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some convos with my mom about limekat’s plot.

mom: you’re on part six? why don’t you make the parts longer instead of having multiple short ones?
me: do you even know me? who are you? ???
mom: i,


mom: okay its been a week did you kill him yet?
me: prince didn’t take a week to create his greatest hits, *MOM*


A lot of people are still asking about when the Fisheye Placebo comics will be updated. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I hurt my hand years back and had to slow down on drawing. Drawing comics takes many hours to create each panel and all that together to make each chapters literally broke my body.

As a solution, I’ve been working with a team of 3D artists to build models that I can paint over to help speed up the comic making process. The downside to that is before all of the characters and backgrounds are built, I can’t post new chapters. But once they are built, the chapters will come out much faster than before :) Please be patient and understanding of the challenges we’re facing, and thank you for all the support over the years.

Here’s a teaser drawing of the main antagonist from Fisheye Placebo. His identity has yet to be revealed, so stay tuned ;) Like a lot of my recent posts, this drawing incorporates a photo background to save my hands from further damage. I’m still working on the video tutorial to show everyone how this is done, and doing calculations for the Thanksgiving Charity sale. More updates to come!

Scientists predict that a pair of stars in the constellation Cygnus will collide in 2022, give or take a year, creating an explosion in the night sky so bright that it will be visible to the naked eye.

If it happens, it would be the first time such an event was predicted by scientists.

Calvin College professor Larry Molnar and his team said in a statement that two stars are orbiting each other now and “share a common atmosphere, like two peanuts sharing a single shell.”

Scientists Predict Star Collision Visible To The Naked Eye In 2022

Caption: Scientists predict a star collision in the constellation Cygnus.

Signs During Finals Week

Aries: Says they’re going to study, doesn’t actually study until the night before the final at 3am 

Taurus: Sleeps for 10 hours or 4 hours, lots of food in between 

Gemini: “Accidentally” spent 5 hours texting their friends and watching youtube

Cancer: Makes a detailed plan on studying but binge watches an entire season of their favorite tv show

Leo: Spends everyday after school with friends doing nothing, or “studying” 

Virgo: Treats finals week like any other week in the school year

Libra: Shuts off phone for two hours to study, but only two hours 

Scorpio: Sleeps at 2am but does nothing the entire day

Sagittarius: Gets distracted every 15 minutes while studying

Capricorn: Makes skype study groups and is the only one serious about it, gives up later

Aquarius: Reads first page of every chapter and takes the test 

Pisces: Creates a study guide, finishes half of it and gives up

bored? here is things to do

(no technology version) 

  • write a letter to someone (pen pals are cool)
  • draw your dream house
  • sculpt something
  • cook!! bake!!
  • rearrange your room
  • read a book
  • have a picnic
  • start a journal or write in one
  • draw anything
  • sleep !
  • travel somewhere by bike or foot
  • knit a blanket
  • make an indoor garden on your window
  • do a puzzle
  • write anything (a poem, a story, a joke)
  • decorate yourself, henna & fake tattoos?
  • paint !!
  • make a “treasure” box + map then hide it! (or a time capsule)
  • scrapbooking 
  • create a terrarium
  • make a list
  • make greeting cards
  • work out
  • sing, maybe make you own song?
  • watch the stars
  • animal watch (look at that dog!)
  • stretch
  • color in a coloring book
  • write a postcard
  • play a board game 
  • take a hot bath
  • create a physical moodboard (use magazines & old photos!)

Treating yourself doesn’t have to involve money. You can always:
• Take a warm bath
• Binge watch your favorite tv show
• Wear your favorite outfit
• Go out with friends to a place that doesn’t require funds (the park, library, etc)
• Spend some quality time with your pet
• Take a nap
• Try to create a new recipe with the ingredients you have on hand. It may be fun to experiment.
• Have a “Pajama Day” where you just rest at home.
• Take some time to do a task you’ve been putting off.
• Take a long shower, do all your hygiene care.
• It can also be fun to look through storage and rediscover what you already have. Like taking a trip down memory lane.
• Read a book you’ve never read
• Take a day to practice and indulge in your talents. Write, draw, play music, design, sing, etc.
• Play your favorite game
• Call a friend, and have a long conversation
• Plan some future goals for yourself, to boost your confidence.
• Enjoy some solitude/alone time
• Watch some funny internet videos
• Journal your thoughts and/or ideas
• Listen to your favorite album all the way through.
• Do some research about something that strikes your interest.
• Enjoy a nice walk outside
• Play your favorite sport, or set up a game with friends.
• Try to get a new high score on your favorite video game.
-feel free to add on :)

Thalia realizing Jason barely remembers her 💔

Thank you so much to all the extremely talented graphic editors who takes their time to create beautiful gifsets, edits and animations for us fans despite having to constantly deal with having your work stolen. Our Kpop experience wouldn’t be the same without all of your contributions. You guys are all appreciated and loved for your hard work. Please never stop what you’re doing.

When can we expect season 2 of Yuri on Ice?

Allow me to preface this post by saying that I do not know, and have no way of knowing when the second season of YOI will be released but what I can do is speculate on when it can realistically come out. So this is exactly what that is - a speculation post, based on a number of assumptions but one which may give you a better idea how long it might take to create another season.

Alright, I feel like the first question most people would ask is: How long does it take to make a 12-episode anime?

And the answer is quite unsatisfying and anticlimactic because… it depends. It varies from project to project, some may take longer and some may take less time, depending on many factors. The fact that Yuri on Ice is a completely original project and isn’t a manga, novel or game adaptation certainly plays a role here.

First of all, the story must be completed for the creators to begin actual production of the animation sequences and the like. In terms of production of animation in Yuri on Ice we must also take choreography into consideration because with the amount of skating sequences we see, Kenji Miyamoto must first actually come up with all of the programs, then skate them through a few times and let the animation/assistant team record him so that the animators have references for figure skating - which after all is the bulk of the anime. The choreography and costume design have to be ready before anything can even start being animated.

The same goes for the story because, well… what’s the point of drawing many frames for multiple episodes if you’re still not sure if that’s what you want the final product to be? Sure, changes can still be applied and reanimated if necessary, but the outset is to be 100% done with the story when the animation begins (at least for the first few episodes). Creators also generally feel more comfortable with having a finished story before allowing people to begin the animation process because if they realize they still want to apply changes or aren’t sure of something within the story, it will cost them time and money to fix it.

But assuming that the story is completed: how long would it take to get everything animated, voice-acted etc?

Well, thank God we’ve had an anime about anime production (it’s called Shirobako, if you’re interested in how the industry works then 10/10 would recommend) which gave us a rough schedule or this post would be 100% assumptions. This sample was created by someone in the anime industry though so it must be at least somewhat accurate.

Does looking at ^that make you feel scared and confused? Yeah, don’t worry I get that, but if we take a moment to have a closer look it actually tells us a lot about the anime production process.

Let’s look at the time first: it shows that it roughly takes 25 weeks + 12 weeks of when the anime is actually airing, for the production to be completed. If we assume that Yuri on Ice has been made exactly according to this schedule (which it probably wasn’t, but let’s assume for the sake of the example) then the production, the first week when the first Storyboard would go up would have began in the second or third week of April, 2016.

If the first Storyboard for the second season would be done by April 2017 then a second season in Fall 2017 (beginning in October) would seem very much doable.

But we must also take this schedule with a grain of salt. Because it’s very possible that animating all the figure skating in Yuri on Ice would take longer than for example animating all the scenes in a slice of life anime, meaning that if the studio was aiming for a Fall 2017 release, they would need to begin animating earlier/ would have to outsource more work to other studios (which is actually common practice and MAPPA cooperated with over 20 other studios during the creation of the first season so it’s not really an issue).

Let’s take a moment to ponder the point of having to start animating earlier, let’s say in March to make it in time for the October release. Remember what I said about the story earlier? it needs to be completed before the animation process begins.

How much time do we have between now and March? Like less than 3 months. Assuming that Kubo already began writing the story for the second season the moment they decided to change the ending for season 1, she probably spent around the last month writing. Can Kubo (with the input of Sayo Yamamoto) create a story for an entire season in 4 months? Maybe. I wouldn’t put it past her. Although with the amount of references and traveling she does for her works, it would probably be exhausting and stressful.

Let’s also remember that for an October release, the storyboards would have to be prepared before the animation so in our schedule around March/April. Kubo not only writes the general story, she draws all the storyboards herself. I’ve been doing some research on this but I am still uncertain how long a storyboard for one episode takes to complete, but I would assume something around one to two weeks, if the author spends 8 hours a day working on it.

Alright, but all of that technical talk aside, let’s get to the main question: Would a Fall 2017 release date (October 2017 premier) be possible for season 2 of Yuri on Ice? Yes.

Now, would it be likely? I’m… not entirely sure. I think that would depend on how much time Kubo needs to write/rewrite/consider/decide on the story, and how much time she would want to have to actually write it and create the storyboards. But if we’re asking about a realistic possibility? Yes, it’s possible.

What seems more likely to me would be a Winter 2018 release date (January 2018 premiere). That way, they actually have enough time to prepare everything in advance and don’t need to rush with anything, having those extra 3 months to get everything ready.

Not to mention that it would make sense thematically - from January to March the European, Four Continent and World Championships take place and the anime could perhaps show some of that to the audience for a change from the Grand Prix Series.

Of course, all these are just assumptions and it’s possible that the anime will come sooner or later than either of these possible dates (though probably it’s less likely to be sooner), but until an official announcement - we won’t know.

TL;DR For a variety of reasons, I predict that season two of Yuri on Ice will premier either in October 2017 or January 2018.

Finish Your Antibiotics

I’m sorry, this isn’t Jojo at all but I think I’ve had it for today. As a pharmacy tech, I’m tired of hearing “Well, I started to feel better so I didn’t finish them.” I always knew this but now as a Molecular and Cellular Biology major, I not only know why but how. If you’re willing to heed my advice from the title, good; be on your way. If you need to know more, keep reading.

It’s widely known–to some extent–that not completing a regiment of antibiotics can result in resistant bacteria, or even super bacteria.

But in an infection, you already have resistant bacteria lurking. Not taking antibiotics doesn’t literally create resistant bacteria. So how, then, do the antibiotics take care of the resistant ones?

A lot of antibiotics aren’t bacterialcidal: They don’t actually kill them. Many inhibit growth by some mechanism depending if the bacteria is gram negative or gram positive. For example, penicillin inhibits growth by disrupting the formation of a peptidoglycan layer on gram positive bacteria. Others target the LPS layer on gram negative ones. This keeps the non resistant bacteria at bay. So what kills the resistant ones? Your immune system. Antibiotics buy time and energy for your immune system to recognize and destroy the resistant strains. Your immune system is intelligent in that sense and can form antibodies for new illnesses. It’s important to give your immune system this time because bacteria grow, mutate, and transfer genetic material at astonishing rates. If you wanted to look at a microcosm of the mechanics that go into evolution, you’ve got it with bacteria. 

There are three methods aside from binary fission in which they transfer genes (I won’t get into the minutia of the form of informational material): Transformation, transduction and conjugation.

In transformation, a bacteria can pickup lost genes from a ruptured and dead cell.

Transduction is a way to transfer information via a viral vector.

In conjugation, genes are transferred through something called a pilus: It’s a bridge between two cells that pipes a copy of the information from one cell to another receptive cell and is the only method that doesn’t involve killing either cells. Resistant bacteria like to give around that resistance information like they’re burning a CD for their friends.

So please finish your antibiotics if you’ve been given them. It doesn’t matter if you’ve started to feel better or even great. Finish them.

(Hey science people, If I’ve missed anything or even got something wrong, help me out. There’s obviously lengthy stuff I’ve left out but I think I got the basics).

I’m so emotional about the differences in how Philip and Lukas look at each other.

When Philip looks at Lukas it’s with such intense determination to keep him safe and protect him. He knows that despite all the big talk that Lukas is scared and just in need of someone to tell him that everything will be okay. Philip looks at him like he’d want nothing more than to just make sure Lukas knows that he is not broken and he deserves the world.

While Lukas looks at Philip with such terrible heartbreak, it’s not hard to see how much Lukas wants to give Philip his all and love him with everything he has. But he’s full of so much fear that he can’t help but long for Philip even when he’s right there. Because yes, he’s afraid of being outed and outcast, but even more he’s afraid that he’ll never be sure enough of himself to love Philip completely.

The contrast in their eyes is so heart wrenching but you know that above all these boys are falling in love with each other with all the devotion and adoration that they have. It’s beautiful beyond words.


here’s a sneak-peak of some monsters i had the honor of designing for an upcoming episode of @gfdeepwoods !! I’m so excited to be contributing to a project as awesome as this , and you should check out the first half of the first episode if you haven’t already!


Mystic Messenger x Rune Factory AU Rune Messenger? Mystic Factory?

For those who don’t know, Rune Factory is a farming/dungeon-crawling/dating simulation; literally a fantasy Harvest Moon

In the tradition of RF protagonists, MC winds up in a town disoriented and with amnesia. With no recollection of what brought her to town or her life beforehand, she is allowed to live on the farm that once belonged to Rika, who disappeared two years ago. Despite her amnesia, she is a hard worker and is looking forward to creating new memories with the townspeople.


Creating Saturday Night Live: Hair and Makeup

What goes into transforming Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon into Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton every week? Take a look backstage with Creating Saturday Night Live.

anonymous asked:

Why did you postponed the Miraculous Ladybug movie to 2020?

Hi there! Movies take a long time to create, and we want to make the best movie possible. The movie is STILL happening, so we appreciate your patience and understanding while we make it!