Adventures of Takera #2

So, I made it to level 15 after handing in quests for killing elder grizzly bears and walking evil plants (name still not there ¬.¬) Anyway, so I (Takera) get some new quests and I (Takera) go to get a sample of a crystal… only to find that they are being guarded by blood elves. So I (Takera) fight a few and then I (Takera) fight one that’s a little closer to the crystal and find that, not only is he hard to kill, but he’s also right next to another one who was just ROUND THE CORNER! So, what happens? I (Takera) die. *Sigh* Anyway, after running back to my (Takera’s) body, I am just about to re-spawn, when an Assassin sneaks past my (Takera’s) ghost which makes me freeze for a second or two. Anyway, so I try and get as far away from the Elves as I can and re-spawn… only to then to be killed yet again by the SAME ELVES! *Sigh* so, second trip to the graveyard and, because it’s getting late and I know I have to get up early-ish the next morning, I allow Takera’s ghost to rest and I log off.

I haven’t bothered to log on and re-spawn yet so, sorry Takera, maybe tomorrow, I’m tired. Anyway, until next ^^