takeshi (pokemon)


Welp here he is with Joy and his daughter. I wasn’t gonna design more kids but then I thought it’d be funny because isn’t it canon that Joys can only have more little Joys? I think it’s hilarious that Brock’s/his father’s genes are VERY dominant in their family (his siblings) and that Joys only have Joys no matter what the father looks like. This kid is an anomaly. Her name is Joyce/サチコ

(Brock’s still a doctor btw)

i’ve never seen a pokemon/khr crossover so i’m taking matters into my own hands. here are some headcanons. idk what i’m gonna do with this au


  • he’s actually terrible with pokemon but only because he’s scares so easily because the pokemon sense his anxiousness and that makes them anxious in return
  • he only really gets along with his mom’s kangaskhan and nidoqueen and it’s like having 3 moms tbh 
  • one day he gets chased by bullies and gets lost in the forest but he ends up finding an eevee that’s just as scared and easily spooked as he is and they become kindred spirits and best buds
  • he names the eevee nastu and she is his best friend and he takes care of her more than he takes care of himself and his mom even convinces him to put bows on natsu
  • tsuna is bad at catching pokemon and battling but he will do great things one day……just wait

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I’m just gonna keep drawing my pet head-canon of Ash somehow going from one of the shortest kids in the bunch to one of the tallest, until people agree XD I love “high touch” as much as anyone, but the 2nd pic has poor Brock looking more included :’D. Click the chopped up bits for higher detail :)

(Submit a screenshot and I might do a timeskip redraw of it)