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Little underrated Perc’ahlia detail from last week:

Percy initiates The Treasury Moment by calling Vex “little elf girl.” Vex chuckles in response, because she knew it was a joke, but then warns him about “the danger zone.” To which he responds by immediately dropping the gag and moving on to his much more enjoyable proposition. 

It’s such a nice “show don’t tell” moment. That little exchange is really all you need to see to know that they’ve talked about their relationship and boundaries and how to let each other know what’s Too Far and how Too Far it is without using more than a few words.

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Today I learned that a gay black Transman cussing me out and saying bisexuals don't exist is some how straight white mens fault. I have to forgive him and be patient since he is a POC suffering from internal racism and homophobia and transphobia...

Everything is straight white mens fault. The pea oh sees, LGBTQI2A*+ and women can do nothing wrong ever. Check your privilege.

Once, I was helping this guy with his chemistry homework and when he finally submitted the answer and the computer told him it was correct, we were both like, ‘yay!’, he said ‘thank you’, I said ‘no problem’, and sat back down in my seat. Then, he turns to me, his expression absolutely serious, and he says, “I appreciate you.” and I do this double take like “that wasnt a joke, was it?” And it was just a little jarring because of 1) he was actually serious and 2) how deeply I was moved by it. Like, it was just three words, completely of the blue, but it made me so…well, appreciated? And happy? And after my initial shock, I reply with another thank you and a “dang, you don’t hear that a lot”. And, working on his next hw problem, he’s just like, “Yeah, I try to say it as much as I can. Otherwise, how are people supposed to know?” and that was just the most casual, wonderful gesture of kindness that I’ve experienced.  

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Do you know how important mayonnaise is in Latino and East Asian culture (idk about Southeast Asia but Japan, ROK, and China looove mayonnaise, they do in fact put it on pizza) anyway loving mayo isn't a "white" thing hope this helps

1) learn to take a joke you sad sack, if not feel free to take me to the supreme court

2) the kind of mayo in china and japan (places i have lived and definitely know more than your ass about) is very different to western style mayonnaise. the ‘kewpie’ brand is iconic in flavour and in usage, but again is very different to 'mayonaise’

3) this is literally a joke based on the fact that white westerners, particularly americans, above mayo into everything including 'salads’

so harunmmmmmm maybe do some further research before you come up in an mixed-race asian man blog, especially when he has lived in asia and knows far more about it than i can assume you do

I find it funny people (me) have to put disclaimers when making jokes about Luke bc some people can’t take a joke or can’t sense sarcasm so they have to be blatantly told it’s a joke so they don’t start sending hate and or indirecting and making it into a bigger deal than the entire joke

Saw Lego Batman Movie

And it was good - super cute. I really love Lego-Robin. ^w^

Seriously, if you haven’t seen “The Lego Movie,” then you’re missing a point to understand a good humor. (No, I’m serious - if you can’t take the jokes, then there is something wrong with you).

That’s part of the film I watched. Now the upcoming funny/humor films I’m planning to see: Captain Underpants, Emoji Movie…. and Lego Ninjago Movie.

Films with sense of humor are way cooler  and needs some appreciation than “serious cartoon” wannabe movies.

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