taking care of your needs


We gave up and she was checking out the camera. I went up behind her and grabbed her.
”Looks like it’s still alive. Hana you really need to take care of your things.”
I kissed her shoulder and chuckled.
”I do. Call it tough love.”
Hm, I don’t think inanimate objects know the meaning of ‘tough love’.”

We could hear the TV reporter mumbling in the background. We hardly ever turned it on, but when it was, it was on the news channel.
Nia liked to keep up with current events. Me? I couldn’t care less. I already knew her routine, she’d pick up a newspaper on the way to work, one during lunch and one on her way home. We’d have stacks of them because she liked to cross-reference or look back on things. I constantly told her to use the internet like a normal person but she had a fondness for newspapers.

The radio was also playing the background. “ ‘Cause no one breaks my heart like you  If I survive I’ll dive back in   ………Dive back into Right back into Dive right back into you “ 

I laughed into her shirt. She HATED when I left so many things playing at once, sometimes I did it on purpose. 
She set the camera down on the counter. 

She came back and grabbed me. I giggled as she spun me around. 
Oh, what’s this dance for?” I asked between laughs. 
“Well you leave your damn music on constantly, might as well take advantage,” she brought me in close, “Besides I like this song.” 
I chuckled. “You like my music. Doesn’t matter what.”
“Not true Hana.” 
She pulled me in close again and we were swaying gently to our own beat. She held my hand at her shoulder and her other hand was tenderly resting at my waist.
I already knew where we were headed, and I was fine with it, because when she barely touched my body like that, I wanted her just as badly

Yuuri following Viktor around while taping and narrating like a nature show
  • Yuuri: *getting off plane in Russia, taping himself and Viktor* You guys, I realized most of you have never seen a Viktor Nikiforov in it's natural habitat, so I'm gonna start a series as I experience it.
  • Viktor: *laughing* Are you kidding me?
  • Yuuri: *dead serious* Nikiforov's apparently find things less believable when they're in Russia. *tapes Viktor laughing* and has a laugh just as beautiful.
  • Viktor: *turns bright red as he laughs and walks away from phone *
  • .
  • Yuuri: *Taping Viktor who is fussing over Yuuri's bruised feet* It seems a Viktor Nikiforov in it's homeland is far more fussy than in Japan.
  • Viktor: *looks up with a serious look* A Viktor Nikiforov doesn't care where we are, you need to take care of your beautiful feet.
  • Yuuri: *wiggling his toes* Ooooo, a Viktor Nikiforov in Russia has a /foot fetish/
  • Viktor: *shoves camera away laughing*
  • .
  • Yuuri: *taping Viktor trying to whip the smoke away from a triggered fire alarm* I'm here with a Viktor Nikiforov, this particular one has forgotten how to live in it's own territory.
  • Viktor: *looks at him, before whipping the phone* I have not! *goes back to it*
  • Yuuri: it's really quite sad to see one so far out of it's depth.
  • Viktor: *in a whine* Yuuri, come help!
  • Yuuri: *walks over to table, drags a chair underneath the alarm*
  • *gets on chair, turns off the alarm with a simple press of the button* *pans to an embarassed but smiling Viktor*
  • Viktor: You can't be serious.
  • Yuuri: *amused* Deadly
  • .
  • Yuuri: *obviously hiding behind the couch while Viktor and Yuri set up the Xbox one* This is an incredible scene, a Viktor Nikiforov and a Yuri Plisetsky struggle with their own gaming system.
  • Yuri and Viktor: *different variations of* Shut up, we've got it!
  • Yuuri: *dive rolls behind chair* it seems both have become aggressive in their confusion upon spotting me.
  • Viktor: *laughing*
  • Yuri: what the fuck is happening?
  • Yuuri: The Plisetsky is asking questions that I don't have answers for.
  • Viktor: Yes you do, don't lie!
  • Yuuri: *aggressively points camera at Viktor*/No I don't!/
  • Yuri: Why are you talking about us like you're in the wild?
  • Yuuri: I mean, isn't being around Russians akin to being in the wild?
  • Viktor: *lies on his back on the floor while he laughs*
  • Yuri: is this a thing? Like for fans?
  • Yuuri: No, they're for me, I like rewatching them.
  • Yuri:
  • Yuuri: *straight facing it like a champ*
  • Viktor: *crying*
  • Yuri: Are you okay?
  • Yuuri: *giggles in a moment of weakness* It seems the Plisetsky and Nikiforov have abandoned their task.
  • Viktor: *screams in his fit of laughter*
  • *video ends*
—  It is perfectly okay for you to walk away from a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable and it is perfectly okay to take a break and have as much time as you need to recollect yourself and your thoughts. Taking care of yourself and your anxiety whenever needed is okay because you do not need any sort of validation from others when you are in a struggling state of panic because it is okay to not be okay. Nobody knows you better than yourself, and you’re the only one who knows your breaking points. So don’t let anybody boss you around and say “just get through it” Because there’s going to be arrogant people in this world who just don’t get it, who don’t get the hardships of anxiety and how it cripples people’s lives. Your illness deserves to be taken seriously and you have every right to do what’s best for you and your mental health. Anxiety is known as the silent illness, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence. Just breathe and take a step back. You’ll be okay, because having anxiety is perfectly okay.
I know it's easy to get distracted on tumblr so:

• Make sure to stop and eat if you’re hungry.
• Grab a drink if you’re thirsty
• When is the last time you went to the bathroom?
• Have you gotten up and stretched in the past 2 hours?
• Are you procrastinating? I promise tumblr will still be here later, but other things are time sensitive.
• Just remember to take a break and care for your needs.
Have a great day!! :)

How to be an Awesome Partner

1. Don’t just take your partner for granted

2. Show affection, and express your love

3. Say what you appreciate about your partner

4. Be thoughtful; make that extra effort

5. Be careful with your words

6. Apologize

7. Don’t bear grudges

8. Take care of your own emotional needs

9. Try to understand your partner’s point of view

10. Believe in them, and want the best for them.

1. Let go of anyone that doesn’t make you feel happy and cut the ties, no matter how good of a friend that person was. If they no longer make you feel good, if they no longer make an effort to stay in contact, make sure to distance yourself. Maybe things will relax in time, maybe they won’t. But don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t care.
2. Don’t try to run from pain. Don’t shut it out. Face it, cry, scream, throw a pillow at the wall - do whatever makes you feel better, then try to find closure and start over. You can’t outrun pain, it will catch up to you sooner or later.
3. Take care of yourself. You are important. Don’t neglect your own needs because you’re so focused on putting the people you love first.
4. Accept your flaws, your scars and the mistakes you made. Embrace them. They make you who you are.
5. Tell people how you feel about them. I have a hard time taking my own advice, but I know what it’s like to regret not opening up to someone only to be confronted with the situation that you no longer can. There is so much to gain, nothing to lose.
6. Don’t be scared to dream. If there is something you want to do with your life, don’t let someone else’s opinion stop you.
7. Be patient. If I have learned anything this year, it’s that everything moves at its own pace, whether it’s the amount of time your heart needs to heal or the weeks or months or years you need to move on. Small steps, always.
8. Forgive others - and forgive yourself. Forgiving doesn’t equal forgetting, it doesn’t mean that you should accept destructive and abusive behaviour from someone else (or yourself, for that matter). Forgiving sets your soul free. You’ll feel lighter and better.
9. Read more. Books are magical. There is no easier way to escape your own thoughts for a couple of hours than reading.
10. Make time for people you love. Distance means nothing if you keep them close to you in your heart. Talk to them, text them, ask them how they are and what they’ve been up to and also: listen to them. It’s so important to listen.
—  10 things to keep in mind for 2017

• School is important, but it’s ok if you don’t get an A in every class.
• School is important, but you need to also take care of your mental health.
• School is important and you should attend, but you don’t need to force yourself if you’re really sick. (Especially contagious)
• Regardless of what your school says: college is not for everyone. Please know you can still be successful without a college degree. You need to do what’s best for: You, Your health, and Your finances.

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Can you give us Arthur with a bad sunburn and Francis having to take care of him but Arthur is basically like, "I don't need your help, I'm independent," but majorly regrets it afterwards

What I want or what I would change in season 2b/season 3
  • Clary would stop and listen to others because they are the ones who knows more
  • Fair share of screentime for the different pairings.
  • Malec having their intimate scenes without interruptions
  • Luke being a better alpha to his pack and take decisions that are better for then than just for Clary
  • Alec having more fighting scenes
  • More Magnus’ background history
  • For Simon to stop being so clingy with Clary
  • More downworlders screentime
  • Garrobane
  • Malec power battle couple
  • Magnus doing High Warlock bussiness
  • No more censorship for Malec
  • More Izzy without the drug addiction
  • Jace needs a break
Ideal partners for the Venus signs

Aries: someone who makes your heart beat faster, who teases you, who makes your blood rush, who makes you chase them, who makes you feel alive, who makes you grin

Taurus: someone who makes you feel at ease, who makes you feel at home, who gives your life structure and meaning, who gives you a reason to wake up each day, who makes you feel stable and whole

Gemini: someone who you can talk for hours with about anything and everything without getting bored, who you’re completely open with, who you can be weird with, who is funny, intelligent, and witty

Cancer: someone who is kind and tender, who takes care of you no matter what, who always has your needs on their mind, who is romantic and loving, who always makes sure you’re doing alright

Leo: someone who shows you off, who is really proud to be part of your life, who showers you with compliments, who always goes on about you to their friends, who talks about you like you hung up the stars

Virgo: someone who knows how to please you, who knows your pet peeves, who matches your standards, who you can find no fault in no matter how hard you try, someone who makes you feel safe 

Libra: someone who is cheesy and quirky, who is always telling you how much they love you, who romanticizes you, who treats your relationship like a larger than life affair that they can’t live without

Scorpio: someone who isn’t careless with your heart, who cherishes the vast amount of love that you can give, who doesn’t make you second-guess yourself, who takes their time to memorize every inch of your body, every part of your soul, who you can trust completely

Sagittarius: someone who doesn’t cage you, who lets your wild heart run free, who gives you your space and lets you breathe, who fills your days with yellow joy and promises of adventure, who never makes you feel bored and is unpredictable 

Capricorn: someone who always seems to be in control, who always knows exactly what to do, who inspires you, who has a planned out future and a sharp mind, who is good at meeting the goals they set, who you can picture yourself growing old with

Aquarius: someone who shows just the right amount interest to keep you hooked, who you can never quite figure out, who is different from the rest of the crowd, who’s individuality piques your interest and keeps them on your mind

Pisces: someone who’s really flirty, who can’t seem to keep their hands off you, who makes you feel like you’re in one of your fantasies, who thinks of you everytime they read a poem, look at a painting or listen to a love song, who’s ethereal and gentle

Potential By Polarity

In the context of astrology, the term “Masculine” refers to a sign whose energy is naturally projected outwards. “Feminine” means a sign’s energy is naturally tuned to receiving and turned inwards.

“Masculine” (+) signs express their energy positively when projecting it outwards, onto the world and other people. “Feminine” (-) signs express their energy positively when turning their focus inward.

Aries (+) : you are at your best when leading/initiating projects with others instead of just going off and doing things on your own

Taurus (-) : you are at your best when you work on being self-possessed, instead of trying to possess things and people outside of yourself

Gemini (+) : you are at your best when you communicate clearly and directly with others, instead of hoarding/manipulating information for yourself to meet your own ends

Cancer (-) : you are at your best when you nurture your own insecurities and take care of your own emotional needs, instead of expecting others to nurture you or taking care of others’ needs in hopes of creating dependency

Leo (+) : you are at your best when you shine the spotlight on other talented people and make everyone around you feel special, instead of trying to get attention and recognition for yourself (note- if you make someone feel special, you automatically become special/beautiful in their eyes; you get love by being generous with your own love, so this is a good way to go about it, and leos are all about getting love; just be genuine)

Virgo (-) : you are at your best when you are self-critical and strive to improve your own perceived flaws, instead of pointing out others’ shortcomings

Libra (+) : you are at your best when you bring/match other people together, instead of trying to attract them to yourself to meet your need for attention, admiration, and partnership

Scorpio (-) : you are at your best when you practice self-control and deal with conflict quietly, instead of trying to control others and bringing hidden issues out into the open (it’s best to let people figure out and resolve their problems on their own, as hard as that might be to watch)

Sagittarius (+) : you are at your best when you escape and find freedom in the external world, with other people, instead of by withdrawing into yourself or using drugs/alcohol/addiction as a means of escape

Capricorn (-) : you are at your best when you isolate yourself to get work done and depend on yourself, instead of trying to isolate others and getting them to depend on you to assuage your fear of abandonment (each sign carries traits of the preceding sign; sags actually have the mother of all abandonment issues, and it is passed on to capricorns; the difference is in how these two signs deal with it- sags avoid dependence of any kind, while caps try to force it from others)

Aquarius (+) : you are at your best when you use your image/status to help others and improve the world at large, instead of using external things/people to improve your own reputation

Pisces (-) : you are at your best when you keep your internal fantasies separate from external reality, instead of projecting them onto other people/the world at large, creating delusions

you know, even tho all the raphael/izzy scenes made me really uncomfortable i could somehow deal w it only if ! they would consciously show us how unhealthy is this relationship, or have a good reason to show us like be a part of a bigger picture. but im so utterly disgusted that the producers think that any of those scene were even a tiny bit romantic. no. there is nothing nice about how izzy dragged raphael into this whole mess, how he manipulated him, there is nothing lovely about how much they got deep into this addiction that manipulated both of their minds with feelings that are not real….. i could throw up just thinking about how much they romantize this relationship, isabelle lightwood and raphael santiago deserved better