So after about 2 months of having to remake I made it to 1k followers again. I wasn’t able to make this as nice as I wanted to but I still wanted to do this and thank everyone for following me

So here’s some awesome blogs and people that I follow, mutuals are bolded (please let me know if I left you or anyone out)

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Thanks everyone for 1K!

And for anyone who wants to read my little PSA 

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I just wanted to let you all know that this blog will be on hiatus starting from Tuesday August 30th due to school, so I won’t be posting at all for a while. Since I’m starting Uni this year, I want to try and focus as much as I can and get my priorities straight or just until I get used to everything, because I honestly don’t want to screw myself over in the first year and tbh, I really do need a break from Tumblr since I’m on it way more than I should and it’s starting to get unhealthy.
I decided that I’ll definitely be back for a short period of time once infinite has a comeback cuz I’ve been waiting far too long and it’s literally the only thing I’m looking forward to this year, but after that, this blog will go back to being on a hiatus again until whenever.
I thought about putting up a queue, but then I realized that it never really helped me from staying away from blogging because I always seemed to come back a week later so this time I decided to completely not post at all for a while (gotta find a balance in life)
I’m not sure how long this full hiatus will last because I always seem to give in and end up coming back before I should, but this blog will be pretty inactive until I get my priorities straight, and learn how to manage everything, and once I do get everything straight it will be on semi-hiatus (all posts on queue).
I hope all of you stay safe while I’m gone, and sorry for all that rambling!! haha 💕

~ Nazreen

sorry in advance

but my posts will mainly consist of me mourning juvia until she wakes up and if she doesn’t i’m even more sorry for what’s to come okay

i remember during the tlok series finale when mako was like “i would follow you into any battle” and everybody was so sure that makorra was endgame and i was just resigned to the fact the the straights are gonna have it again but THEN, in the next scene fcking asami interrupted tenzin and korra’s conversation with an excuse we all know was bullshit then she and korra just basically confessed their undying love for each other and then they held hands and looked into each other’s eyes and walked off into the sunset spirit world. AND WE POPPED THE BIGGEST BOTTLES BECAUSE IT WAS KORRASAMI THAT BECAME FUCKING CANON