Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PS4 Bundle Out This September

The package will include:

  • A white Destiny-inspired 500GB Limited Edition PS4 system 
  • A physical copy of Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition
  • Destiny, Expansions I and II, and The Taken King
  • Upgrade to the Digital Collector’s Edition, which includes:
    -three exotic Guardian class items with XP bonuses
    -three classic-specific emotes, three armor shaders
    -early access weapons pack.
Bungie Moments of Triumph List

Here are all the things you must accomplish in Destiny by September 9th in order to get the special Year One Emblem

  • Have a character reach Level 20
  • Defeat the Heart of the Black Garden
  • Prevent Crota’s Soul from being summoned
  • Capture Skolas
  • Defeat Skolas in the Prison of Elders
  • Defeat Atheon on Hard Difficulty
  • Defeat Crota on Hard Difficulty
  • Complete 50 Public Events
  • Win 100 Crucible Matches
  • Find every Golden Chest
If I Should Fall

Author: Artisticrainey

Genre: Humour/Parody

Rating: K+

Summary: The brothers relax by the pool. John gets whumped. A parody, in which the author pokes fun at herself.


On a rare occasion, there is a lull on Tracy Island. For a few days, the services of the brothers will not be required.

During the first few hours, they are poised, all waiting to strike out at the first sign of trouble. But then the hours pass the 24 mark and there is a collective exhalation. It seems, at that point, that the world had taken a break from constant peril. Thus, the boys relax.

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