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on jakku giving people food freely (i.e. as a gift with no expectation of return) and saying its a gift is how they propose marriage. Giving different food back is how you accept. Rey in the resistance is SO CONFUSED. Why are you all into polygamy resistance people. Everyone is proposing to me. Im flattered general but really jfc where did this come from. I don't even know you random mechanic #6! Oh.... poe/finn... thank you for the apple. Would you like a space potato?


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Let It Be Known: Part 5 (Final)

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Mob Boss Hux x Bakery Shop Owner!Reader

Summary: Next to the restaurant that well-known Mob Boss, Armitage Hux, frequents and owns, is your bakery shop. After a rather unfortunate occurence, Hux begins to frequent to your bakery more often.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

A/N: “So now we’ve come to the eeeennd of the roooaad.”

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Kylo rushed you to the hospital. The car wasn’t even at a complete stop when Hux carried you out the car and to the emergency room. He was panicking and yelling for help.

Doctors and nurses ran up to him, “What happened?”

“Sh-She was shot. She’s lost a lot of blood already. Please!”

Two nurses came up with a gurney and Hux gently set you down. He was going to follow but a doctor stopped him, “I’m sorry, sir. You’ll have to wait out here.”

“W-Will she be alright?”

“We’ll do the best we can.” With that the doctor left him. He sat down in the waiting area looking down at his hands. They were covered in your blood. 

“Come on,” He heard Kylo say as he gripped Hux’s elbow and led him to the bathroom. 

Hux mindlessly began washing his hands watching your blood swirl down the drain. His adrenaline was finally settling and his emotions were running high. Out of nowhere, he began to sob. 

He turned off the water and gripped the edge of the counter. He didn’t care if Kylo watched him cry. He couldn’t hold it in. You were targeted because of him. 

“I shouldn’t have let it come to this. I was so foolish to think she wouldn’t get involved. Foolish to think I could’ve had something normal for once.” Kylo silently handed him some paper towels, “I should have listened to you, Ren.”

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  • while finn heals, his hair grows; but poe knows he likes it short.
    • every week, poe comes in and gently shaves finn’s head and jaw.
    • and when finn wakes up, the one thing that calms him down is seeing how normal he looks in the mirror, and he can’t thank poe enough for that. 
  • then, one time, when they’re cuddling, poe suggests that finn grow his hair out. 
    • at first finn is resistant; his first order training still tells him to keep his hair short. uniform. utility. 
    • but as the resistance makes him a part of their family, finn’s thinking begins to change. 
    • “not…not this time,” finn says, when poe comes to his door with the clippers and a towel. and poe grins. 
  • it’s a long road. every day he sees himself with longer and longer hair finn has to fight the sickness in his belly, the thought that he’ll be reprimanded and punished for his uniqueness. 
    • but people in the base keep smiling at him. complimenting him on his new ‘do. jess will ambush him just to hop on his back and bury her face in his luscious hair. “finn!!” she screams in joy and he instantly takes off sprinting down the hall but she’s faster and tackles him, cackling. “you’re a hair god,” she laughs. 
      • “jess, could you please not straddle my boyfriend in public?” poe stands over them, smirking, until jess pulls him down into the pile. 
    • “oh my gosh finn, you look fantastic!”” rey can’t stop smiling during their holo chat and finn ducks his head behind his hand, also unstoppably smiling. 
  • finally, his curly hair is long enough for poe to pull back, to run his hands through in their bed, to blow around Ruggedly and Handsomely in the wind. 
    • “told you you’d be cute,” poe says. and finn agrees. definitely breaking dress code, but really? who cares anymore
    • “yeah,” finn lets poe brush his hair aside as he leans in for a kiss. “yeah, I like it.” 

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Pls tell me all ur headcanons abt domestic poe an finn i have lost an precious baby today and need to be happy only the gay space sons can do this

It’s time to CHEER ! YOU ! UP !
It’s okay, Anon, do not fret. We will all fulfill your domestic HEADCANON NEEDS. (everyone please just add to this, im running on 3 hours of sleep so you all have to pick up my SLACK)

  • FINN MAKING LUNCH FOR THE ENTIRE SQUADRON (please tell me there’s a Star Wars version of Chopped or Iron Chef because Finn loves both and spent far too much time watching TV during his recovery) He stops by to visit whenever they’re working on their X-Wings, BB-8 always following in tow, beeping and chirping excitedly, Finn’s presence signals to the pilots it’s time for a break. And they all flock to them, ready to exchange embarrassing stories about Poe for whatever Finn concocts for them that day. (Finn’s pretty good at it, but on days when his dishes are particularly strange or odd, Poe gives the squadron this look and they all know they have to eat THE WHOLE ENTIRE THING, NO COMPLAINTS.)
  • Finn waiting by the hangar to see the pilots (ie POE) take-off. The two spend forever and a day saying goodbye, JUST SOME GOOD ‘OL HUGS AND KISSES (picture this, just nauseatingly cute, every kiss Poe drops onto Finn’s skin there’s a whispered promise of his return, an “I’ll miss you” / “I know,” “I’ll be back soon” / “You better,” “I love you” / “I love you.”) They’re so CHEESY and CUTE that it irritates Jessika to no end. She used to find so much pleasure in teasing them mercilessly, back when Poe still babbled incoherently whenever Finn was around and Finn still stared too hard at Poe, too dazed to speak. But now, now the two were constantly all over each other, and Jessika’s comments were always left unheard.
  • And the two around BB-8 are just the most Daddest DADS around. BB-8 spends mornings with Finn because he’s an early-riser (that part of storm trooper life hasn’t been so easy for him to shake off) and just accompanies him on errands, and training, and helps Finn get better adjusted to Resistance life. Come afternoon, when Poe’s finally out of bed and working on maintenance with the rest of the pilots, Finn drops BB-8 off like a child at daycare.
  • Now picture the two living together. Sharing (Poe’s) clothes. Curled up in bed by 9pm sometimes, because Resistance life is hard and tiring. BB-8 cooing quietly beside them. Finn’s started gathering a good amount of things he can call his own; a few letters from Rey (one of them’s a makeshift postcard), photos he’s started taking with the camera Poe found during a reconnaissance mission, a photo of a young Poe he kept eyeing when he first saw it tucked away in an old journal, Poe’s sketches of various X-wings and Star-fighters. He still has the jacket. Sewn up now and a little worn but it’s good, still good. NOW IMAGINE POE BEING THIS FITFUL SLEEPER, TOSSING AND TURNING, LIMBS EVERYWHERE, ALWAYS ON FINN. And Finn’s slowly becoming adjusted to NOT sleeping rim rod straight.

EVERYONE ADD ONTO THIS. I’m bad @ anything that isn’t embarrassing longing and pining and unintentional flirting and OBLIVION

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a purely selfish au that i love to think abt!! bodhi and luke are single adoptive parents (raising finn and rey respectively)


- Rey is an absolute wild child, she constantly comes home covered in glitter, macaroni, dirt, glue– you name it, she’s a messy girl. Luke is constantly dreading what state his daughter is going to come home in, and often times has the garden hose waiting. Finn, on the other hand, is a very neat and orderly boy, just like his father, though Rey tries her very best to convince him that playing in the dirt is FUN.

- Bodhi and Luke first run into each other at a PTA meeting– Luke is distracted by how beautiful Bodhi is, and falls straight onto his ass when he goes to sit down in one of the little chairs. Bodhi is very amused. 

- Luke and Rey have a cute, scrappy little terrier named Artoo that Rey takes everywhere. Artoo is very protective of Rey and yaps his head off if anyone so much as looks at her in a mean way.

- Bodhi’s sister Jyn lives a few houses down from him, and Finn LOVES it when Auntie Jyn babysits, because she lets him eat way too much ice cream and jump around off the furniture while the two of them play Space Wars. Bodhi often has to rant at Jyn that, “Seriously, *you* are not the one that has to deal with him before bed while he’s high on sugar and calling me ‘Darth Dad’, cut it out, Jyn.”

-Rey and Finn both want their dads to be boyfriends because their dads smile SO MUCH when they’re around each other, and they don’t understand why adults are so dumb and slow, just hold hands already, gosh.

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hiii any souharu headcanons? 😚

ooooh, hello, anon-chan-san!!  ^_^  it’s been a while since i’ve done anything like this with free!, so this is a treat!  i’m always ready with souharu headcanons, let’s see…

  • haru is a cat, in that he crawls all over sou and takes his drinks and his food and never outright says he wants attention, but he makes it impossible for sou to ignore him.
  • sou is a giant puppy who quietly endures the kitty’s obnoxious behavior and then gives him the affection he wants gruffly.
  • they both have Very Strong Opinions on each other’s wardrobes.  haru will, under extreme duress, admit that sou has a beautiful body.  long legs, broad shoulders, the whole package.  haru is always trying to get sou to wear tighter pants and have a sleeker look.  subtly, of course.  like that time he ‘accidentally’ dropped bleach on sou’s baggy jeans.  very subtly.  sousuke, on the other hand, would love to burn every fish-themed pair of socks or ties or skivvies or god help him, shirts… but when haru dresses up for a date with him, he can’t help but feel special…
  • both of them would say that they have surprisingly little in common, but… they like the same tv shows (mostly nature stuff, but they also both love the same sappy dramas. sou INSISTS he only likes them because they’re so campy and over-the-top funny, but haru has a picture of sou crying at the finale of one of their favorites when the main couple finally get together…)  they both like basically the same activities, like going to the beach or fishing.  they both pretty much prefer hanging out at home in the evening to anything else.  they’re both early to bed types, and not too early riser types.  so…
  • haru has about a dozen or so pictures on his phone.  they’re all just in one album in his gallery, he can’t be bothered to sort anything or to even take a lot of pictures.  just some of makato, some of rin, some of nagisa and rei, some of them in a group, stuff like that.  most of his pics are of sou, though, and he has no problem showing them off.  sousuke has many more pictures on his phone, but he tries to keep his album of haru photos separate and secret, like he can pretend he doesn’t have a dozen pictures of haru looking cute while sleeping among others…

i hope you enjoyed those!!   sorry for replying so late… hmu if you want anything more/specific/anything else, i’m always game.  ^_~


Finn waking up from a nightmare, sweating profusely, teeth chattering, panicky-

Rey soothing him, rubbing his back, taking breaths together,
rubbing sleep from her eyes when he apologizes for waking her… telling him not to be silly; lets go for a walk.

Taking Finn’s hand and going for a walk through their garden, looking at the stars as Finn tells her about his dream.

Going back to bed, chilly and tired now and so happy to get cozy and warm again-
Rey spooning Finn, wrapping blankets around them, her chin set possessively on his shoulder, and Finn feels so safe and loved and almost like he could… go back to… zzzZzZZzzzz

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Prompt smut ideas: doing it for the first time in an arranged marriage; or in the library ;p


It’s been three weeks. Three weeks married to the man now known again as Ben Solo–though he fools no one, least of all his wife. This man is still Kylo Ren, Jedi Father Galaxy killer, and no amount of supervision and diplomacy will change that.

The old order is dead, and with it its outdated customs. That’s why Rey knows this arranged marriage is for nothing. It was an absurd proposition, and Rey feels like all they’ve done is invited the wolf in among the sheep, no wool cloak needed.

But, he hasn’t touched her. They share a room, and Rey was ready enough to fulfill her part of things. The chaste kiss at the closing of the ceremony, and the less chaste one that followed at the final raising of glasses at the reception, confirmed well enough what she’d known to be true since Kylo pulled off his mask those two years before: He was a pretty thing, and that mouth was made for kissing.

But that was all. They both moved in for the brief touching of lips that sealed them as husband and wife, and it had been Kylo that had tugged her up against his body when the cry went up and near empty glasses were raised: To a united front! To the end of war and a beginning of peace! To hope!

He had a hand resting lightly at the small of her back–for show only, surely–but the cheer surged something through him. She felt that well enough. And he wrapped that long, thick arm around her middle and dragged her up his body and kissed her. More shouts rang out at that and her wine spilled on her dress–but Rey hadn’t cared. That kiss, possessive and hot and achingly soft, that kiss was something that she liked. 

So when they returned to their room that night, and Rey’s drink-clumsied hands finally pulled her dress from her body, she was startled at his hand laid over hers as she began to work at her underclothes. Stopping her. He left the room to change and made a pathetic bed on the too-small sofa. Rey changed in front of him–because why wouldn’t she?–and climbed into their bed.

Their bed.

Where she has slept alone, for three weeks.

She is sometimes angry about this, and sometimes sad. Usually she is frustrated. Does he think her untouched? That he’s saving her from some trauma by refusing to consummate what was already forced on her? 

Well, she isn’t, and fucking a pretty thing with lips that make her shiver in their softness might be the only perk to being married off to the Scourge of the Galaxy. It’s not gallant. It’s annoying.

Which is probably why she acts before she can think when she sees him sitting alone in the sparse little library. He’s reading a book–a rare luxury in these times–and holding it with such care in those large, blunted hands. It makes her see red.

Her hand fists in his hair and she drags him up from his seat. She tugs him into the nearest aisle and tosses him against the high bookshelf. He humors her, and knocks back hard against it. She’s tall, but he’s taller. She’s strong, but he is so much stronger. 

She pokes him in the chest, not really sure what she’s going to reprimand him for. She pokes again, but no words come.

“Spit it out, wife. I was just about to finish that chapter.” Those wide eyes narrow at her and that mouth, that mouth. He pouts when he’s angry. Actually pouts. She could bite him for it.

She snarls. “I’m not your wife. Not yet, and you know it.”

Kylo laughs at her. “I thought you considered the old ways dead? Why do you suddenly see the need to rut to make it official?”

“I–I don’t.”

“Then let me get back to my book.” He pouts harder.

She bites him.

What comes next is what she has wanted. Dragged up that body again, like at the reception, like in her wettest of dreams. He turns and crushes her into the bookcase behind her, and she groans. He’s broad and inelegant and pulls no punches. She’d probably the only one who could withstand this without breaking in half. That makes her feel powerful.

She kisses him again, because that’s what is fueling every bit of this. The kiss that won’t leave her alone. The kiss that follows her to bed every night and leaves her wanting. Why would he kiss her like that and then not lay another finger on her? Why, other than to be cruel?

Because I’m cruel, drifts across her mind, and she bites him again. There’s so much give to those full lips.

It’s not how she thought this would finally happen, him dragging down her trousers so fast the fabric burns her skin, her hands fumbling with the fastenings of his, their mouths refusing to separate, but it is. He fucks her against a bookcase that will leave very regimented bruises down her back: a long, straight line across her shoulder blades, the middle of her back, the top of her ass. And she kisses him through it all. The rest of him is nice enough, and if she can convince him to crawl his hulking ass off the sofa and into their bed, she might explore it more thoroughly later.

But what she wants now is his lips, and she takes them. Shows him that he can’t just kiss her like that and leave her be. Rey knows the value of wreckage and her now, completely, finally husband is salvage she can work with.

The old order might be dead, its arranged marriages and truces and alliances counting for very little. But passion–the Dark that still simmers in the man coming apart between her thighs–that can be honed into a murky Grey chain Rey can wrap around her fist. 

Kylo Ren assures that, link by link, with every kiss he gives her, every kiss she takes. He may be cruel, but she is crueler, and she’s not done with him yet.

Which Beyblader would be most awesome to lounge around in bed with hungover I wonder? Lol. I feel like Mariam would be fun, or Ray. Or even Johnny, just ordering pizza and greasy food and taking long naps in and out, watching movies that you’re both only half-into. Cuddling and lounging body parts on each other, having that lazy day with them. Kane too, could be fun with him. And Bryan

no but for real the concept of the main trio in a poly relationship is. so good

  • poe buying his datefriends sugary drinks and candy theyve never tried before
  • touch starved finn always wanting to hold one of their hands
  • rey who has never liked being touched slowly becoming more comfortable with handholding and friendly touches
  • finn and poe who love to cuddle but know rey doesnt
  • finn who is always stealing the covers and poe is Freezing but rey doesnt really mind
  • poe teaching the two of them how to cook real food and not just shit rations
  • poe introducing them to his parents and rey and finn being. immediately adopted
  • rey and poe who fall asleep on each other while waiting for finn to wake up in the medbay
  • the jacket becoming a thing that just. rotates around the three of them
  • “rey are you cold??? i know you dont like cold please take this jacket”
  • finn using the jacket as kind of a security blanket
  • rey knows how to sew and knit but only as functionality and makes. the most god awful lumpy scarves and socks. poe and finn are very proud and wear them everywhere
  • the three of them helping each other out of nightmares, sleeping in the same bed bc its just So Much Easier this way
  • poly trio
outsiders -- modern headcanons

- Two-bit has no phone storage because of all the bad pictures he has of the gang to use against them in group chats.
- Ponyboy has a very aesthetic instagram feed and a popular tumblr blog.
- Steve listens to 80’s metal, he’s the only one in the gang that still listens to it.
- Sodapop dresses like a 1990’s grunge boy, which Ponyboy took in follow as well.
- Johnny skateboards. (why do i see this lmao)
- Because of Ponyboy’s clumsiness Darry has had to replace multiple iphones for him.
- At one point Darry got so pissed he bought Pony an android, which he broke 2 weeks later.
- Dally says today’s pop music is shit, but little do the boys know he bought Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” album on itunes. (Dally just has to be badass)
- Cherry loves Lana Del Rey and follows her style.
- Johnny listens to lots of Nirvana and picked up electric guitar.
- Ponyboy reads tumblr smut every night before bed.
- Steve prefers the newer cars as Sodapop likes it vintage.
- Ponyboy loves Melanie Martinez, Halsey, Lana Del Rey etc but also takes a strong liking to classic rock.
- Steve owns lots of band tees
- Sodapop uses lots of abbreviations when he talks like “omg, lol, s2g” etc.
- Two-bit always has a new phone-case because he doesn’t like using the same one every day. (i bet you can guess how he gets them.)
- Dally has dyed his hair multiple colours.
- Darry really likes acrobatics and often posts videos of it on his facebook.
- Darry also really likes dad jokes. He often posts them on his facebook.
- Johnny’s instagram has a very dark theme.
- Two-bits instagram account is very cringe worthy, and when he posts his own photos they always come out blurry.
a/n feel free to request them, leave feedback this is my first headcanon!

  • poe going to his quarters wanting nothing more than a shower and a nap after training new pilots but surprise, rey is sitting under the spray v naked with flowers all around because she gets weird looks when she does this in the communal bathroom and he has a nice tub but he’s like “WHOA OKAY. OH GODS. NEXT TIME LOCK THE DOOR” rey nearly jumps out of her skin bc she was half asleep and goes tomato red, poe is like !! abort! !! and runs out of quarters and runs into leia who’s just like “are you okay, commander?” poe thinks he dserves a medal for not fainting right then and there
  • poe not wanting to make a move on rey because leia has sort of adopted her and he practically worships the general and doesn’t want to face her wrath
  • poe dreaming he gives up the resistance base and that kylo kills finn and rey
  • poe screaming in his nightmares and writhing on the bed, kicking off the covers until rey wakes up and she holds him, telling him he’s safe and he doesn’t want to let her go from his arms bc he’s terrified and he keeps kissing her hair
  • finn has nightmares that he’s back with the first order and that they’re going to reprogram him and is so afraid they will erase his name and make him forget about poe and finn and all his friends
  • imagine rey sleeping after training with luke and she has a nightmare the base is attacked and her friends die and wakes up nearly screaming, luke sits with her to meditate and reassures her that they have not died but she’s restless until the next transmission and she nearly cries when she sees their faces
  • when she finally gets back to d’qar she hugs them and says she’s happy to be home
  • about rey forgetting that she can have 3 meals a day and poe having to remind her when he hears her stomach rumble in the middle of the night, he always hates that she’s so used to going to bed hungry
  • poe taking rey to the base’s makeshift canteen and when she sees people dancing around to the music she’s like “are they in pain?” and poe is so upset  that makes it his mission to teach her to dance, and turns out she’s pretty good at it and they dance together a lot even without music
  • it comes to a point where she takes him out to dance when she’s bored and he looks so amused by it
From a Certain Point of View: A Brief Lesson in Why Perspective Indicates Attraction Between Rey and Kylo Ren

“I told you the truth, from a certain point of view.” - Obi-Wan Kenobi to Luke Skywalker, Return of the Jedi

In short story and novel writing a skilled writer “shows” the reader what is going on rather than tells them. It is considered clumsy writing to have a character outright state their feelings. Ex: “I feel so excited!” or “Rey felt excited” are clumsy whereas “Rey’s face lit up. ‘I didn’t know there was this much green in the whole galaxy!’” is skillful and effective because the style allows you as the reader to experience Rey’s excitement rather than forcing you to rely on the author’s narration. This holds water even down to using specific verbs rather than including adverbs to clarify verbs. Ex: “Rey looked at him angrily” is clumsy whereas “Rey glared” is preferred because “glared” implies she is angry without stating so.

In modern short story and novel writing when a section of a story is written from a character’s perspective, all of that character’s section within the writing should be written from that character’s point of view, without intrusion from a godlike narrator or another character.

Incorrect Ex: “Rey glared at Kylo. He could see her shaking but sensed her anger boiling. She was furious.”

Correct Ex: “Rey glared at Kylo. Though her heart hammered against her chest and her hands shook, a rising heat began to boil inside her.”

Even when I am writing in the third person, each paragraph should be designated for only one character. (Note: The preference is for each chapter or section within a chapter to be told from one character’s perspective, but this is sometimes altered depending on the pace of the novel. Short stories are most often told through only one character’s perspective throughout.) This builds trust with the reader that whatever he or she is reading from the character’s perspective really is what that character experiences.

The same rules apply during stage and film performance; the difference is rather than using words to “show”, a character’s perspective is literally shown. Thus when a shot is rendered from a character’s perspective, we the viewers can trust that what we see is what that character sees. None of the shots in Rey’s interrogation are from Kylo’s perspective. The shots are either from Rey’s perspective or a “narrator” (side view) perspective. (While a narrator perspective would not be appropriate insertion in a novel, in a film it is the only way we can see the protagonist’s reactions.) This tells the viewer the scene is through Rey’s eyes. This makes sense as Rey is the protagonist of our story, and thus the eyes through which we are to view most of what unfolds.

Kylo Ren unmasking for the first time for Rey is imperative for several reasons, but the reason I will focus on for this essay is that we see him unmask for the first time from her point of view. Kylo removes his mask and rises to his full height, a neutral look on his face. As he rises a hissing and rattling sound is heard. His shot at full height is arguably his most aesthetically pleasing and sexualized shot in the film (with his close-ups during his duel with Rey equally attractive or a close second). His angles are carefully tended to. His hair is perfectly coiffed. His makeup and hair style emphasize his attractive, sexual features (eyes and lips) and deemphasize his imperfect features (nose, ears). Contrast this with Kylo’s camera angles with Snoke in the very next scene. They are not particularly flattering, nor do they need to be to tell the intended story. Snoke is not attracted to Kylo (cue jokes) but there’s someone who is.

Let’s take each of the elements in turn. That the shot is from Rey’s perspective tells us this is what Rey sees. Kylo rises to his full height with a neutral look, appearing to hold himself confidently for several moments, as if awaiting something. What Rey sees is a surprisingly attractive young man whereas she (and the audience) likely expected him to look more like Snoke or post-burn Anakin, “creatures”. Whatever she was expecting, based on her reaction it was not a handsome young man.

We then see a close-up of Rey’s face, but from an angled side rather than Kylo’s perspective. She appears stunned, blinking several times, then her eyes rove over him from top to bottom and back. The director felt it was important to reiterate that Rey is stunned by what she sees, then give him what are colloquially known as “elevator eyes”. Just as he appraised her in the forest on Takodana, after the mask comes off Rey “checks him out”.

As he approaches she looks pointedly away. She then steals not one but two glances back at him. This again occurs from a narrator’s perspective, not Kylo’s. So we can trust that we are not seeing Rey through Kylo lenses (i.e. Kylo is not misinterpreting an attraction to himself, as some males tend to do) but through an unbiased third party. Why does she look away? She did not seem bothered when he was wearing the mask, but is pointedly uncomfortable after his surprise reveal. Nonetheless, she cannot seem to stop herself from stealing glances. Having trouble making eye contact and “checking them out” both constitute typical behavior for men and women when approached by an attractive member of their preferred sex. Ergo, an unbiased narrator has just told us that while Rey may find Kylo morally repellent, on a purely physical level she would not kick him out of bed for eating crackers.

It is highly important to note that these cues are subtle and implied to be subconscious on the part of the characters. These subtle cues are the result of hindbrain (sex drive) thinking, not front brain (rational) thinking. In other words, Kylo Ren is not overtly hitting on Rey. He did not kidnap her with the express intent of taking her to bed on Starkiller Base. And very likely neither of them are even aware they made eyes at each other beyond a brief thought of “Oh no, he/she is hot!” This is the level we are working at: Initial attraction that subconsciously affects Kylo’s actions in particular.

Cases in point:
Kylo tells the storm troopers to forget about the droid he has been hell bent on getting for the entire first half of the movie because Rey has seen the map. Think about this for a minute. What precisely was he going to do even if she willingly showed it to him? Draw it? This was not a decision made with any semblance of logical thinking. His motivation went from “get the map” to “bring the girl along”. He then bridal carries said girl through the forest all the way across the threshold of his ship with all of his troopers watching rather than order any of them to “put her on board” as he did with Poe.

Kylo has a Freudian slip in asking Rey to be his student on Starkiller Base. He has ample opportunity to push her off the edge of the cliff, but instead makes the awkward proposition, “You need a teacher! I can show you the ways of the Force.” First, he makes the proposition as though she would actually consider being his student when she has just declared him a monster. If we break down the meaning of the proposition, we find that offering to teach is a common romantic trope in stories and real life. Offering to teach skills, from an evolutionary standpoint, indicates suitability and usefulness as a mate. To the second sentence, Dark Side users do not have a history within Star Wars of making propositions in this manner. Historically, there is a mention of the Dark Side and its power or its necessity. “Ways of the Force” is meant to remind viewers of the common phrase “ways of the world”, which is often used as slang for sexual activities. Again, Kylo is not purposely hitting on Rey; this is a Freudian slip. This guy is not thinking with his brain.

In conclusion, although J.J. Abrams and Co. have successfully misled a bulk of the audience with the Rey Skywalker and Finn Likes Rey red herrings, they have given us the truth in the visual elements of the film. These are but a few instances in which perspective used during Rey and Kylo Ren’s interactions shows us the “sexual energy” Time Magazine picked up on. Enjoy viewing the rest of the movie “from a certain point of view”.

that’s why i run to you

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[for the finnrey friday theme “hurt/comfort”!]

Sometimes, after a long day, Finn and Rey will lie and face each other, playing with each other’s fingers, just looking at each other. Sometimes they don’t even talk. Just being together, in each others’ presence, knowing they’re not alone, is enough. They’ll lie like that for hours. Catching up on each other’s days, sharing their worries, just being still. It’s usually Rey who gets sleepy first. She’ll eventually close her eyes against the pillow and shuffle up to tuck her head under Finn’s chest, tangling their legs together. Finn always pulls up the covers with a mere flick of his hands and then wraps her in his arms. It’s always hard to remember what was so hard about the day when it ends like this.

Finn is exceptional at shoulder massages. Rey will come home from a particularly rough training or workout session, tension lining her body. And Finn will either sit or lie her down, hands working against her muscles right away. He kisses words of comfort in to her skin and hair and keeps rubbing at her muscles until she’s half asleep or finally relaxed.

Nightmares are a given, after all they’ve been through. They both get them. Sometimes, they’re dreams that are linked through the Force, so they see the same horrifying things playing out before them. They’ve gotten rather good at comforting each other, though. It usually consists of holding each other as close as possible, breathing each other in, stroking hair, touching skin. Words of comfort are whispered in to each other’s ears. “I’m here. I’m here.” “You’re here. Yeah. You’re here.” “We’re okay.”

When it’s not nightmares, it’s insomnia. Rey will often wake to find the bed beside her empty, and then walk out in to the cool night air with a blanket in her arms to find him sitting down on the little grass bank, looking up at the stars, his back to her. “Can’t sleep?” She will ask. He’ll turn to her and smile sadly; his expression a strange combination of sleepy and wide awake. “No.” “Mind if I sit?” “I never mind.” She’ll smile and wrap the blanket around his shoulders, sitting beside him, taking his hand. She leans her head on his shoulder, and he leans his head back in return. They’ll find shapes in the stars and the planets and give them their own names. Gaze up at D'Qar’s moons. Give each other quick kisses and snuggles. Until Finn feels himself flagging a bit, and then they’ll retire to bed. Even if he can’t sleep, he’ll know he’s not alone.

Sometimes, when Rey can’t stop crying, Finn has a moment of panic where he doesn’t know what to do. His instinct is to try and take whatever pain it is away. But the worst part is when he once again realises that this isn’t something that simple. He would fight a million battles to take any pain away from Rey. And Rey knows that. She knows he would. Which is why, when the tears won’t stop, when the pain is so bad she can barely see a way out, when it feels like it’s ripping and tearing at her very core; she reaches for him. If he’s not in the same room as her, she just has to reach through the Force, and he comes running. He’s the only person Rey feels comfortable being vulnerable like this around. He’s the only one who understands. The only one who won’t judge. The only one who won’t ask questions; who won’t expect anything of her. He holds her, tightly against him, wrapping her so well in his strong arms as if he hopes it’ll keep her safe from the darkness. He presses kisses to her hair. “It’s okay,” he whispers, “it’s okay, I’ve got you. I’ve got you.”

In every situation, in every moment of hurt or sadness or pain or loss, one thing remains steadfast. “I’ll always run to you,” Rey whispers to him one night as they lie awake. She’s still got tears on her face. Her hands still shake. Finn stills them with kisses. “I know,” he says, closing his beautiful eyes as he kisses her fingertips. “And I’ll always run to you.”

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hi! i'm so sorry about your blog!! tumblr is really shitty when it comes to their servers! i was wondering if you're still taking prompts, to write finnpoe switching bodies?

Poe is awoken by a loud pounding noise the next morning, and blindly stumbles out of bed, hooking the door open with his foot.

“Ah,” Poe says, his voice coming out much deeper than expected. He’s about an inch or two taller than he remembers himself being, and there’s no hair hanging over his forehead or down the back of his neck. Also, he’s staring at himself from across the landing.

“Ah,” says the Poe with his voice, eyes wide with shock. “Um, Poe?”

“Yeah,” Poe replies stupidly, in the voice that isn’t his. “I… what?”

“Yeah,” says the Poe, “I… I mean I woke up and it’s… it’s Finn.”

Poe looks down at his new, familiar hands, soft from gloves with long, blunt fingers, and says: “ah.”

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  • rey falling in love with plants and nature
  • poe pulling rank to get leia to let them have a few days off so he and finn can take rey to a forest planet (leia tells him he could have asked nicely and she would have said yes anyway)
  • when poe tells rey where they’re taking her she squeals and leia smiles all the way back in the command room
  • poe and finn watching as rey runs through fields of tall grass and flowers  and she’s laughing completely delighted
  • she puts flowers in her hair and their jackets and poe teaches them how to make flower crowns because you know he knows
  • they all return smelling a lot like they showered in flowers
  • poe inviting finn and rey into his quarters, and if finn and rey are unsure at first they quickly warm up to the idea
  • next time poe wants something he asks extra nicely
  • it’s a bed. he literally just wants a bigger bed in his quarters so they can all have space without falling off
  • he doesn’t mind having rey and finn tucked against him, but sometimes being touched is too much for rey or finn and he wants them to have their space when they need it
  • rey getting so excited when she finds the flower fields by the base she puts flowers in the bathtub
  • rey getting small potted plants from the graden and putting them by the bed, she even sings to them
  • rey putting aromatic plants and flowers in the drawers where they keep their clothes and poe getting confused the first time bc he can smell rey but he’s on another planet while she’s at base
  • imagine the first time poe takes rey to the kitchen and her whole face just lights up with every new thing he shows her, “what’s this? and this? oh this smells so go- what is that?” she gets a tray brimming with all she can and he just watches in amazement
  • and he’s so upset she has lived deprived of so many things but he feels honored to be the one to show them to her
  • when she’s done she’s groaning and super full and poe is just laughing a little but smiling and she’s like “why didn’t you stop me?” “because it looked like you were having the time of your life” and when finn wakes up they do it all over again
  • rey quickly notices what poe and finn’s fav foods and drinks are and when poe is up late going over schematics or fixing his x wing plates with warm meals or snacks or hot caf are always delivered with a kiss on the cheek

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Could I ask a scenario where Makoto, Rei and Sousuke receive a huge scarf from their partner then ask to wrap it around both of them? Keep up the good work!

(You most certainly may! This is so cute. And thank you, dear, I’ll do my best!)

Makoto: He’d been surprised when his partner suddenly called and asked if he could meet them, but they sounded so excited that he just couldn’t say no. He waved when he saw them waiting at the corner they’d agreed upon and smiled at the way they bounced a little on their toes to keep warm. Once he was closer, they thrust a box towards him. “What’s this?” He asked examining the bow on top. When they told him that it was a “just because” present, he laughed and thanked them with a warm hug before opening his gift. Inside was a very long, soft scarf in a lovely shade of green. They took the box from him so that he could try on the scarf, and he thanked them once again. It was very warm and he was about to ask where they found it when he noticed that they were still bouncing in place. “Here.” With one end already wrapped around himself, he wound the excess around his partner. “Better?” They nodded since part of the scarf was covering their mouth, and he laughed at how cute they were. Pulling them close and kissing the top of their head, he told them, “Thank you, it’s perfect.”

Rei: He was thinking about what a beautiful, if cold, day it was as he waited on a park bench for his partner, but he jumped when two hands reached from behind him to obscure his vision without smudging his glasses. Though he could do without being startled, he was always grateful that they were considerate enough not to touch his lenses while they played their little game. Without rounding the bench to take a seat, they told him to close his eyes for a surprise. If it had been anyone else, he would have been more wary, but with them, he readily closed his eyes and waited. Soon enough he felt soft material being wrapped around his neck and shoulders several times. He was just opening his eyes to inspect the unexpected gift when they sat down beside him. “Thank you,” he told them in a soft voice; receiving gifts had always made him feel a little awkward, but he really did like this one. He saw them beam happily at him with cheeks and nose turning red from the cold, and he thought of something that he’d seen other couples do. Hesitating at first, he unwound part of the scarf from around him and slowly wrapped it around his partner instead. Their smile brightened, if that was even possible, and they scooted closer to his side. Sitting in a comfortable silence with one another, Rei had to tug part of the scarf over his face to hide his blush.

Sousuke: He’d lost count of how many times he’d kicked himself for not dressing warmer. His partner had wanted a day-date of lunch and shopping, and while he had been happy to agree, the weather had turned out to be much colder than expected. Pulling his coat a little tighter around himself, he tried not to make it obvious just how cold he was. He didn’t want to make them worry, after all. When they stopped outside one store, he thought they were going to ask to go in, but his hopes for warming up fell when they said they were just going to step inside for a minute and that he could wait outside. He wondered if his male pride was worth freezing, but decided to suck it up in the end and wait outside. It was only a couple of minutes later that his partner left the store with a small bag only to immediately fish something out of it. When a new scarf was pushed into his hands, he realized that maybe he hadn’t been hiding his discomfort all that well after all. He thanked them while wrapping the scarf around himself and smiled, already feeling a bit warmer. But it was also then that he realized just how long the scarf was. “Here,” he said as he wrapped the other end around his partner. “It’s too long for one person, so we’ll share.” Once he was finished, he grinned at them teasingly before adding, “We’ll have to walk closer together though.” Draping one arm around their shoulders, he pulled them close and started walking down the street again, much more cozy and happy than before.

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What do you think the Iwatobi and Samezuka guys kinks are?

Right, this is going to sound weird, but bear with me for a second. I think Haruka would find your scent arousing, whether it’s the perfume you’re wearing or the scent of your wet folds. Maybe it’s your shampoo or you just naturally smell that good, but it’s not uncommon for him to wrap his arms around your waist and quietly sniff your neck with his eyes closed in bliss. This, and sex in the pool.

Keeping steady on the weirdness bandwagon (but hey you asked for kinks), one of my headcanons for Makoto is that he has a foot fetish. Mind you, despite how sweet and fluffy he looks, he’s the one who takes the lead in bed, but the sight of your loli feet and your bare legs man, he’s weak to them legs too gets him hot under the collar. Seriously, tease him with your pretty feet and he’s done for.

Someone please give this man a maid, because Rei is legit into cosplay and roleplaying. I am 100% sure that he will jizz in his pants if he ever sees his girlfriend/boyfriend in a short skirt and black stockings. Or in a nurse outfit— pick your poison. He’ll be too shy to bring it up though, so you’ll have to surprise him. And what a surprise that would be, finding you in nothing but a lab coat and a seductive look on your pouty lips.

I think Nagisa is one hell of a tease. He wouldn’t be into hardcore stuff per se, but I can totally see him into food play. Give him some whipped cream and he’ll sure know what to do with it— damn, even melted chocolate or strawberry jam will do, if he can lick it off your smooth skin, then it will taste much more sweeter.

Sigh. Where do I start? I believe Rin is the king of sensation play; you appeal to his sadistic side whenever you shiver under his touch. He’s going to blindfold you and pin you under him, leaving you defenseless and ready to be devoured. He’s going to slowly and painfully drag an ice cube down your navel. He’s going to tease your nipples with a feather. He’s going to blow on your ear when you least expect it just to fuck with you. That’s the kind of sex you can expect when Rin is in a good mood.

It’s kind of hard to tell with Sousuke, especially because he has immense self-control, but he would definitely like fucking you with your clothes on. He’s going to strip you out of your underwear and enjoy the sight of you panting and squirming under him in just your high school uniform. If you wear one of his shirts, he’ll get equally aroused.

Considering he keeps a stash of Porny Heaven hidden in his room, I think Aiichiro is quite the little pervert. He’s similar to Momo because he enjoys strong stimuli, but if the sea otter prefers to dominate, Ai prefers to submit. He likes it when you take control and abuse him in the most pleasurable of ways, he might also be into bukkake. You can tease him to death and he would totally enjoy it.

Momotaro is just an inexperienced baby who thinks he’s a smooth Casanova when he really isn’t. He’s probably spent countless nights dreaming about screwing you— your pretty face pressed against the mattress as he sloppily moves in and out. It wouldn’t be hard to rile him up, but show him complete submission and you’ll get him horny as fuck.

Seijuro, like his little brother, likes to be on top. It makes him feel loved and trusted, that’s why I think he’d be into pet play. He’d put a collar around your pretty neck and a pair of fluffy ears on your head, he’d order you to call him ‘master’ in a cute voice, then he’ll fuck you to kingdom come. Having his precious baby seal ‘nyah nyah~’ around would make him the happiest and luckiest man alive.

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Free! Cast: Heathens
  • *song starts*
  • Nagisa: *throws cup as he gets up* All my friends are heathens take it slow.
  • Rei: *throws current book into the air* Wait for them to ask you who you know.
  • Haru: *sits in a kiddie pool he had in his room* Don't make any sudden moves.
  • Makoto: *picks up a cat and sings into it* You don't know the half of the abuse.
  • *beat picks up*
  • Momo: *pops out of Haru's pile of dirty clothes* All my friends are heathens take it slow.
  • Nitori: *comes out of the closet* Wait for them to ask you who you know.
  • Rin: *climbs out from under Haru's bed where he was lurking* Don't make any sudden moves.
  • Sousuke: *also comes out of the closet* You don't know the half of the abuse.
  • Gou: *kicks the door down* Welcome to the room of people who have rooms of people that they loved one day.
  • Momo: *jumps behind Gou* Docked away.
  • Gou: Just because we check guns at the door don't mean our brains will change.
  • Nagisa: *also jumps behind Gou* From hand grenades.
  • Rei: You'll never know the psychopath sitting next to you. *looks at Nagisa*
  • Nitori: You'll never know the murderer sitting next to you. *looks at Rin*
  • Rin: *gets in pool and winks at Haru* You'll wonder how I got here sitting next to you.
  • Gou: But after all I've said please don't forget...
  • Gou: We don't deal with outsiders very well. They say new comers have a certain smell. Yeah trust issues not to mention. They say they can smell your intentions.
  • Haru: You'll never know the freak show sitting next to you. *eyes Rin who is still in the pool*
  • Rin: *flashes his teeth*
  • Makoto: You'll have some weird people sitting next to you. *side eyes Momo*
  • Momo: You'll wonder how I got here sitting next to you. *winks at Gou*
  • Gou: *rolls her eyes* But after all I've said, please don't forget...
  • Sousuke: WATCH IT.
  • *angry music interval*
  • Sousuke: WATCH IT.
  • *continued angry music interval*
  • Haru: All my friends are heathens take it slow.
  • Rin: Wait for them to ask you who you know.
  • Makoto: Please don't make any sudden moves.
  • Sousuke: You don't know the half of the abuse.
  • Nagisa: All my friends are heathens take it slow.
  • Rin: WATCH IT.
  • Momo: Wait for them to ask you who you know.
  • Rin: WATCH IT.
  • Rei: All my friends are heathens take it slow.
  • Rin: WATCH IT.
  • Nitori: Wait for them to ask you who you know.
  • Gou: Why'd you come you knew should've stayed. I warned you just to stay away. And now they're outside ready to bust. I think that you might be one of us.
  • All: *try to pose threateningly but fail, except for Sousuke*
  • Nagisa: Rei-chan?
  • Rei: Yes?
  • Nagisa: What exactly is a heathen again?
  • Rei: *sighs*

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Iwatobi and samezuka boys coming home and found their partner sleeping only wearing their swimming jackets? (their partner fallen asleep waiting for them)

Haru would grab a jacket of his s/o’s to use as a blanket, sit down on the couch, and drift off to sleep with a smile on his face.

Makoto would just smile and carry his s/o off to bed bridal style. He’d plant a kiss on their forehead too.

Nagisa would mumble on about how his s/o was just so cute in everything they did. He’d poke their cheeks until they woke up. Then he’d carry them off to bed and would want to start their “business” there if his s/o was up for it.

Rei would think about how beautiful his s/o looked at that moment. He’d smile and just try to wake his s/o up so they could rest on a bed.

Rin would try to wake his s/o up with kisses. If it worked or not, he’d still pick them up and take them to bed.

Sousuke would blush a little before grumbling about how they shouldn’t sleep in such a position or else, they’d get a sore body in the morning. He picked them up and them over his shoulder, and carry them off to the bedroom.

Aiichirou would chuckle and gently try to wake up his s/o so they could sleep in bed together.

It would take Momotarou a moment or two to get what happened to click together. But once it does, Momo would pounce on his s/o, planting kisses and telling them how sweet the action was.