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Look at my fish, guys
Just look at him

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what is your header from? "I was looking for you too"? It sounds so familiar but I can't remember when it's said?

aka my death scene (at least till chapter 54 when all is revealed)

[ soooo after much careful consideration ( and a little persuasion ) i’ve decided to make my return here by sorta restarting this blog if you will?
basically starting over to what it originally was: an ask blog.
of course that doesn’t mean i won’t be roleplaying through here! BUT before i left i found myself dedicating a lot of time into my posts and basically making it my top priority - so i pretty much burnt myself out.

with that being said, however, i don’t mind doing short threads here and there / maybe continuing the old ones i never replied to before i left ( which i think are almost all smut threads, ~no surprise there~ and that is if said rp partners are still here of course ).

but uh, yeah, anons and such are welcome again! 🙏 ]


So I was tagged by @a-life-of-charm-and-grace for a mood board! And by @wearetakingthehobbitstogallifrey and @theamiableanachronism and a few other people for an aesthetic post! Here you go! My aesthetic/moodboard. Pictures of flowers and nature, Adam Driver holding a baby alligator, and Han Solo looking adoringly at Leia seem to be the order of the day. This feels accurate and pretty summative of me as a person, what do you think? :D

I tag: @the-girl-that-no-one-ever-knows @cleverdeception @positively-emerald @andrewgahfields @darkeststar310 @thelonelybrilliance @teaparty20 @staches-and-sabres @madamescarlette @chrisevansleftboob @theamiableanachronism @wearetakingthehobbitstogallifrey (if you want to do it again?) @nalavistahlia @castieltaking-hobbits2gallifrey @mixtapemasterjipc @portiascottgriffith (<3 you tagged me too once I’m pretty sure!) @uncertainconfidence and anyone else who wants to do this!

Marichat May Day 2: Purring

headcanon time because im trash

Not everyday is a good day. Adrien knows that. He also knows that his purring is useful to calm people (especially children during an akuma attack. Kids like the sound of it and that way he can do his job quickly).

So when Marinette has a bad day he tries to  do the same she does when he feels down: be there for her. And he use his purr to calm her a little. This purr is lower and longer than the ones he uses for kids, since he is not in a hurry and wants to express better what he feels.

Also forehead touches are a Marichat thingy, fite me.

I tried to tell Quincy that we were standing in front of natural treasure and that we should appreciate it. He continued to pose with this vaguely indifferent expression, effectively rendering all of my photos useless.