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towards the end of the semester and the school year, i am bombarded with assignments and projects. therefore, i will use this time to get those completed in a timely manner. i will not be on at all except for queueing posts and answering asks/messages, and because i am on a semi hiatus, there will be a slight delay in replies so i apologize in advance.

but have no fear! i will be back some time in april!

there are a lot of you so i felt obligated to tell you guys that ill be taking a small semi-hiatus for the next few weeks. i am having some mental health issues and i think i need to take a break from blogging for a little bit. ill still reblog posts and answer asks every now and then but i won’t be super active and i apologize. i hope to be back soon. thank you !!

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Oringinal story by Kurohaha and Sairenharia

So thats the end of Chapter 1. It’s been a 7 month journey, and I had lots of fun.

With that, I’m announcing the beginning of my hiatus from this series. Starts now. I need to take a break from this project mostly because I want to do art for other things too. Like Legend of Miraculous. I really want to focus on that for a bit. So I hope you guys will stick with me for it.
Another reason for the break is in hopes that I don’t catch up with the fanfiction. It’s been a while since they updated and I’m around 40% into the story just from this first scene.
I’ll keep posting art, so look forward to it. Otherwise, more Double Jeu in mid December!


I’ve decided to take a break from Tumblr. 27 Dresses, The Monster Inside of My Head, and Iron Will are finished and in the queue. They will post at their normal times, but there won’t be any time zone reblogs, and I most likely won’t be updating the Masterlists. The new series have been pulled from the queue. Thank you to all of you that have been so supportive of me in the past few months. 

/don’t rb/ my queue has already spat out 2 posts while i wasn’t looking, so i’m gonna take that as a sign that i should finally get around to writing a official hiatus post so uh. i’m gonna be gone for the next couple of weeks.

ik i haven’t really talked about this, but my mental health took a deep nosedive at the end of last year. instead of dealing with it then i just kinda ignored it and hoped that eventually i’d start to feel better, which… obviously didn’t happen lmao. right now i just want to focus on picking myself back up and figured that taking a break from tumblr while i’m off doing that couldn’t hurt. blog’s not going to be completely abandoned since i have a fancy queue all set up, i just won’t be around answering messages or keeping up w/ my dash.

see u in a few weeks!

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6 & 11 w/ pudgy!Alex? if you're still taking requests ❤️

A/N: Hahaha told y’all I was working on something. And sadly I have another announcement today: I’m working on something else at the moment so I’m going on hiatus with my fanfiction :( Sorry guys! I love you all but big sibby Dani has to take a break. I might do drabbles every now and then, but until next time… (I’ll still reblog stuff to this blog but I probably won’t post fics for a while)

Jefferson was sinking into the old and soft couch that they had picked up from a flea market. Alex had found it and instantly fell in love with it, begging Jefferson to buy it since he didn’t have the hundred dollars needed. At first, Jefferson thought it was dirty, disgusting, and possibly crawling with bugs… Then again, he thought the same of Alex and he put up with him. Though, he wish he hadn’t, because if it hadn’t been for those irresistible puppy dog eyes Jefferson would have left the thing to rot. But he figured, after a good cleaning, that it was actually comfortable and good for cuddling among other things.

Alex was pressed into his side, grumbling about the movie’s historical inaccuracy. Jefferson rolled his eyes, it was impossible to watch historical fiction with Alex. He pulled Alex to his chest so his face was pressed into his shirt in an attempt to silence him. Alex instantly began to retaliate, flailing his arms and struggling against his much larger boyfriend before giving up with a heavy, annoyed sigh. He tilted his head up so he could glare at Jefferson with tired eyes punctuated with deep bags. Jefferson only smiled with triumph and adoration, placing a kiss on Alex’s head. “Stop being so crabby,” he mumbled against his forehead. “The movie’s not for you anyway, since you refuse to watch it. You’re supposed to be sleeping.”

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” Alex muttered, grunting when Jefferson wrapped his arm tighter around him. “You’re an asshole for not letting me finish up my essays.”

“That aren’t due until next week? Darling, you should be thanking me.”

“I hate you,” Alex growled, his cheeks burning with embarrassment at the term of endearment. Thomas smirked, knowing his southern charm always won his stubborn boyfriend over. Alex eventually settled, still wiggling in Thomas’ arms so he could face the television. Thomas sighed heavily, knowing he was only going to critique the film. Hopefully it would tire him out. He crossed his legs so Alex could sit comfortably in his lap, letting his arms rest around his waist.

As the plot thickened, Alex’s disgruntled grumbling silenced as he grew more intrigued with the story. That was one thing Thomas learned after dating Alex for six months: if you’re going to watch a movie, pick a movie with a good plot because no matter what, Alexander Hamilton will try to make sense of it. Alex was literally at the edge of his seat, the only thing keeping him anchored to the couch was Jefferson’s arm. He was debating whether or not to let him go and let him burn his face on the carpet. He decided he would be nice today, securing his arm around Alex’s waist.

A low rumble of thunder and the vibration of the house made Alex sit up stiffly, his eyes wide and his hands latched tightly onto Thomas’ arm. Thomas winced, trying to free his arm from Alex’s grasp. “Damn it, Alex! You’re hurting me!” He finally managed to pry Alex off of him, rubbing his arm. “What the hell is your problem?” When he looked up, he noticed that Alex hadn’t moved. Another rumble of thunder made him shiver. “Alex? Babe?” He placed a hand on his back, and Alex jumped about ten feet in the air. Thomas followed his movement, carefully wrapping his arms around him and hushing him as he babbled incoherently. The lights flickered, sending Alex into another frenzy of panic.

“Hey, hey… Baby, baby look at me.” Thomas knelt to Alex’s height, placing his hands on his shoulders and waiting for Alex to look in his eyes. Thomas smiled as comfortably as he could, rubbing his boyfriend’s shoulders. “Hey baby. It’s gonna be alright. I won’t let anything bad happen to you. Do you trust me?” Alex slowly shook his head, having difficulty processing Thomas’ words. Thomas nodded with him, pulling him into an embrace. He reached for the remote to turn the television off, slowly sitting and pulling Alex into his lap. “See? You’re okay.” He combed his fingers into Alex’s hair. It seemed to relax him. Thomas hoped that there wouldn’t be another clap of thunder anytime soon so he could get Alex to a calmer state of mind. “Why don’t we get some blankets and pillows, huh? Get you cozy and warm. How’s that sound?”

Alex looked into Thomas’ eyes as if they were the answer to life. “I’d like that.” Thomas took his hand and led him upstairs to his room. Once they were inside, he had Alex sit on the bed as he grabbed more blankets from his closet. Alex looked out the window from the bed. The rain wasn’t falling too hard, but the clouds were dark. Alex looked away quickly, his heart pounding and his hands finding refuge in the sheets underneath him. Had he not been so scared he would have already insulted the repulsive fuschia sheets. But at the same time, despite their repugnant color, they were soft and warm and they smelled so nice…

When Thomas turned around with an arm full of sheets, he saw that Alex had made himself comfortable on his bed, half of his face pressed into his sheets. He chuckled, sitting on the edge of the bed and beginning to wrap the sheets around Alex, pulling him closer and closer to him. Alex didn’t fight too much, making a small sound of protest whenever Thomas moved him. Thomas ignored him, working with the sheets until he was completely swaddled. He snorted was he was finished, Alex’s head resting in his lap. “You look like a fat caterpillar.”

“Shut up, I’m warm.”

Thomas kissed his forehead. “That’s good. Now go to sleep, you stubborn ass.”

Alex opened his eyes slightly in an attempt to glare at Thomas. Unable to flash a rude gesture or fully glare, he settled to sticking out his tongue. Alex closed his eyes, soon drifting off to a peaceful slumber with the feeling of Thomas’ fingers in his hair. He knew Thomas would never let him live this down, but it wasn’t like this was going to be the last storm they spent together.

Gonna take a short hiatus from this blog, at least until the next episode airs, whenever that is! The fandom is too volatile for me to deal with right now, I feel like I’m constantly walking on eggshells whenever I post something, and I’ve said pretty much everything I can for the moment until more bad episodes are released. I’ve closed the inbox and submissions for now, I can’t close PMs but I’d prefer if you didn’t contact me through them. If you need me I’ll be on my main over at @drfoxes. See you guys soon!

night watch - TolkienGirl - 힘쎈여자 도봉순 | Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Bong Soon sleeps like the dead, and so neither of them are ever very certain how it was that she woke in time to save him.

(Scene filler for the infamous episode 6 cliffhanger; so a totally speculative little scene with MinSoon feels)

Yuri Plisetsky Week: Day 7, Free Day (”Osu!”/Gaming AU) - Ficlet

This fic is a companion to my other osu! AU fic here

Two weeks. That’s how long it’s been since Yuri visited the doctor after weeks of suffering from wrist pain and was told he needed to take a break from playing osu! until his wrist recovered.

Yuri Plisetsky, the ice tiger of the osu! Russian team A.K.A “CookieCat77″, is forced to take at least a six month hiatus from the game he loves to play due to not just his wrist but the start of the ice-skating season. 

Still, two weeks of idling in-game to chat with friends and spectate and he’s already bored and teetering to full-blown depression. Mila tried reassuring him that team Russia is doing fine at the osu! World Cup without him as long as they have Victor to carry the team but that just disheartens him further.

He can’t bring himself to watch the rest of the World Cup on Twitch. Yuri settles for feeling miserable about it instead of finding other games to play.

That is, until he receives a message in-game from “nightwalk”. Who is this?

He opens the chat tab.

nightwalk: hi

Well, he seems friendly enough.

CookieCat77: hi wut do you want?

nightwalk: Just saying hi, wanna spec me?

Yuri grits his teeth. Why the hell would he spectate some low-rate trash player- wait. Oh.

He checks nighwalk’s profile and it seems he’s a Catch the Beat Player… and he’s #1 for his country, Kazakhstan.  Well, it can’t hurt to spectate him for awhile. Yuri has never seen a pro CTB player play before.

CookieCat77: Sure, why not.

Yuri presses the spectate button and waits… soon enough, nightwalk starts to play a map. 

What he doesn’t expect is to see the pure level of pro-ness he is witnessing. The game fruits are falling so fast that Yuri can’t keep track of them, yet this person is catching them all easily.

About 3 seconds from the end is when nightwalk misses a fruit. Its the only fruit he misses. Yuri is just in awe of how good he is as a couple messages come in.

nightwalk: fuck

nightwalk: I shitmissed

CookieCat77: How the fuck did you get so good?

There’s a pause for a reply.

nightwalk: You’re asking me this when you’re in the top 50 players for Russia?

CookieCat77: That’s for standard tho, anyone can git gud at std. That was amazing.

nightwalk: I legit watched you on Twitch like 5 weeks ago when you FC’d Deconstruction Star and you had the eyes of a soldier doing that.

nightwalk: Nvm, that sounds stupid

nightwalk: forget i said that

Yuri finds himself intrigued by this person, they are a better player than him in another game mode yet they insist on complimenting his playing skills… skills he no longer has.

CookieCat77: Wuts ur name? Im Yuri, you can just call me Cookie like everyone else tho.

Long pause again.

nightwalk: Otabek

nightwalk: Wanna be my friend?

Yuri stares at the message for awhile but considering he just watched one of the most inspiring things he’s seen in weeks, he simply replies:

CookieCat77: Sure

(Hope you enjoyed, it’s shorter than i wanted it because laptop started to die towards the end)

im sorry y'all im gonna take a small break explaination in tags

like if you read


*clears throat*

hello,,, hi. i’m no good at being formal or talking about things seriously (or taking them seriously tbh) but i think for now i need to put the winters legacy on an official hiatus :-/ i’m sorry i know some of you are probably disappointed and i love them but going into their save just turned into such a chore that i never even wanted to do it anymore. i don’t want to end up hating them completely, so for now i need to take a break from them (and feeling bad for not posting them) and have some fun with other things. my posts were turning into all complaints and apologies (kind of like this one oh geez sorry it’s the last i /swear/) and i didn’t like the negative turn it was taking. 

so, i thought maybe i’d jump back into the 100 baby challenge but that save was already so broken and my game was getting too laggy with all the cc and poses that i had to put into it and i just got so frustrated trying to make it work when it clearly wasn’t, so i’ve moved pretty much all of my cc out of my game except genetic things and the hair/clothes you see on the sim above ^ and i’m gonna start fresh,,,,

that being said! say hi to gee lavender!!! they’re a super cool sim :D i’ll probably do more of an introduction to them on their first post but for now you can see what they look like!!! i’m rly excited to play with them and get back into just enjoying the game for what it is and not trying to mold it into what i want it to be so i hope u guys will bear with me and love them too :D

Taking a break

Hey guys! I wanted to let you all know that I will be taking a little break from writing/posting. I’m kinda tired and I feel like I need to recharge a bit. 

I’ll still be somewhat active here and check my messages, but other than that I’ll be away for a while. If for some reason you really need to contact me and I’m not answering here, you can find me on my personal blog: stfulaurahh.tumblr.com 

See ya soon, 

Laura 💕

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Two Things

1) No update for In My Veins this week. I spent the weekend in Dallas with my fiancee and some friends, which seemed like a better use of time than writing. Updates will resume next Sunday.

2) Other than updating In My Veins (and that’s only because I have a completionist complex), I’m taking a break from Tumblr. This website exacerbates my depression and loneliness like whoa, and frankly I’m tired. Once In My Veins is complete (five more chapters), I’ll see how I feel and either go full hiatus or try to come back. I’ll be returning to only writing short fics, however, no matter what I do – In My Veins and A Drop of Magic were the first multi-chapter stories I’ve written in a while, and I was reminded why I stopped in the process of posting them. And I’m tired of doing this to myself.

So….yeah. See you around, I suppose.

Short Hiatus

Just wanted to let everyone know that I might take a short break from posting stories. Nothing too serious! It’s just that I have a lot of shit to do in the next few days.

For those who sent requests, I’m sorry! Wanted to keep writing but it’s hard if you’re not inspired. I really don’t want to compromise my writing just so I can get it done. I’ll still work on them for sure, promise!

For fic ideas, suggestions especially for DDHTK or Marry Me, Negan please do send them in! I already have an outline for future chapters but a little help could really go a long way.

Will be back to posting stories soon! Give it a week or two and y'all will probably be flooded with updates lol.

Thank you guys so much for always taking the time to read my works! Really, really appreciate it! xoxo

Personal update

Hello friends, you may have noticed I’ve not been terribly actively lately, besides the daily 5 queued posts. I’m doing quite badly in my academic career currently so I’m trying to take a bit of a break from Tumblr to keep myself from flunking out :^) This semi-hiatus will last until the end of May. In the meantime, I can try to answer asks sometimes but there’s a backlog of nearly 60 unanswered ones so that could take a very long time. My apologies for the ones that were time sensitive.

In the meantime, I’m trying to fill up the queue but I’m running out of original posts D: I need submissions please?

Also, I’m coming up on 5,000 followers and I have No Idea what to do to celebrate. Anyone have suggestions?

Peter Kaasa taking hiatus from wrestling following injury

At EVOLVE 76: A Hero’s Exit, “Superhuman” Peter Kaasa took on Jaka in a singles bout, which included an unfortunate incident. During that match, suffered an injury due to the top rope breaking, leading to Kaasa taking a nasty fall. The injury was said to be serious, but Kaasa has confirmed as much, stating that he plans on taking a hiatus from wrestling. He posted the following on Facebook:

To my family, friends, and fans, upon receiving medical evaluations after the unfortunate equipment malfunctions during the Evolve taping in San Antonio January 27th, I have decided to take a hiatus from professional wrestling. I won’t say retirement as I am not sure right now. Because of the rope breaking, I have a moderately bulging disc in my cervical spine that has been causing a lot of discomfort and pain and stiffness on a daily basis since the accident. To actually have gotten up after what happened in the ring that night was a miracle in itself let alone finishing the match and being able to still do all I am doing now. (Superhuman stuff Lol)

I am thankful to the Lord for the blessing of still being able to surf and go to the gym, learn jiujitsu, and even as simple as walk to my car. I am sorry to those of you this news disappoints. I am torn what to do or think at the moment as well. To wrestle would mean worsening my injury and placing my body in even more jeopardy. The 15-30 minutes in the ring is all most people see. It is the reward for me and for you guys. But the countless hours, days, months, years (my whole life basically) I’ve put in to becoming an elite world class athlete and one of the top highflyers in the wrestling world will never be understood fully looking in from the outside. It’s not easily grasped how much effort and dedication it has taken unless you’ve lived it yourself.

With that said I want to apologize to you guys and also say encouragement would be very much appreciated over any criticism or negativity. To my friends who have followed my short career, you know this is the 3rd serious injury I have suffered and this one though the outcome was ok, could have been the most life threatening/career ending one. I don’t feel like I’ve missed my goal. I am very grateful for what I have accomplished thus far. The saying is you shoot for the moon and if you fall short, you’ll still be amongst the stars. But I don’t feel we fell short at all… I feel we went past the moon and came back again. Thanks for taking the Superhuman detour journey with me guys. I love many of y’all very much. The sun’s still shining. Take a moment to see.


Just thought that I would let you guys know that on Saturday I am going to take a little break from this blog. I won’t be making any imagines for 3 weeks. I have added a bunch of imagines to the queue for the 3 weeks and 12 imagines etc will be posted each day for the 3 weeks. I still have a bunch of imagines in my drafts and when I come back I will be putting them into the queue. And i still have a bunch of requests that I need to work on. All written ones. I will try and write a few over the next two days. I will still come back to this blog each morning so I can update my masterlists with the imagines that were posted the day before. But that will be the only time that i will be on the blog. But while I am gone please feel free to send in lots of imagines for me to work on when I get back.

I feel like I need to tell you guys instead of posting “hiatus” I’m having a lot of troubles at the moment with my mental health and everything around me. I’m taking a break from tumblr, I don’t know when I’ll be back but please don’t give up on me I will be back.

For those of you that private message me I will still answer them but it’s going to take a while before I do since I’m logging off tumblr. I’m not ignoring you I just need a break.

Sims 3 / Sims 4

How’s your day everyone? I hope it’s good in your end of the world.

The past 1½… 2 weeks? I have been messing around with sims 4, and am starting to enjoy it. the toddlers are super cute!

However, this does NOT mean that I am moving over to it. I still love sims 3, but I’m currently taking a break… hiatus? from it as I really lack inspo and motivation for it. 

I don’t know how many who actually follows my Dahing-Swans, they are my precious babies and I am not giving up on them! To those who read the Valentines Day Surprise - thank you. There will come a lot more to Oliver’s story, as I’ve decided to focus on him.
At the same time they are all being re-created in my sims 4. I enjoy just playing them, and I will be posting gameplay shots and stuff. Please do know this: the Sims 4 gameplay is NOT canon! They are a non-canon gameplay and will not be played as they’ve been described so far. … just so you don’t get confused, haha! 
If you don’t want to see my sims 4 posts, please just block the tag “sims 4″ 

…. I doubt anyone really cares, but it’s just a heads up ^^