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taking a break

It really pains me to say this, especially since I just joined and started the Pokechristmas event, but I’m taking a break from my blog/pokemon in general.

At first it really helped me loosen up my art and be more dynamic, but lately it hasn’t been helping me improve on the art that really matters to me if that makes sense?? Like my actual human characters and artwork. Focusing on pokemon sort of hurt that so I’m going to take a break and solely work on other art.

I’ll likely still post in intervals because I love Sock and kisses, but for now I’m going to call this an official, temporary ‘hiatus’

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MULTIFANDOM CHALLENGE || (5/50) Male Characters » John Watson

“You’re not haunted by the war, Dr. Watson. You miss it.”

{ Sorry. I’m usually active. But a lot of things happened on my end.

Had a break up, irl problems, emotion problems, webcomic problems, etc. I said I was back but I’m going to have to take another hiatus from here, for a different reason this time. See you all, and take care. Mod Animator wants you to be happy. }

-Mod Animator

Hi, hello, name’s Sonia, nice to meet you.

If you are my follower I am deeply sorry and I love you. If you are a random person I love you.

I want to clear things: what Dom has said is unacceptable and unbelievable. Even my friend, who likes him is deeply in a state of shock, we are both recovering. He should make a proper apology. I mean, proper proper, not the way of “nah, I will just say I’m sorry”. This lenguage is so freaking homophobic that I can’t even.

However leave Matt out of this. This is not his fault, for the rest of the live he was saying we shouldn’t curse, and I think he understands how mean it was of Dom. I mean he panicked when Dom had said that. So leave Matt alone.

Dear follower, you may now wonder why am I sorry. It’s because I’m taking a break from tumblr. Not for long, I will come back when this all would cool down. I need to treat myself too, and I don’t wanna be cought up with drama, beceause I know I am very fragile. Last drama has caused me a serious illness and I can’t be sick on my exams. If it won’t cool down till Sunday, don’t worry, I will still post my “through the hiatus with Harry” gif. I hope you will understand.



I Need a Break.

I took this title from when Markiplier announced his hiatus, because like Mark, my hiatus won’t exactly be a vacation.

I’m going to explain where I’m coming from, because my followers are so kind and they always have smart perceptions on these things.

Recently, I’ve realized that constantly running this blog is pulling me away from my craft. It takes a good chunk of my day to answer asks and keep my blog active, which leaves me little room for actual witchcraft. I feel like I’m posting about witchcraft more than I’m actually practicing it. 

Because my platform gained a bigger following than I ever anticipated, posts about my craft are being scrutinized by tens of thousands of people. That isn’t necessarily bad; people should be critical of practices and figure out what’s good for their own path. But, combined with the lack of practice on my part, it’s had a side effect for me. I feel like my craft isn’t even my own anymore. Reading so many comments and edits on my craft makes me doubt myself, whether I’m doing it right, what I should be adjusting, or should be doing it at all, or if I’m worthy enough to talk about it. This is why my worshipping Hades zine–which I promised would be out by October–is still unfinished. I’ve been scared to return to it. Am I even worthy enough to write about Hades? Will He even like it?

That attitude isn’t fair to any of us. It’s unfair to me, because it prevents me from enjoying my outlets. And it’s unfair to my followers, who ask me questions and read my work because they want to see my perspective on the craft.

I’m at a point of great change and stress in my life, and now I need my craft more than ever. I’m going to let go of this blog for a while, and in the meantime, I’ll be studying, writing, exploring new practices and reconnecting with my work.

I will not be answering asks promptly during this time. You may see me online spontaneously or perhaps making some posts, but I won’t be as interactive. If you’ve been messaging me privately, expect long wait times between replies. It’s nothing personal; just a mental health break.

My Etsy will still be active, as will my Instagram, so expect some writing updates on those.

Thanks for understanding, good luck with your crafts, and I’ll see you all soon. 

For You To Love Me Too

Can you do an imagine where Daryl likes the reader and whenever he touches her he handles her like shes made of glass because he thinks he’s going to hurt her or something. He also feels like hes not good enough. (I know thats been done a lot) 😊

Ahhhh! I’m back! Thanks for being so understanding while I took some time away. But I’m so glad to be back and thrilled to finally put out a new one shot! Hope you like this one!! 😊

Speaking of breaks, I did wanna make a little announcement. I decided I wanted to take a break from writing Don’t Look Back. I’m not abandoning the story completely, I just wanna take some more time to plan the story out better. I’ve got bits and pieces planned out but I don’t want a million fillers before putting out quality chapters. So, Don’t Look Back is on hiatus at the moment until I can plan some more chapters.

Okay, so I just wanna let you know that from now on, I’m not gonna respond to requests until I actually post them because I’m losing track of what order I got them in as I list them in my computer so I don’t lose them. I know what you’re thinking. How the fuck does she lose track when she’s supposed to be making note of them in order? I’m kinda stupid that way. Don’t try figuring it out hahaha so I’m gonna save the request in my inbox until I post it and then I’ll respond. I’ve seen other blogs do it this way so I hope you don’t mind if I do it that way as well. Anyways, on with the one shot!!

It was awkward for you every day since you met the group on that highway all those months ago. That Daryl Dixon was either playing hard to get or he was completely oblivious. It was clear to everyone else that you liked him and you were trying to get his attention. Everyone but him anyway.

And he avoided touching you whenever possible. Whenever you two ended up alone on a run, if you needed him to hoist you up or catch you if you stumbled or fell, he got tense and he handled you so delicately but was also quick to pull away from you. You knew your feelings were one sided but did he have to make that so obvious? Did he have to rub it in your face?

You would’ve thought that being in the prison would make it easier but it was even more difficult. He somehow found a way to avoid you even more. You barely ever saw him anymore and you were surprised by how disappointed you were. It’s not like you knew him that well. Wasn’t from a lack of trying though. His guard was up constantly, his walls too tall to climb over and too thick to break through.

“We’ve got enough food to last us the rest of the week,” Rick told the group, “But we should work on finding more. Now that we have shelter, it’ll be less stressful.”

“I’ll go,” Daryl said, “Wouldn’t hurt to hunt some. Maybe there’ll be more to catch around here.”

“You shouldn’t go alone,” Rick said.

“I’ll go,” you piped in, raising your hand.

“No, I’ll do fine on my own,” Daryl grumbled, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll be okay. I don’t need Y/N’s help.”

“Daryl, you shouldn’t go alone,” Rick said, “Y/N is going with you. Both of you should start getting ready to go.”

“Sounds good,” you said. Daryl didn’t respond, just stormed off to his cell to gather his things. What could he possibly have to be angry about? Did he hate you that much? It almost made you want to corner him and confront him but you held back and just packed up your things for the run.

Daryl was loading up a truck when you came out of the cell block after changing your clothes and packing a bag. You opened up the back door of the truck and tossed your bag into the backseat. You leaned against the side of the truck, watching Daryl load the truck.

“Need any help?” you asked.

“I got it,” Daryl replied. He refused to make eye contact with you, fidgeting as he slammed the trunk shut. Even when he turned in your direction, he kept his head down and stared at the ground beneath his feet, “Ya ready to go?”

“Sure,” you muttered. You climbed into the passenger seat while he walked around to the driver’s side. Once he started driving, he’d kind of relaxed. You tried making small talk but he wasn’t really having it, ending the conversations quickly with one worded answers and irritated grunts.

“Over there,” Daryl blurted out, nodding towards a hardware store a few feet away. He turned into the desolate parking lot. The few cars that were still in the lot were either completely torn apart from people taking things from them, or they reeked with the smell of death from the decomposed bodies still sitting inside.

“Alright, let’s do this,” you said once Daryl stopped the truck in front of the main entrance. As Daryl pounded on the door in an attempt to lure out whatever walkers were wandering around inside, you grabbed your bag from the backseat as well as some guns Daryl had brought along. You turned to him holding up a handgun, “Hey, you should take this.”

“Got one,” Daryl said, banging against the door with his elbow, “You hang onto that.”

“Sure,” you said with a sigh. A few walkers did end up reaching the main entrance, banging on the window, smearing blood all over the glass with their hands and tongues hanging from their open mouths.

“You stay back,” Daryl said.

“Hey, I can handle these walkers too,” you argued. You stood behind him as he was ready to pull the doors open. But now, he was hesitating, hanging his head and bouncing from one foot to the other. You frowned, lowering your gun slightly, “Daryl? You okay?”

“Can handle it myself,” Daryl muttered.

“Then why are you hesitating?” you inquired, “If you can handle it, then open the door.”

“Just get in the truck and stay there,” Daryl ordered, “Why can’t you just listen to me?”

“Why do you think I can’t help?” you shot back, “You think I’m weak? Or stupid? What?”

“No I don’t think that,” Daryl snarled, “Just drop it and wait in the truck.”

“I won’t do shit until you tell me why,” you retorted, “Look, I’ve tried my hardest to be friendly, get to know you and to help you with things and all that stuff. But you clearly don’t like me and you don’t want me around. I don’t know why but I’m so tired of liking you and being so miserable all the time. You clearly don’t have emotions and could never like me or anyone.”

Daryl turned from the door and glared at her, “You don’t like me.”

“Believe me, after nearly a year, I think I’d know if I liked you or not,” you grumbled, “And I’ve spent all this time on you. Just forget it, okay? I’ll go wait in the truck. How about I just take one of these abandoned cars back to the prison? How about I just do that? You think I’m so incapable, you hate me so much-”

“Would you stop?!” Daryl shouted. He lowered his crossbow, leaning his head back with a groan, “I don’t hate you. I don’t think you’re weak. I just…I-I just…”

“You just what?!”

“It just ain’t like that,” Daryl muttered, “I just don’t…want anything to…happen…to you.”

Your feelings of rage softened and your body loosened a little, “You don’t want anything to happen to me? So, you do like me?”

Daryl gave you a shrug, “Yeah. I guess I do. It’s ‘cause I like you that I think…I think you should stop wastin’ your time on me.”

“Why would I wanna do that?”

“You just think you want me but you’re gonna find out real fuckin’ fast that I ain’t worth all the bullshit,” Daryl said, “Should invest time in someone that’s worth it.”

“Daryl, who the hell told you that you wouldn’t be worth it?” you said, “You think you’re worthless? Not good enough? That’s crazy! If that was the case, Rick and the others wouldn’t rely on you, they wouldn’t even bother including you in anything if they believed you were worthless. I wouldn’t have spent all this time trying to get your attention if I believed you were worthless.”

“Damn,” Daryl mumbled. He was silent for a few minutes, looking at everything he could to avoid looking at you. You both knew that the silence had gone on for too long but Daryl wasn’t going to say anything more unless you did.

“I know you don’t believe me,” you said, taking a few steps towards him. His body tensed but he didn’t protest, “I know that nothing I can say will make you believe me. And that’s okay. Because I think we can work through this. Do you wanna know why?”

“Sure,” he grunted, “Why?”

You kept walking until you were standing right in front of him. His breath quickened a bit despite him trying to hide it. You smiled, straightening out the collar of his shirt, “Because you took a big step today. You actually shared something with me today. And eventually, we’ll share more and more.”

“You ready to wait for that long?” he mumbled, lowering his head once more, “You wanna spend all that time on me?”

“It may sound silly to you but yeah I do,” you said, resting your hands on his chest, “Just this moment has been worth the wait, Daryl.”

“You might be insane,” Daryl replied, a chuckle slipping from his lips, “But…guess I don’t mind a little bit of crazy.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” you giggled. Your next move was a bold one and you hadn’t put any thought into it. You leaned in quickly to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. You were certain that would send him right back into his shell and make him push you away.

But he didn’t. It was enough to lift his head in surprise but he didn’t seem angry at all. He took in a deep breath, his blue eyes focused on your lips. He cleared his throat as he slowly leaned in, placing a kiss on your lips that was a bit awkward and he was still tense but you still returned his kiss, knowing that this was huge for him and he needed you to be kind. And even though he fumbled and didn’t know what he was doing, you still thoroughly enjoyed being kissed by him.

“Wow,” you whispered when he pulled away, “I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Was it that bad?”

“No, no!” you exclaimed, “It was that good. I hope you’ll do it again sometime.”

Daryl shrugged, “Maybe. If you really wanted me to.”

“I wouldn’t mind,” you chuckled. The walkers slapping the glass caught your attention as well as Daryl’s and you sighed loudly. You wished the moment could last just a little longer but at the same time, everyone would be worried if you didn’t get back to the prison before sundown, “We should get started. Still want me to wait in the truck?”

“Nah,” Daryl said. He got back into position, getting ready to slide the door open. He gestured to the gun tucked away in your holster, “You said you wanted to help. Let’s get this started, Y/N.”


They Say He Shattered


From Part 1 | From Part 2 | From Part 3

(Surprise! Extra update bc it wasn’t that hard and god I need a break…

So, usually between parts, I take a 2 week hiatus, to recover and plan, but so much has been going on lately that I need a longer break.

I need about 6 weeks.

So, this comic will be on break until June 27th. In the meantime, I’m gonna be organizing my life, thumbnailing the next part, getting a head start on some pages, finally updating the smackjeeves mirror, get some personal art done, and see if I can take on some commissions. I’ll be making another post soon about some details.

In the meantime, submit is open, ask is open, I hope to hear from yall, and I’ll check in occasionally. And again, comic will resume Tuesday, June 27th. Thank you!)

Hey guys! Mod Avery here! Work’s been a little tough the last couple days and pairing that on top of comic pages, the contest winners, life stresses, and various projects I’ve been working on, I barely have time to myself nowadays let alone to sleep. So I kinda want to take a small break from pages to finish up my loose ends and catch up on stuff with my friends!

I’m taking a two-week haitus from 9-7-2017 to 9-21-2017

In the meantime, I’ll stop in to post some updates or shenanigans and possibly do the occassional drawn ask as well, but I really dont want to have to stress about pages while trying to unwind a bit. Feel free to continue sending asks and updates will continue once the hiatus is over!

-Mod Avery

Prom (Peter Parker x Reader)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! So I know I posted a bit ago that posting for the next month and a half is gonna be difficult, so I was gonna hold off posting fics for a bit. I’m almost done with my break from school and have been writing, and I just wanted to give you guys a little something before that fic hiatus really takes effect. I hope you guys enjoy! :)

Summary: You decided not to go to prom after breaking your arm, but Peter refuses to let you sit at home and do nothing. So instead, he helps you get ready.

Other Characters: None

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 637

Originally posted by shirokirito-sao

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hiatus 🐰⚡

i’ve seen a couple of my mutuals deciding to take a hiatus from tumblr for a while and I think i’m gonna do the same, at least until next week when the chapter comes out. I’m getting a couple of salty touka anons, and today was a salty day in general and i’m literally emotionally tired of that, so i think a little break will be nice for now.

I’ll keep working on the fic that i’m writing ((and probably more stuff too)) &come back to post it & promote it a bit, but that’s all. I’ll still be around on my twitter if you wanna reach out to me there, but i think that keeping a low profile for a while will be a positive thing, i’ve been in many fandoms all my life and i forgot how unhealthy the environment can become, and the tg community is driving me nuts lolol, so i’ll better hide in my house like a grumpy little grandma with cats and let the children fight between them 🙏 i really don’t wanna be part of that.

but i’ll be writing a lot so hopefully i’ll keep this blog updated with more fics or headcanons. Please everyone take care and i see you soon ✨🐰

Seal Girl and Friends, Arc 3. Page 6

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Okay, so first! Sorry for not posting this strip yesterday. My internet was having issues and it seemed better to wait than to tussle with the dreaded autocorrect of mobile posting. 

Secondly! I mentioned last week that we would be taking a break next week. Unfortunately we need to extend that: we’ll be having a hiatus from GS’s story for the next month. There WILL be something posted every Monday, however. 

Thirdly! We are going to be looking for fill in artists. If anyone is interested then please get in touch via our ask box- and if you’re not an artist then please share this strip to get the message out. 

Fourthly! Mami asks an important question. Did you remember to ask for milk???

anonymous asked:

Did you take a break from fandom Jai or did you leave? Many other fans stopped and I was expecting you to not be one. We can not always have everything we want but if you want to leave, do not let the door hit you when you leave. We do not need people who just compliment others and who are not happy for Jai, no matter what he does bye felicia!

I was going to just delete this and ignore it, but *cracks knuckles to write*, I think I will answer it. 

If for any reason, during the several explanations that I have (recently) posted, you thought I was finished writing my Jai fics, then I apologize. I’m not really sure how much clearer I can say “I am taking a break/hiatus/breath/giving space”? Allow me to reiterate this: 

I am taking a break from Jai fics! If anyone wants, feel free to read my other works. 

Why? Well, I am finding my work here stale and I am noticing that the readers were sort of leaning the same way. Sorry, if I misread any of you, but it feels like there is a stale air and I don’t want to bore anyone. 

On top of that, my break has come because I want to try my hand at fresh things. I have a varied interest and it spans to many fandoms, hence when I am called Odds N’ Ends


For the rest of this: I don’t know how other Jai fans feel or why they are beginning to dwindle. Everyone has their own reasons and interest. I mean, he hasn’t exactly given any of us much to work with or talk about since MacBeth. 

I like Jai’s work, I like Jai, but talking about his beard and thick thighs will only keep interest for so long. Sorry. 

If you want me to leave, providing that this is actually about that, then I am sorry. Not happening! I will be back, eventually, and have no desire to leave because someone feels I am not pulling my weight. 

As for being happy for Jai, well we are both adults and he can do what he wants. I assure you that he isn’t sitting around watching my life, if he is then I hope he likes ponies and silly IG stories about coffee. If he is happy, good for him. I’m happy in my life and don’t need his life putting a value on my emotions. This fandom has been there and done that, can we not go back to that dark place? 

Alright, I am not entirely sure why you sent this, but I am glad you did. It gave me a chance to explain myself, again, clear some air, and grab a feel for how things are going now a days - in the land of Jai. 

Sorry Anon, I assume English is not your native language and taking time to write this to me, in my language is very kind. If this wasn’t meant to come off as you being rude, I apologize! If this was meant to be rude and ignorant, then well I am glad I am taking a break from you. 

With that said: I adore all of the fans I have met through Jai, the majority of you are some totally kick ass, strong, and beautiful beings! I truly do enjoy our interactions and I want to continue you seeing you all on my dash. For this who understand writing Fanfics and what not, please be patient with this break. As you know, some times you just need to step back and find new things to refresh the old. 

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I just watched 10x04 and since I’m taking a billion years to get into the season 10 rewatch and at this point it is clearly my hiatus project, I’m just making an adjacent post about one thing :P

The last line of the episode after much back and forth about if they should be resting up from hunting, taking a break because they’re woefully off their game after ~going dark~ and running rampage for months, etc etc, is Dean saying:

But I am just trying to do the right thing, man, ‘cause I’m so sick and tired of doing the wrong one.

I think with hindsight of not just that season but season 11 and 12 too, the last line of the episode basically shows where Dean is for the rest of the show from this point. With his self-reflection on being a demon underway, and that it gave him clarity (as he said in 10x03) to see a lot of their messed up stuff, and after that he doesn’t want to fall pray to the darkness (lower case at that point :P) again.

He decides to try the better way here, but he’s just completely messed up by the Mark, which was why he couldn’t give Kate a fair chance for most of the episode, always being ready to kill her and not giving her the benefit of the doubt - she walks out the episode alive but only because she escaped them, and she’s not a friendly monster they could ever count as an ally without an other episode to repair all this damage Dean did.

I think it’s showing he’s had the learning experience from being a demon, and he’s going to try and put it in action as much as possible, but he still can’t actually *do* anything about it until he doesn’t have the Mark any more. He’s so messed up by it that even when he wants to do the right thing and is tired of getting it wrong, in an episode where he should have been all compassion and understanding if he’d actually learned and was able to put it in action…

Side note - not like in 8x04 where he HAD changed because of Purgatory and Benny, and was the one to suggest they let her go… Looks redundant to do this characterisation but the point THERE was just letting a monster go good/bad? but here it’s a lot more about the inner darkness - what she did to her sister, that people died as a result of this direct Dean actions with Gadreel parallel thingy she had going on, etc. It was less that she was a monster because I think they would still have let a truly innocent monster live especially if Dean was allowed to see them as innocent, but he was having trouble processing the nuances of that darkness, and because it was so on the nose to what he did and he was embarassed and self-loathing about his actions, he couldn’t see her innocence, or her actions as sympathetic, because doing messed up stuff to save your sibling? The kind of crap that turns bad and causes all the darkness he just dealt with.

And I think it might be worth paralleling to Max, in 12x20, how he stopped him in the moment but afterwards was helpless to stop his free will to go do it anyway once they left him behind, and I guess grimly accepting this is what people do when they have access to a magical way to fix dead and dying family…

Anyway. I really like this line because I think it does set up Dean’s arc for the next few seasons. In season 10 he’s at a serious disadvantage to do anything about it, but the season is full of Dean’s coping mechanisms and at least for the first ¾ going along with anything he thinks might help, and working hard to dig himself out. At the end when he loses hope, he knows the “wrong thing” is sinking back into being demon!Dean, and so before it can happen, he goes to talk to Death and make arrangements to save himself from going back; this line goes right to the end of the season in that way, and I think from the perspective of Dean’s characterisation, season 10 is pretty good at keeping on a track; there’s STUFF I’d have liked to be explored and think was maybe dropped or not given the attention it needed but what they actually ended up writing, events aside, specifically about how Dean reacted and changed, is pretty clear and well-written.

In season 11 without the Mark, and even with Amara’s external threat, he does start trying to change and do better and he’s immediately more balanced without it, and trying to make amends. He starts communicating properly after the midseason, and his determination to do the right thing shows with him prioritising Cas in trouble, and eventually the big stadium event talk with Chuck and Amara, he seeks a way that feels RIGHT: the old way of sacrifice might have FIXED things at least in the urgent world is ending need to do something right now way, but in the moment he took the initiative to keep on trying to talk it out and find a way that FELT right. I don’t think Dean would EVER talk his way out of sacrificing himself when he believed it was right to do it; that that wasn’t selfish motivation to live, but that it felt WRONG to him to end it this way, and that there was a better way to do this, which he found.

And now in season 12 Dean’s in a weird place where he’s the one who achieved all that doing things right-ness finally and concluded his own personal arc and gained massive experience points, levelling up all sorts of personality traits in the process. And I kind of think that his season has been about trying to do the right thing, especially about the interpersonal relationships, when it comes to everyone and everything around him. Mittens has been keeping a closer eye on this than me, but Dean carries on being right about his gut feeling about many things and is a sort of beacon of what is right, even more than usual (after all, God appointed him to look after the Earth and said he was the best guy for the job). I’m hoping this bears out through the end of the season but at least his feeling about the BMoL is completely true and now firmly proven to others, though we knew longer than HE even did :P

He’s also been communicating well, for example the brilliant conversation at the end of 12x10 where he really lays out the truth to Cas about why he’s been angry with him, or, well, many times he reaches out to Cas either about their relationship or other stuff… And with Mary, he tried to be open and honest with her as much as he could to start with, especially that conversation about being a hunter at the end of 12x01 - and even when she bolted before he could get to opening up about the really hard stuff. He needed his illusions shattered, which happened at the end of 12x02, and ideally if she’d stayed, after 12x03 they might have had a better talk once he was less stunned by her presence and treating her like the saint!mary he imagined, but she left. He still in contact with her, being shown to be the one who texted her, and was playing Words With Friends, attempting to keep a line open on their relationship even if it now had to be handled at great length and like it was fragile glass with how much she could deal with from them. He was TRYING to rebuild from the ground up, and by constantly being the one reaching out, he’s put in the position of being the one holding his arms open on the relationship, again, the one trying to do the right thing, with all the emotional resources available to him. And I think in general has shown a much greater awareness of how other people are doing.

He also starts his frantic Cas panic at the point in several seasons past he was only in the occasionally praying to him or being grumpy that he hadn’t called point, moving that whole panic forward to before he gets any hint that something is *actually* wrong, because stuff like Casifer threw him for such a loop and again, 11x23 in the car he makes a point of telling Cas he’s understood he doesn’t always put him first and can get too head up his arse about his and Sam’s problems, so in this season we see him closely attuned to Cas, noticing he sounds weird on the phone and immediately going into the sort of nervous state he was in in season 11 only AFTER he found out Cas was possessed. In 12x19 in the mixtape scene he’s started angry as a knee-jerk response, but he doesn’t let Cas leave before he’s had an extremely open emotional conversation with him, explaining how he feels, which I still frankly can’t believe actually happened. (Sadly also showing the different places they’re at, with Cas taking this conversation as a sign he HAS to kill Kelly on Dean’s behalf to protect him from doing something awful)

TBH even something like the conversation in 12x15 where he casually talks about Lucifer being locked in the cage in front of Crowley counts for him inadvertantly telling Crowley what the RIGHT thing to do was and putting Crowley in a position to sweat about what Dean would think if he knew… (Which has of course not worked out for Crowley, so he’s probably glad Dean never KNEW to give him the speech that would now give Dean a free “told you so” even if of course he knows full well he deserves one and he was RIGHT THERE being inadvertently scolded by Dean without him knowing - see what I mean about him being a beacon? :P)

I think it’s still trial and error (he gets over-confident about both the Colt and the security of their home despite some really obvious home invasions, starting with Toni getting into the Bunker and shooting Sam at the beginning of the year) but being the emotional POV of the show more than Sam, whose characteristic of being reserved has really shot him in the foot for representing himself the same way, this is his arc - becoming a reliable line through the season of what is the right thing to do, or at least trying to find better ways to do things.

And he’s not successful at changing minds but he also has been using emotional maturity in making middle ground (… eventually, in the cases of arguing with Cas and then Mary, needing to have a moment of realisation when he thought she was going to get killed in 12x14) and especially with Sam in 12x15, not fighting openly when it was something that could have caused a massive brother rift, as we’ve dealt with in many seasons where they disagree and fight. Dean still voiced his issues with everything and made it clear he was going along with it for Sam’s sake but he didn’t try to stop or argue Sam out of it, just pointed out everything he didn’t like about the situation whenever it came up so that Sam knew where he stood about it.

I’ve seen a few complaints Dean hasn’t had much to do all season - Sam either, tbh but that’s a separate issue and I’m still at “just let him go scream in the woods for chrissakes” rather than a clear meta picture :P - and I think at least for Dean his arc has been pretty clearly laid out and in almost every episode he’s been dealing with it. For example the most Dean-centric episode, 12x11, dealt with his nature that at the end of the day when you take everything else away, Dean saves the day with an innate knowledge of when to act, and that hunting evil is in his blood, but so is a well of kindness and understanding that is behind his sense of right and wrong. Being down in season 10 and having just watched season 9, I remember how *broken* Dean was very clearly, and how his sense of right and wrong was genuinely damaged because, well, there was darkness in him. His sense of justice was damaged, but season 11 showed him conquering it and finding a better way… I think season 12 is showing this in action, which is possibly why he’s had this seat in the middle of everything, watching everyone else’s actions and moving through the events as the season really just as its emotional narrator as it falls to pieces around him and even Sam goes and takes strong actions like going with Mary to the BMoL in 12x14 and telling Dean he’s working with them in 12x16. Anyway I think this season has done an awful lot to sell the weight of Dean’s opinion and to build him up like this, and I think it’s a really important and validating character arc for him… Although he was technically free of the Mark since season 11, this IS the first season without some dark pull on him since season 9 and though his goodness was made obvious again very quickly in season 11 because we needed to know we could root for him again, I really think this season is building back up his sense of self, and posing it in opposition to the other characters.

(I feel like when the season’s over I might revisit this with a detailed look at him vs ALL the other main characters on this thread but for now have a “this is where I’m at anyway” post)

anonymous asked:

did dragondicks die?

  die? well.. I assume you mean as in the blog and not the person behind it?

(I asked permission to reply on this one, since its not me I am talking about here)

The blog is currently on hiatus and Cuteosphere is currently taking a bit of a break from most of tumblr besides posting some bits of their art. This is for some self care from online harassment and also general day to day mental health reasons that stem from that.

Currently, they are working on projects outside of the blog and investing their energy into other hobbies, so hopefully this will help out.

I ask that folks do not request much more information at this time so as to respect cuteos privacy and my ability to manage the replies regarding that.


I guess you could say this is a hiatus notice

Some of you probably noticed that I haven’t really been posting art (or anything) lately. Nothing is wrong! 😄 I’ve been super busy hunting paperwork and filling out application forms and university bureaucracy so all I really had the capacity for is to snack and play through as much dragon age as I possibly could. (welp)

I’ve started a PhD last week, and it looks like everything’s going to continue in a similarly crazy fashion for a while. My brain is also very insistent on me taking a break from drawing stuff, which sucks a little bit, but I’m grateful that at this point I can afford the time to recharge a little. 

I’m not gonna declare anything dramatic like I’m taking a 6 months total break or anything, just that I probably won’t post that much art until I get back into the swing of things again. After I finally finish putting together the last reward round, I’m gonna pause my Patreon too. 

so anyway, thank you for those who are still hanging in there with me -  I’ll be back, probably with a burning desire to draw shitloads of inquisition stuff (I finally started it!) and more fluff and who knows what else. My askbox stays open as always!


PSA Indefinite Hiatus

These aren’t the types of posts I like to make, but it needs to be done.

I’m taking a break, a long indefinite one.

I’m at a point where I’m starting to feel like writing isn’t worth it anymore. I spend hours putting effort into stories that barely get any feedback and honestly if I’m not getting feedback from my followers why even bother posting? It’s extremely disheartening to spend time and effort into something I’m proud of to post it here and only get a hand full of responses.

I understand that since I rarely write Dean/Jensen anymore and I don’t write smut that the love for my blog and my feedback levels are going to be fairly low but it’s gotten to a point where it’s just not enough.

I appreciate every single reblog, reply and ask that I do get. They mean the world to me and I thank all of those people from the bottom of my heart.

I will be back on to post the master list for my 12 Days of Christmas challenge when the due date for that rolls around but other than that I don’t know when or if I’ll be back.

I’ll still be on my main blog, @ashleymalfoy, and I may even be hanging around on my TWD blog, @daaryl-dixxon, but I make no promises on the latter.

That being said, I love you all to pieces.

xoxo Ashley