taking icon requests


  • 250 icons from different fandoms
  • no credit necessary, please don’t claim as your own
  • like or reblog if saving/using! 
  • currently taking requests for icon pack part II (request here, if you want to request an icon that isn’t on the ‘download’ list, please submit screencaps!)
  • look under the cut for a list of who is in this pack

You can find all the icons here (under ‘new’)

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Icon set requests

Hey guys! I’ll be taking icon set requests for characters from Cheritz games. These include:

  • Dandelion - Wishes brought to you -
  • Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~
  • Mystic Messenger

If I’ve already made icons for a certain character, then I will link you to the ones I’ve already made. So far, I’ve done icons for: Jisoo, Jiwoo and Jieun. Feel free to request a character! Just send me an ask or reply to this post :^) I will mention you when I post the icons!

optimisticbumblebee  asked:

When you find the time, could you put together a few Geoff icons? There's no hard feelings of you can't :)

yes I totally can! I’m not sure when they’ll be done, but I can definitely make them!! :)

alienroxy  asked:

omg if ur still taking icon requests, would u do a roxy w a cat? <3 id love it 4ever

this one ended up kinda winter themed, sorry about that. cats make excellent scarves though.