heart beating. His nails made long circles around your back soothing you to sleep.
"I love you Merriell, goodnight,” you told him before falling asleep onto him.
“I love you too (y/n),"he smiled closing his eyes and putting out his cigarette.

When he woke up you were gone, not asleep on his chest anymore, he turned to your side of the bed to see your asleep, naked figure. He smiles running his knuckles against your back. He turned the other way and saw a steaming mug of coffee next to him in the bedside table. He smiled to himself as he felt the warmth of your body meet with his once again. The soft, warm feeling of your lips against his neck spread warmth through his body.
"Good morning Merriell,"you mumbled in his ear cuddling against his back.
"Good morning (y/n). I forgot how you feel in the morning,” he smiled kissing your temple.
You closed your eyes against his shoulder running your hand over his chest and stomach.
He was home.

Toxic - Peter Parker (3/??)

Summary: You are Tony Stark’s daughter, well protected from danger until the famous Spiderman comes along.

A/N: This is my second time writing this, sorry its a little bit late. My chrome crashed and ahhh. If anyone ever wants to send me a request or anything, just please do so! Don’t be shy. I do more than just the Toxic series :) Just click HERE.

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Your pulse sped up, tilting your head in confusion.

“Why?” You questioned.

He only glared at you with more force this time, his eyes truly hardening.

“It’s all over the internet, (Y/N). You and that Spiderboy.” He seethed, taking a step towards you. Following your instinct, you stepped back.

“Just swinging from building to building. One mess up and you would’ve splatted for everyone to see. Do you know how dangerous it is? No, even just being seen with him alone is dangerous.” His voice slowly began to drag itself to a higher volume, making you wince.


“No, (Y/N). Let me finish. Being my daughter alone and training to become a future avenger is dangerous enough as it is- but being seen with that Spiderman? It adds up and eventually you’re going to be a target. I have enemies, hell- everyone you know that wants to do good in this world has enemies. That kid surely must have too. Why do you think you’re being trained? People are going to want to hurt you, possibly kill you who are our enemies just to get back on us. Don’t you get that?” 

Tony never got angry often, but times like this truly made you feel much more weak and scared of him.

“I-I’m sorry..”

“But are you, (Y/N)? Because you and I both know that you won’t just give up that easily. I saw you two sucking faces off down there through the security cameras. Gross, by the way.” He rolled his eyes, before continuing, “so you aren’t sorry. I don’t know how you manage to even be in love at your age, you two will break up soon.”

That made your blood boil, anger flooding your thoughts.

“You met my Mother when you were 17, didn’t you?” You didn’t let him answer, “so didn’t you even love her?”

His eyes darkened, turning away and speaking with a low voice- “I loved her with every aching second of my life, (Y/N). Don’t you dare bring your Mother into something like this.”

“Why not, Dad? Can I not talk about someone I miss too?” You didn’t notice that most of the Avengers were actually listening and watching from the Kitchen, but not drawing attention to themselves. 

It was silent for a few moments before you spoke up in a soft voice, “I’m not her, Dad.”


“I’m not going to just die like she did, I’m not her.”

He turned back around, his face red with anger.

Somehow, you remained to continue. “I may look like her, I may act like her. But I’m not her. I’m your daughter and I’m alive, I can protect myself!”

Tony seethed, “(Y/N), you’re treading on some mighty thin ice here..”

“So what Dad? You need to be told!  Just because she died because she was seen with you doesn’t mean I’ll die for the same reason Dad! I’m stronger than that..”

You noticed his hand quickly raising up, but just before it was about to connect to your cheek, the red aura energy that Wanda controlled with her mind was covering Tony’s hand and forcing it to stay there. You gasped, looking at his hand- then back to your Dad. Tony’s eyes softened, realising what he had done.

“(Y/N) I-”

“Don’t talk to me.” You spat, turning away and walking to the elevator.

“(Y/N) you can’t go out there, it’s dangerous at night.” Steve’s voice spoke up, warning you.

“I don’t care.” The same tone in your voice remained there, pressing the button for the doors to open- as they did so.

“(Y/N)..” Natasha’s voice soothed you slightly as she walked up to you, about to touch your arm but you flinched back.

“Don’t touch me.” You seethed, walking into the small space of the elevator, pressing the button to send you down to the bottom floor.

Just before the doors shut, you met eyes with your Dad. His eyes were filled with regret and misery. Whereas yours were filled up with a mixture between sadness and anger. He has never raised a finger to you before, sure- you went a bit far mentioning your Mother in an argument but that doesn’t give him a right to attempt to hit you.

The doors shut, and you felt your back sink into the wall behind you, tears filling your eyes and brimming your waterline. 

Don’t cry… Don’t cry… Those words repeated in your head like a broken record on repeat. It’s been quite a long time since you last cried, but no one has ever seen you cry, only your Dad. But right now he was out of the picture for you.

The tears vanished the second the doors dinged open, you rushed to the front doors and opened them, walking onto the eerie New York streets. The cold air attacking your bare arms, making all hair stand on ends and goosebumps form.

You wrapped your arms around yourself to try and keep yourself somewhat warm, and picked up a pace to walk away from the Stark tower. It slowly came to your realisation that you didn’t exactly have your phone on you, or any money. So you were just aimlessly walking the streets despite the danger that lurked around every corner.

You finally got the tower out of your sight, as you wondered around the streets, trying to not walk too close to any alleyways.

“Hey! Pretty lady, where are you goin’?” 

You felt stares on your back as the voice shouted that from behind you. You ignored the jeer towards you and carried on walking except picking up the pace.

“C’mon, get your fine ass over here!” 

A different voice cat called that this time, you turned and saw it was a group of around 7 boys in a small gang- staring at you and laughing. You shook your head in disgust and carried on walking- but turning a corner to get out of their sight.

Your arms tightened themselves around your waist, sighing to yourself- seeing many drunk people stumble onto the streets for a cab home out of clubs and bars. So you remained silent and tried to not look at anyone in the eyes. The more you walked and turned a corner, the more and more you felt farther away from home. Until realisation hit you- and you were lost. 

No phone, no money. Nothing to help you get anywhere. Anxiety was starting to burn a core into your chest as you darted your eyes around- searching for street names to somehow recognise a way home.

Surely someone was searching for you, but what if no one was?

You’d be stuck in New York for the full night in the cold and looking like pray to the criminals and rapists that lurked in the shadows. Panic flushed away any positive thoughts that remained to help you, as you felt drowned in bad vibes that pulsed in your heartbeat. 

What if they all didn’t care?

What if they thought you were just going to come back?

What if they wanted you gone?

Suddenly, a light in the corner of your eyes shook you back to reality, it was coming from an alleyway and down the alleyway was a fire, delicately burning with people sat around it. One of the people looked up.

“D-do you have any money for us..?” He seemed like a man in his 40′s, possibly. 

This made all of them look up towards you.

“Oh please, please give us money.”

“Aren’t you the rich girl?”

“We just need a little bit of money..”

They all stood up so it was easier to talk to. Each one of them male.

“I’m sorry but I-” You spoke up, clearing your throat, “I- don’t have any money right now..”

This made the first man walk towards you, “you lying brat.”

Your eyes widened, backing up.

“You rich bitch, lying to the homeless. You’re (Y/N) Stark. You always have money.”

His hand gripped your arm roughly, digging his nails deep into your skin.

“I-i don’t have any money on me right now..” You whimpered, feeling paralysed to move just incase they would all jump you.

He dragged you further into the alleyway, making your fear grow like a disease.

He then pinned you to the wall, checking your pockets. This was your chance, possibly the only chance.

You lifted one leg into the air, kicking the man in the crotch, but doing it with enough force to send him back into the other alleyway wall. The homeless man groaned, clutching his private area in pain.

You saw the other four men stand up, anger being shown on their face. Clearly being outnumbered by the men, you took the chance to try and escape. However, two of the men had already blocked off your path to the normal exit, an idea popping into your head.

You saw the man that you had kicked in the crotch, still cowering and recovering. So you took the chance, running up and jumping onto the man- making him drop down and hiss lightly, putting your feet on his shoulders and  jumping to the other wall, managing to reach a pipe and clinging onto it for dear life. Your fingers, barely holding you up.

“Get down here you tramp!”

You rolled your eyes, “that’s funny, coming from someone who is completely homeless.”

You tried to swing your legs to tie around the black, oily pipe too- but it was too much hard work. Guess you had to rely on your upper arm strength now. You attempted to pul yourself up with just your fingertips, but the oil was making that a very hard task.

Then you felt someone grab your foot, and pull you down, making your face scrape on the brick wall and you hitting the cement floor harshly, hurting the entire left side of your body.

“Fuck!” You cried out, seeing that one of the men walk over to you with a pure evil smirk on his crusty lips.

Well shit.

You tried to crawl away, but every time you tried you felt a foot kick into your ribs- just making you fall flat once again. Blood dripped onto the pavement below you from your face which you had scraped up pretty badly.

“Why don’t she repay us without any money?” Someone chuckled, watching your facial expressions change at the sound of that.

“Oh I would love that.” Another one spoke, licking his lips.

The sound of those words leaving their sick mouths, made you want to gag.

“Fellas, I’m sorry but I don’t think I can let you touch the young girl.” A voice spoke up, making you look around for the voice- but at the end of the alleyway actually was a figure in a red and blue costume.

“And why is that, Spiderman?” One of them sneered, “she won’t give us any money since she doesn’t have any- so why can’t she pay us back another way?”

Peter looked at you through his mask, taking in every detail of how beaten up you were. He narrowed his eyebrows, staring at the men.

“Did you do this to her?”

Peter’s voice had suddenly turned much more deeper, anger growing inside of him.

“She had it coming..” The guy who had been kicked by you earlier spoke up, glaring at the superhero.

“I guess so did you guys.”

You watched as it all seemed to happen in a flash, Peter swung himself towards each one of them, webbing them up and getting a few hits in on them. It all was happening so fast, it was a lot for you to take in. You wiped away some blood from your face weakly, attempting to sit up as you faced away from the fighting scene.

You could tell that Peter had taken care of them when he said, “easy. You guys shouldn’t do that to pretty ladies, okay?”

Only muffled responses came from them and you felt strong arms pick you up bridal style,

“Oh, and the police are already informed about you lot. You’ll have some company with you all shortly.”

With that, he walked out of the alleyway and webbed you both onto the top of some random building.

“Jesus, (Y/N)! What was you thinking of coming outside at this time?” Peter asked, taking his mask off to inspect your cuts and bruises on your face a little easier.

“I’m fine..” You whispered, not wanting to meet his eyes.

“You don’t look it, babe.” He commented, wiping away some blood. “You don’t understand how scared I was when I got a call at 2am from Tony asking if I’d look for you with the rest of the crew-”

“Wait..” You interrupted, “my Dad asked you?”

Peter sighed, nodding. “He told me what happened, but I just wish you would’ve called me or something to come and get you- instead of just wandering into the streets. Its dangerous, (Y/N). Tonight just proves that..”

You sniffed, looking up at Peter. Your (E/C) orbs gleaming up at the boy.

“I just- I love you, a lot. Okay? I love you.” He held both of your hands, “and I don’t want another person I love to end up dead, so please..” A few tears streaked down his bare cheeks.

You both stared at each other, both tearful until you got onto your tiptoes and pressed your bruised lips against his, merging together with the boy you loved so much and felt so many feelings for. Peter kissed back straight away, him letting go of your hands and placing them around your waist to pull you closer- but gently, so that he never hurt you. You placed both of your hands onto his chest, feeling his heartbeat rapidly speed up, making you smile before pulling away from him.

“I love you too..” You whispered, wiping away some of your blood that was on his cheek.

He smiled, about to answer you but his phone started to ring, making one of his hands move down and grab his phone. He answered it with a clear voice.

“Hello? Oh- oh! Mr.Stark- yeah,- yeah- but I have her here with me right now- oh, of course Mr.Stark.- Yep, be there in five.”

He ended the call, looking to you with a small frown.

“I think its about time i take you back home.” He smiled, wrapping some web around your waist to his waist and picking you up.

“That sounds pretty nice right now.” You murmured, getting a little sleepy.

“Just hold on tight, babe.” 

Then you were both flying again.

How the guys/girls would kiss (+gifs- Teen Wolf Preferences)

I actually don’t know what happened to me but I felt like shit, come home, cry about having a huge test tomorrow and my head hurting, and I made those..I felt like wanting to have someone cuddle, kiss my head, and tell me everything will be alright…I just need that..ALSO! REQUESTS ARE OPEN! Want me to write something for you? Smut, lime, angst, fluff, anything your mind can come up with, then hit me a message and I’ll do them! THE GIFS AREN’T MINE AND SOME ARE +18! I warned you and boy this is soooo long! That’s what she said…*snickers* IF I FORGOT ANYONE, I’M SORRY.IT WAS RUSHED 

T ^ T Also, end me!


Scott McCall - Romantic

Scott’s kiss will be romantic. He would take you to a picnic or somewhere near the sea and place a blanket down, letting you sit atop him and give him light kisses.Kissing him will turn more forceful and loving while you guys proceed with it.

His favorite kissing period would be during July-August! Summer time is his favorite season to show you how truly he really cares by making you his next to the beach.

Stiles Stilinski - Nerdy

Stiles kiss will be slightly nerdy. While you would read or write some of your friends messages on your phone, he would appear out of nowhere and steal kisses from you making you lose your focus on whatever you were doing and pay attention to him.

His most kissing period would be around May-June when you need to focus on your grades. His favorite season is also during Spring!

Derek Hale - Rain 

Derek actually doesn’t show so much love towards you, mostly when others are around, but once in a while he would kiss you and make you feel like you belong net to him.

His favorite kissing weather is during rain. He would pull you outside, and kiss you deeply, and needy while water will drench you both.

Derek’s favorite season would be Autumn! There’s a bigger chance it would rain around that period!

Isaac Lahey - Teasing

Isaac perfect kissing place would be anywhere! Thought, he would mostly love it when you guys are all alone.

His kissing type is teasing, he also loves to do it whenever he can.His favorite season would be Spring or Summer.

Liam Dunbar - Shy

With Liam, you would have to do the first step. it’s not because he wouldn’t want to do it on his own, he’s actually shy and afraid he’ll get all clumsy and not know what to do.

His favorite season would be Winter where he can cuddle and hog you all up all day.

Theo Raeken - Wet

Theo has a sick obsession of always preparing you before a kiss. He would bit, suck and lick all over your neck and playfully chew at the skin there while his hands will feel up and down your curves.

He doesn’t have a favorite season but he would probably chose Summer! During that time he can see you wear little clothes, and have his way with you faster.

Aiden - Deep

His kisses will be deep, sometimes leaving you breathless and needy for more. For an ex alpha, he just knows how to make you feel like a queen with just simple gestures and kisses.

His favorite season is Winter because during that time you guys will be locked into the house and having fun exploring each others fantesies!

Peter Hale - Sensual

Peter wouldn’t back away from showing you the privileges you have for being his mate.He could do you anywhere and anytime, as long as you wouldn’t mind.

His kisses will be sensual, most of the times during sex, except from having only kisses, he would coo in your ear, growl, and mumble he was your master, owner and that you are only his.

His favorite season will be Autumn.He just finds it the perfect season for mating.

Jackson Whittemore - Biting

Jackson adores whenever you guys kiss to pull on his lower lip rather harshly. He would growl, grip your hips and push you harder against the wall or mattress.

His favorite season is during Spring and Summer. He likes the warm weather more then cold ones and mostly cause you’ll come to watch his lacrosse practice and get turned on from seeing him take his short off and show his muscles.

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R.I.P. Me (Fic Updates)

(and this blog)

OK I was trying to write another Lost World Part but it’s like hella late so instead I am just gonna promise an update tomorrow.

Also, if there are any specifics anyone thinks the fic should have (I am so open to anything) just leave them or reblog with stuff or whatever communication you want. =3

Also, will take requests for short (1-2k words) Gradence drabbles. 


anonymous asked:

Honey I just want you to know that it's ok to turn down prompts if your feeling too swamped with requests.

Aww, thank you, sweetie. ❤

I know I can turn down requests, but I’d hate to do that to people. I’m not too worried about feeling “swamped”–what worries me is that people will get frustrated/impatient/disappointed because I seem to take a long time to write anything, not just requests.

For example, Destiny Always Finds a Way (Part 2) should have been written and posted days ago, but it’s taking me forever to actually get around to writing it and I worry that I’m kind of disappointing people by being so slow.

I just don’t want to let anyone down.

Found at sea: Hook X Reader

Requested by anon: um, could you write a oneshot where the reader ends up on killians ship accidentally and he welcomes her? thanks!

sure thing! this was really fun to write btw. let me know if anyone wants anything different or a continuation. :)

Originally posted by deanwinxhester


You didn’t remember much when you woke up. Other than falling into ice cold water that is. As you tried to sit up, pain shot through your body.

“Whoa whoa, take it easy there love.” A voice spoke from across the room. “You were pretty hurt when you landed yourself here.” You opened your eyes to reveal a pirate sitting across from you with glimmering eyes and a hook for a hand.

“I- I don’t, where am I?” you stammered.

“You’re on the Jolly Roger,” he answered, “But what I’d like to know is how you got here.” He stared at you expecting a reply.

“Um, I was in a fight, and someone there pulled out a magic bean to open a portal. Everyone else avoided it but I got pushed in.” You said solemnly. “Then I fell into the water, and, I guess now I’m here.” 

The man seemed to consider this, “Well we saw you fall into the water, that’s why we brought you aboard. May I ask who you were fighting with? I mean why end up here?”

You looked at the ground, “I’m not sure, it all started with some sort of deal maker,” you shook your head, “I don’t really know.”

He seemed startled at this news, “A deal maker? Do you remember their name?”

You looked up at him with furrowed brows, “Rumpelstiltskin I think? Why does it matter?”

He stood up and stroked his beard, deep in his own thoughts.

“Is everything alright?” you asked him.

His concentration broken he looked back to you, “Yes yes everything’s fine love. Well listen, being that you’re here and I’m not quite sure we can get you back to where you started from, I think it’s about time for some introductions.” He outstretched his hand, “Killian Jones, captain of the Jolly Roger.”

You grinned and shook his hand, “F/N L/N, pleasure to meet you”

“Now,” Killian began, “Assuming that ‘deal’ didn’t go so well, and being that we don’t have another bean, how would you like to stay aboard my ship for a while?”

You scoffed, “You mean as a passenger or a prisoner?”

He smirked, “I was thinking more of a crew member. That is for now anyways. If you want.”

“Actually,” You beamed at him, “That sounds like a great idea” 

anonymous asked:

i never saw ur art request thing! can you do something really sweet like 1C or 3B rose quartz and steven? i wasn't sure if you only wanted romantic pairings or not but i worry about this kid sometimes and think he deserves sweetness

1C and 3B Steven and Rose as an apology for taking so long!

I agree the boy needs much love and sweetness

Still doing these if anyone’s interested!


@simple-symphonia im…..,,.,.,,

I’ll just pack my bags omg

In Bloom Shall We Wake

It got requested that I write a request based on the Hobbit which I love! So here it is as requested, I hope you enjoy! If anyone would like to request more of this or anything else or just wants to chat, my ask box is always open. *Based on a gif that isn’t my own*


Request by; Anon

Request;  Ooh this is so exciting! Okay could I maybe request something where you’re a human who somehow finds herself in Middle earth and the first people you come across are The Company and they take you under their wing and you help them in their quest. Then maybe along the way Kili begins to fall in love with you and is fascinated by your tattoos. Unf, ultimate dreams right there haha! Thanks lover, no pressure if you don’t fancy it though!

Warnings; None

The man approached you, as if from nowhere he walked steadily and slowly towards you. It was just dawn and the sun peeped from over the hill, greeting you to a new day with it’s comforting warmth. You’d usually wake up around this time, your job of being a journalist required you to do so, it had become routine, waking up in the dark, making breakfast and getting ready before heading out the door as the sun rose to which you’d wish it a good morning and hope it was as ready as you were for the day ahead before you’d catch the early train to work, you’d come to enjoy your routine, it was quiet, not a soul was around, usually. Apart from today. Today was very peculiar indeed. At first you believed him just to be an elderly man, perhaps in need by the way he was walking but as he moved closer to you his stature changed, he was tall wearing draped clothing and walking with a large cane of some sorts. You took a step back, debating whether to turn and walk back up the path you had came from to find safety in your home but there was something about his aura that didn’t seem threatening. Upon reaching you he gave a small smile, to which you reciprocated, thinking he would just be another passer by but he wasn’t he stopped right in front of you and any attempt you made to get round him, he blocked. 

“You are Y/n Y/L/N, am I correct?” His tone was deep, filled with knowledge and wisdom, your ears pricked up and you nodded in reply, feeling speechless, how did this strange man know your name? 

“You can answer you know, I won’t harm you.” He spoke abruptly after your silent response and you shamefully looked down at the floor before looking back up at him. He wore draped grey robes and a half pointed grey hat, long wispy white hair cascaded down his shoulders and back, camouflaging into his moustache and beard, his face was aged, with wrinkles defining his brow bone. 

“Yes, I am. And you are?” You queried, trying to sound defensive and intimidating as you hadn’t fully figured out whether this man was a threat or not.

“I, am looking for someone to share in an adventure.” He was blunt, quirking his head to the side and raising his brows, a mysterious gleam shining in his bright blue eyes. An adventure, that was it, no introduction or anything.

“An adventure? Of what sort.” You in turn tilted your chin upwards slightly, a mix of confusion spreading across your face as he chuckled and nodded appealingly.

“You will have to come with me and find out.” He held out his hand to you and you were reluctant. There were only two possible outcomes of this; one, the man was crazy and escaped from his home to which you’d have to call the police to escort him back, two and very unlikely, you would follow him and have this bizarre adventure. After humming it over, you’d decided that either way this would make an interesting article in your company’s magazine so why not, you were a journalist after all, it was your job to be daring. Taking his rough calloused hand, he smiled and began laughing hard. Ah, so he was insane. Banging his wooden cane on the ground he laughed harder before looking at you with delight.

“You should probably close your eyes now.” You hesitantly obliged as you and the man were cocooned in a swirling ball of white light, lifting your from the ground you felt nauseous and wanted to scream, the ground had literally fallen from your feet though you were unable to fully tell as the light would have blinded you if you’d opened your eyes. Not so gracefully crashing to the ground, you grunted impacting the fresh smelling grass. Wait grass? You were in the middle of a city less than a minute ago. Creaking your eyes open you gasped when you saw thousands of trees swaying in the breeze to your right, a long winding river to your left and green acres of grass as far as the eye could see. The man was stood gazing down upon you as you stared, mouth wide at your new surroundings. You stumbled to your feet, still feeling dizzy after what ever had just happened to you. Birds tweeting filled your ear drums as different flowers danced by your feet, you watched the man gather a horse and cart before beckoning you to join him. Reaching up and pulling on the wooden handle, you lifted yourself into his cart as he whipped the ropes to his horse, kick starting it into motion. 

“You were the last recruit. We shouldn’t be far from Bilbo and the others now.” he never took his eyes off the gravel road and you marvelled at your surroundings, tiny houses burrowed in the hills with large rounded doors and small stained glass windows shined in the light, each one with a different homely item that made it stand out from the rest, whether it was tiny flower pots or oddly large leather boots by the front door, each house was different. 

“Recruit? Bilbo? Others? What? Who are you?” You continual questioning tired the man until he sighed and once happy that his eyes could leave the road he turned to you. 

“I am Gandalf the Grey. You will meet Bilbo and the others very soon. Ask no more questions.” He was stern with you and you felt as if you were a naughty five year old being told off by their parent, who was he to talk to you in a demanding manner, still you didn’t want to fight back, he was the only one you knew in this bizarre new world. You had travelled for what seemed to be a decade with this man, Gandalf the Grey or more Gandalf the Grumpy and the sun was saying it’s final goodbyes before retiring for the night, you spoke little with your new friend apart from when you were reaching in the back and getting these purple fruits and what he called ‘lembas bread’ which was surprisingly filling and the purple fruits were divine being a sweet a grapefruit but with a more distinctive taste, like dragon fruits. Your eyes grew heavy as the night crickets came out to serenade you and the tutting of the horse lulled you into falling even sleepier than usual, turning your head to the side and trying to curl up into as much of a ball as the cart would allow you soon drifted into slumber. 

“Who is she?”

“Why is she here? She is not needed here. You shouldn't have brought some human into this.”

“She is valuable to us Oakenshield and don’t you protest otherwise.”

“She’s never been here before, never seen anything like this, how does that make her valuable?!”

“I don’t know she could be valuable, I mean, she’s pretty enough, that’s something right?”

“Oh Kili calm down, what makes you think you’re her type anyway, I’m sure she’ll go for the more attractive older brother, me.”

“Fili, Kili stop that. You don’t know what she is, you don’t know where she’s been she could have rabies for all we know.”

“She is not welcome here.”

The suns warm rays shone on your face, alerting your body that it was time to wake up and go to work, you’d had a very odd dream about meeting a mad man with a pointy had that perhaps you’d tell Claire at work but for now it was time to start the day. Fluttering open your eyes were greeted by the blare of the sun, though something was different, going into focus you sat up, you were in a wooden cart, outside, hearing multiple voices in the near distance. Were you still dreaming? You had to be, right? You yawned and stretched and the white and black spotted horse neighed loudly, as if it was wishing you a good morning. You hopped down from the cart, gravel and dirt crunching under your shoes and you waltzed to the horse, patting it’s mane gently and rubbing it’s nose, it just blinked and shook its head at you, pesky flies sticking to it’s face, you did your best to shoe them away but the horse stomped its feet and you took a step back, acknowledging that, that was probably the extent of your animal friendship. Finally realising that your surroundings were real and that you were in fact in a different realm or universe perhaps you wandered to find the man that had brought you here, hearing his distinct voice in the distance. You wandered through the trees to find a circle of different men, though they were smaller than men and had very intricate hair designs, each one. They sat talking around a died out ash fire and they all had quirky accents, you hid behind the wide stump of a tree to listen in, you could see Gandalf stood, smoking a pipe of something as another man stood, marching back and forth you noticed they were talking about you.

The marching man wore a long fur coat stretching to the back of his knees, he wore a silk and chain suit of what seemed to be armour and furred pants with furred boots and leather straps. His hair was long, deep brown with slight strands of grey mixed in, some strands of hair was braided but for the most of it, it dangled off his shoulders, swaying as he marched. His facial hair was thick and dark, though kept neater than most of the other men’s, in fact they all seemed to have strange beards with braids in them, ranging from colours of fiery orange to brilliant white, all wearing similar outfits as the standing man. There was only one who was neat, no beard yet still mousy brown wispy hair, flicking off in different directions. He was distinctively different to all the others though still as small. 

“I told you already, she doesn't belong here.”

“Why not Thorin? Gandalf said she could be valuable to us.”

“I did not say she could be I said she is and if anyone speaks out against it one more time then I will make sure there’s something for you to protest about.” Clouds formed around Gandalf when he spoke and the others fell quiet. You felt perhaps it was time to introduce yourself to the group. Appearing from behind the tree you cleared your throat and all eyes fell on you, all twenty-six pairs fell on you. You cheeks flared red and you were observed by a mix of stone faces or ones with disgust or ones that tried to hide their laughter at your embarrassment. Gandalf stood straight walking over to you and resting a comforting hand on your shoulder.

“Everyone, this is Y/n. Get to know her she will be staying with us for a long time.” He smiled, his eyes boring into the man who was storming around before. A few of the men waved at you, giving slight smiles but one gave a warming smile, admiring your features. Gandalf once again cleared his throat and began pointing at each man.

“This is, Nori”, Nori gave a small ‘hello’ and a wave before getting back to fiddling with his weaponry. All the men did similar things as Gandalf introduced each one.

“This is, Dori and Bofur and Gloin and Dwalin and Balin and Oin and Bifur and Bombur and Thorin and Bilbo and Ori and Fili and last but not least Kili.” They all simultaneously bid you a good day apart from Kili whom strided towards you and gave an outstretched hand, which you gladly shook. His smile was warm and comforting, the stubble of his growing beard moved with his face, his deep eyes were ones you could easily get lost in and his long hair tangled over his shoulders. It was parted slightly and tied at the back as to not completely cover his handsome face, one you were quick to admire. You smiled politely as he spoke.

“So, you’re Y/n, it’s nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy our company whilst you’re with us.” He walked you to a nearby rock, which you both sat upon watching the others, Nori, Dori and Bofur getting into a ‘who has the most terrifying weapon and attack method’ whilst Dwalin was sat tutting at laughing at them. Balin hung around Thorin who appeared to be the leader of the group, though you weren’t 100% sure as it was Gandalf who appeared to hold all the power over the group. As you took in all the different men and their features Kili gazed at you, admiring your soft face that was dotted lightly with freckles, his eyes trailed down you stopping at your wrist when he noticed a white mark on it. He wanted to question you about it but wasn’t sure on how to approach the subject so instead just did what any dwarf would do and grabbed your wrist, causing you to jump and let out a yelp in surprise. He immediately backed off, cheeks flaring bright red and you laughed. Turning your wrist to see your white tattoo of a dream catcher, it was only small and dainty but it suited your personality, inside its web weren’t beads but small planets and the feathers were detailed so much that they appeared real. It was all in white ink which made it stand out more but also less than usual black tattoos, it was something different, something unique which you were. 

“Admiring my tattoo huh?” You laughed, showing Kili and he shuffled closer to you to get a better look, twisting and turning your wrist he held it high, gazing at it with childlike wonder as wide stretched grin crept over his face.

“Yes. You’re very beautiful - it’s very beautiful.” he stammered once he’d realised what he said and you smiled, blush filling your cheeks. You tried to play it off but you couldn’t help feeling flattered and charmed from this man.

“Thank you.” You spoke quietly and Kili let your arm drop, the two of you gazing into each others eyes before Kili was called away with some of the other men snickering at the two of you. Gandalf wandered over to you, sitting besides you and offering you a puff of his pipe, to which you politely declined. He supped on it before chuckling.

“I see you have an admirer already.” He turned to you with a wink and you both watched as Kili was being teased by Fili. “Brothers do like to tease each other don’t they.” You laughed, watching the two start wrestling as Bilbo tried to part them awkwardly.

“Yes, I think I’m going to enjoy this adventure.”

50 Follower Celebration Art Requests!!

So I just got 50 followers on this blog!!! Thank u all so much!! To celebrate I will be taking drawing requests from anyone, regardless of if u follow me or not, until I reach 100! I’ll do something special for 100 too.

- No NSFW or incestuous/pedophilic ships
- Reblog this post!!!
- Send me an ask with ur request and whether u want traditional or digital!
- Following me is nice but not required

Requests can be anything, not just overwatch!!! Thank u all so much I’m excited to get to know you guys!!!

Body-Size doesn’t matter to me Pt. 2

Request: Could you do one like the one you just posted with the plus size reader, but instead she’s underweight? by @falloutassbutt

Based on “Body-Size doesn’t matter to me”

Words: 1263

Pairing: Dean x Reader, mention Sam

Originally posted by tweedy-masterhunter

Warning: negative self-image, eating disorder, DO NOT TAKE ANY INSULTS OR ANYTHING PERSONAL

A/N: So you probably already noticed, this isn’t a sequel to the first part, just another version but I wanted to keep it to the same title. Also if anyone feels offended by anything in this text, please message me and I’ll see what I can do!

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