taking a beating

Interviews are a totally different animal, with a totally different process—I generally spend the night before researching the firm and whoever is interviewing me, and drafting my answers for some of the questions they’re likely to ask me. (It’s always good to have a stock answer for “Tell us about yourself.” “What’s your greatest strength?” “What’s your greatest weakness?” “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”)

Have a set description for each line on your resume—pick two or three relevant projects or deliverables that are selling points, and know how they relate to the job you’re interviewing for.

If there are real negatives on your resume (awful grades, gaps in work history, etc.) make sure you know how to address them.

It is perfectly all right to say “Wow, that’s a great question,” and take a beat to consider it. You can’t waste a ton of time, but you are allowed to marshal your thoughts.

Practice makes perfect. If your school has a career center that offers practice interviews, or if you have a mentor willing to run through some mock interviews with you, absolutely take advantage of that.

At the end of the day, be honest and true to yourself. Obviously everyone wants to put their best foot forward, but if you are straight-up lying or pretending to be something you’re not, the interviewer will know. People are actually not that good at lying, go figure.

What gets me the most about the assembly scene where Mike pushes Troy down is Mike’s confused/shocked face when Troy is stopped by Eleven.  It brings out two pretty important things about Mike’s character.  First off, Mike’s surprise over Troy being stopped shows that Mike was expecting Troy to beat him up because Mike pushed him.  But even with that knowledge Mike still defended Will, knowing that he would be getting hurt as a result of that.  Secondly, Mike’s surprise indicates that he never expected Eleven to intervene with her powers, nor did he ask for her help, meaning that he would rather take a beating than use Eleven for her powers.

This is kind of a scattered post but Mike Wheeler is an amazing character and I love how Finn Wolfhard was able to portray so much in just one facial expression.

demigods not understanding pop culture references because they spend their summers in the information void that is chb is extremely important

I don’t want to write about now.
I’m trying to write this poem but I can’t.
I just can’t seem to get the words on this piece of paper.

And it’s really not that weird because you see;
How can I get words on paper
if I don’t even want them in my head?
On paper I’m trying to form these
supposedly beautiful sentences
but in my head I’m tearing them apart.

Deep down I know every single word
I want to write but
I just can’t.
Because writing means realizing.

Writing means digging deep down inside of me.
Clawing down to each painful memory
and ripping out the words meant to adorn
this paper.

And I can’t do that.
I can’t take out my beating heart
and scrape out all the beautiful words,
just for you.
Not again.

Not anymore.
I still want to give you wonderful things
But you have already taken the best pieces of

Sometimes all that is left to be said
is written on empty paper.

—  //vp unfinishedlines

So Eliza beat boxing for Phillip is just the best thing ever.
It is the ONLY TIME she does any rap type thing. It is so out of character for Eliza that is soooo not her thing. But she does it for Philip because it makes him feel special and cool and gives him the parent/child connection with her.
Hamilton has a whole song saying he will never let him down, that he will be around, that he wants him to be safe and loved and he promises that he will make sure he is…but his promises are kind of really empty a lot of times. It’s a nice sentiment but it’s hamilton being Hamilton. And umm well look what happened.
Eliza has less than a minute of blowing weird mouth sounds but it is something so opposite of her. She is being someone else completely for him for a little while. She will do anything for him.

He knew. He sent Phillip to the duel. He gave him bad advice. Phillip only wanted his father to be proud that he did what he considered to be the right thing.

Eliza starts singing with him. She doesn’t focus on what is happening NOW she reminds him about good times. He wants to make her smile and be happy.

Only actual *REAL* conversation with an INFP on this website

Person: you okay?

Infp: …I’m great! (Takes out hammer and beats internal demons to death while scream crying in complete and total panic internally)

Person: …you sure?

Infp: …yes (Rips organs to shreds, flips through every file inside their brain, throws memories up against the inside of their skull, pulls out meme) you seen this meme though haha

Person: oh yeah haha


You can break my soul, take my life away. Beat me, hurt me, kill me. But for the love of God… Don’t touch her.

Okay, but let’s talk about the wording of the whole “I found people who are worthy my love” thing

Specifically, the worthy part, because that wording has been bugging me since I watched the episode

Because people don’t typically talk about deservedness when talking about who they love, they just talk about the fact that they love them

The fact that he uses this wording, to me, means a few things:

The first part of it is that, in ezekiel jones’ past, there were people he loved, but they didn’t deserve his love

The other part of this is the fact that he doesn’t mention anything along the lines of reciprocation. Like, he doesn’t say “I found people who I love and who love me back”

He just says that he loves them

Which means that he’s still thinking of his relationship with the rest of the team along the lines of how he thought of it in point of salvation (I’m not your friend but you’re my friends)

(And along with his use of worthy, means that ezekiel doesn’t believe that he isn’t worthy)

And he’s completely fine with it

Basically, ezekiel jones doesn’t believe he needs to be loved to fill the hole in his heart, he just has to give love