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This is pretty spectacular. Had no idea this is what the Maldives actually looked like. So urban, so many barrier islands, beaches, and look at all the shipping traffic in that ocean.

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CC prompt- a really ridiculous fic where the legends accidentally switch some of their infant selves while returning them and they start to change so they have to scramble to fix it before something really bad happens

(Might be a little short, hope that’s okay. Set in a world where Leonard didn’t go up with the Oculus)

When they boarded the jumpship, Sara’s lips were pressed tightly together. He could tell that she was resisting a smile. Her lips quirked up quickly as she sat down in her seat, but soon her face returned to a neutral expression.

“It’s not funny,” he muttered as Jax prepared the jump ship for takeoff. “It’s really not.”

Sara held up her hands. “I didn’t say anything.”

“You’re making fun of me.”

“I’m not making fun of you,” Sara insisted. “But…c’mon, it’s kind of funny.”

“Your past self is perfectly fine in her time period,” Leonard reminded her. “Mine’s in the wrong year…with the wrong family.”

He shot a glare over at Ray, who looked guilty.

“I got distracted by baby Jax,” he said sheepishly. “He was being cute and adorable and I forgot which baby was Snart and which one was Stein.”

“And now we have to go and fix that mistake,” Leonard snapped.

“And we get to see baby you again,” Sara grinned.

“With his adorable little cheeks,” Kendra added, her face splitting with a smile.

Leonard turned to Ray. “And you couldn’t tell me apart from the professor by my baby self’s cheeks?”

Ray looked down. “I’m sorry, but hey, we’ll fix it.”

“We better,” Leonard grumbled. “For the sake of the professor not to end up on the other side of my dad’s fist.”

Sara looked over at him. “We’ll fix it, Len. Although I never want to kidnap babies again.”

“Agreed,” Leonard nodded. “But if we have to, then Raymond’s not returning them.”


“You goofed, man,” Jax said, looking back at the scientist. “Just own up already.”

Ray sighed in defeat and slumped back in his chair. Leonard looked back to see the suppressed smile on Sara’s face again. “It’s not funny.”

Finally, Sara cracked and started to giggle. “Yes it is!”


Burning Midnight (Part 2)

“Ricochet, stay on board!” Xander ordered the medic trooper who was exiting the craft.

“With all due respect, sir,” the serious clone answered. “I never leave anyone under my care’s side unless I am positive they are in good hands.”

Xander looks at his Jedi who nods in agreement. “Very well. We will meet you at the medical base.”

“Yes, sir.” Ricochet says before running to Iota squad’s ship.

He climbs on board the vessel seconds before takeoff. The ship begins its journey to the medical base.

“What are their statuses, Pollux?” Ricochet asks.

“Major blood loss and shock.” The taller clone reports back.

Ricochet leans over Hacker who is shaking from pain. The medic begins to look at his broken leg.

“Is the foot receiving circulation on Hacker?”

Pollux, checking Crash’s vitals, doesn’t skip a beat. “I haven’t had the chance to.”

Reacting to the information, Ricochet carefully removes the armor from Hacker’s injured leg. He could see the foot loosing color.

“No circulation.” Ricochet says.

“We can’t set it here its unstable and Hacker is already going into shock. Besides we will be there reach our destination in a few minutes.” Says Pollux giving Crash a morphine shot.

Ricochet examines Hacker’s eyes and can see the pain he is in, but he realizes if he waits any longer, Hacker might lose his foot.

“I’m sorry, brother.” Ricochet whispers to the clone. “Not risking it.”

Ricochet maneuvers his hands around Hacker’s injured leg and snaps it quickly into place. Hacker cries out in pain, passing out from the process. Sensing the other people in the ship, Ricochet picks his head up from his work and quickly looks around at the horrified looks on everyone.

“Are you crazy?” Pollux yells at Ricochet.

“It was either fix it now and keep the foot or wait and he gets a prosthetic. I did what had to be done.” Ricochet says applying bandages to the wound.