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mskenway97  asked:

How does optimus react to s/o being sexy? 0////0

I’ll go with TFP Optimus for this one since he’s the one I’m most familiar with…

  • Let’s face it; Optimus is a pretty reserved guy.  He’s not going to make it super obvious that he’s checking you out.
  • However, he’s also pretty big, which means that it’s going to be a lot harder for him to cover the sound of his cooling fans kicking on when you slowly bend down to pick something up off the floor.
  • If you wear something particularly sexy for him and ask him how you look his faceplate will flush with a faint tinge of blue, and he’ll cough slightly to cover up the slight stammer in his voice.  “Very nice,” he says, without making eye contact.  Bear with him; he’s a little out of practice.
  • You catch him watching you throughout the day out of the corner of his optic, but he always pretends to focus on something else when you meet his gaze.
  • Don’t push your luck though, because if you try to play dirty and tease him he will find a way to get back at you later.  Optimus is no stranger to the art of the tease.  He can turn on the swagger with the flip of a switch (literally). 
  • He’ll make it a challenge. The more you try to fluster him, the more he’s going to do the same to you ten times over.  Optimus knows what his best assets are and won’t hesitate to use them to his advantage.
  • He’ll sway his hips just a little more exaggeratedly than necessary when walking past you.  He also shoots you smoldering glances throughout the day, accompanied by a cocky little half smirk.  He knows exactly what it does to you.
  • You could swear you even hear him whistle at you one in a while when the others weren’t looking.
  • Eventually things start getting a little heated (any further and Ratchet would have to tell you both of for PDA around base).  You both decide to declare it a draw and head off to his quarters for a little “victory celebration”.  ;)