Updated List of Prohibited Items on Philippine Airports

Manila, Philippines -  Are You Ready for your Next Flight? Before Packing your things up take a look at the updated list of prohibited items that passengers are banned and illegal to bring with them. Released by The Department of Transportation and Communications’ (DOTC) Office for Transportation Security (OTS) last Monday, July 13, 2015.

The Memorandum Circular 02 Series of 2015 or the Revised Prohibited Items List applies to all flight originating from or within Philippines. According to DOTC-OTS, its primary goal is to develop the pre-existing list of items prohibited on Philippine airports to counter emerging threats to civil aviation brought about by introduction of new items capable of being used to destabilize aircrafts and innovative ways of artfully concealing weapons devised by unlawful elements. 

“ A comprehensive study has been made to ensure that all items included in the list would not be used to commit any acts of unlawful interference against the civil aviation.” they added.

A. Guns, Firearms and Other Devices that Discharge a Projectile

**All forms of Gun and Firearms must be endorsed to the proper authority or Law Enforcement Officer as stated in the Presidential Decree No.1866

Projectile-Capable Devices such as Slingshot, Bow and Arrow, Crossbow are only allowed in Check-In/Hold Baggage.

B. Stunning Devices

Acid Spray, Insect / Animal Repellent Spray, Pepper Spray and Stun Gun are only allowed in Check-In/Hold Baggage.

C. Objects with Sharp Points and Edges

D. Workers’ Tools 

E. Blunt Instruments

F. All Types of Explosives and Incendiary Substances and Devices

G. Liquid, Aerosols and Gels

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The Commuter’s Guide Going to Tagaytay

Your One-Stop-Direction Solution of your Favorite Hideout and Chill-out in the Metro.

From Manila, it takes 2 hrs. going to Tagaytay proper. If your from the North and it’s your first time going there the easiest and most convenient way going to South is this one:

  • From North Bound, Ride at  North Ave MRT To EDSA-Taft MRT (Php 24.00
  • Drop-off to Edsa-Taft, cross the street and head towards the SM Savemore Pasay.
  • Look for the nearest renovated Gas Station (Soleum) after SM Savemore and Mercury Drugstore. Just a reminder this is not a terminal for buses they just park at the nearest gas station to get passengers who are also going to Cavite and Batangas.
  • Ride a bus with a Placard sign of “Silang/ Tagaytay” (Php 88.00)

Another Alternative going to Tagaytay:

  • From Edsa-Taft MRT Ride a jeep or bus going to Baclaran-Coastal  (Php 8.00 - Php 12.00)
  • Drop-off to Coastal Road and head towards the Coastal Mall where you can find a terminal bus going to Cavite-Batangas-Laguna.
  • Ride a bus with a Placard sign of “Silang/ Tagaytay” 

How who’d you know if you reached Tagaytay Already? Well first, you will notice the change of weather to much cooler and calmer environment, several churches and chapels along the way, there are flowers and garden pots selling beside the highway and a rotonda.

Read More:  Byaheng Pa-South: A Day Tour Itinerary to Tagaytay for Less Than Php 1,000.00

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From #APECfail , #APECtado to #APEChottie ; TRENDING TOPICS during APEC PH 2015

After almost two decades, the Philippines hosts and chairs the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) again. We hosted APEC meetings for the first time in 1996. It is the most high-profile event, the APEC Leaders’ Meeting, was held in Subic Bay, Zambales in November of that year. 

This 2015, the leaders, senior officials, top businessmen, and industry experts of and from the group’s 21 member-economies will once again come together in the Philippines.

APEC 2015 in the Philippines seeks to mainstream and pursue its priorities into the agenda and economic policy thrusts of the member economies in the Asia-Pacific region. Specifically, Investing in Human Capital Development; Fostering Small and Medium Enterprises’ (SMEs) Participation in Regional and Global Markets; Building Sustainable and Resilient Communities; and Enhancing the Regional Economic Integration Agenda. 

EPIC FAIL ON FIRST DAY OF APEC SUMMIT. The summit’s intention was good as this helps to boom Philippine economy but others got depressed about what happened on Monday morning that trended the hashtag “#APECfail” and “#APECtado” on twitter. After so much struggle in commuting from work due to heavy traffic and road closure. People burst out their dismay in this week’s traffic situation.

Here are screen grab of tweets from our netizens:

6 hrs. is 6 hrs. the feels! 

Some show their creative mind by sharing resemblance to the current situation of Pasay City to a known US Series The Walking Dead.

Some came from a deep sentiments as they go with some “HUGOT” regarding the Traffic Situation

Chillax bro! Well he has a point. LOL!

Venting out to the President on how they treat the delegates from other nation but can’t be seen to Filipino People.

THE BRIGHTER SIDE. Even if the public rages their depression on the traffic situation in Manila there is always a lighter side of the story. It has been talk of the town when some delegates and representatives of other countries arrived.

From the first president to arrive in the Philippines, Chile President, Michelle Bachelet

source: http://globalnation.inquirer.net/131063/chilean-president-is-first-to-arrive

To US President Barrack Obama. This APEC Summit PNoy and Obama will be discussing about the South China Sea dispute and EDCA  even though it is not part of his agenda.

source: http://globalnation.inquirer.net/131063/chilean-president-is-first-to-arrive

The MEXICAN PAPI and The CANADIAN BAE. Then all of a sudden public got their eyes on 2 of the APEC Economic Leaders; President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto and Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. 

Netizens can’t help but to compare the 2 leaders as Disney Princes.

#APEChottie has reached in the Top twitter trending topic on Tuesday morning.

Creating several memes for them in honoring their physique and good looks.

Senyora Santibanez also agrees with their HOTNESS! #APECDaddy

Even the Presidential Sister, Ms. Kris Aquino aren’t excluded in making her MEME

What you need to know about the MEXICAN PAPI and the CANADIAN BAE:

23rd Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau

source: wikipedia.org / hufftingtonpost.caCredit to the owner of the photos.

57th President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto

source: wikipedia.org / biography.comCredit to the owner of the photos.

Which among the 2 is your BAE for Life?  President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau ? The Mexican Papi or the Canadian Bae?

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5 Remarkable Places Shown in the movie Heneral Luna

General Antonio Luna de San Pedro y Novicio Ancheta known as ‘General Artikulo Uno’ , ‘Taga-Ilog’ and ‘Cafre’ is the founder of the Philippine’s First Military Academy for the First Republic of the Philippines. 

He is a sharpshooter, he organized a guerrilla warfare soldiers known as the ‘Linyang Depensa ni Luna’ that feared by the American Soldiers in the provinces to the North of Manila.  This defense line culminated in the creation of a military base in the Cordillera. Despite his commitment to discipline the army and serve the Republic which attracted the admiration of people, his temper caused some to abhor him.  He was also a member of the Malolos Congress.Besides his military studies, Luna also studied pharmacy, literature and chemistry.

This September of 2015, Artikulo Uno Production launches a movie that foretells the story of heroism and death of a General who gave his 100% to protect the Philippines from America. Self titled movie ‘Heneral Luna’ is the newest history movie to watch for. With the mixed of action, suspense, comedy, drama and romance. Surely you will hook on the story of Heneral Luna. Just a little reminder that this movie contains obscene languages that is not suitable for young audiences parental guidance is advise.

Well running through an hour and half movie we can see the different story set-up in and out of the country on which it has been a memorable places to the main character which is Heneral Luna. Here are the list of the places you should watch out for.

1. Binondo, Manila

The Birthplace of General Antonio Luna. Photo was taken on Oct. 29, 2008, the 142nd anniversary of his birth.

Via PhilippineAmericanWars.Webs.Com

Antonio Luna was born on 29 October 1866 in Urbiztondo, Binondo, Manila. He was the youngest of seven children of Joaquín Luna de San Pedro and Spanish Mestiza Laureana Novicio Ancheta.  After their family moved to Manila in 1861, his father became a merchant in Binondo.

via HeneralLunaTheMovie

Also in Manila where the American conquered the city as the war sparks due to the Philippine struggle for independence that began in 1896 with the Philippine Revolution.

Fighting erupted between United States and Filipino revolutionary forces on February 4, 1899, and quickly escalated into the 1899 Second Battle of Manila. On June 2, 1899, the First Philippine Republic officially declared war against the United States.

2. Spain

Antonio Luna with fellow propagandists Eduardo de Lete (CENTER) and Marcelo H. Del Pilar (RIGHT). PHOTO was taken in Spain in 1890.

Via PhilippineAmericanWars.Webs.Com

He joined the Propaganda Movement and became one of the Filipino expatriates who wrote for La Solidaridad, headed by Galicano Apacible. He wrote a piece titled Impressions which dealt with Spanish customs and idiosyncrasies under the pen-name “Taga-ilog”.

3. Santo Tomas, Pampanga

via HeneralLunaTheMovie

The Battle of Santo Tomas was fought on May 4, 1899, in Santo Tomas, Pampanga, during the Philippine-American War. During this battle, General Antonio Luna, the commander of the Filipino forces, was wounded.

One of the most fortuitous events in Luna’s life happened during the Battle of Sto. Tomas. Charging with his horse against the American lines, Luna fell to the ground when he was hit by an American bullet to the stomach. Seeing that the Americans were advancing, he prepared to kill himself with a revolver to avoid capture.

Luckily, he was saved by the horse-riding Colonel Alejandro Avecilla who took him to safety. Upon reaching friendly lines, he checked his wound one more time and realized that the bag of coins he had been carrying stopped the bullet from completely penetrating his stomach.

4. Calumpit, Bulacan

Filipino soldiers behind their trenches; photo taken in 1899, probably in Calumpit

Via PhilippineAmericanWars.Webs.Com

Luna ignored Aguinaldo’s orders to retreat and burn the railway bridge spanning the Bagbag River at Calumpit. 

A warning message send to General Tomas Mascardo by one of Luna’s Soldier

via HeneralLunaTheMovie

Worst, when the Americans were about to attack, Luna, together with his foot soldiers, cavalry, and artillery left Calumpit to punish General Tomas Mascardo for his insubordination. Mascardo was then in Guagua, Pampanga Province and dillydallied in obeying Luna’s order to send reinforcements. Mediators managed to avert a violent confrontation between the two generals.

5. Plaza Lucero, Cabanatuan City

Via DreamsOfABrownman.Com

As General Luna was going down the stairs of the convent, Colonel Pedro Janolino, head of the Cavite battalion, drew near him and suddenly began hacking him. Other soldiers drew boloes and knives and stabbed the outnumbered general in different parts of the body.  Somebody shot him too.  Colonel Roman and Captain Rusca came to his rescue but the two were also fired upon, with Roman dying on the spot and Rusca seriously injured.  Though critically wounded, General Luna managed to walk several meters to the open plaza.  He was staggering and very weak.  With a drawn gun, he was holding the intestines that protruded out of his abdomen.  Just before he expired, the brave general shouted:  Cowards !!!!

Heneral Luna The Movie

Set during the Philippine-American war, a short-tempered Filipino general faces an enemy more formidable than the American army: his own treacherous countrymen.

In 1898, General Antonio Luna ( John Arcilla ), commander of the revolutionary army, is spoiling for a fight. The Philippines, after three hundred years as a Spanish colony, has unwillingly come under American rule. General Luna wants to fight for freedom but members of the elite would rather strike a deal with the United States. The infighting is fierce in the new cabinet but General Luna and his loyal men forge ahead even as his military decisions are met with resistance from soldiers who are loyal only to President Aguinaldo ( Mon Confiado ). Ultimately, it is the general’s legendary temper and pride that bring him to his death when a pack of presidential guards assassinate him in broad daylight. While American newspapers are quick to point the blame to Aguinaldo, the mystery has never been completely solved and the General’s killers were never put to justice.


Source: Wikipedia , Kontedstories, HeneralLunaTheMovie, FilipinoKnow.Net

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Visita Iglesia 2016: Churches You Might Want To Visit In and Out of the Metro Manila – Shrine of Our Lady of Grace - Caloocan

During Holy Week, Filipinos devote their time and day in doing some religious practices like Visita Iglesia it is an old tradition on which they will be visiting at least 7 churches on a Maundy Thursday. 

Here are few churches you can visit around the Metro and Pray into in your Visita Iglesia:

6.) Shrine of Our Lady of Grace - Caloocan

Photo Courtesy of IAmBuchok.com

The Shrine of Our Lady of Grace is the biggest church in Caloocan City. Many devotees come along every day to give thanks to the Blessed Mother Mary who has become popular among people from walks of life due to its outpouring grace and blessings.

Office Hours: 8:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. Tuesday to Saturday; 8:00 A.M. - 12:00 N.N. Sunday

LocationSt. Eugene De Mazenod 11th Avenue, Grace Park, Caloocan City, Metro Manila 

*  NEXT>>

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Visita Iglesia 2016: Churches You Might Want To Visit In and Out of the Metro Manila – National Shrine of the Divine Mercy - Marilao, Bulacan

During Holy Week, Filipinos devote their time and day in doing some religious practices like Visita Iglesia it is an old tradition on which they will be visiting at least 7 churches on a Maundy Thursday.

Here are few churches you can visit around the Metro and Pray into in your Visita Iglesia:

5.) National Shrine of the Divine Mercy - Marilao

The National Shrine of Divine Mercy or “Pambansang Dambana ng Dakilang Awa ng Diyos” is dedicated to the Divine Mercy in Marilao, Bulacan. It was lifted in the status of “National Shrine” by Archbishop Orlando Quevedo of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines.

Photo courtesy of Interaksyon.com

Photo Courtesy of mbsalcor.wordpress.com

Last March 3, 2014 - According to News, Over 5,000 faithful devotees was attracted to visit daily the altar of the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Marilao, Bulacan since it was reported that a mysterious appearance of a beam of light formed the image of the Risen Jesus Christ.

Location: Santa Rosa I, Marilao, Bulacan, Philippines


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Lasagna Bolognese

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Visita Iglesia 2016: Churches You Might Want To Visit In and Out of the Metro Manila - Baclaran Church

During Holy Week, Filipinos devote their time and day in doing some religious practices like Visita Iglesia it is an old tradition on which they will be visiting at least 7 churches on a Maundy Thursday. 

Significance of Number 7 in the Bible

According to Theologians, number 7 has been used 735 times in the bible. It is the foundation of God’s Word. Seven is the number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual). It derives much of its meaning from being tied directly to God’s Creation of all things.

That’s why the number 7 was usually incorporated by many Catholic traditions due to its symbolical use in the bible.

Catholicism in the Philippines

With almost 84 million devotees of Catholicism or 82.9% of the whole population of the Philippines. We are one of the only 2 nations in Asia with a predominantly Catholics. Surely there is a no shortfall on churches and cathedrals you can visit. There are hundreds of churches you can visit with your family during the Holy Week for some intimate date with God.

Here are few churches you can visit around the Metro and Pray into in your Visita Iglesia:

1.) National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help / Redemptorist Church / Baclaran Church

Commonly known as the Baclaran Church this Catholic National Holy Place is one of the largest Marian Churches in the Philippines that feature the portrait of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. 

Devotion of the Our Mother of Perpetual Help was very popular that brought the devotees to give one day each week usually on a Wednesday to go for a mass and pray the Novena to the Mother of Perpetual Help usually called “Baclaran Day”.

Time: Open 24 Hours

Location: Along Roxas Boulevard in Baclaran, Parañaque City


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Crispy Duck Confit, lentils, apple slaw

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Empty Bottles of Pop Cola piled up at the backyard of one of our relative’s house. Printed on the bottles are Pop Cola Logo during 80’s (1987). #takeoffph #takeoffphilippines #popcola #philippines #1987 #emptybottles #vintage #old #batangas #flashback #80s #throwback #backyard #past #reminisce (at takeoffphilippines.tumblr.com)

Writing our Prayer Request at Little Souls Sisters Convent. Thanks for all the Answered Prayers! Amen! 🙏

#travel #church #churchvisit #visitaiglesia #littlesouls #tagaytay #cavite #philippines #takeoffph #takeoffphilippines #prayers #sistersconvent #convent #blessings #tourist #tour (at facebook.com/TakeOffPHBlog)

After a long and tiring jog catching up at Starbucks Evia - Daanghari with my sexy and voluptuous sister @biancageks :) enjoy to the max.

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Inside City Of Dreams Manila, A New Era Of Entertainment

City Of Dreams Manila is a A New Era of Entertainment in a 6.2-hectare (15-acre) luxury integrated urban resort, with a world-class dining experiences and casino complex located on the Entertainment City Gaming strip. 

City of Dreams Manila sets a new standard in hospitality in the Philippines with three hotel brands and six hotel towers set to open later this year: Crown Towers, Nobu, and Hyatt.

Entering the road to City of Dreams Manila I’ve got fascinated with which they call the City of Dreams’ Iconic Fortune Egg which will house the two international nightclubs the Pangaea and Chaos.

I can feel the vibe of a typical casino in Las vegas while entering the premises of the City Of Dreams Casino

I had to take a selfie first. **BWAHAHAHAHA**

The Upper Ground of City Of Dreams is very neat and spacious some of the restaurant and shopping mall is located in this area.

Incredibly awesome as a simple plate ornaments on the ceiling along the shopping area added a new vibrant and jaw-dropping (**WHOOOOOAAAA** on my head) when it waves in a synchronize motion.

I was in Hogwarts… This floating “plates” are spectacular. 👌

A video posted by Chester Briones (@dancing_haneul) on Apr 4, 2015 at 1:18am PDT


Manila’s most exclusive Ultra Lounge, Pangaea fuses the exotic and the glamorous, where audiences can experience the best in entertainment at tables encircling a rotating grand piano DJ booth.

 (source: http://pangaeamanila.com/)


Located within the iconic Golden Egg of the Casino, Manila’s Chaos Nightclub offers an unparalleled nightlife experience. Audiences can indulge fantasies as acrobats dance and performers entertain alongside world-class DJs in the high-energy Dance Club or enjoy a private thrilling experience in the gorgeously designed KTV Rooms.

(source: http://www.chaosmanila.com/ )

Indulge in our world-renowned hospitality and international standards of entertainment. Enjoy, relax, and celebrate as they offer you more ways to win at the City of Dreams.

Last stop, Dream Play, kids most look forward an all-new interactive entertainment concept that is the one place in the world where your favorite Dream Works Animation characters come together like Shrek, Toothless from How to Train A Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and more. It allows you to PLAY, CREATE and LEARN.

City of Dreams Manila is located at the gateway of Entertainment City within the Manila Bay area. Find City of Dreams Manila at Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, Entertainment City, Parañaque 1701, Manila, Philippines. Three kilometers away from Ninoy Aquino International Airport and a 5-minute drive from SM Mall of Asia.

City Of Dreams Social Media Accounts:



Filipinos Can Travel Over 50+ Visa Free Countries!

The Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index is a global ranking of countries according to the travel freedom that their citizens enjoy. For more than 10 years, Henley & Partners has analyzed the visa regulations of all countries and territories in the world and present an index which ranks each by the number of other countries that their citizens can travel to without having to obtain a visa.

The Philippines ranks 76 on the recent Visa Restrictions Index 2015 released by the Henley & Partners Management.

The index is produced in cooperation with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which maintains the world’s largest database of travel information, and is published annually.

Filipinos all around the island holding a Philippine Passport now has a chance to travel and explore new places as the following countries are now Visa Free. Mark your calendar! Set your plans for another thrillin’ adventure outside the country with your friends & family. Enjoy your limited privilege.

List of Countries that don’t require Visa for Filipinos

Updated List of Countries and Territories Filipinos can Travel without a Visa:

ASEAN Countries 

In a reciprocity visa free agreement among member nations within the ASEAN

  • Brunei Darussalam – 14 days
  • Cambodia – 21 days
  • Indonesia – 30 days
  • Laos – 30 days
  • Malaysia – 30 days
  • Singapore – 30 days
  • Thailand – 30 days
  • Vietnam – 21 days 

NON-ASEAN Countries

  • Azerbaijan – 30 days, visa issued on arrival
  • China, Shenzhen – There’s a 7 days visa if arriving from Hong Kong, and is valid in Shenzhen area only.
  • Hong Kong – 14 days validity
  • India – 30 days visa issued on arrival
  • Iran – 15 days, must obtain an e-visa pre-approval code from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Israel – 90 days
  • Laos – 21 days, visa on arrival
  • Macau – 30 days
  • Maldives – 30 days visa issued upon arrival
  • Myanmar – 21 days
  • Mongolia – 21 days
  • Nepal – 21 days visa issued on arrival
  • Republic of Georgia – 90 days visa will be issued upon arrival, 360 days visa free to those who have temporary residence of Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait 
  • South Korea – 30 days, if arriving at Jeju Island or after visiting Korea 4 times with visa
  • Sri Lanka – 30 days, but must get an Electronic Visa Authorization prior to departure.
  • Taiwan – 30 days, if holding a permanent residence certificate or an unexpired visa from: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Schengen countries, United Kingdom or United States. And must register online at https://nas.immigration.gov.tw/nase/ prior to arrival.
  • Timor-Leste (a.k.a. East Timor)- 30 day visa is issued at the Dili airport and seaport 

African Continent

  • Burundi – 21 days
  • Cape Verde Islands – 21 days
  • Comoros – 21 days
  • Djibouti – 30 day visa issued on arrival
  • Gambia – visa issued upon arrival
  • Kenya – 90 days visa issued on arrival
  • Madagascar – 90 days visa issued on arrival
  • Morocco – 90 days
  • Mozambique – 30 days visa issued on arrival
  • Saint Helena – visa issued upon arrival
  • Seychelles – 30 days, must show sufficient funds & proof of accommodation
  • Tanzania – visa issued on arrival
  • Togo (Togolese Republic) – 7 days, visa issued on arrival. Requires yellow fever vaccination
  • Uganda – 90 day visa issued on arrival at Entebbe Airport
  • Zambia – 90 days visa issued on arrival 

Central America

  • Costa Rica – 30 days Visitor’s Permit issued upon arrival


  • Nicaragua – 90 days visa issued on arrival

Source: http://www.emirates247.com/news/filipinos-can-travel-to-60-countries-without-visa-2015-05-21-1.591399

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