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Jon Snow’s army defeated the Boltons, thus retaking Winterfell in the Stark’s name. But you haven’t seen Jon since he left for the Night’s Watch. Will he remember what you said to him as he walked out of Winterfell’s gates? Will he feel the same way when he returned? (Words : 2344)

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The last time you saw Jon Snow, he had a frown on his face as he solemnly told you that he was leaving to Castle Black. You could remember your heart aching as his brown eyes held your gaze as he tried to explain why he was going away.

“This is your home, Jon, you just can’t leave like this. You’re needed here,” you begged, tears falling down your face. Jon gave you saddened look, trying desperately to make your understand. But he knew you would understand, you just didn’t want to. You had been one of his closest companions, next to Robb and other Stark children; there was something special about you. which made this all the more difficult for him.

“Y/N, this isn’t my home. I don’t belong here, I’m no Stark.” You shook your head, resting your hands on his shoulders. One hand traveled to his neck, causing him to look up and meet your eyes once more. You stared into his dark eyes, like you’ve done many times before.

There was something between you two, in the way you looked at each other. Your stolen moments were more than the mischievous ones shared between Jon and Arya. Your conversations with him held more heart than your jokes with Sansa. You confided in Jon with your secrets and problems more than Robb. There was an unspoken, untouched affection that lingered in too-long touches and heartfelt stares; but now those little moments would cease. The possibility of love would trail behind Jon as he traveled to the Night’s Watch.

“This isn’t your home?” Your hands held his face now, pulling him closer than ever before. “Jon, Winterfell is just four walls,” your voice was more calm now, “I’m your home.” You released a breath you didn’t know you were holding, but Jon seemed to stop breathing all together.

“Y/N, you’re,” he paused, not knowing what to say. You swallowed hard, letting your words rest between you with a heavy weight. “You are my home,” Jon finally said, “but I need to do this. For me. For the realm.” You smiled softly, feeling more tears swell in your eyes.

“And you say you’re not a Stark, always doing things for the greater good,” you let out a bittersweet, short laugh. Jon gave you a sorrowful smile before resting his forehead against yours. You closed your eyes, savoring the closeness you shared with Jon in that moment. Your last intimate moment together.

After a while, you pulled your head away from Jon’s. You locked eyes with him again and you were just, so close. His lips were just a tip-toe away. You could feel his breath against your skin and it was just so tempting to close that gap.

“Y/N,” Jon murmured lowly, his northern accent heavier than before. One of his hands cupped your face, his thumb tracing the space beneath your bottom lip. Jon leaned forward slightly, but you backed away. You curled your bottom lip in your mouth and shook your head.

“When you come back home Jon Snow,” you took a tentative step towards him, “when you come back to me.” You leaned over slightly, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. You pulled away fully, because if you didn’t, you’d probably wouldn’t be able to stop yourself. “When you come back home,” you repeated and Jon nodded. His hand went to yours, givning it a soft squeeze.

“I will miss you, Y/N,” he whispered, “I will miss you dearly.” Jon turned then, walking off to his room. You watched him go, knowing that in the morning there would be no time for a true goodbye like this. And you were right; Jon Snow left the next morning and you were forced to just wave goodbye, only remembering your true farewell from the night before.

All that followed after his departure came with the shadow of death and horror. The Stark name had been dragged through the dirt, with Ned’s beheading and Robb’s murder. It seemed there was no end in sight with all the killings. It sure didn’t stop when Winterfell had fallen into the control of House Bolton; more specifically, Ramsay Bolton.

 The clashing of weapons and the bloody screams of soldiers could be heard through the stone walls of Winterfell. You hid in a small room, trying to avoid the Boltons that were searching for servants to aid in the battle. You had no wish to fight against Sansa’s forces, especially after finding out that Jon was leading them. The beat of your heart accelerated when you thought of seeing him again, if he made it through the battle.

 You were concealed in the room, Jon’s old room that had become yours, until your heard a large banging that came from the courtyard. You carefully opened the door, peeking out from beyond the balcony at the giant that had burst through the door. You opened the door a little more and saw him. Jon, standing next to the giant as an arrow flew into it’s eye. You gasped, turning your head to have your eyes land on Ramsay. You swallowed hard as you look back at Jon.

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Heavy-duty makeup removal routine and aftercare.

Babes, I’m generally a pretty simple person when it comes to makeup. A soft Smokey eye, natural brows, some concealer, I even skip foundation 99% of the time (no I was not blessed with flawless skin, I struggled, I put effort and I got results people…). What can I say? The I-woke-up-flawless look is my jam…

Anyways as I said before that’s me 99% of the time. Here and there though come some times (Halloween for instance…) that I l tend to go a bit overboard with that face… yup, I end up wiping glitter off of the most interesting places (jk)

Here’s how I remove the most stubborn, baked to the gods, bedazzled, plastic-plastered, waterproof makeup:

Step 1: Remove everything you can. Lashes, beads, rhinestones… Pick them one by one out of your face.

Step 2: Take off the thick layer. I use makeup wipes to remove my base and michellar water for the eyes, lips and any other place with stubborn makeup. If you have glitter on use a pad drenched in michellar water, let the area soak and soften and gently remove it.

Step 3: Oil up. I use an oil or balm to thoroughly clean my face. My favorite is the darphin aromatic cleansing balm with rosewood but any oil will work (for acne prone skin use hemp or grapeseed oils). In circular motions work the product into your skin until everything starts melting off (be extra gentle with your eye area!).

Step 4: Cleanse. Use a soap-free, pH balanced face wash to remove any oil and makeup residue. During this step I like to incorporate my Clarisonic brush to help really deep clean my face. My face wash of choice is the 100% pure rosewater sensitive skin cleansing foam.

Step 5: Tone. Either spray on some mineral water of an herbal toner, nothing harsh though. The goal is to balance your ph level and sooth the skin. If you use a cotton ball/pad to apply your toner you shouldn’t notice any residue on the cotton, after the process your skin should be 100% clean. If you do find that it’s not, go back with a gentle makeup removing milk.

Step 6: Purify. This is completely optional but if you’ve been wearing all that makeup for a few hours (or much more…) you might want to use a nice clay mask to deep clean your pores. Glamglow supermud, lush dark angels and a simple bentonite clay, water and apple cider vinegar mix are amongst my top choices.

Step 7: nourish & hydrate. I’d skip any treatments and harsh products like chemical exfoliators, retinols, etc… instead I like to increase the moisture. I will pack on a hydrating mask, top it off with a face oil and seal everything in with my heaviest moisturizer.

!! Be extra gentle with your skin throughout the whole process! If your skin becomes irritate or develops some raw spots make sure you keep your hands away and let everything heal. !!

Redemption (Part 1)

A/N: Finally finally finally I am finished! I’m sorry for the delay. Between work and school hitting me like a truck, it’s been hard finding time to write. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive during this! Especially @thesmutofthemendes​ who has been there every time I’ve been ready to trash this piece lol. I am nervous about this one, but I hope you all like it! Apologies for any errors I edited this quickly. Feedback is definitely appreciated :)

The sound of her moans is what he recalls the most. Glorious mewls that send him over the edge. He swears he can still hear the desperate cries she let escape her mouth as she rode him that night. That crazy night. Begging him for more, that’s what really fucked him over. The memory of watching her body tremble as she reaches her orgasm, clenching around him. But the smell, the smell of her drenched cunt is what he likes to remember most. The sweetest thing he’s ever smelt—ever tasted.

The hazed club they stand in smells of weed and alcohol as it’s packed to the brim with millennials stumbling drunkenly around the room, but he doesn’t seem to take much notice. Only focusing on what’s in front of him, Shawn’s calloused fingers are on her waist as they stand near the illuminated exit sign, and all he can think about is her. He’s been fighting the past few days, trying to move on from what happened between them. It was supposed to only be a one-night deal, but letting go has been difficult for him. He needs her again, he’s become addicted almost. Mesmerized by the thought of her. Ever sense he watched her petite figure stumble down the hallway to his bedroom. Ever sense he slid the straps of her black dress off her shoulders and watched as it dropped to the floor. The next morning, watching her leave was the hardest. Acting as if the whole night was no big deal—a messy mistake even as she grabbed her shoes and left with a rushed “goodbye” leaving her red lips. As if hours before she wasn’t perched on his bed, her gorgeous legs spread just for him with her ass jutted out against him meeting his hips as he took her so beautifully from behind. Growling as she sent him into the most intense state of euphoria that he’s ever experienced.

He craves her. He craves her in every way imaginable. He craves her taste lingering in his mouth. He craves her warm breath on his neck as moans tumble from her lips. He craves watching her slowly take off each layer of her clothing right there in front of him. He craves her wanting eyes. He craves her nails sinking into his back. He craves to hear her scream his name as satisfaction runs through his veins. He craves her. 

He’s focusing on letting his hands run down her body, and she can feel herself through her panties as she squeezes her thighs together—she’s drenched.

She knows it’s wrong to want this, to want him. Their last encounter was a mistake. He caught her when she was at her weakest—alone and vulnerable. She was at the bar that night after breaking up with her cheating boyfriend of three years who left her for one of her friend. Normally, she wouldn’t have gone for someone with such an age difference, but Shawn was different and just happened to be at the right place at the right time. He was just a fling, a rebound, she kept telling herself. But the feeling of his hard cock pressed against the globe of her ass makes it hard for her to reason with herself.

He’s admiring the way she looks, a short, satin dress looking almost as if it’s some article of lingerie with a black sweater pulled over it. All nicely tied together with a pair of black pumps. She looks so fucking sexy. Taking her in. He wants her, just to feel her around him one last time before he calls it quits. He places a searing kiss on her cheek making her skin ignite. “Come with me,” he whispers against her skin. His eyes playing with her, hoping that she’ll give in. She shakes her head rejecting the idea as she turns to face him, fixing his collar, “you know that’s not smart, love. That night should have never happened.” She’s trying to be strong for herself. She drags her finger across his bottom lip. As if almost instinct, he opens his mouth and sucks harshly on her thumb. She raises her eyebrow as she pulls her finger away hearing his mouth elicit a ‘pop’ from the absence of her finger. Just a fling, dammit just a FLING she repeats in her head. Why does he have to be so cute? He’s very good looking and mature for his age.

The way he sucks her finger makes her remember all the ways that he was so good to her body. “Somebody has forgotten self control,” she purrs. He blushes. The sexual tension radiating between them.

His voice rasps with determination, “please, just one more night love. Let me show you, let me change your mind.” His touch sets fire to her skin as he lifts her chin up to make better eye contact. She shakes her head at him again as she tries to convince him once again that they can never work. He is so busy and always on the move due to tour. Surrounded by all these gorgeous, talented women who he can have whenever he pleases while she is average and tied here, devoted to her fashion merchandising job that she just got promoted in. Plus, she could never be with someone his age. It just wouldn’t work out. Why does he even want her? She’s genuinely curious. Anyway, the point is that it’s easier for them to be apart no matter how hard that may be for both of them to grasp.

Brown eyes are pleading at this point, “please, just stay the night. It’s all I ask. I just—fuck I just haven’t been able to forget you, doll. Your body has been on my mind since the moment you left through the door. Give me one more, just one more. If you still decide that this isn’t what you want, you can leave. Deal?”

She contemplates for a moment. She is alone, but this won’t end well. What if one of them gets too attached? Red flag. She knows leaving is her best option. But she rules against it for some reason. Every bone in her body is telling her no. Telling her that she is stupid for being here tonight. For coming to meet him. She feels like an idiot for what she decides to do next. She should have just stayed at home and watched old reruns of Friends but nope, here she fucking is about to give into him. Damn him.

His gaze catches hers, his eyes hopeful. She closes her eyes and lets out a strangled breath. Fine. “Lead the way,” she caves and grabs his hand. She swallows hard and follows behind him. Kicking herself for agreeing to leave with him.

He holds her hand tight as he pulls her behind him up the stairs to his condo. He can’t help but be in a hurry. The thought of touching her, tasting her—again makes his patience quickly ware thin. They finally make it to his place as he’s fiddling with the keys to quickly get the door open. Once they’re inside, she walks through the front hallway into the kitchen as she recalls the last time she was here. Remembering him kneeling down in front of her as he slid her panties down her legs, his hands shaky. She smiles to herself remembering how eager yet nervous he was. Being with an older woman such as herself made him anxious almost, but she found it endearing. Her thoughts are soon interrupted as she feels him come up from behind, his hot breath on her neck. He moves the hair to one side of her neck as she leans back into him, her ass pressing against his crotch causing him to groan into her skin. “I’ve missed the taste of you, baby,” kissing down her neck, “you’re so fucking sweet.” His words make her weak in the knees. She must have taught him a thing or two because he wasn’t nearly this vocal before. He pulls her tighter against him, placing his hands on her hips.

“How wet are you, darling?” he playfully ghosts his nose down the shell of her ear. His hands rest on her hips as his fingers slide up the curvature of her side. He feels her back arching as she’s desperately trying to relieve the ache in between her thighs. Fuck—her body will be the thing to kill him. Her sinful body that he worships mercilessly. He can’t keep his hands off her. The memories flood his head as he’s mouthing kisses on her jaw. He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her writhing on his cock. Remembering every detail as she came undone above him. Her brows wrinkling, her eyes fluttering, her body shaking. A strangled moan leaves her lips as she snaps her eyes shut.  The sweetest sound he’s ever heard. He kisses the back of her neck as he slips his leg between her thighs, slipping her cardigan off her shoulders and onto the dark, wooden floor. “Can you still feel me inside you?” She turns her head trying to catch his gaze as she manages to nod. Slowly, he brings his hand between her legs to sneak up the apex of her thigh, kneading the soft between them, just below where she needs him the most. She throws her head back as she keens. “Please, Shawn.” He’s smirking now because he knows he’s got her. She actually thought she could forget him that easily?

Without hesitating, he guides her towards the kitchen table. Once he has her in front of it, he grabs her waist, and bends her over it in a swift movement. She makes contact with the cool surface, face pressing against the glass as he stands behind her staring in awe at her body, keeping one hand on the small of her back, making sure she was staying down. After a second or two, her eyes widen at the feeling his fingers on the back of her thighs, and soon her dress is heaved up over her ass. She felt goosebumps gather on her arms, but she has no time to think about that seeing his hand come down on the globe of her ass moments later.

“Fuck!” she groans, his actions so unexpected causing her to let out a choked moan. He kneads the area he hit with his long fingers, and she heard her own breathing becoming louder and more uneven than before.

“What was that, baby?” he coos, obviously taking the opportunity to watch her enjoy herself. She rolls her eyes, and moments later she feels his hands in her hair, grabbing it and wrapping it around his fingers for a grip to pull slightly. She feels his clothed cock aching against her ass, and instantly her core is pulsating. He wants nothing more than to be inside of her, he needs to be inside of her. “Christ, you like that, don’t you doll?” He teases, and surprises her by sliding her panties down her toned legs. Her lips part as she gasps, looking back at him. But he just smirks at her. Pleased with himself. He couldn’t stop watching her, his cock twitching as he sees her slowly lose her control. “You look so good with your bare ass against me” he breathes dragging his hands down her delicate body, and after what feels like a lifetime later, he presses one finger against her slit, sliding it all the way from her entrance to her clit. Her body quakes by his warm touch, and she feels his cock pressing harder into her ass as he continues spreading the wetness around her soaked cunt.

“Oh god,” she groans almost inaudible, closing her eyes as he circles his finger around her clit, applying just enough pressure to make her whimper. Then his touch disappears, and she lets out a strangled sound causing him to allow a laugh to tumble from his lips. “What’s wrong, doll? Miss the feelings of my fingers fucking your pussy? Christ, I have been waiting to see you underneath me like this again.”

He runs his hand down her back, carefully digging his nails into her skin until he reaches her ass. His hand comes right back down her ass, a slap probably creating a soft, red handprint. She releases a high pitched moan, soft pain turning into pleasure in her body as he admires her below him.

“Are you going to be a good girl for me? Fuck—gonna let me show you why you need me?” He growls into her ear, giving her ass one more slap before kneading it softly. She snaps her eyes open while licking her lips. “Mhm,” she nods, trying to pushing her ass up further against him. He slaps it. “Use that witty mouth of yours,” he hisses, placing a burning kiss on her cheek.

“Yes baby yeah, please,” she coaxes, fluttering her eyelashes. He tilts his head back, admiring her state through hooded eyes. He wish he could capture this moment in a photo and save it forever. Her eyes wanting, chest heaving. It was almost shameful.

He then presses two fingers against her clit, and begins rubbing in circles. The feeling of him working wonders with his fingers makes her cry out in pleasure, being unprepared for his overwhelming response. She keens as he curls his finger inside her, careful grazing her g-spot just perfectly to draw out her sweet sounds. She’s burning with desire as she reaches back to grab his arm for support. A murmured breath of his name leaves her soft lips as she comes for him. She’s dripping down his fingers as his pace slows down. He brings his fingers to his mouth and licks them clean. God, she’s done for as she watches him taste her. He can’t resist, she’s becoming one of his favorite flavors. 

Her rapid breathing slowly calms as he leaves open mouth kisses the small of her back leaving soft bites. Captivated by her soft skin. 

He runs his hands up her stomach and cups her breast as he inches his mouth closer to her skin, sucking on her earlobe. Her legs go numb at his movements. She’s dripping and all she needs is for him to be inside her, filling her. She turns her head to make eye contact with him, and he knows she’s fucked. He can see it in her face, and he can smell it. “What is it darling? Not sure what to do? We could always stop? But that’s not what you want is it, doll? No. You miss me. The feeling of me inside you.”

She whimpers a soft moan of his name which he loves to hear. As he places one last kiss on her neck, he taps the side of her thigh signaling her to turn around, and she complies. He grabs her legs and tangles them around him. He grabs the hem of her dress, but she stops him causing him to furrow his eyebrows. She wants to do it for him, watch his reaction as she becomes naked right here before him. She slowly pulls the piece of fabric off her body and looks up at him as his eyes rake down her. He sucks in a breath. Her body mesmerized him. He pulls his shirt over his head and grabs onto the back of her thighs as he lifts her up to carry her down the hall to his room.

“Gonna make you remember, baby. Remember how I make you come so fuckin’ good for me,” he breathes into her hair as she kisses his collarbone, sucking dark bruises into his skin as he makes his way to the bedroom.

To be continued……

Burning Love - Part One

A broken heater results in a need for body heat.

I have lots of requests. But I seem to write things that fit none of them. Story of my life.

‘Spence, has your heating and hot water gone off too?’ You moaned into the phone.

‘Yeah, can’t believe this has happened in the middle of December. I will be surprised if I’m not already in the early stages of hypothermia.’ He replied, as you laughed.

‘Do you wanna come down here and keep me company?’ You asked.

‘Absolutely, we can freeze to death together.’ Spencer said, before hanging up, leaving you smiling as you clutched your phone.

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The Way You Looked at Me. [Chapter Four]

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Angst

College AU!

Word Count: 2.2k

[Teaser] [Chapter One] [Chapter Two] [Chapter Three] [Chapter Four] [Chapter Five]

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I kept my word and didn’t stop trying for him, it was hard because most of the time when I’d approach him he’d simply ignore me. Which is better than having rude comments thrown in my direction, but nonetheless; it was still hurtful. Whenever I was practicing in the living room, I’d ask him to dance with me and that was probably already more than ten times in the span of one week, but I always got the same ‘no’ as an answer. Today, I was feeling rather warm, like my body was a human heater so I was changed in comfy sports leggings with a sports bra and an open zipped hoodie for dance practice. Walking out of my room, I saw Hoseok lying there on the sofa again playing on his phone, clearly having nothing better to do so I walked over and tapped him on the shoulder, which caused his to sit up and frown at me again, and so I took a seat right beside him facing in his direction with one leg on the sofa.

“Are you really going to bail on the spot you earned on the dance team? This is a great opportunity for you and you’re just going to give it up because of her? You can’t really be giving it up for me otherwise you wouldn’t have auditioned in the first place. We need talent like you on the team and we’re picking dance duos for the next competition and I want you to be my partner. Come dance with me hmm? Please? Just be my dance partner, one last time?” I placed my hand on his thigh and smiled at him while batting my lashes, if it were the old time he would give in and call me cute for trying so hard, but it wasn’t the case for this time.

“Stop touching me, just because your batting your eyes at me it doesn’t make me easy so that you can get into my pants, I don’t go for sluts and seriously you’re going to dance why are you even dressed like that? It’s disgusting. You can see basically everything, things that men with the right mind wouldn’t want to see, but wait that’s how you like it right? You’re gross. I told you a million times already I don’t and will not dance with you ever again. Now please leave me the fuck alone.” He got up and left, slamming the front door behind him. His words made me feel like utter shit, and self conscious for the matter and tears began to fall down my face again. So I pulled a sicky that day and didn’t go to dance because I no longer had the energy and no longer wanted to walk out the door wearing what I had on. Maybe I should stop trying, maybe it’ll be better for the both of us if I stopped being annoying and pester him. If it’s what makes him happy then I should do just that.

Turns out I didn’t have to pull a sicky because after napping for a good three hours, I figured that I was heating up and a fever was rising. Before leaving the room to go grab food and some pills, I made sure to be dressed up in a way so that I wouldn’t be called a slut or be stared down by people with frowns on their faces, which meant layers upon layers and topped it off with a hoodie. Maybe that’s what happens, because of the way people dress they become the prey because it’s too revealing. I managed to grab what I needed and headed back into my living room from the kitchen down the hall. I sat on the ground by the sofa with my hood up, I leant against the couch not wanting to fall asleep; but my body felt weak and my head was spinning, I could feel my sweat dripping from my forehead because of my rising temperature, I should take layers off but I couldn’t and just like that. I passed out.

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We Are Young: Chapter 2

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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Standing in the middle of the school foyer, Dorian took a moment to stare up at the giant piece of fabric hanging from the ceiling.

The school colours stared back at him. LETS GO ROYALS jumped out, painted in red with a gold outline. Someone had even added red and gold sparkles, causing the banner to shine in the light of the school foyer.

The big game was in just a few days, and already the school was abuzz. Banners were being hung all over - in the hallways, classrooms, and especially around the front of the school - despite the fact that they would all have to come down for the game.

Dorian smirked as he walked by a banner that had been made just for him. “YOU HAVE A GOALIE, BUT WE HAVE A PRINCE!” Prince. A suitable nickname for the star goalie of the Royals. Everyone loved to say he was the best goalie they’d ever had, and if he was being honest with himself, he kind of was. That said, even he would admit the nickname was a bit much. Some girls came up with it his freshman year, and it stuck ever since.

“They sure love their hockey.”

Dorian looked to his left, pulling his lips back into a smile as Chaol stepped up next to him.

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Fours a Party

Pairing: CBX + Reader. 

A/U: Im not sorry bye bye

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“Ah! Guys you suck at this, take another layer off!” You squealed reaching for your beer and sitting back as the other three boys sat back to take their jeans off. You chuckled to yourself, it was a good thing you had played so much poker with your parents, it really came in handy.

The boys had begged you to play poker with them. None of the other members wanted to join and they wanted to include as many people as possible since its just more fun that way. But after a good few bottles of beer and Baekhyun suggesting the game get a little more interesting, you were so glad you stayed.

The three others were striped down into nothing but their boxers, you had been pretty successful so far only having to take off your shirt. You didn’t see it as a loss though, it wasn’t like the boys hadn’t seen you in a bathing suit. You chuckled and watched as they all took turns throwing their pants on the table and rolling their eyes, if they knew that you were so good at it they wouldn’t have suggested doing this in the first place. You were cocky and weren’t afraid to let them know, so after downing the rest of your bottle you looked around the table with a sly grin.

“One last round. Looser take everything off.” You said confidently. The boys all looked around and shrugged. They might as well accept their fate.

Cards were dealt and you didn’t even look, just lent back while the boys all put theirs together. You smile and waited, there was no way you were going to loose, especially by the look on Minseok’s face. But when his concentrated sigh turned into a light hearted chuckled your heart dropped. Looking at your cards you sighed, a High Card was going to get you no where. Still, you hoped for a chance. But as Minseok laid down a straight flush and Jongdae laid a full house you sighed and dipped your head in your hands.

“You have got to be kidding me.” You said as Minseok and Jongdae celebrated.

“Since I won and Jongdae was close behind were making you two take off your clothes, sorry!” Minseok laughed bouncing slighly and reaching for his pants to put them on again.

You looked over to Baekhyung and sighed, you should have never sad that. You should have never been so cocky. Still, a deal was a deal and as uncomfortable as it made you, you weren’t one to go back on your word. You accepted the freshly opened beer from Jongdae and downed it whole, watching him watch you with excited eyes. Baekhyun did the same and when the two you slammed the bottles down in unison you lent back and started to undo your pants.

Minseok laughed, scooting over to you to help peel your skinny jeans off of your body, and once they were off he tossed them to Jongdae who wrapped them around his neck. You looked at Minseok to see if he was actually serious about you taking the rest of your cloths off. You expected there to be a sense of pride coming from Minseok, him being the one to usually flirt and poke at you. But what you saw was far from what you had expected. What you saw was nervousness. Being you and now being drunk you chuckled and looked right at him, wrapping your arms behind your body and quickly undoing the clasp. You let the band that hugged your ribs snap forward and looked around all eyes were on you.

“A bets a bet right?” You asked raising a brow as you slipped the straps off your shoulders, covering your chest with your arms. You stood and turned away from them, chuckling to yourself as you tossed the bra backwards at one of them.

You could feel their eyes burning in your backside, you forgot for a minute you were wearing a thong. Still you took your thumbs and hooked them through the waist band and started to pull them down, but stopped and looked over your shoulder.

“Baek, you too. Don’t make me do this by myself.” You said, smiling slightly at your friends blushing faces.

“Ah, yeah right.” He said shuffling around.

Trying to make things funny again he started to hum the melody of a jazzy song as he came to stand by you. Hs eyes stuck to the ceiling and he hooked his fingers into his own waist band. The two of you jokingly wiggled your butt and pulled the rest of your clothing off and as you slightly turned to laugh at Baekhyun you gasped and covered his mouth as he was fully erect.

“What! Im standing next to a naked girl what do you expect!” He said trying to cover himself fully.

The two boys behind him started to laugh making you turn to look at them. You pouted and turned around to fully face them making their laughter stop. They looked you up and down for a moment and watched as you cocked your hip and folded your arms in a way to support your breasts, still looking very stern.

“I bet if you took your pants off you’d be the same.” You said, ignoring Baekhyun as he chuckled lightly behind you.

You watched as Minseok and Jongdae shifted uncomfortably and you weren’t the only one who noticed. Baekhyun came up behind you, mainly to hid himself from torment of the boys but so he could also make fun of his friends.

“Y/n, I don’t think they’ve ever seen a naked girl before.” He said, coughing slightly as the tip of his erect penis brushed against your backside.

“Really? Thats sad.” You pouted. Your pout turned into a laugh as Minseok stood up to defend himself.

“You and I both know thats not true.” He said pointing a finger. Baekhyun’s member pressed against you again as he laughed in agreement making you hiccup to fight the pleasure that came from the feeling of his skin against yours but as you did you just ended up rocking back into him again making you gasp this time.

“So your not turned on by me?” You said pouting slightly, now turned on by the thought of having three hard men around you.

“Well.. I mean I’m not hard if thats what your asking.” Minesok said shifting and looking at Jongdae.

“Im sure I could get you hard like that.” You said snapping your fingers and making Baekhyun chuckle behind you.

“No you couldn’t.” He said looking at you with a nervous smile and shifting again.

You took this as a challenge and started to walk forward till you were able to place your hands on his knees. You looked at him as he watched you bent over like that  and as you rose an eyebrow he just shook his head. You sighed and stood up again before placing a knee on the couch next to him and moving to straddle his lap. Your hands hooked around his neck and although you could feel just how hard he was under you, you still had to ask.

“How about now?” He shook his had and cleared his throat causing Baekhyun to chuckle behind you. “What if I do this?”

You rested yourself on his lap completely and snuck his hand under his shirt to trace your fingers up his stomach. But as he shook his head and tried to laugh confidently You decide to try one more thing to get him to confess to everyone that you had turned him on. Looking to your left you caught Jongdaes tongue grazing his bottom lip as he stared from your chest to where your bare core was resting against Minseoks crotch. You looked back to Minseok and rotated yourself till you were now facing Baekhyun again. Your hand reached to your side and pulled at Jongdae until he was kneeling in front of you. He gasped at your forwardness but graciously accepted you when you rolled your but back across Minseoks lap and brought Jongdae closer. You rolled your hips again as you allowed Jongdae to kiss you, the feeling of Minseok hard against you making you moan breathlessly into the kiss. You rolled your hips again as the kiss was pushed deeper and deeper until you were resting against Minseoks chest, Jongdae finding his way in-between your knees.

“Fine you win.” Mines growled, his hands now running down your sides and over your thighs, hooking tightly every once in a while to make sure you were still rotating yourself over you.

Your head tilted back as Jongdae moved to kiss once side of your neck while Minseok started to suck and tease the other side. Your eyes met Baekhyun who’s lip was stuck between his teeth and his eyes turned dark. You brought a finger up and motioned for him to approach you. Lips moving back to Jongdaes your hand found Baekhyuns chest and you slowly trailed your hands down his stomach until you were able to wrap your hands around his member. He groaned at your touch and his body twitched slightly as he braced himself against the wall behind the couch. Minseoks hands wandered down to your core and the feint feeling of his fingers brushing against your stretched lips made you moan and push yourself harder into his chest.

“She’s so wet.” He mumbled against your neck.

Your response was to roll, kiss and pump faster in hope that someone would touch you harder. Mines chuckled at this, his fingers pressing harder and harder to your core and he began to tease your opening with two fingers. You pulled away from the kiss suddenly as his fingers entered you and the pumping of your hand around Baekhyun became non existent. You gripped to MInseoks legs and watched as Jongdae left the area between your knees to start to strip. You smiled and breathed hard as Baekhyun replaced him, his goofy grin make your heart flutter before you took ahold of your chest. He brought his lips down to you and kissed you roughly before moving down your neck and to your chest.

Mineseok continued to push his fingers in and out of you quickly until you weren’t able to kiss Baekhyun anymore, all you could do was clench to his forearms and fight back the scream that was still pushing past your teeth. Baekhyun laughed again as he watched you squirm looking straight into your eyes. You started to moan louder and as you did Minseoks fingers slipped out and were replaced by Baekhyun. You gasped and held tightly to Minseoks thighs as Baekhyun pushed yours back. He hissed through his teeth and pressed his forehead into yours, the weight of his body pressing against yours making you moan louder. Minesok hooked his arm around your body to keep you from sliding off of him, and once he had you in a good spot his finger started to tease your clit. You  groaned loudly and let your back arched as the pleasure you were searching for grew in the pit of your stomach. Baehyuns hips moved faster causing your head to roll to the side.

“Ah shit.” Baekhyun moaned as your body tightened around him.

With Minseok in your ear he started talking, encouraging you to let yourself come undone, to let the feeling of the two boys you were sandwiched between take over your body. And you let them. With one hand hooking behind Baekhyuns neck and the other around Minseoks you let out one last long shaky moan as you orgasmed between them. Mineseok chuckled as he held onto your shaking your body and Baekhyun kissed you as he pulled himself out. You smile and covered your face,  your body relaxing. Mineseok hugged you and laughed bringing his lips down to your ear.

“Now who’s turned the other on.” He whispered making everyone chuckle.

You turned to look at Jongdae who had just entered the room and then tilted your head up to look at Minseok. Eyes moving back to the now naked Jotgdae you lifted your chin and began to whisper.

“I want you two now, please?”

“The two of us?” He said raising an eyebrow as you bit your lip and nodded.

“Please?” You rolled your hips into him.

He looked up at Jongdae who walked away for half a second before coming back in the room. He tossed something to Minseok and then moved to sit next to him, helping you by pulling you onto his lap. A soon as you left Minseok’s lap he stood to undress, laughing at the mess you had made on his pants. Your head met the nook of Jongdaes neck and you sighed as his hands rubbed up and down your back. You groaned in pleasure as the feeling of something cold was squeezed all over your back. Two sets of hands massaged your backside making you moan as they worked together to pull your cheeks apart and massage you till you were ready for for them. Jotgdae was the first to enter you, his cock pushing past your sensitive walls slowly and making all the muscles in your body tense up. He sunk you low, groaning at the feeling of you circling your hips around him.

He slouched more against the couch and started to pump his hips reaching deeper into you and making you clench at feeling of him hitting deeper than Baekhyun had before. You were already a moaning mess by the time he slowed himself and Minseok pulled and kneaded more at your behind. You buried your head in Jongdaes neck again as Minseok teased you with his tip. You rose yourself up Jongdae’s shaft and waited for Minseok as he teased you just a little while longer. When he finally began to push into you Jongdae chuckled as you gripped onto his shoulder tightly. You moaned gaspy moans as he stretched inside of you, the feeling of him mow pushing against Jotgdae through a thin layer of nerves sending your body on tire.

The moment you were fully stretched the two began to move. Jongdae moved quickly, looking straight into your eyes as you let out loud long moans while Minseok took ahold of your arms and pulled them together, pulling  your body back until your chest was pulled off of Jongdae’s. You moaned with your eyes closed letting the boys penetrating you take over your every senses. It went until they both pushed into you equally as hard did your eyes snap open and you see Baekhyun sitting on the back of the couch next to Jongdae’s head. With all your strength you pulled your arms out of Minseok’s grip and lent your body forward to take ahold of Baekhyuns member. He hissed at your touch and bit his lip as you brought your mouth down on him. He smiled, lacing his fingers through your hair and chuckled as you began to blow him.

TO make things easier for everyone Minseok pulled out, Jongdae rotated till he was fully laying down with his knees bent. He had already started pumping into you as MInseok repositioned himself in you, causing you to yelp in pleasure and brace yourself againt Baekhyuns thighs, now sat on the arm of the couch. You waited patiently for you to become adjusted but after you waited a few seconds too long he intertwined his fingers with you hair agains and pulled your head down. You graciously took him in your mouth and allowed the motion from the other two men to rock you back and fourth. You twirled your tongue and sucked hard, adding your hand once you were comfortable enough not to clench onto Jongdaes shoulders.

As your moans got louder so did Baekhyuns since the more you moaned the tighter the vacuum in your mouth became. His hands clenched in your hair and he pushed your head down, moaning at how well you tok him all the way down your throat. He was the first to cum and you swallowed most of him, not caring that some of his release made its way out of the corner of your mouth and down your chin. It was almost like it caused a chain of reactions. Mineseok, who had been quite for most of this finally let out a loud groan, finally releasing all the noises he wanted to make during. He pulled out a little too quickly causing your body to lurch, and your head to shoot back into the crook of Jongdae’s neck as Minseok came all over your back.

Jongdae’s pace quickened, his hands finding your ass and spanking you once causing you to moan loud. Your body clenched around him and your breath became staggered as he rode you into pleasure.

“Wait for me, Hold on.” He breather now pumping faster. You cried trying to hold on to your orgasm, your moans now coming out almost painfully as you held on with everything you had.

Seeing you like that send Jongdae over the edge. He let out a forceful ‘cum with me’ and in the second the two of you unraveled. His pumps went from being hard to sloppy in a matter of seconds and his arms not caring where Minseok relieved himself grabbed tightly to your waist. You let out a scream and your fingers dug into his arms, your body now loosing all of your strength. You had orgasmed so hard you didnt even realize Jongdae had pulled out of you, that you were now wrapped tightly in his arms as Minseok cleaned you off with a damp towel and Baekhyun pulled your hair back.

You laid there with them, butt naked and wrapped in each of their arms one way or another, the tv now playing softy around you. You closed your eyes and chuckled Minseok pulling you more into his chest as you all laid there, you couldn’t believe you had just done that. You couldn’t believe you just had sex with three of your closest friends at one time. But as you thought about it, and thought about how you now felt you would defiantly be sneaking back over for more.

Preference "How they react to you giving them a lap dance" (NSFW)

(Wooooo 😏 our favs being fanboys and fangirls XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d be lost in a trance and wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off of you. As he’d get a hard on, he’d take a good look of every part of you, only to whistle, turn you around as he wants and grin as he suddenly grips your hips to make you grind against him even harder.

Daryl-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d be flustered and wouldn’t be too sure of what he should be doing but knew he liked the view. However, slowly he’d go from stealing glances at you to being unable to keep his eyes off of you and would just love the fact that you kept bringing his hands to you.

Rick-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d smirk, finding it amusing and wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you. He’d love to just feel your body in such movements and definitely find himself getting hard rather quick, making him stop you mid-dance as he turns you towards the bed.

Merle-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d get into it and just compliment you on every part of you. He’d just love that you were giving him a show and wouldn’t stop himself from touching you all over, even going as far as to help you undress before making you feel his hard on for you.

Glenn-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d find you more adorable than anything, only to gradually get turned on by you. He’d find himself smiling to you a lot, only to tease you while at it before suddenly grabbing you to him and turn you to the bed as you’d both giggle.

The Governor-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d be in disbelief and would just playfully hate that you were playing around with him. He’d lustfully beg you to stop as he stares at you, only for you to notice his own hand creeping up his thigh a few times before doing the same over his crotch.

Abraham-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d put up a front of trying to resist you, wanting you to work hard for him. He’d want you to give it your all and just cross his arms, looking and smirking at you, before grabbing you closer as he had enough of you playing around like that.

Eugene-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d tense and would try to distract himself and you with odd facts about the act. He’d get hard but wouldn’t want to admit it, trying to avoid your gaze, only to not be able to as he’d feel your ass pressed up against him even more, making him lose his train of thought.

Jesus-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d be playfully confused and would just chuckle to see you. He’d grow to think you were being adorable and would just keep reminding you of how cute you looked, only to wait for you to sit on his lap and be able to hold you tightly to him.

Dwight-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d just seem to feel better about himself and wouldn’t be able to deny that he loved looking at you working it and feel you rub yourself against him. He’d love it even more as you’d tell him that he wasn’t allowed to touch you, making him hold it in until he just has to grab you.

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Dysphoria is not a social construct

“gender dysphoria is caused by living in a society that harms trans people and projects it’s own negative image onto us.”

Gender dysphoria has NOTHING to do with society. This is coming from somebody who is pre-T and passes as male. I’m stealth. I go to the men’s room. I get treated the same way as any other guy my age would. This makes my life a little easier only because people’s words don’t remind me of my body out in public. But despite all of this, I still feel sick when I look in the mirror. I hardly shower because it’s painful for me to take off my layers of clothing. I don’t know much about female genitalia because I’ve only seen my own twice or so and was left with a mental breakdown and in tears.

Why do you think people bind, tuck, pack, go on hormones and get surgeries? There’s a difference between self-consciousness and dysphoria.

Can you see now why it’s so hurtful to trans people to say that dysphoria is caused by society? No matter how I’m treated, it makes no difference when I go home at night. I’ve felt uncomfortable in my body since I started puberty and didn’t have a clue that I was a guy. Ask almost any other pre (or even post) op/hormonal trans person and they will tell you the same thing experienced a little differently. Even when people don’t have strong dysphoria, and even when people don’t pass, they transition because it’s what they need to do. Not what other people tell them to do, out loud or not.

Dance with Me? : Carl Grimes x Reader

Originally posted by deathbytwd

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

“Dude, this house is awesome!” You shout. Alexandria was a place you just started to call home and you and Carl were exploring some houses.

“It is pretty cool,” Carl admits, walking through the place.

You run upstairs and throw open some doors. One door leads to a beautiful bedroom that obviously belonged to a teenage girl. You run your hand across one of the wooden dressers, taking off a layer of dust as you do so. On top of the dresser is an old turntable with a record sitting on it. You take the record off the player and read the label. It’s an original version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley. You put it back down and drop the needle down after turning it on.

“Hey, (Y/N), are you alright?” Carl says from the other side of the door. It slowly creaks open and he sees you slow dancing around the small room with an invisible partner. He just laughs at you and shakes his head. “Dance with me?”

He holds out his hand as an offer to dance and when you take it, he tugs you closer before placing his hand on your hips. You lightly wrap your arms around his neck, quietly singing along. You two sway side to side as the music keeps playing. You can see Carl starting to get closer and closer to you until your foreheads touch. Closing your eyes and taking a deep breath, you mentally prepare yourself for what could potentially happen. 

Carl had practically rescued you a couple years before, finding you alone in the forest and bringing you back to his camp. Ever since then, the both of you had been really close but neither of you had ever acted upon any feelings. 

You know exactly what Carl is attempting to do and as soon as you feel him move closer, the record starts to skip, the both of you hearing the same line over and over.

“Killed the mood,” you chuckle, looking Carl in the eye. He closes his eye and leans in, kissing you tenderly. You kiss back hungrily before pulling away and putting your foreheads together again. You take a deep breath and smile widely.

“Took you long enough,” you say with a smirk.

“Hey, I’m pretty sure it was a two person thing,” Carl retorts, grinning.

Good Morning

Fandom: Twilight

Word Count: 1060

Characters: Jacob x reader

Warnings: Slight sexual innuendos

Summary: An early morning alarm sets in motion a playful morning causing you to call in sick from work to spend more time with the adoring Jacob

 You flung your arm towards your night stand as the annoying chime of your alarm shattered your sweet sleep. As you rolled back over, you heard a distinct growl and a ‘humph’ from Jacob. You couldn’t hide your giggle, this only encouraged his pouting.

 "Y/N it is so early. Be quiet!“

“It isn’t that early, don’t be a baby”

“It is early if you got it in only a few hours ago after another late night patrol.”

“Awh, you poor pup. We are all so sorry for your suffering. Please excuse us mere folk that have to go into work today.”

 Then that was it, you had little to no time to react to being pulled on top of him. All of a sudden, you were laying on his broad chest and could feel his strong arms wrap around the small of your back tightly. He childishly said “No work for you today!” You fought his iron hold only half heartedly, knowing full well you couldn’t fight his impossible strength. After you were through trying to break free, you settled into the warmth of his body, particularly thankful for it on this cold Washington morning.

 You laid there enjoying the resting pitter patter of his heart, and sighed deeply. “Jake, I wanted to go for a run with Penny before work. That is why I am up so early. She’s been so restless since I have been so busy at the hospital. Poor puppy just wants some attention.”

 "I can take her later. Plus, I can think of a much better morning cardio session,“ he slyly added.

 Suddenly you feel his hands slide down your back into a much more PG 13 position. You giggled immediately, you always were a bit shy. Even though you were engaged to him, you still couldn’t talk about “it” without blushing violently. So you wiggled and squirmed, trying to break free of his hold, only to fail to even move an inch.

 None of it came from a place of not wanting him, it was all in fun. Of course you wanted him. Every time he even looked at you, you could feel a pleasant shiver shoot through your body. Your heart skipped a beat with every time he grabbed your hand, or put his hand on the small of your back as you crossed the street, or anytime he brushed a piece of your wild hair out of your face. You loved him, you adored him, and you could not deny he was a beautiful man. Many times you found yourself questioning your worthiness for his love. It was so pure and loyal, you never even imagined such a romance for yourself. Many times, on mornings just like this, you found yourself beyond thankful for that fateful day when your paths crossed.

 You pulled yourself up to be eye to eye. "Good morning pretty girl. Did you sleep ok?” he said. Even with harsh morning breath, this phrase melted you into him.

 "Much better once you joined me. The bed is too big without you.“

 He moved his hands up your body and landed a warm palm on your face, stroking your cheek with his thumb. ” I miss you more than you can know when we are apart. The world is too big without you next to me.“ He pulled you closer and your lips met with a static that jumpstarted your heart. As his tongue separated your lips, you felt your stomach do a small flip. As your mouth parted you let out a distinct moan and sigh, you could feel Jake smile and silently chuckle at you as you expired your desire and satisfaction.

 Immediately you knew you couldn’t let him win like that. You plotted revenge quickly in your head and went to work. You pulled his arms from your back and gently pinned them over his head. Pulling your lips from his, you started by kissing his forehead, moving to his cheeks, his lips again quickly, and then down his jaw line. You paused at a spot on his neck right above his shoulders. You could feel the goose bumps rise on his skin as you hungrily kissed this spot. You continue down his chest and towards his chiseled stomach. As you moved further south, you could feel his breathing quicken and his body tighten with anticipation and excitement. Your plan was working.

 You released his arms and took your legs from under his to straddle him around his knees. You could see him take shallow breaths, and knew this was the moment to strike. You quickly leaped from the bed and sprinted towards one of the spare bedrooms of your cottage. Slamming yourself silently into the closet, you shut the door and propped yourself against it.

 You heard a very loud "THAT WAS SO MEAN Y/N. I AM TOTALLY GOING TO GET YOU NOW.” You tried with all your might to conceal your giggle fit as you heard him crash around the house looking for you. With a brilliant stroke of genius, you bounced up and starting grabbing all your misfit clothes gone to die in the spare closet and threw them on as fast as you could.

 By the time he found you, you had put on 8 t-shirts, 4 hoodies, 1 giant puffy jacket, and 1 peacoat. You had managed to find 3 pairs of pants and a pair of ski pants to put on as well. You waddled out of the closet and said “Come and take it, baby” in your least sexy voice possible. Both of you burst into an uncontrollable laughter. You were laughing so hard, you couldn’t see through all your tears.

 When you finally laughed it out, Jake helped you take off all the layers. You were sweating from all the layers and commotion.  Jake took a look at the literal hot mess before him and said “Hit the showers hot stuff. I think it is very obvious that you are sick today, clearly you are running a fever and have the sweats. I will call the hospital and let them know you won’t be coming in. I have much more exciting things planned for us today pretty girl.” As you blushed at his hint, he smiled his brilliant smile and pulled your phone from the night stand and started dialing. You gave him a quick peck and bounced towards the bathroom, very certain that nothing at work would be as good as the morning you were having.

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on april fool's a few years ago, some girl managed to wear about 10 or so pairs of pants/shorts. she wore flip flops, too, so when she wanted to she could kick off her shoes, take off a layer, and throw them at someone.

Crush//Chibs Telford

Info: Opie’s younger sister comes into Charming to reconnect with roots and get away from city life but a son catches her eye.

Warnings: swearing, smut

Originally posted by samcro-redwoodoriginals

y/n was Opie’s younger sister by a year, making her thirty years old. After she turned eighteen, she hit the road, seeking city life. Charming was a small town, everybody knows everybody, same stores everyday, nothing changed. Big city, the big city has thousands of people, ever changing stores and landscapes, that’s what eighteen year old y/n craved and got. But after a while, it was tiring and maybe sleepy ol’ Charming was what she needed. Reconnect with Opie, her nieces and nephews, even the sons. Opie had kept her up to date, joining the club, its members and everything else, they were close. Sure the members may have changed, but Jax had to still be there, at least she’d know him alongside her brother.

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