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Gajevy Love Week 2017 - Day 7 - Marriage/Living together

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One month post wedding

Things were supposed to change after couples got married. At least, that’s what Macao and Wakaba told Lily as he looked for a job to take while Levy and Gajeel were off on their honeymoon.

“Don’t worry there buddy, within a month they’ll take their hands off each other. Ya just gotta hold off until then.”

Lily didn’t know whether it was bad for him to hope that his best friend’s relationship started to stale, but the amount of nights that he had to spend at another guild member’s house in order to get any semblance of sleep was just getting ridiculous now. Added to that the fact that more and more guild members were getting into relationships, and it was difficult to find one that didn’t mind harboring him for the night. He assumed that after an entire month of having no one but each other to keep them company the two love birds would be able to stay apart for more than an hour, or at least tire themselves out, so the first time he got back to the house after they had returned he felt safe entering in the front door. He pushed the wood open with his back, his arms carrying enough groceries to last all three of them for a week, and almost ran into where Gajeel had propped Levy against the wall, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

Levy screamed as Gajeel pulled away, desperately tugging her skirt down to cover herself. Lily sighed. This wasn’t anywhere near the first time this had happened. He simply walked through to the kitchen, left the groceries on the side and left through the back door.

“I’ll be back to make food in an hour. Consider this fair warning.”

Three months post wedding

Lily was sat at the bar at the guild, a glass of strong liquor in one hand as his head was rested on the other. Mira walked over to him, leaning on her elbows on the counter as she prepared to offer her advice. That’s why she had come over, of course. To offer Lily advice. Not to get gossip, not at all.

“What’s the matter, Pantherlily?”

Her voice was sweet enough to disguise her true intentions, and Lily almost fell for it. Almost. He took a sip out of his drink, before facing the takeover mage. At this point, he was far too drunk and far too angry to worry about the information he was about to give her.

“I walked into the garden earlier, and let’s just say I discovered why Levy asked Droy to put all those twenty foot trees around the perimeter. They were fucking on the lawn. On the lawn, Mira.”

The takeover mage only just managed to suppress her laughter, covering her mouth with her hand in a gesture she hoped Lily would think was just her trying to come up with a solution. Her plan didn’t work. Lily knew exactly what she was doing.

“They’re young and in love, Lily. I know it must be hard living with them, but it won’t be long until they calm down and you’ll have your house back again. You’re free to come and live with me and Freed for a while if you want?”

Lily looked over at the rune mage, who didn’t even attempt to hide his grimace at the suggestion. He wondered if Mira could feel the scowl that Freed was currently boring into the back of her head. The exceed sighed, finishing off his drink before standing up and heading out of the guild.

“Thanks for the suggestion, Mira, but I think I’ll just go and stay with the exceeds for a while. Like you said, I don’t think this can last for long.”

Six months post wedding

Lily lay in his bed, desperately trying to cover his ears to block out the noise coming from the room next to him. He had thought that Levy’s announcement that she was expecting would slow down the constant screaming that he heard at night, but obviously not. Erza had been joking around with Levy about the benefits of having sex while pregnant, but Lily had assumed it was just that. Joking.
As soon as it was ridiculously apparent that he wasn’t getting any sleep that night if he stayed there he opened up his window and jumped out, unfurling his wings as he flew away from the house.

Freed opened the door in a tank top and pajama bottoms, rubbing his eyes as he spotted the exceed stood on his porch. He sighed as he pulled the door fully open, allowing it to hit the wall as he stepped back and invited the exceed inside. Yet again he was cursing his girlfriend for extending the invitation three months ago, but he couldn’t get too angry. The exceed made his way into the house without saying a word, heading towards the sofa as Freed turned around and made his way back up to his own bed. Unbeknownst to the other, both men hoped that this informal arrangement would end sooner rather than later.

Fifteen months post wedding

Lily, like always, was the first one awake when one of the twins cried. This time it was Shutora, and he made his way through the hallway to the twins room. Grabbing a bottle from the fridge inside the door he shook it absentmindedly, activating a rune to heat it slightly before heading to pick up the young girl and cradle her in his arms. She was contented almost immediately, her screaming stopping as she ate and Lily chuckled. She was just like her father, placated by food. It wasn’t long before Lily heard the door open, and turned to see Gajeel resting against the door frame. The Dragon Slayer had just managed to pull his boxers on, and he went to check on his son to make sure he hadn’t awoken.
“I’m sorry, Lil’. For makin’ ya put up with this. I love havin’ ya here but, d’ya think ya might wanna stay somewhere else until the brats are a little older?”

Lily smirked, looking down at the now sleeping face of the baby in his arms. In the three months since the twins had arrived, Levy and Gajeel had been far too exhausted to interrupt his sleep with any funny business in the night.

“Don’t worry about it, Gajeel. I think the twins and I will get on just fine…”

And that’s the end of Gajevy love week!
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Gajevy Week 2017 - Matching

My first entry for Gajevy Week 2017! My chapters will all be one linked story, hopefully I’ll be able to get them all up on time! 

“Lucy, you’ve got it, right?” Levy’s ears perked up as she heard her friends talking outside of the changing area she was currently standing in. The beautiful folding screen was all that separated her from the other women, and she stood still to listen. Not that she’d been doing anything other than shivering anxiously, anyway.

“Yeah! I do! He gave it to me yesterday!” Levy heard some rustling around, and then there were squeals and happy exclamations. She started to move, planning to peek around the corner of the screen when Lucy popped up in front of her. Her blonde friend wore a huge grin on her face, obviously tickled that she had managed to catch the bluenette’s attention. “Are you ready then, Levy-chan?” Lucy stepped forward boldly in her floor-length deep blue gown, reaching past Levy. She gently lifted a dress off the mannequin next to the tiny Script Mage before holding it out, Levy carefully stepping into it. The taller woman smiled as she slid the soft fabric up Levy’s legs, helping guide her arms through the straps. The lace halter fit Levy snugly, the patterns enhancing the tiny woman’s chest, but mostly putting the focus onto her shapely shoulders, Levy’s bright guild mark plainly evident. Carefully stepping around her friend, Lucy tugged the zipper up, causing the dress to hug what many people considered one of the bluenette’s best features. She then leaned down to arrange the skirt, flaring out from Levy’s knees and flowing to the ground around her. The fabric shimmered a little in the soft light of the girls’ room, and Levy stared down at herself, tears pooling in her eyes.

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I really couldn’t resist.

(Yeah no writing inspiration for Gruvia week so- I had to do something)

Drunken Love

Nalu One-Shot

Rating: T 

Genre: Romance/Humor

NOTE: The ever so lovely @talesoftwofairies granted me permission to expand upon their Gajevy story Distraction which is totally amaze balls and you should go read it. I loved the idea of drunken Natsu so this was born. It is sort of a sequel. 

Summary: Natsu enters another drinking game but this time it is with Gajeel and Gray. Lucy is absolutely embarrassed and mortified by the things her partner says which include declarations of marriage and information she does not want the rest of the guild to know about their special relationship.

Originally posted by shinonstail

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The Definition of Insanity - Chapter One

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and expecting different results… 

Fairy Tail are holding another S-Class trials after the problems that occurred last time… but can they expect anything to change this time around? 

Rated M for occasional smut. 

Collaboration with @gajeelswoman (go check out her other stuff if you haven’t already!)

Disclaimer - This has been rated M for occasional smut. It starts off straight away. You have been warned.

Also (I promise the story starts under the read more) this story is based in the same universe as my other fics, Iron and Paper & Soul Squared. Reading them isn’t necessary, but there are a couple of references to it.

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Goodness thankyou so much for the compliments, torresdesu-san! I’m finally done with your request!

Gray gets jealous that Juvia’s been showing him much less attention since her “little brother” appeared out of nowhere. (It was really Mira working her transformation magic. The Takeover Mage had planned this all with Juvs as a sure method of driving Gray forward to notice Juvia more.)

Apparently it worked really well, didn’t it? Especially after dat boob grab. Little did Mira know that Gray had actually grabbed Juvia’s assets the very first time they battled. Ah, memories..

I licked it, it's mine

I’ve recently hit 100 followers. (102, to be exact). Being the dork that I am, this excites me. I don’t know how I tricked over 100 people into thinking my blog is good enough to follow, but I appreciate you all, my precious cinnamon buns.

Anyhoo, here’s a silly, short one shot of my ultimate otp to celebrate :)


“Graaaay,” Natsu whined, his face less than a foot away from the dark haired mage, “did you finish my drink?”

Natsu’s cheeks were flushed, a shade of pink that matched his soft hair from all the cinnamon whiskey he’d had that night.

“No way, Flame Brain. That shit tastes like… well, like shit.” Gray rolled his eyes and took a sip of his beer as he vehemently tried to ignore how close the fire dragon was. He could feel the heat radiating from his body, and while Gray would normally complain about being too warm, it wasn’t at all unpleasant.

Gray sighed. When did Natsu’s searing body temperature stop bothering him? Oh. That’s right. When he figured out after months of pondering that he had feelings for the idiot.

The realization hit him like a ton of fucking bricks. One minute he was watching Natsu try to start a scrap with Erza, the next he was smiling like an idiot and internally cheering for him.

“You can be such a dick. S'better than whatever you’re drinking.” Natsu smirked at him. “What are you drinking, anyway?” Natsu grabbed his cup and tilted it to look inside. When he couldn’t figure it out, he took an experimental sip. “Ugh! It’s so bitter!”

“It’s dark beer.” Gray snorted as he snatched it back.

“It was really strong… and thick. Is that how you like it, Gray?” Natsu asked with a shockingly sexy expression in his vibrant green eyes.

Gray’s jaw dropped. If he didn’t know any better, he’d think Natsu was hitting on him.

“Uh…” Gray gaped, still without a clue as to how to respond to that.

Natsu burst into a fit of laughter, his face inching closer to the flustered ice mage. Was Natsu yanking his chain? ‘For fuck’s sake.’ Gray thought sullenly.

“Mira!” Natsu called loudly as he made his way to the bar, his path a little wobbly. “I want some more Fireball!”

“Sorry, Natsu. You polished the rest of it off.”

“Awww!” Natsu pouted. Gray could see the adorable expression from where he sat and it nearly killed him that he couldn’t tell Natsu what that face did to him.

‘Of course I can’t tell him. He’s interested in someone else.’

Gray remembered the way his heart clenched when he had heard Mira gossiping with Ever about Natsu and his ‘love interest.’ Gray literally stopped in his tracks and his head had snapped in their direction.

Mira saw him staring and changed the subject, a huge grin on her face. That grin told him one thing: Natsu probably rediscovered his crush on Lisanna. If it wasn’t the youngest takeover mage, it had to be Lucy.

Gray would be happy for Natsu and whoever it was either way. He loved him. That meant all he wanted was for Natsu to be happy. That didn’t stop the jealousy that surged through his system when he thought about Natsu dating someone else.

“You can have regular whiskey if you want.” Mira offered sweetly.

“Ain’t the same.” Natsu mumbled, looking more put out than he should.

‘Too cute for your own damn good, Ashes.’

“Throw some cinnamon hearts in it.” Gray called from his seat. “Give it a little while and the flavour will soak into the booze.”

“Really?!” Natsu nearly yelled.

Gray nodded his head. Natsu’s signature face splitting grin did a real number on his heart.

“Who knew you were so smart, Snowflake?”

“Shut it, Lizard Breath.”

Natsu swiped his drink off the counter and stomped back toward him. “If you’re gonna insult me, at least do it right, Elsa!”

“Elsa?” Gray looked at him with confusion in his dark eyes.

“Let it gooo, let it gooo!” Natsu sang obnoxiously.

“Oh God, shut the hell up.” Gray rolled his eyes.

“And if I don’t?”

Gray grabbed pulled a lollipop out of his pocket and ripped the wrapper off. “I was gonna be nice and give this to ya, but since you wanna be rude, forget it!”

Natsu’s eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas and he reached for it. Gray let out a snicker and popped the candy into his mouth.

“Gray!” Natsu sneered, slamming his makeshift Fireball onto the table. He leapt into Gray’s lap and ended up straddling his hips. “Give it here!”

Gray blinked at the sight of Natsu’s thighs hugging his own. He regained his composure and pulled the lollipop out of his mouth. The fascinated look on Natsu’s face did not go unnoticed by the ice devil.

“Nuh uh. I licked it, it’s mine.”

“Oh, is that how things work around here?” Natsu demanded with a challenge in his tone.

“As a matter of fact, it is!” Gray growled.

“Fine then!”

Natsu put his hands on the wall, one on either side of the head of dark hair before he leaned forward and dragged his tongue from Gray’s shoulder all the way to his neck.

“N-Natsu!” Gray sputtered. “What the hell are you doing?!”

Natsu pulled back, a possessive gleam dancing in his captivating eyes. “Mine.”

“Excuse me?” Gray squeaked.

“I licked you. That means you. are. mine.” Natsu slammed his lips against Gray’s, tongue gliding along his for a moment that didn’t last long enough before he drew back. “Got that?”

Gray blinked, cheeks flushed with both arousal and embarrassment from the gasps around them. “Yeah, I got it, ya dumb dragon.”

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Natsu and Wendy (brotp) - protect Gray and Juvia - pregnant Erza and Mira - beach Laxus and Freed - jealous

Natsu x Wendy (Brotp) + Protect

   Fear was curling in Wendy’s stomach, not helped by the fact that she could hear just how laboured Natsu’s breathing was becoming, the little whimpers that he was no longer able to hold back and her hands clenched at her sides. I need to heal him… She’d only had chance for a brief glimpse at the damage earlier, but she knew that it was bad and her fingers twitched with the need to help…to heal…and some of her fear faded, her own breathing evening out. She couldn’t heal him now…not with the door to their temporary hideout shuddering under the impact of the guards slamming into it, her nose twitching as she smelt the powder they were bringing to tear it down, wind gathering at her feet in preparation. She couldn’t heal him…he couldn’t fight…and they had no idea where the rest of their team was, the blast that had left Natsu barely conscious having sent them both tumbling down several levels and she couldn’t trust that they would get there in time…which left her with one choice.

“Natsu…you have to hold on a little longer,” she whispered, hoping that he would be able to hear it through the pain…trusting him to hold on for her…her wind rising, ready to shield them…ready to protect the one who was always protecting her. I’m going to get you out of here…and then I can heal you and see you smile again…

Gruvia + Pregnant

    Gray blinked as his searching hand came up empty, lifting himself up just enough to confirm that the other side of the bed was empty…again…his eyes narrowing as now that he was more awake he could hear movement in the bathroom, and more worrying the sound of someone throwing up and at once he was up and out of bed. He didn’t bother knocking, Juvia had never bothered with locking the bathroom door and he didn’t want to give her the chance to try and brush this off again…this was the third time this week, which meant that it was more than a stomach bug like she had been claiming the day before. Sure enough he found his wife curled around the toilet looking pale and miserable, and he sighed as he crouched down beside her, reaching out to lay a cooling hand on her forehead.

“Juvia…you need to see Porlyusica…”

“I already did,” the quiet response startled him and he blinked, before his eyes narrowed as he remembered the Water mage slipping away the previous day…wondering why on earth she’d hidden it from him…but Juvia was continuing, and he pushed the hurt and irritation aside to focus. “Gray-sama was worried…so I went to see her…and…”

“And…?” He certainly wasn’t expecting the soft, albeit weary smile that met his question…and when her response finally registered, he thought that he might be the one in need of Porlyusica as it felt like his heart might burst out of his chest…or that he might throw up any moment as nerves welled up amongst the joy,

“I’m pregnant…”

Mirza + Beach

   Erza frowned as she drifted awake, aware that she was a little chilly now and wondering if the sun had gone in whilst she was dozing…but that wasn’t the reason for her frown, not it was the realisation that she couldn’t move, and her eyes shot open even as she tried to reach for her sword…only to come up short as she realised she was unarmed, that she was still on the beach and that Mira was leaning over her with a slowly fading grin.

“Erza?” Mira sounded concerned and the redhead wondered just what her expression was showing, but she didn’t respond straight away…taking a deep breath to calm herself as she knew that there was no way that the Takeover mage would’ve let any harm come to her, before glancing down and blinking as she took in the sand that was covering the entire length of her body…her girlfriend had buried her…It took a moment for that fact to register, and another moment to realise that Mira had made an effort to carve out her Heaven’s wheel armour in the sand around her…and slowly a smile crept across her face, her previous tension fading completely as she turned back to Mira who had also relaxed at the shift in her expression.

“Having fun?” Erza asked softly, with just the right amount of threat to warn Mira before she surged up out of the sand, stumbling slightly and allowing Mira to get a head start as she bolted for the water with the squeal…a wicked smile spreading across the redhead’s face as she gave chase.

Fraxus + Jealous

   Deep breaths…. just keep taking deep breaths. That had been the mantra running through Laxus’s head ever since the latest client had come in and commandeered his mate for the afternoon…it wasn’t so much that he objected to the hosting, well aware that it was just a job and that there was no way Freed would ever be swayed by any of their ‘guests’. No his problem came from the fact that this woman, a regular if the chatter in the background was anything to go by, wasn’t playing by the rules…her fingers brushing Freed’s arm and leg too often to just be an accident…her body getting closer and closer too Freed whenever she thought that the Rune mage was distracted. Laxus growled softly in the back of his throat…he could tell that Freed was aware of what she was doing and that he was getting ready to deal with it, politely…but the Dragon-slayer was struggling to give him the chance to sort it, sorely tempted to just storm over there and yank his mate away. In the past he would have already given into temptation, regardless of whatever trouble he would get into…but now he could recognise that he was acting more out jealousy than anything else, because he trusted Freed and he knew the younger man could handle it easily…a thought confirmed a moment later when Freed’s expression turned stern, his voice too soft for them to hear, but the way the woman practically shot backwards away from him with a nervous glance towards the blond told them everything…Freed had handled it.

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ft is the best~~~ do u read manga or anime pls say both so i wont feel l am the only one obsessed gihi. sum fanart on the plot wherever you are?

Yes fellow fangirl I am just as obsessed with Fairy Tail as you are and I always stay as updated as I can with the manga and anime! Because of the golden week we didn’t get our weekly therapy of the new chapter but Mashima sensei is still working hard to release 2 chapters next week! He’s the best.

Everyone’s headcannon that Natsu would give Lucy his jacket if Virgo doesn’t pop in to save her clothing! And I’m dying to see Wendy again, after her amazing feat with Dragon Force I just want to know how my baby is now..

And the after seeing the backstory of the Strauss siblings my love for them just bloomed. No wonder it was so painful for Elfman and Mirajane when they lost Lisanna. Three of them just had such strong bonds it’s no wonder the older Takeover Mages’ powers got crippled after losing their angelic Lisanna. ;-;

Last bonus picture to cure my seething urge to find out who the hell Silver is!! He MUST be related to Gray one way or another and I’m leaning more into the possibility that Silver could be Gray’s older brother. That could connect the dots on why he’s a Demon Slayer because Gray and his village was destroyed by Deliora, a demon, right?

I don’t think Juvia would be able to take double the Fullbuster glory, aye?

A soft smile forms upon the soul mage, spotting lettusanna sitting alone at the bar. Bickslow sends Peppe on over towards the Takeover mage, hoping that she would indeed follow him back to the Seith mage.

For Love... And Fish

Author’s Note: This is just a dumb little fluffy bit of fun.  Don’t take any of it too seriously, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it.  NaLu (because that is apparently all that I can write at the moment) with some Gruvia feels.  This is a bonus to tumblr (or maybe an imposition depending on whether you enjoy it or not) for the moment, and I might not bother posting it anywhere else since it’s only a drabble.  

I spent some time thinking about what sorts of things dragons would teach their little baby dragon slayers about nabbing a girlfriend/boyfriend.  I figured they probably tried their best, but most likely didn’t know that much about the particulars.  Plus, Igneel is at least 400 years old (almost certainly much older) so what he knew of human courtships was prossibly pretty darned out of date.  I do figure that the dragons probably weren’t that squeamish about the biological aspects of procreation, and the dragon slayers might not find it that big of a deal to talk about the “birds and the bees” kinda stuff.  The mushy romantic things might actually be more embarrassing for them.

And yes, Who’s Lucy is completely finished, but I needed a break from editing it.  I can only obsess over the same piece of writing so long before I start to hate it with every fiber of my being.

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