taking a little break from the pin ups

selfmedicatingmayor  asked:


❤️ - My muse aggressively pinning yours down and kissing them

Hancock hit the wall with such force the wall shook a little. Raserei pressed up against him pinning the ghoul to the wall under his weight. Before any protest, or real sound could be mustered from Hancock Raserei had his lips pressed against the smaller man’s mouth. The kiss was rough and untamed.

Fury and psycho were some intense drugs, but the things Ras dabbled when it to things out of Wisconsin; sometimes it was best he never be reintroduced to them.

The mercenary breaks the kiss and let’s his tongue slide along Hancock’s jawline before mumbling, “Take my kill again and I will eat you.” 


God, he looks so sexy when he’s working on cars, a little grease smeared on his hands and sweat sparkling on his brow and throat. He’s like a male pin-up with his hand propping open the hood of this dark red Maserati GranTurismo, leaning over the inner workings, a look of concentration furrowing his eyebrows. You just have to wait impatiently for him to take a break before he notices how you’ve been staring, softly snickering before he motions you forward to meet him. The metal car hood is almost too hot against your bare back as your hand presses hard against the front window to keep from being further pushed toward it as he pistons into you, face buried in your throat.

- Admin J