taking care of rock shirt


“Woah hey… watch it kid, gonna kill someone.” The looming man chuckled as he watched the barrel of your shotgun reluctantly lower.


“I’m not a kid and you shouldn’t be here.” Your eyes narrowed when he chuckled again, glancing behind you into the room that he knew concealed the remains of the ghost he was hunting.

“You hunting on your own?” He asked quickly.

“You’re… a hunter?” You asked, shining your flash light over him and mentally kicking yourself when you saw him wearing the typical cheap plaid and jeans, well-worn working boots and his own gun tucked into his belt loop.


“All my life, newbie huh?” He grinned when you looked down at yourself and flushed when you realised you were wearing a ghost busters’ t-shirt, faded skinny jeans and converse.

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