ღ ~修学旅行★ナイショの恋 ღ Secret Love On A School Trip~ ღ

Special Story # 8

Here are the CGs from the Special Story 新堂先生の進路指導 (Shindo-sensei’s Guidance Counseling) from the JP version of 修学旅行★ナイショの恋 / Secret Love On A School Trip.

Enjoy! (✿◠‿◠)

Something I Noticed....
  • Pirates In Love: Younger sibling falls for mc in older sibling route
  • In Your Arms Tonight: Younger sibling has loved mc forever, she dated his brother
  • Be My Princess: While just a little kid crush, younger sibling likes mc in older's route
  • 10 Days With My Devil: Younger sibling falls for mc in older sibling's route
  • Class Trip Crush: Younger twin falls for mc in older twin's route
  • True Love Sweet Lies: Younger twin falls for mc in older's route

☆Class Trip Crush☆

Attention everybody! This is a first for Voltage apps!!

You had a marvelous and unforgettable wedding. You went on a honeymoon with your precious man. What’s coming up next?

☆It’s time for BABIES!! ☆

The babies are finally born in Class Trip Crush!

First up! Check out Taketo and your baby!

☆Taketo Our Family is Available Now!!! ☆

 *☆*More babies are coming soon! Don’t miss them! *☆*

Taketo’s Season 3 Our Family is now available in Class Trip Crush!

Since I made these for my tag page I thought I would share them 
with everyone!
Feel free to use! (〃・ω・〃)

Okay Kat (skybluehimawari) asked me to make Hideki Ishigami and Noel Aijima in my ‘the kind of man’ meme, and I have self want to make Taketo for some time, but I had no idea to friends pictured before the day when white day came.

Hope you like it, and remember just ask if you want me to make one whit your fav voltage guy/man.

Other of the kind of man:

Subaru and Ichigo





Finally found the damn baby pic CGs. I can’t believe I thought they were Forged Wedding CGs so I’ve been barking up the wrong tree all this while!! It was always Class Trip Crush! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….But man those babies just remind me of the onion emoticon…HAHAHAHAHAHA

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Class Trip Crush Reaction

I prepared this earlier. ^_^ For a little surprise, since I’m away. Are there anymore, you may ask? Well that be a secret. IYAT was meant to be next but since there is a Nostalgia Day for it, it be posted then.

I’m on a bike

Yeah you know EXACTLY what this is.

Others in this Weird series : - KBTBB || DDIWT || MPD || MSB

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