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Something I Noticed....
  • Pirates In Love: Younger sibling falls for mc in older sibling route
  • In Your Arms Tonight: Younger sibling has loved mc forever, she dated his brother
  • Be My Princess: While just a little kid crush, younger sibling likes mc in older's route
  • 10 Days With My Devil: Younger sibling falls for mc in older sibling's route
  • Class Trip Crush: Younger twin falls for mc in older twin's route
  • True Love Sweet Lies: Younger twin falls for mc in older's route
It Was Just A Game

Prompt: biases stop MC from committing suicide - high school

Stimulus: It was just a game

Taketo Kanzaki
Yamato Kougami
Ren Shibasaki
Hiroshi Kirisawa
Kiyoharu Nanahoshi
Ichigo Sato

Genre: Angsty with a little fluff?

A/N: If you want one where they are in adult life, you may always request. Want a part 2? Tell me. Likes, reblogs and requests are welcome always.

Taketo Kanzaki:
The snobby cow from Ebisu high had decided to roughly grab your shirt and push you aggressively against one of the walls in the gym. She was in your face, eyes burning hungrily for blood. She threw you to the ground, hands enveloping your neck like a vice gripping wood to table. You felt your windpipe clenching, breathing becoming difficult.

As soon as footsteps were heard,it all stopped. You could finally breath.
“It was just a game.” She laughed and spat.

The same day, you came home from school to an empty home. The constant bullying had been going on for years. You were finally through with it. Somewhere, your dad had some rope which he often used for roof wrapping whenever you went on a family holiday.

Your shaking hands began to tie a noose. You were nearly done when a familiar voice appeared from the kitchen doorway.

“What are you doing?” Taketo was calm, leaning against the door frame.

“…Making a prop for drama.”

“No. You’re not. You’re planning on going that far to stop that bitch from harming you again aren’t you?”

You knew he had figured you out. His body language changed. His chestnut hues glaring into the back of your head.
“Why would you care? No one else does. Might as well end it now, right? Make myself truly invisible -”

“Shut up right there. That’s enough.” Before you had time to protest, you surrounded by Taketo’s warmth.

You tried to break free. “Let go of me! I don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve an ugly unintelligent ulcer like me!”

His hold on you only tightened. “Don’t say that again.” He was quiet, voice cracking. “Don’t you ever say that. You’re beautiful. You’re smart. You’re a ray if sunshine. I see you cry and I find myself restraining the urge to beat the crap out of her. The mark from your neck isn’t from the sun. It’s from her.”

You felt a tear fall on your neck, soothing whatever pain still lingered. You turned to face him. The sight of him with red eyes and tear stained cheeks woke you up.
You brought your hands up to his cheeks, erasing the tears as your own vision blurred. With a choked out sob, you threw your arms around him.

“I’m so sorry. I wasn’t thinking straight. I don’t want to leave you alone. I just didn’t know how to cope.”

Taketo only buried his face in your shoulder as he lifted you off the ground slightly. “I’ll be with you long past death. Nothing will break us up. Not even this. I’m here for you.” To prove his point, he pressed a chaste kiss to your lips.

Yamato Kougami:
The way home was unusually quiet. Yamato’s and Ren’s conversations landed on deaf ears, even when they attempted to include you into their continuous yammering. You were thinking. Again. That had been the only thing you had been doing since your first lesson.

Gym class was, once again, a disaster.
‘It was just a game.’
Although what the teacher said was true, your fellow teammates blamed you like always. You couldn’t bear to tell Ren and Yamato. They would do whatever they could to get it sorted. And fast. You were grateful that you had friends like that. As much as you wanted to hear their words of comfort and encouragement, as much as you needed their warmth, you didn’t have the courage to tell them. They would put you first. You didn’t want to be a burden to them.

You cut through a park with a river running through it. You had stopped on top if the sloping embankment. For a brief moment you had thought about telling them to wait, playing it off that you stood on the back of your shoe, but you thought against it as the rain started falling. You wanted them to get home safely, not getting a cold from your grey mood.

As the rain pelted down, you began to walk down the embankment.
“_____!” The call of Yamato’s and Ren’s voices made you freeze and breath deeply in fear.

“Don’t come any closer!” You called out steadily, walking on again. “I…. No one is going to stop me!”

“Don’t be so stupid!” Yamato’s voice ran out in the air, roaring above the wind. Again, you ignored the protests, standing in the middle of the river, it’s current getting stronger and stronger the longer you were stood. “Listen to me -”

“No! Go home! I don’t want to get a cold.” Already your confidence to do such a feat was fading as you heard the rustling of clothing and a sharp ‘hold this for me, Ren’.

You felt tears brimming in your eyes, grumbling from behind inaudible. A strong arm wrapped around. You started thrashing, flailing, wanting to get free.
“Stop wiggling for god’s sake.”

It wasn’t until you were planted back on the pavement that you stopped. You turned to look away in shame, not wanting to be near them anymore through fear that they would scold you.

You started walking away.

Yamato walked in front of you and held you to him.
“You don’t have to say anything. Just rely on us on more. If anyone’s being a brat, tell us and I swear I’ll show them that I’ll be protecting you.”
As you stood there, you realised that Yamato was soaked to the bone, shirt clinging to his skin. You felt guilty and held him tightly, sobbing against his chest. But his head nestled against your own and Ren joining the hug made everything easier.

Regardless of your surroundings, as soon as Ren released his arms from you and draped Yamato’s blazer over your shoulders, Yamato’s lips were pressed against yours in a deep, urgent kiss, tongue dancing with yours, as he held you close.

“You’re going to spend the night with me, okay?”
You could only nod asthe three of you began walking home again.

Ren Shibasaki:
Again. He had done it again. Once again your ex had tried to get back with you. Once again at your refusal he rose his hand. Once again you staggered back into the wall. Once again he tried to rape you. You had managed to hit him in the solar plexus, giving you enough time to run as far away as you could.

You were sat on the roof. No one could see your pain. No one could see the bruise on your face. No one could see the marks on your arms. No one could see the discomfort you had from the bruises on your hips. No one needed to know. You didn’t want them to know. You didn’t have to tell anyone.
But you did.

A familiar being sat beside you, homework in hand. Instead of flicking through the test paper set, his head fell gently onto your arm. You flinched and tried to move away. But he only followed.

“…Hold still.” Ren’s voice came as a mumble, his arms gently wrapping around you.

His hold on you was different than normal. It seemed protective yet it wasn’t dominative. It allowed you freedom. You sighed, breaking your arm free and wrapping it awkwardly around him, his head falling into your lap, catching your bruised hip. In turn, you grimaced, clenching you fist in his jumper.
“___? What is it?”

You mentally wished he didn’t turn to face you, but that’s exactly what he did. His eyes widened, noticing something. And you immediately turned your face to avoid his gaze.
Despite this, he raised his hand hesitantly and cupped your cheek tenderly. He caressed the bruise covering your cheek, tilting your face so you would look at him.

As soon as you eyes met his, you felt the tears burning your eyes. Just as gently, Ren sat up and wiped them away. His face relaxed a little, you noted, as you, too, relaxed.
“Who did this to you?” His voice was quiet. Yet you didn’t reply. “Please tell me. Please?”

You swallowed whatever lump was forming in your throat. “He said it was only a game. He said that after he… after he…”

“…He didn’t…do THAT to you did he?”

You shook your head. “He tried to but I managed to get away before anything happened.”

“Did he only hurt you here?” He gestured to your face, eyes narrowing as you took off you jumper and rolled up your sleeves, showing the bruises on your arms. Then you lifted the hem of your shirt slightly to show the tip of the bruise on your hip. “Keep me beside you at all times.”

You only shook your head, slipping your jumper on again, and you stared at the view. “I don’t think I can handle it anymore, let alone get you involved, Ren. I’ve already written a note. I took my time. This has the evidence that he caused it and none of my friends or family.” You produced a piece of paper from your shirt collar and slipped it into his hand. “I have to do this, Ren. It’d be the better. For all of us.”

Ren unfolded the note, green eyes skimming over it, as you walked to the balcony, gripping the bars. You took a deep breath and took in the scenery that you would never see again. The bright sky, the irregular shaped clouds, the streams of foam from aeroplanes high up in the sky. You’d never hear the chirping birds, the laughter of students, the ramblings of teachers. You’d never have ice-creams on the way home, never taste Yamato’s cooking. You’d never have Ren sleeping on you, smiling softly, looking absolutely adorable as he slept.  You’d never have Takao to help with studying ideas or Yuta making horrid jokes. You wouldn’t have Saeki trying to make you smile with his corny compliments.

As you thought, you were enveloped in a warm embrace. You felt Ren’s hands rubbing your back soothingly.

“Shhh. We can tell Takao and it can be dealt with without anyone knowing.” You felt his lips on your bruised cheek. “No one else needs to know.”



You looked up at him, conflicted upon what to think. Despite the seriousness of the situation, you saw him wearing his rare smile. The tenderness and the love that his face showed made your heart swell, making you feel happier. You kissed his cheek softly.
His eyes sparked and he brought you closer to him, holding you gently, not wanting you to crack into small pieces of glass and china. You were fragile. He brought his face close to yours, teasingly close. He looked at you in question. You wrapped your arms around him. Ren closed the gap, lips kissing yours softly.

And you knew Ren would be there for you.

Hiroshi Kirisawa:
You stared at the gun in your hand as you sat on your bed. School had been the most difficult of the year. More difficult than you had ever imagined. More difficult than you had wanted it to be in the first place. More difficult than it should have been.

It dunked you right in the deep end, expecting you to know how to swim. It had failed to teach the basics and expected you to know all of these algebraic fraction or what enzymes did what or what complicated words meant what and what context they should be used in.

It was just a game. And it drove you crazy.

You always listened to advice. But nothing happened. You had stopped eating a lot, only eating once a day. You had found yourself getting restless, worrying over homework. You even found yourself staying up every night finishing off homework that you never got round to because of other homeworks.

You even found it hard to hang out with the gang. They would be teasing each other relentlessly, laughing their heads off despite it all. They always seemed cheerful, yet you had no idea how to be cheerful like them. All you knew was how to space out.

“Why are you holding a gun?” The curious question laced with a hint of fear came as a surprise. You noticed that Hiroshi was stood in the doorway, eyes wide.

You held out the gun to him, you’re voice quiet. “…Shoot me.”


“Just shoot me.”

“You know I can’t do that, ___.” Hiroshi approached you slowly, sitting beside you. He took the gun with great care and placed it in the open draw. He closed the draw silently. “Now that killing machine won’t be seen again.”

He held you close to him, allowing you to cry softly into his chest. “Never do that again. Ever. If you go, I go. You have so much to give. So much you can do. You have so much potential. You were going to throw that all away. You’re more important than anyone to me. Please don’t ever, EVER get to this stage again. Talk to me. I’ll always be your shoulder. My chest is always free for you to use. Even if it doesn’t appreciate it much, I do.”

As he spoke, he ran his finger through your hair, soothing you even further than his warmth. He kissed the top of your head softly, pulling you down with him as he laid on your bed. He kissed you gently and smiled warmly when you finally smiled for the first time in weeks.

Kiyoharu Nanahoshi:
You were optimistic about everything, yet you couldn’t get over the low grades you were getting despite trying even harder than before. You felt worthless. Yet you always hid it smoothly, acting like your normal self in front of everyone. Especially Kiyoharu. You never wanted him to see you upset, knowing how much he loved you being happy.

Was that all he loved? You being happy? Would he love you the same if you were sad? If you were mad? If you were dead?


The word continued to echo as you thought even more. Were you not intelligent enough for him? Were you just having an off time and feeling rusty over a lot of stuff? Or were simply useless at education all of a sudden?

You sat in silence as you listen to the constant yapping and discussions, dramatic gossip and rude jokes. You stared at the homework in front of you, not understanding any of it.

“Urgh. I just want to die.” You mumbled, clasping a hand over your mouth as soon as the words past your lips.

Almost immediately Kiyoharu was at your side, holding you to him. “No you don’t. You want to live and stay with me. You want me to get you your favourite food, help me with your work and sing you lullabies.”

“Please don’t sing.” You mumbled, voice muffled against his chest.

“That’s a shame. I was thinking of getting you your favourite foods and favourite drinks as we stay at your place, watching your favourite shows, favourite films and listening to your favourite songs. Sing a few duets.”

“Really?” Your interest was peaked now and you looked up at Kiyoharu with a smile.
Kiyoharu took your lips in his own, earning a few wolf whistles and a few comments. Particularly from a group of girls that had walked into the classroom.
“Really, really.”
You couldn’t help but laugh slightly at his reply, noticing the small blush on his cheeks. “Thank you, Kiyo. You cutie.”

His blush only deepened. But he kissed you again, deeper than the last one. “Never say you want to die again. Because we don’t want you to.” His comment was whispered and he took a slice of his meatloaf, happily feeding it to you. Even if it was so he could kiss you again as crumbs decorated your lips.

You certainly felt a lot better even if it was just a game to make you smile and show his intense love for you.

Ichigo Sato:
The leader of the festival said that it was just a game, yet you always ended up getting hurt by the words that were thrown out. They may not have been intentional, but it got you thinking about your old school. All the horrid memories came crawling back to you.

You hated it so much that you refused to talk about it and always ended up going to your room despite the others calling your name.

It wasn’t until a week later that you heard your bedroom door opening slightly as you hid under the pillow, fumbling with the painkillers.

A few moments later the pillow was removed and your hand was taken roughly, dropping the handful of pills.

“What the hell, ___!” Ichigo’s voice rang through the air. He was obviously mad at you. “Why are being so stupid! You don’t need to take those! The pain will go eventually!”

He plonked himself on your bed. You rolled over. “Just leave me alone, Ichy. You don’t deserve me. You need someone better than me. Someone who’s slimmer,  less hormonal, attractive, smart, imaginative.”

“Tch. I’ve already got her. As a matter of fact, she’s turning her back to me out of stubbornness. And she’s telling me what she thinks she’s not and is suggesting that I go find someone who is like that. I’m all of those things, of course. And she is, too.” He poked your cheek. “She says my name so wonderfully. 'Ichy, Ichy, can I be you cake taste-tester? Ichy, Ichy, your cakes are the best! Ichigo Sato stop saying your twisted because your a tsundere dork whose a cutie and a sweetie. Ichy, shut up and listen: you’re my strawberry shortcake and don’t you forget it.”

You couldn’t help but giggle at his impression of you. “Ichy -”

“It hurts when you say that what you are isn’t what makes you. It hurts when you turn your back on me and say that what I see is wrong. I’ll see it for the rest of my life. Every day. Even when you say 'I know’ I’ll say it.”

You turned to face him, only to find him blushing. His hand took yours, thumb caressing the back of your hand in a circular motion.
“I won’t stop you.”

“Then leave everything that could kill you alone, dummy.” He kissed you gently before his lips found your neck.

You giggled slightly and whispered so only he could hear. “Okay. I promise.”