House A by Takeshi Hamada

A stark concrete multi-purpose space occupies the ground floor of this house in Osaka by Japanese architect Takeshi Hamada.

This sound-proofed studio/gallery space within the three storey House A is used for live music performances, art exhibitions and social gatherings.

The two upper levels of the house contain the private living areas and feature exposed timber columns and beams, as well as natural lighting.

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FACE CLAIM:  Rin Okumura [Blue Exorcist]
NAME: Hiro Takeshi Hamada 
AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5′7′’


▌GENDER:  Male

▌NATIONALITY:  Japanese American

▌BIRTHDAY: June 21st
SUN SIGN: Gemini-Cancer cusp
RESIDENCE: San Fransokyo
MARITAL STATUS: Dating Honey Lemon
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic good
DRINK:  Coffee, green tea, milk shakes
FOOD:  Ramen, soba, pizza, burgers

SNACKS: Sweet or spicy

▌SONGS: Electronic, Rock Metal, Pop. [See blog playlist for favorites of his]
PET:   Tesla, German Shepherd/Husky mix, anxiety service dog
COLOUR: Electric blue, black, and dark purple
FLOWER:  Japanese Camellia
BODY TYPE:   Limber, athletic
EYE COLOUR: Amber [brown with a ‘brightness’ to them]
HAIR COLOUR: Black [messy, medium-short] 

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