wanna share this with you all this awesome news (and I m feeling worried) 

The Noblesse Awakening OVA has been up with an english sub along with a special spin-off manhwa of Noblesse : Rai’s Adventure , the spin-off can be read via phone app webtoon, AND the bonus animation The Noblesse Awakening OVA is in there as well right after you’ve read the first chapter (as i heard , the chapter is gonna be updated daily!)

the link is here :  (please view it through your phone , or just go to webtoon :D)


with millions of love from us all, Thank you Son Jae Ho and Lee Gwang Su for your hard work <3 and Thank you to the animation production for creating the OVAs <3

and about me feeling worried part : last time one of the creators fell ill and took months to recover, and it was bad enough,  the Ability manhwa came to a long postpone but that’s okay, 

Dear Noblesse creators , please don’t over work yourselves :( 

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So I always figured that in the opening for Der Eisendrache, whatever it was in that truck that they wanted, it was a weapon, some new machine, 115, etc.. But I was screaming when it froze on this because (I don’t know what anyone else thinks,) that sure looks a Hell of a lot like Dempsey. And if you look closely it says “DEMPSEY” on the side and I just-

What the fuck is going on.


This moment almost killed me. While the storyline for Zombies just keeps getting bigger and bigger I never anticipated such a small and saddening moment. Not only that, but I never anticipated to see a compassionate Richtofen, especially towards Dempsey. While destroying the Moon was an extremely awesome moment, I feel it’s this moment that made the easter egg on Der Eisendrache. Such a powerful moment with little to no words exchanged. I honestly am not sure if Treyarch can top this moment. (Also sorry for the shitty quality, my photoshop wouldn’t load so I had to use the tumblr app and recorded footage)