takin the fight to the courts

“You promised you wouldn’t do this anymore!” with Dallas

for Anonymous

“Hello?” You answered the phone.

“Hey Y/N.”

“Dallas? Where are ya?” There was silence. “Dallas?”

“I’m in a holding cell.”

You paused for a second. “Are you serious? What the h*ll did you do?”

“Nothin’ serious, I was just in a little fight.”
“Do you need me to pick you up?” You asked, annoyed.

“Uh, well, no. They ain’t letting me out right away.”

“What do you mean?” You snapped. You knew what he meant.

“They’re takin’ me to court soon.”

“Jesus Christ Dallas.”

“Don’t get pissed.”

“‘Don’t get pissed?’ You promised you wouldn’t do this anymore!” You yelled. Dallas had told you he’d try to clean up his act one night when you were at the Drive-In, and you’d believed him. Naive, really. He was a hood. You didn’t know why you expected him to actually hold up to it.

“I didn’t promise bull.” Dallas retorted, and you could practically see the indignation on his face.

“I should have known. You’re big, bad Dallas Winston. You can’t stay out of jail because that’ll ruin your reputation. Not even for me.”


“I’ll see you in a few months.”

You hung up.

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