A powerful post by one of my dearest students, Julia Wedgle. This generation Gives Me Hope.

“Dear Bibi,
We May Have had esta friendly (and odd) Moment When I was 12 but I just want to takethis moment now to tell you: YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME. No body but me can speak for me. And Certainly you do not speak for all Jews or American Jewry. I will not stand idly by as you enact violence and spew hate in my name. Occupation and apartheid are not what Judaism Taught me. My Jewish values teach me to stand With The Oppressed NOT to be in an oppressor. Also you’re a war criminal. When you say your racist bullshit like to only half of congress later today remember all of that. Remember That I am not free Until everyone is free. Remember That Palestine will be free. Remember That there will be justice. Remember that you ‘do not speak for me.
Julia ”
via. Sa'ed Adel Atshan