Lana Winters.
⌠ 36 • Homosexuality • FC: Sarah Paulson⌡

A keen reporter, Lana found herself investigating Briarcliff Manor following the arrival of Kit Walker, her key interest to follow up the Bloody Face lead. Getting too far in, she mistakenly revealed herself and was brought into Briarcliff as a patient, to ensure her silence about the institution. Still convinced of Kit’s guilt, Lana is a force to be reckoned with in the manor, though her rebellious behaviour is only met with punishment. Her strong personality sees her through almost constant distress, and her determination to escape and return to her girlfriend, Wendy, keeps her going.

  • Is a very passionate journalist, willing to risk anything for her perfect story.
  • Is so hard faced and tough because of her bad childhood.
  • Is a very proud, homosexual female and wouldn’t change to make anyone happy.
  • Her mother died when she was 11 and she grew up with her abusive stepfather and little sister.
  • Her sister ran away when she was 14 and never came back, Lana still yearns to fill that big place in her heart that emptied when she left.

Lana Winters is taken!

  • Melissa Benoist
  • Taken


Lydia Coral didn’t grow up with much, no sense of family, of love, no sense of what real bonds to people were but that wasn’t her fault. She didn’t know her family, her mother, her father, and she certainly didn’t know she had an identical twin sister. When Lorraine and Lydia’s mother, Millie, fell pregnant she knew that once their father walked out she wouldn’t be able to support two children on a single parent salary and that’s when she began looking into adoption. Some may say Lorraine was the ‘lucky’ one, or the spared one, but that wasn’t exactly      true. When Millie placed Lydia up for a adoption she was under the impression that it was for her best interest, that a family who would be able to support her, love her, and care for her would adopt her months later before she would be able to know where she was. That wasn’t true either, Lydia stayed in an orphanage until she was 6, after that a couple had fostered her for a couple years until she was 11, but that situation ended badly after numerous incidents where Lydia flipped off like a switch into a different person. It was placed on her record and she was placed back into group homes, a foster home here and there but always returning back to the group homes because incidents of her forever-changing mood swings. The mood swings had a tendency to become violent leading to physical fights with other girls in the homes and growing up in the system, with something like that on your file was something you knew would be the one flaw that would leave you to be stuck there forever. Around when she turned 16, Lydia’s obsession with being perfect came about. Maybe if she was a little  skinner, a little thinner, a few pounds lighter, if she was prettier, if she could mold an all-American daughter look that she would be adopted and lived a life she dreamed of daily. She began to purge not too long after, skipping meals, it became the norm to her and each time she did it was a reminder to be that much better for a family, for someone out there. The final straw before her social worker decided Parkwood was the best place for Lydia was when she was 17 during an incident in the cafeteria of the group home. The issue quickly became violent, Lydia turning into an angry, frustrated being and taking anything she could out on the girl that made a sly comment. It was like a light switch, on and off. After that, it took a little while for the papers and requested applications to be sent in back and forth between the asylum and the group home she was spending her last few weeks in. By the time everything was finalized and she was standing at Parkwood’s gate, Lydia was 18 and denied any relation to the word bulimic, and bipolar with herself. She didn’t know what would lay behind those doors and she didn’t know that her real family was only a few hundred feet away at all times.


-Unknown twin sister of Lorraine Coral- 

  • Ariana Grande
  • Taken

Julia was always a little on the strange side. Dressing as though she was from the 1950s and drawing a small heart on her cheek.  She’s the only child of Mallory and Alexei Marsden. She was always ignored by her parents unless she did something of high achievement. Julia became frustrated with trying to get her parents attention so she turned to her imagination. There, she created Harlow, Susie, Bianca and James, four new best friends who paid every little bit of their time to her. She’d perform for them, cry with them, take them to movies and everything. Her peers thought that it’d just be a phase, but the four friends stuck around and began to get worse. Julia has been arrested 3 times for assault and was charged with the manslaughter of her mother. Julia never meant to kill her mother, She adored Mallory to no end.  James had told her to because she was never good to Julia. She was admitted to hospital after arguing with James at her court trial and was sent to Parkwood Asylum to get rid of her little friends. Julia is using this time in Parkwood as her prison trial.
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Tessa Trostle.
⌠ 25 • Psychosis • FC: Astrid Bergès-Frisbey⌡

 Growing up, Tessa and her twin sister, Amelia, were constantly under pressure by their parents to be perfect children. Being the younger of the two, Tessa often struggled with her parents ideals, while her sister excelled at everything. Because of this, Amelia became the favourite child, with their parents often scolding Tessa on what she could do better. She grew up with few friends, acting out occasionally against her sister. Amelia, who had taken a liking to being the favourite child, often hit her sister or screamed at her when she did something wrong, disliking the attention from their parents being taken away from her. Tessa snapped, one day, getting fed up with her sister, and fought back. She ended up killing her twin, her parents finding Amelia’s body after it all happened. 

  • She doesn’t believe she’s crazy, but some days she contemplates the thought and believes she might be.
  • She tries not to talk about Amelia, dodging the  topic when possible.
  • Despite being treated poorly by them, she misses her parents, but knows they won’t ever visit her.
  • She’s been in the asylum for six months.
  • She attempts to get along with the staff as much as she can.

Tessa Trostle is taken! 

Astrid Ackerson.
⌠ 26 • Insanity • FC: Holland Roden⌡

Astrid was raised by a single mother who constantly dated man after man. She grew up watching how poorly the men treated her mother, and how her mother just accepted it. When she was 18, she had enough and, while her mother was grocery shopping, she murdered the man her mother was seeing at the time. Not wanting to get caught, she left town, travelling as far as she could without stopping. When she did stop, she saw a woman getting assaulted in an alleyway, and made quick work of killing the man. For eight years, she traveled from place to place, changing her appearance when the police finally caught on, killing men that treated women like shit. When she was finally caught, she was judged insane and sent to Briarcliff. 

  • She doesn’t see what she did as wrong. 
  • Because of her history, she doesn’t trust men in any form, even if they seem sweet. 
  • She hasn’t talked to her mother since fleeing her town.
  • She has no problem talking about what she did to people.
  • She’s been in Briarcliff for a year now.  

Astrid Ackerson is taken! 

  • Adelaide Kane
  • Taken


Jeri was always a great artist. Sketching, painting, pastels, you name it, she could most likely do it. Her talents were taking her places. She was building a future on the things she could do with art. Then her parents sent her to a creative arts school to harness her talent, and that’s whereshe met a girl. Their relationship started out innocent enough; they became friends, they got closer, became best friends. A couple months went by, and they went from best friends to something a little more than friends. Jeri didn’t think anything of it. She enjoyed having someone to lean on, someone she could trust. She’d never imagined herself falling for a girl, but when it happened she didn’t try to fight it. She embraced it. But that’s when everything changed. This girl wasn’t so much in love with her as she was obsessed with her, something Jeri found out one day when looking for her sketchbook in her room. She reported it to the police, who arrested the girl on stalking, swearing to Jeri she wasn’t going to get out any time soon but it was no use. The idea of someone stalking her sent Jeri into a state of paranoia, afraid everyone else was going to turn out like the girl she put her love, trust, and faith into. After careful consideration, her parents agreed it’d be best to remove her from school for a while and get her some help. Typically you can find her hiding out in a corner somewhere with a sketchbook, or in her room with some art supplies, avoiding everyone else.


- Sister to Trevor Harrigan

-Girlfriend to Lena Harris

-Daughter to Callie Harrigan

  • Melissa Benoist
  • Taken


A competitive tennis player since she was 5, Lorraine had a passion for the sport. She grew up in a single parent home, her father walking out when she was quite young. With never a lot of money to spare, she did anything she could to play. Even with second hand tennis rackets and equipment, she knew it was her passion. By her freshman year, she was one of the top players in her hometown state of South Carolina. A friendly and caring person, Lorraine was always a very naive girl with that. Seeing the best in people, meant that she was blind to see that they would take advantage of her in some cases, but never having many friends she would do anything even if it meant extra homework, she would do it from the good of her heart. As competition got fiercer, so did the bullies that were threatened by her talent. Little by little they convinced Lorraine that she needed to lose some weight in order to be at her best. It began as a small diet that began to take outrageous measures. Lorraine began to purge at 17 and continued to do so to keep her body in what she thought was ‘shape’. Coming home from work one day, her mother found her daughter in the bathroom, purging; After seeing the sight, she knew that she had to do anything in her power to get her daughter help. She didn’t care how much money it took, but decided that she would work as many jobs as she could if it meant helping her daughter.


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  • Eddie Redmayne
  • Taken


Seth has run away from his problems his whole life. When he was 15 he got Tori McNally pregnant and ran to military school. Seth was left back 3 times in his course of being at the military academy. Seth was starting to loose faith in getting out and turned to pills that his roommate was willing to part with. One day, during drill team practice, Seth showed up high on pills and the sergeant caught him. He was then kicked out of the school and sent home. Seth told his parents that he had dropped out because he wanted to a part of his daughter, Genevieve’s life. One night, Seth was taking care of Genevieve and he passed out from over dosing on his mothers Vicodin. Tori’s mom told Seth’s mom that Tori was getting help at Parkwood Asylum for her anxiety attacks and that maybe it would be a good place to send Seth too. Seth and his parents decided it was a good idea that would be best for him and his 6 year old daughter.


- No current connections

  • Nina Dobrev 
  • Taken

Background: Coraline was born in England to a family that was rich and she was always treated well. But when Coraline turned about 6 years old her parents noticed something, she seemed to be malnourished, though the girl ate all the time. They took her to a doctor and the doctor explained that Coraline was sufferring from an uncureable disease known as Celiac disorder. The doctor gave them a diet sheet to put Coraline on and her parents tried to stick to it strictly but they noticed after a few months nothing seemed to change. The girl would scream in agony and pain in the middle of the night, her muscles aching, her appetited deteriated, and she she almost always felt nauseous or was vomitting up anything that she ate. She went through the pain and tried to eat for a few years until at age 9 her parents tried to put her through a treatment center. The doctors and nurses didn’t understand why nothing they did seemed to help Coraline until finally a doctor suggested one of the rarest solutions for the girl’s problem. It was a rare case for Celiac disease to be of such an intollerance that this be required, but it seemed Coraline was this rare case. The doctor began to put Coraline on a diet of…Blood. 

After a year in the treatment center, the doctors solution had been a success, Coraline did not complain of pain and she no longer seemed malnourished so when she went home, though the doctor knew it would be a hard thing on her parents, he told her parents to keep her on a diet of blood and he provided them a doctors note to get the blood from animal blood banks. Coraline did fine after coming home she went back to school, and for her own safety of not being ridiculed she simply kept her blood contained in a thermus and refused to let anyone else touch it. She kept her secret hidden for years until she hit her sophmore year of high school. 

15 years old and Coraline had an accident in the hall, where her bag slipped from her hands and the thermus along with it collided to the floor, the thermus opened and blood spilled all over the tile floor. Students were shocked, teachers disgusted, but the principle knew the reasoning and she had done nothing wrong so she was to remain at this school. Though now day in and day out she was ridiculed, called vampire girl, cannibal, all sorts of sick sadistic names and not many wanted to befriend her. 
She grew angry and due to all the torment she began having manic anger problems and after an outraged fit against a girl in the middle of the cafeteria where she beat the girl down to a bloody pulp and licked her hands of the blood, her psychiatrist diagnosed her with Manic Anger Issues. She was expelled and at that, her parents decided it was time to move to the United States. 

They moved to Florida where Coraline had a new slate to make friends but her anger grew within still and she became paranoid that everyone knew her secret and that everyone was laughing at her and out to get her. She was again diagnosed with yet another problem, Delusional disorder, an illness in which one becomes paranoid and believes realistic events are going to happen to them or sees realistic events happening to them and react upon them. Hitting her Junior year of High School, Coraline began to party with some of the other rich kids like herself, alcohol became her favorite thing in the world and she drank mass amounts, making sure to drink enough animal blood as well with it that she would not kill herself. She became dependant on alcohol, her consumption was to the extent that when she didn’t have it the withdraws came quick, she now had an Alcoholic problem. 

16 and a half years old, nearing her end of her Junior year of High School was when Coraline snapped. She still never took her meds to surpress her delusional disorder and this was the last straw to getting her locked away in Parkwood. One night at a party she was drinking massively as usual and people were laughing at jokes, her paranoia kicking in, she thought they were laughing at her. She took the boy that was laughing the most up the stairs to her bedroom and laid him on her bed, chugging down more alcohol before she smirked and kissed him passionately before kissing along his neck and this was when she snapped, her blood craving kicking in as well and she bit a huge chunk out of the boy’s neck and began drinking the blood from his wound. Her parents must’ve come home because the music stopped and the next thing she knew she was being pried off of the bleeding screaming boy who was then taken off in an ambulance as she was being cuffed and taken in for evaluation. She had been marked now as Homicidal, a mild cannibal, and Delusional. She was locked up in Parkwood a year and a half ago, they still keep her on her diet of animal blood provided from the animal blood banks because it is the only thing that she can digest and obtain nutrients from. She developed a suicidal marking on her records when she began trying to kill herself in the facility multiple times because she knows she may never get out.


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