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hi its elaine and just letting everyone know that im going to be on a hiatus until the end of the week and into next tuesday or something
i really just want to focus a little more on school and i have some important things coming up that i have to divert all of my attention to :(
ill probably be on a semi-hiatus until my spring break, which is the very beginning on april!
thats when ill have time to finish requests!! and if you really think about it i’ll be gone for less than a week before im partially on but just something you should know in case you were wondering why i’ll have disappeared 

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You know, it takes you forever to reply to messages and DMs. It's really annoying and you owe your followers faster responses.

Okay, so first off, no one owes their followers anything. It’s social media, don’t take it so seriously. I don’t owe anyone any explanations. At the end of the day, I truly appreciate everyone who follows me on my social medias but don’t forget that 99% of the people who follow me don’t know me. They don’t know about my life or what I have going on. That goes for everyone too. I don’t know 99% of the people I follow and they owe me nothing. 

Also, the reason it might take me a few days to reply to messages is because I don’t spend my whole day on social media. I’m out living my life in the real world. I’ve got books to read, friends to be with, family to hang out with, pets to take care of, and most importantly, I’m doing things I want to do. So let me live my life and don’t ever nag me about not spending every second I have on the internet.

One of my biggest pet peeve when reading fanfictions in the YOI fandom is when young Yuuri or young Victor are already using social media like Facebook or taking selfie despite the facts these things didn’t yet exist (or not massively like now) in the early 2000.

Hey guys, as you may have been able to tell by my emotional breakdown posts from earlier that I mostly deleted, I’m kinda stressed out right now so I’ve decided to at least take a break from social media so that I can focus more on school and sports and really just my health in general. I have a few posts queued so you guys will still get some new stuff but it won’t be as frequent; there will only be like one post a day. I should be back in three or four days with your regularly scheduled bs 💕✌🏼️

My mums reaction when I told her I was bi (I had a bf at the time): okay that’s fine but how do you know

My mums reaction when I had my first gf: screaming at me almost every day, constantly angry

My mums reaction when she found my Tumblr and saw I’m a lesbian: literally screamed at me for 3 hours while I was crying begging her to stop, telling me I’m not a lesbian because I’ve had a boyfriend and she would know if I was a lesbian because she gave birth to me, yelling “why can’t you just be bisexual”, telling me lesbians will fuck with my head, that they’re disgusting, telling me once she kissed a girl so she couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just like guys because they’re the same, threatened to make me delete all my social media, threatened to not take me to see the Dresden dolls the next week, told me I wasn’t normal, etc etc

  • What I want: Viktor's serenity, Yuuri's work ethic, Yurio's drive, Otabek's tenacity, JJ's confidence, Cristophe's freedom, Phichit's outgoing nature
  • What I have: Viktor's lack of direction, Yuuri's anxiety, Yurio's frustration, Otabek's difficulty with friendships, JJ's overload of expectations for himself, Cristophe's flightiness, Phichit's addiction to social media
Black people

I cannot stress how important it is that you take a break from social media for a bit and do something else, put on a funny movie or anything that will lift your spirits. This shit is rough and we can’t allow the stress of being black in America destroy us.
Take a break.
I’m gonna smoke and watch Life, I suggest y'all do the same.

I’m so jealous that like Katie McGrath and Natalie Dormer are best friends. Like?? That’s too much for my big fat gay heart to handle?? They just pal around, talk about that one time with Hozier, while being fucking cryptids, avoiding using social media but probably taking a million pictures together.. meanwhile I’m over here obsessing over their fictional characters and how their wlw subtext acting is on point.

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The scene in Ep.01 between Yuri and Victor did not happen after the banquet

Meaning, the scene where Victor asks if Yuri wants a photo. I don’t think it happens after the banquet, here’s why:

This is the very start of the episode, even before Yuri is shown crying in the bathroom over his loss, and we see that the image states this is the Sochi GPF. So this building here is where the competition is taking place.

We then see Yuri and his coach reading social media, then him crying and Yurio yelling at him, then it changes to Yuri leaving with his coach. We’re still in the same GPF building because Yuri is even wearing a name tag, and we see another shot of the outside of it when he leaves after the scene with Victor:

Oh, and if this was after the GPF and d after the banquet…it would make little sense for Victor to still be nagging Yurio over mistakes:

So yeah, this happens as soon as the GPF is done, as everyone is leaving.

Could the banquet have happened before the competition?


But this doesn’t mean the banquet doesn’t give this part new importance

It’s very likely that this scene was vital for Yuri’s drunk coaching request. He saw Victor acting like a coach to another Yuri…only to turn and ask if Yuri wanted a photo, showing that he had no inkling of what was going on with him. In the back of his mind, Yuri might have wished Victor knew more about him, that he’d coach him and the other Yuri.

Okay I know there’s been a lot of headcanons about this already—some good hc’s, some bad hc’s, ngl—but hear me out because I sincerely think I’ve cracked the code here.

So some say that either a) Lance took the picture or b) Lance is the small child in the picture.

Personally, I’m not totally fond of the idea of Lance taking the picture. Usually that role would fall on the paternal figure or something. You’d probably argue that he wanted to take the picture of them before he left for the Garrison, but what would be the point in that? Assuming this takes place in the future, certainly they’d have social media where he can see pictures of them every day.

So let’s go with the “Lance is the small child” theory. So what makes this certain picture of the family so important that it’s in his mind, even though he is only a small child in it? Certainly more recent photos would hold more meaning, right? What makes this picture so special?

Now, remember, Lance is canonically an immigrant; Jeremy Shada has stated that he has a line in a future season where he says he’s from Cuba, not just being Cuban.

Now, being an immigrant, you may have your parents and siblings with you—you may even have other family members with you too—but you have family members in your home country as well. That’s not a stretch to think, and that’s pretty obvious.

We also know that, obviously, Lance speaks fluent English flawlessly. So if he immigrated, it had to have been when he was a small child, and he learned English here. (Or he had awesome teachers in Cuba, that works too, but not for this hc lmfao)

Guys. I think I know what the meaning behind that picture is.

This could be the picture taken of his family before he and his parents/sibling(s)/etc. immigrated to the states.


Teen Wolf AU: Where Lydia is awarded the Fields Medal and lands on the cover of TIME, where they do a piece on her accomplishments and personal life.

Social Media Responds to Trump's Claim That Female Staff Should ‘Dress Like Women’
In response to a report that President Donald Trump likes his female employees to “dress like women,” the Internet is responding in kind by showing the politician just what women actually do wear to work.

Taking to social media, users shared that Trump’s perception of workwear — the dresses-and-skirts only policy that female Trump employees told veteran political reporter Mike Allen that they felt pressured to wear while working for Trump on the campaign trail — is far from the reality.

The collective social media clapback has reached a fever pitch with the hashtag #DressLikeAWoman to provide some visual aids to the new president as to what this term really means to so many women.

[Also trending: #DressLikeAWomen]