taking pictures with him whilst he sleeps

20 Ways to annoy Kim Namjoon

1. Steal the book he’s reading. 

2. When he asks about the book, say you saw Taehyung eat it. 

3. When he looks at you weirdly, make a face. 

4. Say, ‘you don’t get it? It’s a concept. Aish Namjoon, I thought you were smarter than that’. 

5. Ask him if he cheated on his MENSA test. 

6. Blow into his open mouth whilst he’s sleeping. 

7. When he freaks out and wakes up, take a picture.

8. Post it on SNS. 

9. When he’s doing a shoot, imitate his facial expressions by gawning out your own lips. 

8. Chant “LOOK AT MA LIPS. MA LIPS. MY LUSCIOUS LIPPY LIPS” whilst he makes his signature poses. 

9. When he’s trying to ask the girl he likes out, play expensive girl in the background. 

10. After he gets over his mortification and shoots you a death glare, come up and say ‘hi, there, I’m Y/N- wing girl extrodinaire, and I can help you take it off now-” 

 11. Say you’re sorry for messing up his chance and you thought expensive girl would capture the mood perfectly. 

12. Call him up at 2am and don’t stop until he answers. Tell him you just called to let him know how blue hair doesn’t suit him. 

13. Tell him Jin dances better.

14. When he tells you he’s busy in his studio, use speakers to alert the whole building that Namjoon is busy in his studio. Yell “ATTENTION ATTENTION. NAMJOON IS CURRENTLY IN THE MIDST OF A BUSY session in his studio so please do not disturb him. WE SHALL EXPECT EXPENSIVE GIRL PT 2 SOON.”

15. Hide a stash of his porn under Jin’s pillow labelled “Can we try this?”.

16. Ask Jin if he got the gift Namjoon made you send him. 

17. Over dinner with Bang PD, ask why he left the studio computer tab open to “Manager kink scenario fanfic.” really casually. 

18. Cry in public faking that he broke your hand. 

19. Photobomb his #KimDaily shoots. 

20. Tell him he dances really well. Yell “SIIIIKE” after. 

AN: I had this idea whilst I was eating breakfast and started laughing to myself like the maniac I am. 

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Mornings With Seventeen (Mingyu)

• a morning with mingyu would be really precious actually ;-;
• probably a morning person bc he’s always happy~
• but he doesn’t get up for at least a few minutes
• likes tracing ‘i love you’ on your back while you’re sleeping
• plays with your hair too
• he’d sit up to see if you woke up but nah you’re still asleep
• will take pictures of you while you’re asleep whilst giggling to himself bc to him, you’re the cutest thing in the world when you’re sleeping
• let’s hope you don’t find those pictures lol
• you wake up just as he’s coming out of the bathroom, done with cleaning his face
• and that’s when the puppy mingyu comes out lol
• mingyu would grin and walks up to you with a bright “good morning” and ask if you slept okay and pulls you out of bed bc he’s hungry~
• as you wash up, he would make the bed, straightening out the bedsheets and fluffing the pillows
• you come out of the bathroom but quickly go to the kitchen as you heard the loud clanging of pots and pans being dropped
• “mingyu are you ok?” you say as you walk inside the kitchen
• and there he is, eyes wide as he stares at the mess before quickly dropping down to pick it all up
• “yeah! sorry! i was just trying to find the pan to make pancakes….” he says just as you see the said pan on top of the stove
• you giggle and go to help him
• “babe, the pan is up there” you point out with a smile
• to which he laughs with an embarassed “oh”
• so before anything, you make sure mingyu washes his hands bc he is the king of sneezing
• then you both start making pancakes and he wants chocolate chips in it
• and if u weren’t there i bet he would’ve poured ¼ of the bag in the mix
• and mingyu is kind of excited abt the pancakes and always looks over your shoulder to see if they’re ready yet and even if you send him off to make orange juice, he still peeks over
• and honestly who wouldnt choco chip pancakes smell A1
• and finally everything is ready and you both go to eat and mingyu does not wait another second to devour those pancakes
• “taste good?” you ask with an amused smile
• to which mingyu nods and gives you an enthusiastic thumbs-up
• after eating, he’d help you wash the dishes and wait for you while you get ready for the day
• this guy might drop a lot of things but really, he’s just a kid at heart who gets easily excited pls take care of this giant man-child and your mornings will always be precious :)

note: i hope this baby gets better soon :c and i think this was the longest morning post i did! hahaha. hope you like it! requests are open~ ♡ track tag is #mochiworks
- Mochi ♡