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The Great Escape (Part Four)

Word Count: 1169

Warnings: Mild Language

Days pass, and Peter is yet to return to camp. You start to worry, although the Lost Boys show little concern. “He always does this,” they tell you, “it’s just one of his usual trips.”

It doesn’t feel like a usual trip to you. Especially after what happened, or rather, what he’d told you after what happened. His words still circle around in your head, confusing you more every time you try to decipher them.

What do you want from me?

You’re not aware that you did want anything from Peter Pan, except for him to let you leave Neverland. But if that was the case, why did you choose him over Killian?

The whole situation makes you want to scream at the sky, so you push it out of your mind. You concentrate on living with the other Lost Boys, who seem utterly unsure of what to do about you with Peter gone.

Later in the afternoon, you’re sitting on a log near the fire pit. The boys caught some wild bird on their hunting trip, and are fighting over how to prepare it.

For a pack of ruffians, it’s surprising to you how picky they are over their food.

It’s amidst the arguing that you hear a giant WHOOSH! from above, and then a loud thud behind you.

You hear the boys suddenly go quiet, and you turn just as a familiar voice says, “Hello, boys.”

Peter is standing with his hands on his hips, absorbing the Lost Boys’ merriment over his arrival. Then, as if just noticing you, he goes, “Oh, and hello girls.”

You’re too taken aback by his sudden presence to roll your eyes.

“Where have you been?” You question, standing up and crossing your arms over your chest.

“Well,” he addresses the Lost Boys, as if you aren’t the one who asked, “you see, I was actually out on a mission.”

“What kind of mission?” One of the Lost Boys excited shouts out.

Peter grins. “That, unfortunately, is qualified information…for the time being, at least. Now, what is it you all were bickering about? Did I hear something about a quail?”

Immediately, the debate starts back up again, each boy trying to get Peter to agree with him.

You swiftly go stomping into the woods, thoroughly annoyed with Peter’s Houdini act, and even more annoyed at his total lack of explanation.

It seems to be a trend that Peter Pan can never give you the clarification you need.

You know there’s really nowhere for you to escape to, so you walk the trail towards the beach. It beats being back at camp with Peter deliberately ignoring you.

Once you cross the line where the dirt stops and the sand starts, you kick off your shoes and carry them in your hand. The sun is starting to set, painting the entire sky orange and the waves dark navy. You want to run into the ocean and let the current miraculously take you back to Neverland, but you know it won’t happen. If anything, you would just get pulled under by the tide and drown, which, quite frankly, would be the second best thing to occur.

You let yourself plop down onto the sand, sitting far enough from the shoreline that the waves can just barely lick your toes.

You wish you were back in Storybrooke. And you wish Peter Pan wasn’t such a dick.

“Hmm, back on the beach, are we?”

You don’t look at him as he comes and sits down next to you. If he doesn’t have the decency to recognize you in public after disappearing for days, then you absolutely have no obligation to acknowledge him when it’s just you.

“Well, Y/N, regardless of your lack of conversation skills, we still need to discuss something.”

Your heart flips. You keep your eyes trained on the sun as it continues to make its descent, a part of it already vanishing beyond the horizon.

“The map,” Peter begins, and you feel a pang of disappointment.

What were you expecting?

“As you know,” Peter resumes, “it meant a great deal to the pirates. However, I’m not sure if you know why.

This makes you turn to look at Peter. He smiles, delighted to have finally achieved the attention he wanted.

“The map?” You repeat. “It’s encrypted with a bunch of pirate symbols. I couldn’t understand it even if I wanted to.”

“But,” Peter grins again, as if he’d been expecting your response, “What if I told you I found a way to decode it?”

You raise your eyebrows at him, waiting for him to go on. Peter seems to bask in your anticipation, and it makes you want to hit him.

Finally, he elaborates, “There’s a spell that can translate pirate symbols into normal, written text. Or, rather, a magic powder. I’d say there really aren’t enough words that need to be spoken during the ritual to call it a spell, but hey, that’s just my opinion.”

You roll your eyes at the last bit, trying to get him back on topic. “A powder? Where do you get it?”

He nods vigorously, and it’s obvious he’s planned this entire thing and now just wants to enjoy watching you put the pieces together. “That, Y/N, is why you’re the one I chose to share this confidential information with. For the past few days, I’ve been searching every island that surrounds Neverland, and I think I know where the powder is. I want you to come with me to find it.”

You stare at him for a moment, waiting for him to indicate that he’s not being serious, that this is just another Pan scam, but he just looks at you expectantly. “You want me to go with you to find some magical dust?”

He cocks his head to the side, narrowing his eyes. “Oh, what, would you rather give the map, your only leverage, to me so that I can go alone and figure out what it says?”

You consider this option to be significantly more distasteful, and at last you let out a deep breath.

“Fine.” You reply, turning your attention back towards the horizon. The majority of the sun is already gone, leaving only a sliver of scarlet left.

It’s clear to you that Peter is no longer affected by what happened a few days ago, or if he is, he isn’t showing any signs of it. It’s not like you have a reason to have a problem with this. If anything, you should be glad he even asked you to join him on the expedition instead of just demanding for the map by itself.

Yet, deep down, something still tugs at your heart strings. Even though it puzzles you, you have a heavy wanting in your chest for something…more.

All Peter responds to your agreement is, “Great! We leave tomorrow at dawn, sharp.”

Then he’s gone, vanishing entirely like the sun, and you feel all your unasked questions roll out like the moon.

hi loves! i hope you liked this chapter. i might try to do some more one shots before i write the fifth part, so if you have any requests don’t hesitate to drop some in my inbox! as always, thank you so much for reading!! xoxo


Imagine. Peter going to Storybrooke to take you back to Neverland with him.

“Just let her go and no one will be hurt. I promise. She is all I want.” Emma, Mary Margaret, David and Regina stepped forward. “You’ll never get her!” Emma yelled. Peter laughed a bit. “Remember what I told you back there, lost girl. Peter Pan never fails.” His laugh turned into a smirk. 

Imagine #9: A Queen Doesn’t Need A King- Part 2

Request:  okay but an imagine for Peter Pan based off of Castle by Halsey

Part 1

It’s been weeks since the rebels vanished from Pan’s camp. They’ve been in hiding, and no one knew where they were. Y/N was busy running camp, ensuring that they all trained, that they continued to get better. When night rolled around they gathered around and planned their attack, making sure every single detail, every possibility was accounted for and mapped out. The nerves were brewing and as the weeks drew on they became restless, ready to take Neverland back.

Meanwhile, back at the lost boys’ camp they all danced around and acted as if everything was fine. Not a single lost boy was worried about the growing threat, none took it seriously. Not even the Boy King. It was one evening when Felix made his way to Pan’s tent that he finally questioned him. “Pan,” Felix’s voice had drawled out, “Don’t you think we should prepare for the band of misfits that Y/N has?”

A chuckle escaped Peter’s lips, “Why would we waste our time doing that?”

The second hand man paused for a moment, seemingly surprised that his leader was unconcerned, “You aren’t worried about their attack.” It was a statement rather than a question, an observation that is now a conclusion. The fact hung in the air between the two, almost leaving a lingering presence.

Peter looked to him in disbelief, “Don’t tell me you’re worried. They’re nothing but children trying to play a game they cannot win.”

Felix’s face stayed blank of any emotion, but he made his way to the exit. Before leaving he looked to Pan, “If there is one thing I learned in my time before Neverland, it is never to dismiss a group of people who have a reason to fight. Especially one with vengeance for their family pumping through their veins.”

Felix left before he got a response. He made his way to the forest, deciding to scope out and see if he could find the group, or at least have some form of contact. He continued to trudge through the forest, careful not to make any noise.

Finally after some time and a few twists and turns he heard a drop behind him. He turned around to see Y/N in a crouched position before she stood to her full height. The girl before him had war paint on her face, her Y/E/C eyes dark as she assessed him. “What do you need Felix?”

It was a simple question, but not the question he had expected. He was expecting her to threaten him, to tell him to leave, not to ask him what he needed. He considered this for a moment, “I need you to stop this silly game you’re playing.” The words felt weird on his lips, silly game. Not his words, but his leaders and he knew they were wrong to say.

It must have shown because Y/N raised an eyebrow, “Silly game? Felix, do you honestly believe that this is just a silly game?” Nothing came from the boy, and she stood there pondering it for a moment, “I guess it is a game, if you want to put it that way. A game for power, a game of war. But in no way is it silly Felix. In the end only one person will be left standing, and I’ll be damned if it’s that green eyed demon.”

Felix wasn’t a stupid person, not by any means. He stayed silent, he observed, he learned and adapted well. He knew that Y/N was a threat, he knew it the first day he saw her, the day after Pan supposedly “broke her”. Although she was obedient and did as told, he saw in her eyes the anger, the thirst for revenge, for blood. He saw the monster inside her, but only he saw it for she kept it well hidden. It was only in the moments when she thought no one was looking that it flickered for a half second, and even the sharpest of eyes wouldn’t spot it. Not unless you grew up watching people, observing, being weary. Only Felix saw the true her. Which is why he knew she was a threat. He knew she was a bomb ready to go off. But he also knew Peter Pan. He knew what the Demon King was capable of, he has seen the worst of Pan’s work, and he knew that when they clashed Neverland was going to be a bloodbath.

A sigh escaped him, “You should have just kept your pretty mouth shut.” Her eyes darkened at this, but he shook his head, “You can attack us, but we will win. Peter Pan never fails.” And again the boy left the person behind, not waiting for a response. His voice seemed resolute, no crack or shake. Something he’s perfected, because deep inside he wasn’t sure if they would win this time, but it was his loyalty that kept him planted next to Pan and it was his brain that told him to fear the girl he just left.

Note: I’m making this into three parts now, I felt this was more Felix oriented and thought I should separate the battle from it. Anyway part 3 will be out soon, hope you enjoyed this!

Imagine #3


Sitting at my desk, I watch myself in the mirror as I brush my hair, I feel the hairs on the back my neck. I’ve felt this often, nearly every day for almost a week in a half. I feel as though someone is watching me, it was beginning to creep me out. I place my hair brush down on the desk and stand up, nervously I walk over to my bed, unable to shake the feeling.

I pulled back the blanket and sat down the bed. Looking around my seemingly empty room. “Is anyone there?” I called out, silence followed. Figured, what was I expecting honestly? I huffed out a breath of air before laying down and pulled the soft duvet over my body, curling into the warmth of my bed.

Soon I let myself fall asleep, forcing the feeling of being watched away and being hopeful that I could get a good nights rest.

“Y/N… Y/N”

I groaned as I was gently shaken awake, my eyes fluttered open and my vision was obstructed by the darkness of the room. Finally my eyes adjusted to the lighting and I was greeted by the image of a boy. He looked about my age, he had ash-blonde hair, I couldn’t see his eyes quite properly but I could tell they were a shade of green. He wasn’t unattractive, hell any other circumstance and I probably would be fawning over the boy. But what the actual hell was he doing in my bedroom!?

My eyes widened in shock and I sat up, attempting to push him away but he was like a brick wall. “Who the hell are you! Why are you here-” He clasped a hand over my mouth.

“shh, shh Y/N it’s me love. It’s Peter” He said softly flashing a little smirk while I continued looking at him in confusion. He pulled his hand from my mouth and I stared at him with my eyes still wide.

“I’m sorry… I… uh, I don’t know any Peters…” I mumbled, biting my lip. His face fell and he looked hurt. “You don’t remember?” he questioned as he took a step back. His jaw was tight and his eyes were down cast. “You don’t remember me? Everything we’ve done together?”

I shook my head, I felt bad despite only knowing him as a stranger. I felt like I was tearing him apart just by the look on his face. “Look I’m really sorry, but I really have no idea who you are. I really don’t want you to get in trouble, so maybe you should-” 

Before I could finish my sentence, his lips were on mine. He kissed me fiercely, almost desperate. He gripped the side of my face, holding me close and really I couldn’t help but melt into the kiss and return it. He was a good kisser, sue me. The kiss continued for a minute or so until he pulled away. I opened my eyes and I felt a churning in my stomach when I saw the hopeful glint in his own eyes. 

“You remember now?” He asked, his lips twitching up ever so slightly into a smile. I felt terrible, because as much as he was an amazing kisser, I still didn’t know who he was or how I suppose to know him. I shook my head with out saying anything, looking down at my lap.

It was quiet for a moment before he finally spoke once more, an obvious strain in his voice. “I’m sorry, Y/N” He said, his tone darkening and I felt something wrap around my wrists and ankles, before I knew it I was tied up in some sort of strong ribbon like material..

“What the hell?!” I gasped as I tried to pull at my bindings, I looked up and stared wide eye at Peter. His eyes were dark and stony, it looked frightening. 

“I can’t live with out you… I’ll make you remember me, I will.” He said and put a hand over my mouth when I went to let out a scream. “You’ll remember me, you’ll remember that you love me… “ He declared and I felt the restraints tighten around my ankles and wrists. I began to struggle, which only made him hold on to me tighter. He let out a frustrated groan before I saw him reach into his pocket and pull this small black pouch. He poured this powder like substance into his hand from it.

“I’ll make you remember” He said frantically “I’m taking you back to Neverland, and I’m never letting you go again.” Peter blew the shimmering dust into my face, and nearly instantly my body began to relax and my mind went hazy. He hoisted me up and threw me over his shoulder as if I were weightless, he walked to the window and opened it. 

And before I could feel him jump from the window and begin to fly, I was out cold. Unaware that I’d be returning to a place I once called home.


Don’t know how I feel about this. I liked it, but at the same time it’s like ‘meh’. Know what I mean? Oh well. I hope you enjoyed it at least!.

the shock of what happened or the ache for what never will II

part 1

part 3

part 4

You wake with a jolt, sitting up in an unfamiliar bed with covers that smell strange, boyish even. You try to recall the memories of the night before, but all you remember is falling. How did I end up here? I should be dead. Your legs ached with a constant dull throb, the feeling mermaids get when they’ve been out of the water for too long. You throw the covers off and walk up to the window. Neverland. You were still on the island. You turned hastily around, set on leaving this second, but a figure blocked the entrance out. Peter Pan stood with a smirk and his arms crossed over his broad chest.

“Morning there, love. Leaving so soon?”

“I need to get back home. So if you don’t mind…” You muttered trying to push past him, but all efforts were in vain. Pan laughed as he pushed you backwards on the bed. “You’re not leaving. I forbid you.”

“You forbid me? Last time I checked, you don’t rule over me.” He smirked and leaned over you, arms perched on either side of your hips to barricade you to him.

“I’m pretty sure I do rule over you here, love. While you’re on my island, my kingdom and in my bedroom, you must follow every command I give you.”

You pushed at his chest with a scoff. “Well good thing I was just seeing myself out. Neverland was lovely, but I won’t be coming back.” You duck out under his arms and run towards the door, throwing it open and picking up speed into a full sprint.

After minutes of running through the woodland, you come up to the very shore you found yourself on yesterday. Feelings of  déjà vu spread through you as you knelled into the water making the bracelet on your wrist glow. Relief spread through you as your change to your true form, your tail fluttering in the waves. You drag your body down further into the water, laughing out loud at the fact that you were going to be home. You couldn’t wait to see your friends, family, your fiancé waiting back home for you, —

“You do realize that when you arrive home, time will not be as it once was.” A voice called out to you. You whip your head around your shoulder, only to be met with Peter Pan. He walks towards you as one walking towards a strange dog would, carefully. Cautiously.

“…What do you mean?” You yelled out behind you, annoyed that you have so sit on this island a minute longer. He smirks, aware of the fact that he’s gained your attention.

“You’ve spent a night in Neverland. Did you not know that a night is worth a year in the real world?”

You stop in realization, Peter Pan’s words freezing you colder than the water of Neverland.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if that fiancé prince of yours has moved on. Your family became so worried about you not returning home for a year, that they assume you stayed here. With me.” He taunted you further.

You try to drown out his voice. He was right. I forgot about Neverland’s catch.

“My offer stands, (Y/N). Stay with me. Be my Lost Girl.” With a final shake of your head, you flap your tail and dive under the water. You flow through it freely, speeding up and heading back to your palace.

Within a few hours, the underwater kingdom of Atlantica appears before your eyes. The sparkling aqua reflects off the light through the water and you run your fingers through the silky sand of the ocean floor. You swim the rest of the way up to the kingdom gate, the guards positioned firm and tall at the entrance. Soon, you arrive at the palace doors.

“Mother!” You shouted through the halls. After the royal guards recognized you, they rushed off to find the Queen to alert her of your coming home. In the grand hall, schools of various colorful fish swim around you and royal paintings of kings past hang on the walls . You make your way towards the grand bedroom your mother rests in, pushing the doors open.

The Queen of Atlantica sits at her vanity. Her fiery red hair, which has dimmed with age, floats freely around her and she looks into the mirror before her playing with shell necklaces. At the sound of the doors being opened so hastily, she looked up to find you, her daughter who hadn’t returned after the mission she sent you on a year prior. Her hand comes to cover her mouth, the simple appearance of you is overwhelming. “Melody?” She whispers, eyes watering up.

You nod frantically, swimming towards her with arms extended. She welcomes your hug and squeezes you tight. After some moments, you pull back. With a sad sigh, she frowns.

“We thought you were pulled in by that evil boy. We all thought you weren’t coming home.”

“You don’t understand Mother. I was only away for a night! I left yesterday and I’m back today!”

She shook her head, “I’m afraid it’s been far more than a day. You’re father and I have been waiting for a year.”

“Well I’m home now, I never tried to stay there.” The thought of your fiancé pops into your head. “I have to tell Cai! Have you seen him, is he still staying in the —”

“I’m …  afraid that Cai is no longer to be your husband… He left after months of waiting for your return.”

“He left?” You said in shock. You and Prince Cai, were childhood friends. When it was announced that you two were to be wed, it made things uncomfortable. You didn’t love each other in that way. Soon enough you looked forward to marrying each other, it was just going to be like marrying your best friend. But now, it hurt to hear that your friend, your fiancé, had left you.

You lay on a rock. The summer sun beats down on your skin, and a cool breeze floats through the bare sea. You were in the middle of no where and decided to relax and stretch out before having to return to your royal duties. It had been a few weeks since arriving home and your last encounter with Pan, but life had returned relatively normal.

You close your eyes and sigh. After a while of laying there something hovers over you, blocking the sun. Your eyebrows furrow and you open your eyes only to be nose to nose with Peter Pan.

With a shriek of surprise and a push to his chest, he stumbled off from over you and lands on the flat rock beside you with a groan. You sit up and attempt to slide back under the sea, but he sat up as well, grabbed the sides of your head and pulls you into a deep kiss. Your eyes widen as he gently held the back of your head to his, keeping you steady while he kissed you. You begin to push him away once again, too shocked to enjoy kissing him back.

He detached from you with a mushy pop of the lips and stared at you with a boyish smile, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you (Y/N)! I’m so happy I’ve found you, I can’t wait to take you back to Neverland —.”

“Wait, wait. Take me back? I’m not going back Peter?”

His smile drops and he shakes his head.“But I thought… you wanted to come back with me?”

“I… I never said anything about wanting to come back. I don’t know where you got that.” You say tucking a piece of damp hair behind your ear. He takes your hands back in his and squeezes them tight. In a low voice, he leans in close.

“We could go back together (Y/N). You could be the Queen of the Lost Boys. Why sit around here waiting to take the throne, when you could come back with me right now and become my little ruler?”

The offer sounds intriguing, you admit. But what about your family? You can’t tell them you’ve decided to run away with Peter Pan.

“I heard about your fiancé,” He continues on. “Shame, it is. The lad couldn’t wait for his soon-to-be wife to return so what does he decide to do? He abandons her.”

The combination of the hot sun and his harsh words beating down on you makes tears cloud your vision. “Why are you offering this to me Peter? It’s not like we love each other. I don’t even know you…”

“But if you gave us the chance, we could know each other. Love each other. Just one simple yes, and we’ll leave tonight.” You break your gaze from him and looked down, unsure what you will do.

do you ever think about the fact that the first time Killian saw his ship, it was after his brother found a way to free them from a life of servitude and abuse, and that it must’ve been the first time in years that he felt free?

and that he spent several years happily serving with his brother on that very same ship, and it was the last place he saw Liam alive?

and that the ship that freed him granted the same freedom to Milah, and that they fell in love and built a life together on board? and that Killian had to watch another person he loved die on the ship that was his safe haven? and that the Jolly, which had once seemed so lucky, felt somewhat cursed after her death?

and that he still held onto the Jolly, even with the tragic memories clinging to it, because it was the only place that had ever felt like home, and the only thing he had left to love?

and that he risked taking the ship back to Neverland, in spite of knowing how risky that was, because at his core Killian is a good man, and he was finding his way back to the light?

and that when he was separated from Emma during the missing year, he put all of his passion and frustration and loss into finding the Jolly again, even to the point of sacrificing his morality to get it?

do you ever think about the fact that after ALL of that went down, Captain Killian Jones still traded away his ship in order to save Emma Swan?

Paint Samples

While spending some time with her mother, Emma thinks about second chances and a certain confession in Echo Cave.


Emma watches her mother knead the dough, her nimble fingers covered in flour as she works. Snow White’s movements are methodical, a well-practiced routine that seem almost second nature. Emma’s own fingers tighten around her mug, lifting it to her lips to hide her awestruck smile.

Emma, herself, has never been one for the kitchen, opting for TV dinners, take out, or pasta with sauce from a jar. She has memories – fake memories that she tries to push down because they hurt too much – of baking cakes with Henry, them mixing chocolate chips into waffle batter, and homemade lasagnas that she made from scratch – sauce and all.

She wonders if there hadn’t been a curse, if she would have been able to deftly knead the bread like her mother does now, but those thoughts are almost as painful as her fake memories with Henry, so she presses them down. Instead, Emma tries to resolve herself to focus on what she has now, a mother who is here and making more memories – real memories – with both her and Henry.

Henry is spending the day on the Jolly with Killian, her father and baby brother in tow. It warms her heart to know they are bonding, this little family of hers, especially after the hell – both literal and figurative – to get this point. Emma also loves how it gives her extra time to spend with her mother, just the two of them.

Her mother eventually finishes her kneading, and transfers the tough to an overlarge bowl to let it rise for a few hours. As Snow White washes her hands of flour and dough in the sink, Emma comments, “You’ll have to teach me how to do this some day. Killian always complains about how the processed stuff is too sweet.”

“Compared to the Enchanted Forest, he’s right,” Snow hums in agreement, toweling off her hands. “Of course, it’s also really nice just to go to the store and pick pre-sliced bread.”

“Convenience – the real magic of the Land Without Magic,” Emma says, thinking of her own forays into the Enchant Forest and its lack of easy shopping for food, clothing, or anything really.

In an unspoken agreement, the two women move to the living room, opting to curl themselves opposite of one another on the couch. Emma is hit with a string of memories from her earliest weeks in Storybrooke after she first moved into the apartment. That period in her life had been such an emotional upheaval, but her newfound friendship with the woman known as Mary Margaret had grounded her.

There are times when Emma misses Mary Margaret-the-friend. There had been a certain ease in the camaraderie shared between them, one that is not easily found between mother and daughter. Mary Margaret had been one of the few people in her life that made her feel special, wanted even. But Emma wouldn’t trade this, not anymore, these little moments she gets to spend with her mother in the quiet of the loft.

It takes her a moment to notice paint samples scattered across the coffee table. Lifting one of the many shades of blue, Emma asks, “Redecorating?”

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as the oldest sibling, you loved telling stories to your younger siblings about michael clifford and his adventures in neverland, finding comfort in the tales of the boy who never grew up. your parents, however, didn’t share the same sentiment, thinking the stories childish and threatening to send you out of the house if you didn’t stop filling your siblings’ heads with what they thought was complete nonsense. that night, as you lay in your bed, tossing and turning and unable to sleep, kept awake by your parents’ threat and the fear of being unable to see your siblings and having to grow up once and for all, you’re visited by michael clifford himself, who reveals to you that he’s a fan of your stories. when you remind michael that your stories are all about him, he only grins, informing you that’s exactly why he likes them so much. you laugh and tell michael that you’re glad he visited, as you don’t think you’d ever be able to see him again after tonight. when he asks why, you tell him that your parents are forcing you to grow up and that if you continue telling stories about him to your siblings, your parents are going to send you away. upon hearing this, michael is shocked. he offers to take you back to neverland with him so you never have to grow up and can be a mother to the lost boys and really, it’s an offer you can’t refuse. with your siblings in tow, you and michael fly back to neverland together, instructing you to fly to the second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning.

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The lost girls.

Warning: some light swearing nothing to get too excited about but just letting you know

 This may come as a surprise to some of you but the lost boys weren’t the only people living on never land. Those boys really infuriate me. They took my home and I am going to get it back, with the help of my lost girls of course. 
These girls have been my family even since this whole thing started. It wasn’t that hard to get recruits, all I had to do was look for girls who didn’t like their lives and wanted to change them. But not in the change your hairstyle and BAMM!! you a different person but in the way that they could feel like they belong, cause at the end of the day isn’t that all anybody wants, to feel accepted. Well I found only a couple who felt that way and to this day they have all remained loyal to me.
My second in command Teresa has got to be one of the most bravest people I know, obviously not as brave as me but she is defiantly close second. But there is someone who, even though I hate to admit it, is just as brave. Peter Stinking Pan.
If you haven’t guessed already I’m not the fondest of Peter Pan. So starting today me and the lost girls are going to take back Neverland once and forall. 
The plan is to sneak into the lost boys home, I and a few others of my best climbers will climb up the highest trees, we will then unleash as many arrows as we can, we’re not going to kill them. Unlike Pan I am above killing (and plus it would be a waste of arrows, I don’t need blood all over perfectly good arrows) all we want is to scare them off, just so they can run away and hopefully never come back. 
Meanwhile on the ground all my other lost girls will take on the ones that didn’t flee, my only condition is that I get Pan, they just need to tie him up or wound him but he is mine. 

“Well, it’s time, this is it, tonight’s the night we take back what is rightfully ours and nothing is going to stop us” I say, I need to get these girls all fired up. “Too long have we stayed hidden only occasionally fighting back but i say enough, no one is going to loose their lives tonight, at least not my girls I cant say the same for the boys, so are you all clear on the plan, are you all with me!!" 

There’s a round of applause as all the girls soak up my words. Some raise their weapons and others scream. 

"Its time to move” I whisper. Teresa takes her place besides me as always and we all head over the valley.

Soon enough we can spot Pans camp site and we know what this means. We’re about to get our home back.

We’ve gone through the plan so many times that there is no need to go through it once more so me and some my finest start scaling the trees and getting our arrows ready.

Now before I tell you what happened next I think you need to understand just how important this mission is to us. If we don’t get it back tonight that will suck, even when we attack in the future it wont be the same because they will be able to plan when we are coming but that doesn’t mean that if we fail tonight we’re giving up. It just means we’re just going to have to try again in another while.

So…this is how it all went down.

When we got to the top of our trees we all positioned ourselves so we could get a good shot an still not be seen. I raised my arrow and by the corner of my eye I saw the rest do the same. I was giving the order. It was going to be a domino affect where i shoot one a straight away Teresa fires one and then the next girl and the next. When the last arrow would be shot that’s when the grounders would attack.

I shot my arrow. But not just any where, i shot it directly above a lost boy, I’m not sure but it looked like Felix. Next just as planned fifteen other arrows rained from the sky on them.

I heard the girls on the ground yell a courageous war cry and felt so proud of them. I loaded my bow one more time but just before I was about to release I heard a voice that didn’t come from Teresa or any of the others.

“You really should aim a little lower, that last one almost took Johns head of” Peter Pan said appearing out of no where. He was standing on the branch opposite me.

“Oh no, you’ve caught us” I snarled. “What do you want Pan, cant you see we’re in the middle of something, so rude.”

“Oh no please carry on, just note that if not all my lost boys are there where are all the others?” he said.

A sudden pang of fear hit me. There was quite a lot of the lost boys missing. I know Pan has about fifty and only thirty or so was there. Where were the other twenty?

Before Pan could say another word i noticed the hooded figures in the bushes, these guys were insanely tall and all had arrows, dripped in dream shade. 

“My boys won’t shoot, on one condition” Pan continues.

“What do you want Pan, whatever it is just don’t hurt my girls” I said desperately. I hate giving in to him but with one hit of that dream shade my girls are gone, that’s the most deadliest poisons out there. Almost as poisonous as Pan. 

“First I want you to call off tonights’ fight, maybe you can do it again some other night just to make things interesting and one more thing, I will let the rest of the girls go if one stays behind” He replies. GOD DAMMIT! He knows what this means, he knows that means I will stay behind cause he knows there is no way I’m letting any of the others stay.

“Fine, you’ve got yourself a deal” I say confidently, I’ve already given him the satisfaction of winning and I am not going to give him the satisfaction of seeing me suffer about it.


I can see some quizzical looks they’re giving me but they still run back. Always loyal. 

Now I suppose for the moment, I belong to Pan.

second part will be written on request.


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Can u please make an imagine when your pregnant. When you tell peter he say he doesn’t want it in his life, so you find a way out of neverland and raise your kids on your own. 6 years later peter finds you and takes you and your kids back to neverland?

I changed the plot a little, sorry! 

I knew it was true. I was showing all the signs and symptoms. I was sick and craving food all the time. My monthly mother nature calling wasn’t coming and my stomach was always aching. I was pregnant. With non-other than Peters child. I was happy and anxious at the same time, what would Peter say? I had to tell him of course! I crawled out of the tent and walked towards Peter where he was training the lost boys. His figure was deadly attractive, he was amazing. As he was adjusting a lost boys position I walked up to him. “Peter,” I said grabbing his attention “Hi, love” he said leaving the lost boy and giving me a hug and a slight kiss on my forehead. “How are you feeling?” he asked, I looked off to the side and back at him “c-can we talk?… privately?” I asked, “yeah of-course” he said looking slightly concerned “boys keep going” he said before taking my hand and taking us into the forest away from the camp. “whats wrong?” he asked holding both my hands. I look off in different directions and then finally look down, his head tries to find my face “you can te-“ “im pregnant” I cut him off before he could finish. I look him dead straight in the eyes. “the head and stomach aches, my craving for food,” I start “everything, it all adds up”. There was a silent pause, and I could feel his hands slip out of my hands “Peter?” I questioned “don’t tell me you don’t want this child” I said “please”.

“I don’t want this child” he said. The exact words I didn’t want to here. I could feel tears forming. “Peter” I whispered. I kept his head down looking towards the camp. He started walking away. “Peter, where are you going?” I asked firmly “to take you home” my heart sunk I felt like there was a hole in my heart. He almost jogged back and I followed. He prepared everything for my journey, barely saying a word to me. On the morning I was to leave he came up to me as I put some things into the boat, and pulled me aside. He held my head in his hands and our foreheads touched. The breeze on the beach reminded me of the first time we kissed “I give you permission” he says connecting our lips together. I help onto his wrists before we pulled apart, he started to cry ever so slightly and between silent sobs he said “im sorry”. I pulled his hands from my face and he looked at me all I did was smile and before I knew it I was on the boat going home.

4 years later..

My daughter named Skyler was getting ready for bed. At 4 years old she was so bright and happy. Rarely ever upset. Soon I was about to fall asleep when I heard knocking. I quickly jolted up and looked over at the window. I saw a figure and it was Peter. I was so happy but mad, excited but furious. What was he hear for. I heard Skyler who sleeps in the same room as me groaning. “Shh Sky its okay” I say to her and she sits up on her small bed. I walk over to the window and see Peter’s beautiful face. I lift up the window. He gives me a smile and I return the favour. “Can I come in?” He asks. I step back and give him space. By this time Skyler is already out of bed. “Mummy, who’s is that?” without making eye contact with her I answered “your father” I replied still looking at Peter with slight shock and amazement. Sky hides behind me afraid as it was quite dark. “Hello little one” Peter says squatting down to be eye level with Sky. “Her names Skyler, of course you wouldn’t know that because you sent us away” I said. Skyler comes out from behind me and moves towards Peter. “Papa?” she questions. Peter smiles “Yes Skyler, Papa” he says, Sky practically throws herself onto Peter giving him a hug. Peter doesn’t hesitate and he hugs her tightly and lifts here on the ground. He buries his head into her neck, he closes his eyes tightly enjoying holding his child for the first time. He then looks at me setting Sky down. Caught up in the moment Peter and I come together and hug each other tightly. I missed his so much. Of course with him being tall I had to go on my tip toes. Once apart I asked “what are you doing here?” he bent down and picked Sky up. “ive come to take you both back to Neverland. I know what I did was foolish but I cant live another day without you” once that was said he reach out my hand “come with me” he said. I smiled and gladly took his hand…