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percy and keyleth holed up in the library of whitestone castle going through any books they can find on plants and their meanings, trying to come up with bouquets that would best convey their feelings to vex and pike. the subject is something they both find a common interest in (percy has always appreciated languages and the fact that mixing plants together can send messages is absolutely fascinating to him; keyleth loves plants so the idea of being able to fully express her often jumbled emotions through something she loves is really cool to her) and they put in so much time and effort thinking up the perfect meaningful bouquets for their s/o and then hunting down all the necessary components?

pike and vex aren’t particularly interested in the subject (although i’m sure keyleth and percy both rattle off the meanings of every part) but they’re genuinely touched and find all the effort they put into it incredibly endearing.

vex doesn’t bother hiding her sly smile as percy fumbles over the flowers with more serious romantic meanings, pointing out how red his ears are as he tries to backtrack to the more lighthearted flowers. he tries his best to keep his bouquet very neat and color-coordinated.

keyleth is red in the face the entire time she lists off meanings, pausing every couple of seconds to try and read pike’s reaction to it all. admittedly, pike becomes a bit lost after the tenth flower (keyleth may have gone a little bit overboard) but she knows something pretty when she sees it. keyleth’s bouquet is very bright and pulls from the majority of the color spectrum. from anybody else the bouquet may have seemed messy and obnoxious but from keyleth it seems lovely and incredibly sincere.

If i do nothing my father will return and get mad at me for not doing any chores. If I do anything without first consulting my mother she will get mad at me for doing something wrong. She’s refusing to tell me anything just saying I should do nothing. But if i do that then she still will get mad at me for wasting the day :’) hurray



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your writing is so so so so great!!! I really love all the fics you write for tumblr 😊 could you do a Jamilton fic with prompts 30 and 63 please?

A/N: Oh, Anon! How did you know that Jamilton was my guilty pleasure? (Requests are open; send me a prompt and I’ll see if I can write it!)

“Well, there is a first for everything.” / “Is that sass I hear?”

Alex had nearly slept through his appointment with his professor. He had an essay due at the end of the month that he had finished last week; he just wanted his professor to read over his main points and see if there was anything he needed to add or remove. His appointment was at three, and he had set an alarm to wake him up at two, but it hadn’t gone off.

Which was why he was currently darting across campus wearing his nicest pair of jeans and a Columbia University hoodie. He was going to dress more formally to present himself professionally in front of his professor, but he didn’t have enough time, so he figured that this would do. It was fifteen minutes before his scheduled appointment. He would have been at the office already, but given that he woke up half an hour later than originally planned, and it took at least twenty minutes to get across campus, it was only expected that he’d be running late. He was hoping that with his previous standing, his professor wouldn’t think lowly of him.

He was so caught up with just getting there, he wasn’t even paying attention as to what - or who - was in front of him. He had already almost ran over a bench and a table, and now he nearly rammed into a person, brushing against them rather harshly. “Watch it!” they hissed.

“Sorry-” He turned around to provide a proper apology, but froze when he realized who it was: Thomas Jefferson. He cringed. Now he wasn’t sorry, and he wished that he had plowed him down. “Ugh, Jefferson,” he groaned. He rolled his eyes as he turned away, adjusting his bag strap on his shoulder. “As much as I enjoy your company, I must be on my merry way. Ta-ta.” He smirked as he stuck his nose in the air, believing that his mockery of Jefferson was accurate.

The smirk quickly turned into a scowl when the latter grabbed him by the arm, pulling him back. “Just a second, Hamilton,” Jefferson growled, tightening his grip. Alexander’s scowl deepened as he refused to flinch from the tightness around his upper arm, glaring deep into Jefferson’s eyes. “I think you should apologize for being rude to me. After all, you nearly knocked me over, and that would have ruined my outfit.” He gestured to himself proudly.

Alex rolled his eyes. “Oh, please. That outfit practically ruins itself.” He tugged on his arm, but Jefferson only pulled him back, their bodies practically pressed together.

“Is that sass I hear?” Jefferson asked with a hint of amusement in his voice. “Why the rush, Hamilton? I’m not keeping you from anything important, am I? As if you have anything important to do.”

Alex debated whether or not to entertain Jefferson with his sarcasm or punch him in the face. He really had to go; a quick glance to his watch warned him that he had ten minutes until the scheduled appointment. “Damn it, Jefferson, let go!” he demanded, pulling as hard as he could.

Again, he pulled back, bringing his face close with a demeaning grin. “Make me,” he prodded.

Alex didn’t know why he didn’t punch him in the jaw, or why he had decided that the best way to deter the taller boy was to smash their lips together. Perhaps it was all the built up tension and frustration, or maybe it was just the intimacy of their closest that persuaded him. Much to his surprise, Jefferson didn’t pull away. He released him after a moment of shock, but other than that he was completely still.

It was Alex who pulled back, panting hard and touching his lips with a trembling hand. “Sh-shit, I… I didn’t mean to kiss you, I…” He exhaled and ran a hand through his hair. Why was his heart beating so fast? Why was his face so hot? And… Why did he not mind it so much?

Jefferson rubbed his bottom lip with a quirked brow. “Well, there is a first for everything,” he muttered thoughtfully. “But perhaps you could invite me to dinner next time, hmm, Hamilton?”

If Alexander’s face was already red, it was definitely burning now. “As if, Jefferson!” He shook his head with an annoyed groan, turning sharply on his heels to hide his blushing face. “It was an accident, it’s never gonna happen again. Now piss off, will ya?” He continued his fervid dash across campus, hoping he could make it on time.

Jefferson watched him disappear around the corner, before shoving his hands in his pockets with a chuckle. That was definitely a side of Hamilton he had never seen before, and honestly he couldn’t find himself hating it as much as his other quirks.