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maybe 2d's s/o catching him with other girls in a club and being really pissed off? I love love love LOVE your blog and I also love love love LOVE angst, so I wanna combine the two!!!!

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Jk this was actually rly fun to write

You slam the door furiously, and 2D flinches, stumbling after you as you storm up the hall, shedding your shoes and coat and sweatshirt as you go. Streams of teary mascara run down your cheeks, and you wipe at them angrily as you pass the mirror.

2D dithers in the corridor, unsure of what to do. He looks guiltier than a caught robber, and he watches you through his fringe as you stomp about as if he doesn’t exist.

“(Y/n)…?” he ventures slowly, his voice shaking slightly. You snap around to face him and he jumps, backing against the door.

“Stuart,” you say coldly, “I am trying very hard right now not to slap you across the face again, so I would appreciate it if you held your tongue for a few fucking minutes while I contain myself,”

He nods, his already red cheeks flushing a little more.

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Phil loves his girlfriend so much that after not seeing her for a few weeks while he was on holiday with his family and his bff, the first thing he does when he gets back is taking her to the cinema, where you can't even talk because you've got to pay attention to the movie. #goals

god i wish that were me

I feel like I'm getting away with something

her mouth could cut sunlight, her lips could put the sun to shame- they are close enough to burn. they are blinding & i watch her from a distance. my gaze peeks out from between my fingers, out from my lashes, out from the corners of awareness. / she laughs and the sound of it pours down my spine- it is gold and glittering, worth hoarding in the boltholes of my thoughts. / i take sips of her like whiskey, like something forbidden and wanted. i am still reconciling the tremor in my hands with the knowledge that I am allowed to touch. i am still reconciling desire and bravery: kissing in the back of the cinema. holding her hand. taking her home.

Night shift (Deadpool x Reader)

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can you pls. make a Deadpool x reader? fluffy and a slight smutty?

  • Words:  1.165
  • Pairing: Deadpool x Reader
  • Warnings: Pure fluff and slight smut as requested!
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name.

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You were doing the dishes at the bar that night; you needed the money and Weasel (the owner) thought he needed a feminine touch at the work place. You became really good friends and you got to see a lot of people that actually liked you a lot. The mercenaries that usually went to drink usually walked you to your place when the shift was over; they never tried anything with you, they just wanted to take care of you. It was a nice sentiment and you appreciated it very much.
There was this one guy that was always there; he had something on his face, it was full of scars, but yet it was a very nice face to look at. He was friends with Weasel and always had free drinks.
You untied your black apron from behind your back and left it hanging behind the door and walked to the other side of the bar; Weasel’s friend was there and you stood in front of him and asked for his order.
“What can I get you? Weasel’s kinda busy at the moment” You smiled.
“I’ll wait for him” He husked “If you don’t mind”
“I don’t” You shrugged “But he said he wouldn’t be here in a while. HEY!” You yelled at the men fighting. You took the bat from under the table and quickly walked to the place of conflict, batting your way around and hopefully trying to leave the conflictive ones unconscious and alive “WE DON’T FIGHT OUR FRIENDS IN HERE, RIGHT?” You asked, and they all stopped whatever they were doing and looked at you like little children that had been caught doing something wrong “If I ever see you fucking shit up in here I’m gonna beat your asses because, trust me, I can” You calmly threatened; they all nodded in agreement and helped one another to stand up. The bar was calmed again.
You walked back to your position and to your surprise, Weasel’s friend was still there and it seemed like he waited for you. You placed the bat back to its place and dramatically sighed, proud for your accomplishment.
“You’re very good at this” He said, very impressed apparently “I’ve never seen a girl controlling these gorillas so perfectly. You know what? I think I’m not gonna wait for Weas” He smiled “So… can I have a tequila?”
“Coming right at ya’” You winked and searched for a clean glass in which to pour the drink; you placed it in front of him and smiled “Tequila; plain and killing tequila” You announced.
“Thank you” He smiled “May I know your name, I’ve seen you here for at least a year but we haven’t spoken, right?”
“I’m (Y/N) and you, mister?”
“I’m Wade” He held out his hand and you shook it “Very nice to meet you” His hand was as scarred as his face and it had a weird soft feeling.
The night went calmly as usual; people started leaving completely wasted, Wade and you stayed talking the whole night until Weasel came back again. He and Wade greeted and talked while you cleaned a few empty tables and got everything just a little bit tidier.
“Want me to help you?” Wade said, helping you to place the chairs on the table “You look kinda tired”
“It’s been a long night, Wade” You said, stretching yourself and yawning. He smiled at the sight of you doing such simple gesture.
“Hey, you two!” Weasel scolded “You are not allowed to flirt; not here, not in front of me and not between you too. (Y/N), you’re too nice for him”
“Oh come Weas!” You complained “I think I’m a grown up and that I can do whatever I please, right?”
“Of course you are” He replied, moping the floor behind the bar “But he’s a dickhead and I won’t make myself responsible for any heartbreak” He shrugged.
“You gave me the night shift boss, it will be your responsibility” You reminded the man with glasses.
“Yeah man” Wade said, walking to the table next to him and repeating the process of placing the chairs on the table “besides, sweet (Y/N) doesn’t seem very interested in me, am I right?”
“Take me on a date and then we’ll see if I’m interested or not” You shrugged and bit your lip.
But Weasel never really needed to take any responsibility for any heartbreak because there wasn’t any. You and Wade started seeing the other from that night, it was not a serious thing just a few kisses and teenage make outs in alleys, cinemas or your places. He was really digging his place in your heart and you started to feel something real for him but you never really knew if he felt something about you although all signs indicated yes.
After 4 months of just fooling around and he confessing he was this new anti-hero Deadpool, the thought of him, loving you was just settled in your mind and no one could take it away from you.
One night after you came back from the cinema because going to XXX cinemas was your thing, it just got you into the perfect mood for some make out sessions that never became anything else. You were not ready and he just wanted to wait for you. But that night both of you were ready.
“This is the first time someone ever sees me…” Wade hesitated “And if you want to go away because you think I’m disgusting just do it” He reminded you.
“Hey, Wade” You sighed, cupping his face in your hands “Don’t say that, I’d never leave you… You’re Deadpool for fucks sake” You giggled “What can be better than that?”
“You’re adorable, and amazing babe” He leaned to tenderly kiss your lips as you wrapped your arms around his neck “You’re just great”
His hands searched the end of your t-shirt and slowly roamed up from under the fabric, having a full touchy sight of your warm skin that got even warmed now that he touched you. He pulled you closer and his sweet lips parted ways from yours, tracing a path all the way down to your neck and pushing you to the nearest wall making you sigh and whine when you hit your head.
“You ok?” He asked, barely separating his lips from your skin. You nodded and threw your head back again, more carefully this time, allowing Wade more access “God, I love you so much…” He sighed absentmindedly “You’re perfect…” His strong hands helped you jump up and wrap your legs over his waist; giving you some sweet friction against his growing bulge.
“Wade…” You whimpered, suddenly realizing what he said “Do you…?”
“Yes baby” He replied staring into your eyes “I love you”
You leaned forward to kiss his lips once more and soon all his worries about you seeing Wade’s true self disappeared as you tenderly made love for the first time.

Dan Howell Imagine #5 - Meeting Phil

Trigger Warning: None

Paring: Dan and y/n

Genre: fluff little angsty

You and Dan have been dating for just over two months and hereally wanted you to meet his flatmate Phil. To be honest yourshitting yourself. He agreed to pick you up and seven and you would go to the cinema then come back for a take-away. You decided on just wearing what yo usual wear including some black skinny jeans, a sonic t-shirt, black hoodie and some high-tops. Running around the apartment trying to do your foundation was very hard when in a rush. You put on some eyeliner and tied your shoes laces before rushing down twenty flights of stairs to meet Dan outside becuase your flats lift was broken. He stood in the cold wrapping his arms around his waist to keep him warm in the freeing October air. You ran up to him and gave him a tight hug, apologising for being late. Dan then walked you to the tube and you got the train to his block. Dan told you more about Phil, saying that his lied bands and sonic too. Which you then showed your shirt and Dan laughed at the coincidence. You both walked for to minuets before arriving at their home. You’ve been round Dan’s Place many times before but he always made sure Phil was out so that you could have alone time. Dan talks about Phil a lot saying that he was very funny and nerdy like Dan also incredibly dorky if not more than Dan.  You got in the lift and rode sixteen floors before arriving at the door. “Dan what if he doesn’t like me?” You asked worried and slightly shaking. 

“He will I promise, If I like you he will. And I love you.” you nodded up at him and he kissed your cheek before he unlocked the front door. You followed him into the Living room where who you guested was Phil sitting on the sofa playing mario kart. He had black hair and was wearing a blue shirt he looked up when he heard you guys walking in and you couldn’t believe your eyes. It was Phil Lester, Your brother! Dan looked at you smiled but then noticed your pale face. 

"I-I think I’m going to faint.” you said. Dan guided you into the kitchen and placed you carefully on a stool then ran to the sin to get you a glass of water.

“What’s wrong? What happened? as soon as you saw him your face went white." 

"Has Phil got any siblings?” you asked.

“No why are you asking?” he answered confused. You ignored his question and carried on.

“How long have you known him?” You said sipping on your water.

“You know this, five years I think.” You sighed standing up and pacing the kitchen. Why din’t he ever tell Dan about you? even you told him about your brother. All you said was he was 28 now and that he left your family to go to uni nearly 10 years ago. But that’s because you didn’t know anything else. But Phil knew you existed.“Why all the questions you’re panicking me.” he said rubbing your shoulder. You looked up at Dan and told him. “Really? Are you sure?”

“I now what my brother looks like.” I said laughing at Dan. He told me to stay where I was and he left the kitchen, probably going to find Phil. “I swore to myself I would have nothing to do with him” I mumbled. Dan came back with Phil but I kept my head down. 

“Look y/n I’m sorry-” he started but I interrupted him. 

“Don’t, I promised myself I wouldn’t have anything to do with you.” I got off the stool and tried walking out but Dan stopped me.

“Listen to him.” He whispered in my ear. I looked at him sternly but turned around. 

“It will be fine, we can forget this ever happened. You can get on with your life Dan can get on with his septate life-”

“Wait. You’re trying to split me and Dan up!” I shouted at him.

“Well yeah now he knows were related you guys can’t be together.” I death-glared at him. 

“I’ve known Dan for three months and he still means more to me than you ever will!” Dan slid his hand in yours and you walked back to your flat.“

*****5 Months Later*****

As you and Dan become more serious you gave it another go with Phil. Dan took you both to the cinema and Phil was a laugh. You finally became friends with Phil but even though he is your brother, Dan comes first. He always has.

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With Hollywood’s newest incarnation of Batman imminent, we decided to go back to one of the most definitive Batman takes in cinema history: Michael Keaton & Tim Burton’s Batman. Sins definitely exist.

Taking Back the Cinema

Lately I’ve been hearing many horror stories from people who have had really awful experiences while at the movies. Everything from having to endure entire conversations from surrounding moviegoers while a film is still in progress, to seeing cellphones disrupting screenings. Others even talk about being in theaters with moviegoers who heckle the screen. For those of us who go to the theater to find solace, to sit in a dark room with strangers in what we hope will be a few hours of undisturbed peace, such behavior from fellow moviegoers is the highest form of sacrilege.

There used to be an unspoken agreement between everyone at a theater that once the lights dim and the credit start to roll, we should all respect each other’s moviegoing experience by making as little disturbance as possible. It’s not asking much. It’s just that we’d rather lose ourselves in the world of Narnia or Middle-Earth than in your phone call about picking up your dry cleaning. We’d rather be angry that Lando Calrissian betrayed Han Solo instead of the fact that someone keeps hitting the backs of our seats with their feet. We’d rather watch Bruce Wayne turn into The Dark Knight than listening to someone recite a play-by-play account of the film they’ve seen twelve times yet have permitted none to enjoy even once. We’d rather be mesmerized by the performances that are on the movie screen before us than by the blinding light streaming from your iPad, which by the way, no one in their right mind should be bringing into the movie theater.

The cinema has turned into such a hostile environment for moviegoers that it’s no wonder that sometimes, against our personal preference, we decide to sit at home instead and settle for video on demand, or wait for a movie to be released on DVD. To borrow a phrase from Regal Cinemas’ slogan, movies shouldn’t be reduced to a 40-inch LED TV, and yet sometimes we may be forced to settle for that. Speaking of movie theater chains, these are also culpable for the decay of film culture, because some seem to care so little for the enjoyment of their patrons. Cinemas that claim to have zero tolerance policies when it comes to cellphone usage sadly, and more often than not, shirk this responsibility. Not enough seems to be done about ensuring that obnoxiously loud attendees are instantly removed from the theater for disrupting films. Odd, considering that the very existence of such theaters is dependent on the moviegoing audience. When the experience of going to the cinema has become so devoid of peace, enjoyment and last but not least, quiet, what would be the point of going? It would be in the interest of such theater chains to be more vigilant about enforcing no-cellphone and noise policies, because who wouldn’t want to make their target market happy?

At the end of the day, however, the issue stems more from a growing disrespect of cinema as a space than corporate incompetence. Blame can be placed on many factors. Some may point to the ADD culture fostered by a barrage of information, dependency on technology and seemingly constant need for social media interaction. Some can point out that one can just as easily watch a movie at home, so going to the cinema isn’t all that sacred to others. Unfortunately we can’t do much with blame. What we can do is make this problem - and it is a problem - known, and hopefully change this culture of cinema to one of mutual respect for shared space. It might seem trifling to some that we care so much about watching our films in peace, but perhaps that’s because cinema isn’t their religion, and they don’t think of the theater as their church. For most of us, the cinema is where we go to explore, discover and feel enlightened. When we get lonely, we go to the cinema and visit our friends, to paraphrase a line from Almost Famous’ Penny Lane. So I hope it can be understood that we feel such great loss when this space is trampled on again and again by those who don’t comprehend its importance.  

So let’s take back the cinema. And I’m not talking about picketing theaters or shouting down noisy moviegoers. I’m talking about promoting a culture that respects this space and those who frequent them. If you’re sitting next to someone who won’t stop talking, tell them to please be quiet or leave, and if they don’t, bring this to the attention of the theater ushers. Usually this doesn’t do much, but at least it will make them aware that people do take this seriously. We pay for our ticket and we spend a ton on overpriced concessions. The least we can expect is for legitimate complaints to be heard. If bringing issues to the attention of ushers is not helpful, perhaps taking this to corporate may make some headway. If all else fails, we’ve got the web, and the internet loves a good PR nightmare. 

Hopefully it doesn’t come to that. Because if you ask me, I’d rather just sit quietly here in my popcorn-smelling seat and enjoy my movie. That really isn’t too much to ask, is it?

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James... Is there anything you want to do..? I'm bored.. And have no ideas... -She smiled and kissed him gently-

“I’m glad you asked.” The taller of the two grinned broadly, puffing his chest out proudly and giving Isis a big pat on the back. “I’ve gotten it planned. We’re gonna take a trip to the cinema and watch whatever film you’d like, and after wards, we can catch a bite to eat and have a walk through Central Park. Sound good?”

8 reasons Donald Glover is perfect for Spider-man.

If any of you were aware of the internet buzz circulating around the recast of Spider-man for Marc Webb’s 2012 reboot you will surely be conscious of the push to have Community star Donald Glover put the mask on. Donald himself saw this is to be a good idea, referencing it in a couple of songs under his rap pseudonym ‘Childish Gambino’ as well as in his stand-up comedy shows and TV show Community. #Donald4Spiderman even becoming a trending twitter topic for a while. Sadly, Andrew Garfield was eventually cast in the role but with Spider-man’s introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) the role is up for grabs for anyone. Here I’ll be wrapping up 8 reasons why Donald would be perfect for the role, get it, because a spider has 8 legs (I’m funny I swear).

1-      Race both is, and isn’t, a big deal.

The government, advertisers and the media as a whole have been pushing the idea that race and ethnicity is no longer an issue for years. However, the recent racially based police brutality attacks in Ferguson and beyond (which I don’t feel qualified enough to speak too much on) has shown us that race is still an issue amongst the public as much as it was years ago. Putting a black man, or ANY ethnicity man, into a Spider-man costume will enforce the idea that children and adults from ethnic backgrounds different from the dominant kind in their area can be anything they want. You want to be Spider-man? Sure, go for it you can do it. The character of Spider-man is universally loved, not just by white people, so why should he only be played by white people?

2-      His level of fame.

Donald has the perfect amount of fame that Marvel look for when hiring actors for their characters. He is an up and coming star-best known for his cult role as Troy Barnes in Community and is set to appearing the Magic Mike sequel as well as the Ridley Scott directed ‘The Martian’. Also, how many people can honestly say they’d heard of Chris Pratt, Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth before their roles in the MCU? Perhaps the only ‘big’ stars in the current franchise are Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson. These choices are to anchor the franchise and invite audiences to the cinema while also taking a back seat and allowing the smaller stars to come through. Chadwick Boseman being cast as Black Panther in the MCU has shown that Marvel are open to hiring lesser-known actors for their properties.

3-      Donald is basically Peter Parker.

With his roles in shows like Community as well as his college sketch group Derrick Comedy Donald has been shown to be like Peter Parker without really trying. This demonstrates how well he can truly fit into the role and this can only be good for a more natural character. As good as Sam Raimi’s Spider-man trilogy was, I couldn’t help but feel like Tobey Maguire’s performance as Peter Parker felt incredibly forced. Without the rest of the solid casting and good directing I think the franchise would’ve fallen flat on its face. Marvel can learn from the mistakes that Sony made and cast perfectly to allow Peter and Spider-man to achieve their full potential.

4-      Race-bending has been done before.

Anyone familiar with the 2003 film Daredevil (and I think we all wish we weren’t) will be aware of the fact that the Kingpin, a character who is shown as white in the comics, was portrayed by Michael Clarke Duncan who is a black actor. Michael Clarke Duncan plays the role very well and received little to no backlash from the world. Jamie Foxx as Electro and Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury also show that race-bending has been done mostly well in comic book movies. That being said-Nick Fury, Electro and The Kingpin are hardly the highest profile comic book characters ever so this will really give Marvel the opportunity to push the boat out and make a change.

5-      Donald has the backing of everyone (almost).

The fact that #Donald4Spiderman trended WORLDWIDE in 2012 showed that a lot of people wanted Donald in role. Their anger at the casting of Andrew Garfield (although it wasn’t terrible casting, it’s not Donald) has been brewing for 3 years now and the thirst is greater than ever to put Donald into the iconic suit. While the casting of John Boyega in the next Star Wars film shows that some aren’t ready for this change, it’s quite clear that the worldwide consensus is that everyone wants #Donald4Spiderman.

6-      Donald has already influenced Marvel.

The #Donald4Spiderman tag showed Marvel what the people wanted, and that was change. And change is what the people got! Issue 4 of Ultimate Fallout introduced a black Spider-man into the world called Miles Morales, who Donald would then go on to play in the animated series (but more on that in the next point). And for those of you who may call this a coincidence let it be known that Brian Michael Bendis, one of the creators of this new character, said himself that the character is influenced by Donald. Bendis said this after seeing Donald wearing a Spider-man t-shirt the second season premiere of Community, “I saw him in the costume and thought, ‘I would like to read that book.’ So I was glad I was writing that book.”

7-      He already plays Spiderman (kind of).

The introduction of Miles Morales into the animated Ultimate Spider-man TV series meant that Donald finally got to play Spider-man, albeit only with his voice. He does, however, do a brilliant job at conveying emotion as well as Spider-man’s trademark witty wisecracks perfectly. So who better to play the character in live-action than not only the man he was based on, but by the man who already plays him? Personally, I think there is no-one better.

8-      It’s different, and the franchise needs different.

The current MCU is pretty predictable with no surprises. Characters are continuously dying only to be bought back to life and it’s getting to the point where people are no longer concerned for the safety of the characters. This will be the third incarnation of the Spider-man character in 15 years and if the he is more of the same (and we pray to God that he’s not) then it will be clear that writers have truly lost all their creativity. Besides, what will bring a greater audience to the cinema; a big star in the role, or a relatively unknown actor bringing a big change to what we’ve seen before? Even if it is the big star, the latter will probably do almost as well with much lower wages. Side note: if I see Uncle Ben die one more time then Lord knows what I’ll do…

To conclude, while not everyone will agree that Donald Glover should play Spider-man I think we can all agree that the new web-head needs to steer clear from the same old same old. What do you think, should the writers and producers consider a Spider-man of a different ethnicity? Should Donald play this latest incarnation or can you think of someone better? Let me know in the ask box and don’t forget to follow for twice-weekly film news and reviews.

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