Marshall Modified - Loose Goose “This bike draws inspiration from vintage pursuit bikes such as the Lasers, Takhions and Textimas. Substantial mods to the frame include ISP, seat-stay supports, aero gussets, custom track ends and custom fork with stem integrated into the crown. The frame+fork is painted in Bentley Continental GT silverlake metallic. The bike features a number of 3D printed parts”

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Russia guards the north pole

Russia has begun operating two mini-UAVs in the arctic skies – the Takhion and the Eleron-3 – in order to monitor flights in the frozen area. The two vehicles, last experimented on last May, have started operation after Russia has decided to put an emphasis on military activity and to enforce its sovereignty in the area. The reason for the Russian army’s strategical changes in emphasis is due to the Kremlin passing a decision to establish Russian presence in the area due to potential presence of oil and gas in the ground.

The vehicles have identical operative capabilities and similiar technical specifications. Their maximum altitude for flight is about four km and they can operate in extreme weathers, as they must function in extremely low temperatures, reaching 30 degrees below zero.  The deck is installed with visual surveillance that can record still photos both night and day. Their total weight is around three kg and their flight range reaches 150km.

Russia isn’t the only country that demands sovereignty in the north pole area. The U.S., Canada, Norway and Denmark all issued demands for sovereignty in some parts of the frozen territory. At first glance one can wonder what might be the reason to bring countries debating over such insignificant matter in an area proven difficult to maintain human presence, but it seems the potential to find gas and oil under the frozen ground is reason enough for countries with tense relationships in the first place to try and put a military stake in the ground and declare ownership over the territory.

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