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Okay so me and @eyeloch talked about this AU a lot last night…

There was this idea where Sabine’s parents discover the Bridgers son managed to resist being taken by imperials. But they choose not to help him due to the fact they’re already on thin ice with the empire. But Sabine doesn’t agree. She stands her ground and tries to persuade her parents to help this little kid but they refuse and try to take her away. 

Sabine pulls away and refuses to leave without Ezra. After an argument with Sabine her parents give up; and they leave. Leaving there young daughter behind on Lothal with Ezra. Letting her ‘Make her own mistakes’  (I’m still stuck with the idea that Sabine’s parents (or at least mother) weren’t very good parents from the start) 

So these two babies basically grow up on the streets together for a numerous amount of years learning all kinds of tricks. 

Some details: 

Sabine cuts her long hair herself (Given why it’s quite messy) due to long hair being a target in a fight.

Ezra still collects helmets; while Sabine collects Blasters (Both functional and non)  

Sabine still loves art; but doesn’t get the chance to draw or paint very often as paint is hard to come by living on the streets (Ezra may or may not have stolen some for her once or twice)

Ezra doesn’t know that it was Sabine’s parents that are the reason for his parents capture. And Sabine never tells him; or brings it up. 

❝ bias selfie tag ❞

my heart goes out 2 @purplelucia thanks for the tag ily. also thanks again 4 giving me chocolate;; munch. 

[♦] who is your bias: blueberry jun/gerald/coconut head/june july/wen junhui

[♦] why do you bias them: BIHTCH THE BETTER QUESTION IS WHY DON’T I BIAS HIM?!? he’s my sunshine plus he is ver sweet nd he sometimes he makes me wanna climb to the top of a staircase so i can throw myself down it.

[♦] what would you do if you ran into them: zippity zip quickity quick toodles I’M FUKING GONE CATCH ME TUCK N ROLLING DOWN THE STREET ND CANOEING TO ANTARCTICA!! 

[♦] if you were to spend the day together what would you do: i want to show him how soft my blue blanket is!! yall i wish u could feel it, it’s so soft!!! maybe after i will take him 2 the waterfalls so we can throw leaves in nd watch them get swirled away;; 

[♦] what was the last thing they did to make you smile: ren tagged me in a pic of him trying 2 eat a plush. jun u idiot bagel!! u can’t eat that!!

[♦] if you could say something to them what would it be: oh my gosh;; i have a novel i want 2 say;; i guess it would be i appreciate all of ur efforts nd hard work, u are so photosynthesis nd have gr8 eyes, also king of doing nothing nd still killing me!!

AGAIN THANKS LUCIA 4 THE TAG ND CHOCOLATE!! also these pics don’t match for shit pls forgive i was occupied with anthropology nd there wasn’t a lot of time to coordinate;;  

anywho idk who 2 tag hehhh @chanthepeach @wxnhao @94wnd @renthecupcake @hansolmates @mihgyu @baekyone AND ANYONE ELSE MY MIND IS BLANK RIGHT NOW. optional as always!

I am so glad I'm seeing more "Oh dear lord NO please NO" posts

In regard to the possible OUAT musical episode.

Because when I first got onto Tumblr this morning all I saw was praise for the idea and I was like …. what the actual FUCK?????? ❓⁉️‼️‼️❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓😒😒😒😖😲🤢🤢🤢🤢

Do you guys realize what an utter festival of SHIT a musical episode would be?

This show (stupidly) takes itself too seriously to pull it off, and I don’t care how well any of the actors can sing/dance/whatever.

It would be CRAP. 💩💩💩

Sorry but it would.

thinking about it, this week’s episode did a lot to dispel any remaining fear i had about a power imbalance or ulterior motives in victor and yuuri’s relationship, and it’s basically because of one line.

because remember, we’ve only very recently started to hear victor’s internal dialogue, and it told us crucially here that this is exactly what victor was doing. not because of any malicious intent, sure; he was genuinely trying to help yuuri, and based on his own experiences, an extreme ultimatum like the one he presented to yuuri was the best that he could come up with. nonetheless, it was designed to manipulate yuuri in a way, to motivate him, to snap him out of his stress. 

and the thing is, even in a very well done story, that’s what we might reasonably have expected to happen: yuuri, filled with a new drive not to lose victor, someone he admires immensely, as his coach/friend/partner, delivers a stunning performance and all is resolved. that’s just how the trope seems to go.

instead, yuuri immediately sees through what victor was doing, recognizes it as out of character for victor’s coaching style and how he treats yuuri in general, and calls him the fuck out on it, because yeah, that’s unhealthy, it’s not okay, and yuuri knows it, knows that he’s in and deserves a relationship with mutual honesty and respect. 

regardless of his anxiety, his insecurities, this is not a relationship where yuuri is on thin ice, and it’s lovely to see.

10 Tips For Spanking A Little

1. Adjust the intensity of each spank at random, so they can’t prepare for the pain and don’t know what to expect.

2. If she’s giggling or laughing, you need to spank harder.

3. Take breaks and pull her hair, choke her, or put your finger in her mouth, or whisper something naughty into her ear to remind her that you own her.

4. Make sure she can’t see your hands. This again comes back to making sure they can’t mentally “prepare” for each spank before they get it.

5. Caress her ass and pussy occasionally.

6. Keep her in the same place and don’t allow her to walk about or wiggle around or stretch her legs.

7. Don’t smile or make jokes about the situation. You’re her Daddy so act like one.

8. Don’t let her lead the situation. It’s better to just spank, instead of asking things like “Should I spank harder?” or “Is that good?”.

9. Get a paddle or some other spanking tool to use sometimes. Hands are great but it’s nice to spice it up with something new once in a while.

10. After the spanking session is over, make sure to give her lots of hugs and after-care

A screenshot of an extremely messy eruri kiss for a WIP I have going on. If it works out, this will be a teeny tiny little part of what I hope to be a very large piece and I thought it would be a shame to lose it in the background, so I’m sharing my take on young eruris in love. Yes, Levi is wearing a baseball cap backwards…


This day had been complete and utter shit. A ghost had tossed you around, bruised and battered you, covered you in mud, and just pissed you off entirely. As soon as you were back in your motel room you showered and busted open your bottle of whiskey, planning to drink yourself into oblivion. You didn’t expect Dean to knock on your door to check on you. As soon as you opened the door, you wobbled and he had to catch you to keep you upright. Somehow, about three quarters of your bottle was gone. 

“That bad, huh? “Dean chuckled and pushed you backwards toward the bed, sitting you down gently. “I’ve had those days. I uh…I just came to make sure you were ok but I guess you’re fine.” 

“Want some?” You held out the bottle and Dean grinned, taking it from you and taking a swig. You went to take it back and he pulled it away, sitting the bottle on the floor. 

“I think you might’ve had enough.” 

You dove across him, grabbing the bottle and throwing yourself back into your spot, leaning against the headboard. “Don’t tell me when I’ve had enough, Winchester.” You slurred. “With your stupid green eyes and your stupid freckles and stupid pink, kissable lips.” 

Dean cocked an eyebrow in amusement, staring at you while you babbled. “They’re not even normal green or emerald green or jade or anything it’s like staring into the fucking sun.” 


“And those fucking lips. You’re always sticking your tongue out. Wetting your lips…” 


“I think you do it just because you know it drives me insane.”


“Not that you’d ever actually - “ 

“Oh my god, shut up.” Dean laughed and crashed his lips into yours, taking you completely off guard and completely blanking your mind. 

“Whoa.” You murmured once he pulled away. 

“Damn, Y/N/N.” Dean chuckled. “If I had known you were such an honest drunk I would’ve bought you a bottle of whiskey months ago when I realized I was in love with you.” 

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