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The Kanouso team (The cast of “The Liar and his lover”) headed by Takeru Sato, together with Shohei Miura, Masataka Kubota, Sakurako Ohara, Mitsuki Tanimura and Saki Aibu guested on the show VS Arashi last Dec. 12, 2013 to promote their movie. It was Takeru Sato’s first time to guest in the show and it was Sakurako Ohara’s first time to guest in a variety show.
When Shohei Miura was asked about his expectation from the wall climber, Takeru san, he said “We have Hitokiri Battousai here”  ^^
screen caps by Rei

Anubis Mini Garden Event 4- "Points of Similarity"

Anubis: “Kaa bara bara? (Haa, you’re the Underworld king, right? Are you someone important?)”

Hades: “Whether I’m someone important or not is not up to me to decide. While I’m called the ‘king,’ I’m merely supervisor. I don’t believe it’s any different a job than yours.”

Takeru: “That’s Hades-san for you! Even what his says is something else!”

Loki: “You’re both gods of the dead of a sort, but you’re toootally different!”

Anubis: “Kaa, bara bara? (You think so?)”

Takeru: “You guys’re total opposites, from personality to looks. It’s hard to find points of similarity between you.”

Anubis: “Kaa, bara bara? (But we get along well, y'know?)”

Anubis: “Kaa bara bara! (Earlier, we made lotsa friends for Mie together! It was loads of fun!)”

Hades: “As only gods of death can, we had 'deathly fun’.”

Loki: “………………”

(Quick notes: Mie is a small stuffed toy Anubis made for Yui; it “talks” and moves and even eats food. Yes I know they’re not gods of DEATH exactly, but I’m just translating here. And we can’t have Hades feature without a bad pun, now can we? :DD

Also, it appears to me that they’ve come to understand Anubis by this point- judging by their clothes, it’s at least the season after Anubis’s shackle breaks, meaning there’s a good chance that they were able to come to understand him in that time.)

Yes, I know it’s already April but in between watching doramas, reading manga, and doing chores I can’t get out of, I only found time to post March’s actor of the month which is….TAKERU SATO!

I’ll be honest with you. Even though everyone has been raving about his good looks and acting skills, I never saw the appeal until I watched The Liar and His Lover. The Aki he portrayed in the film was good. In fact, it was better than good. At the start of the film, he was an empty shell but as the movie progressed his character diverged bit by bit. I enjoyed watching how Takeru Sato-san portrayed Aki. The character development was very clear and precise. When he realized he was in love with the heroine, I had to laugh because it was very Aki-like.

I have watched his other films such as Bakuman and Rurouni Kenshin, but this is the first time I’ve seen his talent as an actor. Like they say, his emotions can be seen in his eyes even when he doesn’t speak.

I’m looking forward to more works by him. Ganbatte!


Tenno no Ryoriban Interview: Sato Takeru-san (as Akiyama Tokuzo)


(Photo 1)

*What was the impression when you read the scenario for the first time?

I thought Tokuzo-san’s life was just a great one. (Since it is the historical story about Mr. Akiyama Tokuzo,) It is shocking that there was a person who actually led such a life.
It’s a very nice story and I enjoyed reading the scenario, but when I read it thinking that I would play the role, I was very surprised because he was the type of a person I had never played and totally different type of figure from my natural self. If I was to play this role, it would be a great challenge, I thought.

*About the cooking scenes

Since I usually don’t cook, ‘the time has come at last for me to cook’, I thought. (lol) I started to go to cooking school last summer at rock bottom, cutting my fingers. (lol) Until the shooting for the drama started, I had been filming a movie in Hokkaido, and there even in the hotel room, I kept practicing cutting potatoes and onions. In reality, there are many scenes where I handle potatoes, and the first difficulty I faced was to peel them into ‘chateau’. We have peelers now, but in those days they did it all with a small petit knife and it’s very difficult. But I didn’t use a stand-in but did all by myself even in shooting close-up shots at hands.
Even though I’ve been practicing again and again, it is the most difficult to show cooking is in my blood because I’m acting a cook. It does not apply only to cooking but to any time when I play a role as a professional; using tricks won’t work in many parts, so I’m struggling. Cooking is artisanal, so the cutting movements of a kitchen knife and delicacy in dishes are also awesome. I have difficulty in making it look convincing. However, cooking scenes are enjoyable. These days I have a strong impulse to cut them into strips when I see vegetables. (lol)
I enjoy eating the dishes we made in the kitchen, and the cutlet that appeared in the first episode was delicious! The cutlet served as a trigger for Tokuzo-san to chase a dream. You will all feel like eating cutlets once the drama starts, I suppose.

*Do you have something in mind when you play Tokuzo?

It was the role I’d never tried before, so for a while after the shooting started, I thought this and that. I read the scenario many times and went to the shooting site thinking what kind of approach would be the best. I proceeded the shooting talking with Producer Ishimaru and Director Hirakawa.
‘Why was Tokuzo-san loved so much? What should I do to be like that?’ I thought, but as a conclusion, I didn’t devise something visible. The reason why Tokuzo-san is loved so much is that he is honest and embracing life, I think. It means that I have to embrace life, straight, with sincerity. That’s the only way, I think, and I’m now doing so.

(Photo 2)

*Please tell us your impression of the co-stars

Kuroki Haru-san, who acts as Toshiko, who is to be Tokuzo’s wife, is really just like Toshiko-san. So much so that I can’t tell if she is Toshiko-san or Haru-san. She is the type of a woman who supports a man a few steps back of him. There is something traditional about her. She has an inner fortitude, and if you ask if she is strong or weak, she is strong … It’s also like Toshiko-san.

Kiritani Kenta-san, my friend apprentice, is … really a welcome existence. I’ve worked with him many times, but he makes me want to work together again. I want him to be in the shooting site.
Since there are many scenes where Tokuzo plays all alone, I feel saved at the shooting site with Kiritani-san after I kept acting all by myself. He understands how hard it is to act alone and clears the atmosphere, so he makes me realize what it is to become lighter spiritually.

Suzuki Ryohei-san, my brother, is stoic. I think he is really a man. I love his stoicism and manliness that once he has decided, he never fails to do it.
He makes me feel like crying, just being there, just by his existence.
I love the scenes with Tokuzo and his brother very much. But there are not so many scenes with my brother to the contrary, rather few, and we communicate almost only via mails. The reason why I feel so much for these brothers’ scenes is that I know what Ryohei-san feels toward getting into his character. Therefore I feel strongly about my brother, I think.

*You did locations quite widely we hear …

Fukushima, Ibaraki, Kobe, Okayama, and France … In Japan, we started shooting in January and February, but the scenes were not set in winter, so to avoid letting out white breath, we acted eating ice. It was cold.
(Suzuki) Ryohei-san says I never said ‘cold’, but in fact, I said ‘cold’ in front of (Kuroki) Hana-chan. I’m honest in front of my wife but can’t show my weakness in front of my brother. (lol)

*Which is the most impressive location of all …?

The most impressive is France, as expected.
Don’t you have an elegant image to hear ‘location in France’?
In fact, it was tough location as if it weren’t already enough. (lol) It took as many as twelve hours to fly there, and as soon as we put our baggage at our hotel, we started filming … at any rate schedule was so tight.
And this drama has so many scenes where Tokuzo runs. Probably I spent more time in running than cooking, I suppose. (lol) Not only in France but in Japan, I ran, but Paris has more straight roads with a good view than Japan. But running on a road with a good view means that however far I run, you can see me forever. I wished, ‘Please say “Cut!” ~ *cry*’all too often. I had to run all the way to the horizon … doing it every day exhausted me as expected. *bitter laugh*

(Photo 3)

*This drama starts in Meiji Era. Was there anything surprising during the shooting?

It’s unique to this time, I guess, that pots used in cooking are very heavy! When we wash dishes, we use loofah instead of sponges.
It was the time when books were very precious, you know. So we treat them very carefully. I was about to lay a book face down if not told to stop it, when Ryohei-san taught me because he had just played a role who works in the publishing industry. Since then I’ve been careful. (lol)

In those days, there was nothing like email, so letters had a great power as a communication tool, I think. They conveyed their thought in hand written letters even if they were not sure if the letters would reach the other person. However, the bond between people and love and thoughts toward people were all the stronger in those days, I suppose. It would be more wonderful if we, living in the modern world, too, could lead a live like that … I sometimes think.

Final word for the viewer, please.

Even though I’ve been shooting for such a long time, I myself can’t imagine how this drama will turn out even now. The only thing I can say is that we’re making it in earnest.
To tackle one thing this earnestly is rare occurrence. This is a hot site of creation. To be in there is a blessing as an actor. Since we’re making the drama in such heat, I honestly want you to watch it. We’re working straight and with inexcusable seriousness, so I won’t bother to say ‘This is a drama like this’, but I’d rather only say, ‘Please watch it!’


Rurouni Kenshin Cast in TOKIO Kakeru Part 2

Here’s another segment from the same episode I translated before. First off, I’m sorry if this is one longass entry. I don’t know how to make GIFs (Actually, I do. It’s  a pain, though. lol!), but I really wanted to show you how Takeru died of embarrassment… sort of. 

Here you go. Enjoy!

Yamaguchi: Takei-san, you’re now 20 years old.

Emi: Yes.

Yamaguchi: Do you want to fall in love?

Emi: Yeah. I would love to.

Yamaguchi. You’re in the right age, after all. It’s the right time. What type of guy do you like?

Emi: Someone kind would be nice. For example, he’d say things like, “I bought this for us. Let’s eat it together.”

TOKIO members: Ahhh.

Nagase: “It’s hot, so I bought you this ice cream.” Something like that, huh?

TOKIO member: That’s nice. It’s a thoughtful gesture.

Emi: Yeah, yeah.

TOKIO member: Like, “Which flavor do you want?”

Emi: Yeah. Haha.

Matsuoka: “Let’s cut the food in half and share.” Yihee!

[Everyone laughs]

TOKIO member: What’s wrong? What’s wrong?

Emi: Also, I would love it if he introduces me to other people.

Yamaguchi: Like, when you started dating…

Emi: That’s right. For example, he’d let me meet his friends and introduce me as his girlfriend.

TOKIO: Ahhh…

Emi: I’ll think he’s a nice person if he does that. He can say, “This is my girlfriend. She’s very cute, right?” Haha!

Nagase: Like, so he’ll look cool in front of his friends, he’ll act the same way as he is when it’s just the two of you together [Something like that; I didn’t get this part clearly].

Emi: Yeah. I’d like to try that.

Yamaguchi: So, shall we do it?

TOKIO members: What? What will we do?

Yamaguchi: Let’s do it. “Introduce Your Precious Girlfriend in a Manly Way: Make Takei Emi’s Heart Skip a Beat” Battle!

Kamiki: What is this?

Aoki: What is this?

Emi: Hahaha.

Voiceover: Since we have this many men in the studio today, let’s make Takei-san’s heart skip a beat. Here’s the setting: In the middle of a date, the couple bumps into an acquaintance, and the men should introduce Takei-san as their precious girlfriend. Whoever says the best line wins. Let’s start with TOKIO’s relationship expert, Matsuoka-san!

[Basically, all the single guys had to participate except TOKIO’s leader Joushima, who’s old enough to be Emi’s dad. Haha! Kamiki-kun also didn’t participate. Too bad! Lol.]

Yamaguchi: Alright. Begin!

[Joushima acts as the acquaintance]

Matsuoka: Hey!

Joushima: Hey, Matsuoka!

Matsuoka: How are you? Ah, have I introduced her to you?

Joushima: This is the first time we’ve met.

Matsuoka: She’s Emi.

Emi: Nice to meet you.

Matsuoka: We started dating last month.

Joushima: Ah, is that so?

Matsuoka: We’re off to grab a meal now.

Joushima: I see.

Matsuoka: She doesn’t like fish, so we’ll eat grilled meat.

Joushima (to Emi): Please take care of Matsuoka.

Matsuoka: Hey, listen to what I’m saying!

Emi: Hahaha! He’s a nice friend.

Matsuoka: I was about to say, “She doesn’t eat fish. She’s cute, right?” But you cut me halfway through.

Joushima: I really thought you were a couple.

Nagase: Please don’t go acting on your own.

Joushima: Sorry. Sorry.

Voiceover: Leader, please don’t talk too much, okay? The next person is Aoki-san, Takei-san’s co-star in the movie.

Yamaguchi: Alright. Begin!

[Aoki asks Emi to hold his hand. Hihi!]

Aoki: Ah, Leader. Hello!

Joushima: Ah, yeah. We met last time, right?

Aoki: That’s right. I think I haven’t introduced her to you yet. This is my girlfriend.

Joushima: Is that so?

Aoki: Yeah. We’ve been thinking about getting married.

Emi: Hahaha!

Aoki: Please watch over us warmly.

Yamaguchi: Okay, cut!

Matsuoka: That was the ideal, right?  Mine looked like I was just fooling around, acting a like a playboy.

Kamiki: Yeah, you did.

Matsuoka: I did, right? Haha!

Voiceover: Next is TOKIO’s Nagase. He wants to do a fun introduction. Here it is!

Nagase: Oh, Joushima-kun! Let me introduce her. Emi-chan!

[Nagase did this “Choo Choo Train” dance made popular by EXILE. Emi just followed him. Haha!]

Yamaguchi: Okay, cut! What the hell was that?

[Everyone’s laughing except Takeru]

Kokubun: Wait, only Takeru-kun doesn’t look like he’s having fun.

Matsuoka: That’s because he hates to lose.

Takeru: I get it. I get it.

Yamaguchi: He’s the last one, after all.

Takeru: Everyone, let me show you the right way to do it.

TOKIO members: Ohhhh.

Takeru: This will make Takei-san the happiest.

Aoki: Oooohhh! Haha!

Voiceover: And the last one is the very confident Sato Takeru-san. Please show us the right way to do it.

[This time, Kamiki acts as the acquaintance.]

Takeru (to Emi): Let’s pretend we’re going shopping.

Emi: Okay.

Takeru: So, where should we go next?

Emi: Hmm…

Takeru: Oh, Ryu-chan!

Kamiki: Take-chan!

Takeru: What’s up? Are you alone?

Kamiki: Yeah, I am.

[The two of them kept talking over the other. They’re obviously nervous. Haha! It was like a really awkward acting workshop,]

Takeru: Ah, this is my girlfriend. She’s cute, right?

Kamiki: Is that so?

Takeru (to Emi): Come on, show us a cute expression. Show us a cute expression.

[They started giggling.]

Emi: Pardon me.

Kamiki: Nice to meet you.

Takeru: She’s cute, right? [He’s running out of things to say.]

Yamaguchi: Okay, cut!

TOKIO members: What was that?

Matsuoka: Only the “She’s cute, right?” part was okay.

TOKIO member: What do you mean “the right way to do it?”

Matsuoka: “She’s cute, right?” was fine. Why did you even have to say “Show us a cute expression?”

Takeru: Eh? Was that bad?

Kokubun: Which part was “the right way to do it?”

Takeru: I thought mine was the most orthodox.

[Everyone laughs]

Yamaguchi: So, who won?

Emi: Matsuoka-san. It was a fun way to do it.

Nagase: Mine was fun, too.

Matsuoka: But, only you were having fun. It was awkward for the girlfriend.

Emi: That was embarrassing.

Kokubun: Someone even said something about getting married, yet he still lost.

Emi: It also made me embarrassed.


EDIT: Changed the photos because the first one was a mess and it annoyed the hell out of me.