Welcome to the Family: Check One

Your snapchat story played for the billionth time. You had seen it. Heck, you were the one who filmed it. But here you were again. People were just a little excited to see it.
It had been over a month since you started filming, and all your fans wanted was bts features. You were happy to mess around in your trailer, but you had gotten tired of it being public.
“This is the most beautiful human being on the planet right here. And my stunt double Linn.”
These had stopped being funny for you.
The audience roared at the last video. You had been given copious amounts of coffee and decided to chase Jeremy around set.
Jeremy, who was the one originally asked to come, laughed. Jimmy did too.
OMG Jimmy Fallon was about to introduce you. Your heart racing as he said your name, you managed to make it to the couch without fainting. Everyone was smiling, and you couldn’t help but join them.
“It’s good to have such a star up on stage. Everyone was getting tired of this loser,” Jimmy joked, gesturing towards Renner.
“Yeah,” you scoffed, turning to your victim, “who even are you? And what are you doing in my seat?”
Jeremy got up and started to leave. You took the opportunity to slide closer to your host, resting your head on the desk.
“Jeremy, you gotta come back. Y/N needs to pick on you because apparently I’m no fun.”
You snorted (obviously regretting it) “Legolas isn’t that entertaining either.”
You slid back into your seat and Jerry came to join you.
“Alright, it really is a pleasure having you both on the show. How did you both manage to get off? Aren’t you guys the protagonists?”
“Well the villains have their scenes too. I am flying back tomorrow morning. She has a few more days off.”
“Yeah but your vacation started a few days before mine.”
“So obviously you can’t tell us too much about the movie-”
“What? We’re making a movie? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
Renner chuckled, “Alright Mackie. And it all depends on how much your willing to pay us. I mean unemployment isn’t cheap.”
“You wouldn’t know. Your in so many freaking movies.”
“She’s got you there. But I’m detecting a little bit of tension here.”
You two simultaneously blamed the other for being a jerk.
“I suppose it’s another point for the casting department. Because your characters hate each other right?”
“Yeah, it’s good for Hawkeye to break his stereotypical goody-goodyness. He’s gotten along with pretty much everyone up until this point. I love breaking in and giving him more opposition, he’s cute when he’s mad.”
“We saw a mini tantrum in Civil War but this is not because she hurt him,” Jeremy was obviously having to think hard about all this. “They just can’t stand each other’s personalities.”
Jimmy nodded, and the randomness continued. Jimmy finally couldn’t bottle his question up anymore and asked about Black Widow’s role in the film.
“They pull her in kicking and screaming. She can’t stand either of us,” you tried to talk through your laughter. You had to admit, you messed it up.
“I think Clint is trying to convince her to pass on what he taught her. Kate has a chance neither of them had at her age. Natasha is just more reluctant to help.”
“She’s just like,” you slipped into a Kim Kardashian impression, “I don’t know why you’re doing this to me. Like, no one else gets treated like this. You know I hate kids and you know I’m uncomfortable. You just put me in this position and it’s not funny.”
After the laughter died down, Jimmy usurped your spotlight and got things back on track. “So I just want to clarify, this doesn’t line up with everything currently happening in the MCU right now?”
“You’re right, the majority of the plot is around Dark World time. There is just stuff that couldn’t be explored until now because of spoilers. We waited to reveal a more deep Hawkeye in Age of Ultron.”
“And I was too young so it would have been someone else and that’s just unexceptable. I’m way cooler.”
Jeremy made sure you got a jab in the side during the commercial break.
You went to bed and felt very good about your first talkshow.
One more check on the bucket list.
Now, well earned rest.

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mmmm i ordered the amethyst pop figure like 8 months ago and it’s still not here lmao 

        eyes squinted as fingers tried desperately to play still –  working on the adrenaline of PURE concentration. teeth scraping along his bottom lip, tongue threatening to stick out from the corner –  cross legged atop that bare mattress,   trying to pull out strips of newspaper.  each strip struggling to maintain some sort of straight edge along rips.  a bowl of watered down glue dangerously peaking a little too close over the edge of the bed.   if working at a bookstore did much of anything  –   you did find yourself learning some pretty interesting new activities. &&  as for today, it was a ‘how to’ guide to paper mache.  begging to add a pop of color along the low peeling ceilings of that all too familiar room.    anything to completely transform bleak walls,  manifest celebration  –   absolutely ANYTHING to refurbish that little living space,  to make it a DREAM.  like the technicolor dream spaces of all the fairytales bobby held so dear  –   the complete royalties he deserved, most especially on his special day.  ( though quite admittedly,  every day with bobby was special all on its own. )   craving nothing but a well deserved PERFECTION for bobby’s birthday.  a thorough slice of those deserved fairytale endings.  glue glistening on fingernails as they dared to construct banners  and signs of adoration.

        it wasn’t very often markus was given the profound pleasure of getting to SURPRISE bobby.  what with long night shifts or absurdly early openings, it always seemed to be the other way around. a slight guilt in his inability to give as much as bobby gave. so, when the manager called to announce the ‘unfortunate’ cut to today’s hours, he took the news so FAST, it hardly passed much arena of thought.  except one very prominent agenda –  finding some way to make it all so SPECIAL. this was hardly an easy task.  there was nothing he could hardly imagine measuring up. nothing would ever quite measure up to that special place bobby held. this very profound place of love, in the very realization in a home itself – their home had always been in one another.  fingers always searching to get lost in between,  lips always begging to press sweet kisses along oh so loved admirations.  his words were quite useless really, void to any full explanation.  no matter how he read, or how he searched –   no words could ever explain just how important bobby maler was to him …  loving him, even when he was at his hardest to love.  accepting all his flaws ( the very many ) ,   but most importantly, even thinking him worthy enough to love him back.     not one gesture could ever match to that.  that profound privilege.   but it was his birthday,  and he was damn well going to try his hardest.   to do absolutely anything,   to just let bobby know just how much he meant …    to see him smile,  with that bright enlightening turn of lips.  just enough to even try to even scratch the surface of how much he mattered.  how much he cared.   he would do absolutely  EVERYTHING.   to the ends of the world. 

        uncapping paints of only the brightest hues.  ( that their flatmates graciously let him borrow for the day. )  a brush dipped with fluorescent coloring, striping homemade streamers in delightful pops.  playing along shades of reds and yellows, hoping to emulate those past sunset walks. spreading glittering shards along every inch of decoration, tracing along the letters of his name,  just well enough to catch the rays of light the room managed to catch from that half boarded window.  allowing it all to manage a faint glow –   hoping to highlight the very importance of the emboldened, capital declaration, ‘ happy birthday, bobby !! ’  the very wonder in the fact, that somehow, someway by some twist of pure luck,   he was allowed to have him in his life ( and god, heaven knew he hardly deserved it. )   &&  that was a celebration in and of itself.   bobby maler,  who only ever deserved to know just how incredible he was.  to know how LOVED he was.   hardly ever talked about his birthday.  it had become a bit of a guessing game through the early half of their relationship,  but  –  he’d gotten good enough at guessing.  wanting nothing but to celebrate him every day if he was allowed.  crossed legs vaulting himself high enough to begin sprinkling such vibrancies along every corner of the room.  sticking technicolor along every corner of wall, every inch of ceiling.  letting hands travel back to glue as they began sticking along the backs of photographs.   those very special ones he’d kept in the box.  those photographs that no longer were forced into hiding beneath the shadows of the underside of a bed,  but instead got to witness the very light of brightly colored construction paper.    he made many guesses.  small little gestures of cards and notes,  until he finally hit the nail on the head.   writing little drafts of love letters that were finally being unfolded there in his lap.  nearly years of words he had once been so afraid of.  thinking they were graceless, unshared, in the trappings of once dark loneliness.  now living in the very light of those memorized finger tips.  sticking between folded  paper along the inside creases, like a book of sweet nothings.   little declarations of love breathing to life behind collages of those once hidden photographs.  from photo booths, shared lens.  a slight smile tugging up the corner of his lips as lead stained his dominant hand as new words were forged.   happiest wishes looped in careful thought.  

         presents still laying in the open as excited hands began to grab for shining tissue paper and bag to match. he wasn’t the neatest person, so wrapping paper had never exactly been his friend.  careful to keep them all wrapped tightly together between that plume of paper rising out the top of the bag.  it wasn’t much.  but all he could manage to give.  saving from paycheck to paycheck just for this DAY.  eyes always curiously searching shop windows on the many walks home,  hoping to find the PERFECT something.  a package of sewing needles adorned with a ( sloppily )  tied ribbon to match the purple hue of the collected spools of varying threads.  he had hoped so dearly he’d managed the right thing –  he didn’t know much about sewing, but the most important thing he did know …  just how much it meant to bobby.  how it always made bobby smile,  relieved him, lived so fully in his passions.  a little plush animal sticking its head out amongst the paper.  knowing just how much bobby adored those soft to the touch,  cute little sunshine like reminders.  that finished collage of past to present photographs tucked safely between its arms.  smiling memories all leading up to these very moments.  those happy little somethings that kept his life worth living  ( or more accurately, kept him ALIVE. )  those past letters of adoration strategically placed between them, the most recent sticking out slightly behind the others.  reflecting newly pressed words along paper.   resting on the ‘makeshift table’ with those freshly watered flowers picked up along this morning’s errand run. playing centerpiece in that newly furnished array of sunlight and color. 

         fingers putting the finishing touch of candles stuck in the small vanilla cake facilitating the kitchen ( kitchen was too big of a word –  compartment ?? ) .  he’d never been much of a cook, let alone a baker.  probably burning the place down in its state of a half broken oven.  but some very explicit betty crocker instructions, seemed to offer itself up in some form of success.   a try at icing, unfortunately resulting in a bit of a sloppy finish of pink dyed vanilla frosting.  all the candles seemingly dug into varying levels of the cake.  one higher than the other, another lower,  like a maze of unmatched candle coordination.   all multi colored from the stray existence they managed to maintain from multiple packages of lost birthday candles.  lighter sitting idly close by, anxiously awaiting its profound duty of allowing the granting of birthday wishes.  ( they were the most IMPORTANT wishes after all !! )  

         an excited flush filling him out as he heard a gentle knock at the door, just managing those final touches.  that too big for his face grin absolutely unavoidable as it couldn’t help but try to keep growing.  that all too devoted care, never quite able to ever contain itself.  his own fingers reaching out to turn open the door.   that ever present wish that he could only ever find a way to show how loved bobby was.  how he wished to not only celebrate today, but EVERY day.  even if it meant only getting to hold him one more time, that that kiss pressed gently as they met in the middle of the open door & the glowing room about them, was the very last one …   as long as he got to make him smile, even if it wasn’t much …  just enough to hope his words didn’t escape him.  that ever present whispered  “ i love you.  never lost.  as long as he got to love him that very moment  —    but most importantly,  hoping he got to show bobby just how LOVED he was,  that would be ENOUGH.   because he was nothing short of the greatest gift he could ever ask for.  

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