Aaron has never been known as particularly kind. He has always been more a loner and more so very guarded. Socializing is rare for him, but when he does, he usually does not make friends very easily as most people do not like him, or do not wanna put up with him. While he may seem hard and crude on the outside, he does have a softer side if you actually take the time to get to know him. He has a very sarcastic sense of humor which people often interpret as rudeness, which sometimes it is. He is not a nice person and he doesn’t really care about peoples feelings much at all. 

Going into more of his softer side, you do not see it often, even if you are good friends with him. He tends to stay on guard with people, not opening up about his past or internal feelings for fear of seeming weak or someone taking advantage of him. However when he does he can be sweet and understanding even, but only if you are he same to him. Despite giving off the impression he doesn’t care what people think, he does. But he knows chances are people won’t like him for who he is, so he pushes it aside. If they don’t, it may bother him but he won’t say so, it’s their problem.


Aaron was born in Topeka, Kansas with a fairly small family. It was his him, his mother and his grandmother. His Grandmother died fairly early in his life when he was two so it never really bothered him. He spent years after that never having experienced death. He never had any other close family members die, no friends dying, no pets, not until he was 17 years old. That was the year his mother died. 

His mother had never been a particularly healthy woman. She has dabbled in drugs and alcohol, but it only got worse when his father left them. It was before he was born so he never really knew any different than his mother being the way she was. She had done an okay job at raising him. Besides having left some permanent scars on him, like his fears of commitment and of opening up to other people. Once he had turned around 13 he stared to take on the role of caretaker more than his mother had. 

While he had always wanted a little brother it was lucky that he in fact did not have one because it would have just been one more mouth to feed. He tried his hardest to provide whiles till getting to be a teenager but that just does not go together very well. She got sick when he was 16, it was liver failure. It was caught fairly early on so she could have gotten past it. She maybe could have beaten it and love for a few more years. She could have taken care of herself and then gotten a transplant but, well, she hadn’t really stopped with her bad habits, only continued in secret behind her sons back who would stop her anytime he saw her doing anything like that. 

When Aaron’s mom did actually die he had no clue what to do. He had no family and due to the fact he tried to avoid people he had never really made many friends. The few friendships he did have were all people he really only talked to in school, besides one boy he hung out with a lot, basically living in his house. One day however, they had a falling out. Something about Aaron being to clingy. He doesn’t remember much of the fight because he pushed it back. He did not want to remember how his best friend, the one person he had really trusted, left him alone because a girl had said he spent too much time with him and not enough with her. 

That was when he was 18. That was also the same year he discovered his powers. Being a lonely boy he did not mean to discover them and was not exactly happy when he did. It first happened when he his best friend punched him, or rather, his old best friend. It hurt quite a bit as his powers only work when he does it to himself, and it pissed him off. He punched the nearest wall to let off some steam so he didn’t hurt his friend. The wall really should have hurt him, or left a mark but it didn’t. He looked over at his friend as he yelped out in pain, a little bit of blood streaming down his hand and a look of horror on his face. What had just happened he did not know. He ran out and has not spoken to him since. 

He moved as soon as he could after that and didn’t come back. He continued to move around quite a bit until he decided to settle down for college in Minnesota. He graduated with decent grades and a degree, which is all that mattered and really just stumbled upon the town. He had felt some kind of force pulling him that way and when he found out what it was, he was very intrigued. It made him feel normal, so he stayed. He liked the town quite a bit. He still mostly stays to himself for either the reason that he doesn’t like most people, and it was not worth the effort and hurt to get close to anyone.



Maria Ballard his Aaron’s mother. She was not the worlds best mother it despite that, Aaron loved her very much. He had been determined to take care of her when he was old enough but he couldn’t do nearly as much as he thought or wanted. When she died he was totally devastated. He had never lived anywhere with out his mother and she was all he had. He so got through it, hoping he never went down the same path as her. 

ELIJAH WILLOWS (best friend)

Elijah Willows was Aaron’s best friend for about eight years. They had met when he was about ten and had been good pals ever since. They had done almost everything together up until they reached junior high, then they started drifting, including ether hit high school, he really almost never talked to him. That is until junior year They rekindled the bromance. What Aaron did kit tell him was that he may have had a tiny crush on him but it really didn’t matter. After a long while eventually, Elijah fell in love with a girl who said Aaron was far too clingy and so it ended early. He has always missed him, but he knew he would probably never see him again. He wasn’t so sure he wanted to.



White Queen | 35 | X-Men | Mutant | Neutral | Female | Asexual | Natalie Dormer

Emma Frost grew up in an exceedingly wealthy home in Boston with a father who manipulated and controlled his children.While in High School Emma’s mutation came through in the form of intense migraines at first and then later as her telepathic power, she used this to bring up her grades. It was at this young age that Emma decided she wanted to be a teacher, though that was something she thought she’d never be allowed. When offered the prospect of being the families heir Emma refused and ran away from home at just seventeen. She worked minimum wage jobs and lived on the streets, finding nights in hotels where she could. That was when Emma was commited to the Essex Clinic, where under a heavy dosage of drugs the Brotherhood attempted to make her use Cerebro for terrible ends. It failed, but it was the start of many unfriendly interactions she would have with the X-Men before eventually joining them.

She used her powers to gain knowledge of the business world and set up her own business conglomerate called Frost Industries. While finding her feet in New York she learned more and more about her powers, how to control them and how they worked. The once maddening voices in her head finally became something she saw as an asset. As a rising power Emma became affiliated with the Hellfire Club’s inner circle, leading to her becoming the White Queen. She briefly taught at Massachusetts Academy, fulfilling her dream of becoming a teacher while also using her students and her powers against the X-Men. She remained an enemy of the X-Men until they joined forces with the Hellions. While in a coma the Massachusetts Academy was signed over to the Xavier Institute and Emma occupied Bobby Drake’s body. After this, Emma’s allegiance changed and she taught at the Xavier Institute. 

During the Civil War Tony asked for the help of the X-Men and Emma told him that they refused to get involved. After all, hadn’t they suffered enough? Mutants had their own battles to fight, their own war against the hatred of mutants that had been going a lot longer than the civil war. She stayed neutral. Her personal feelings lay anti-registration, on the basis that she wouldn’t wish what mutants went through on anyone, but she sat it out. She watched as Steve Rogers died. She watched as the bill passed. She only began to regret her apathy when the same bill for Mutants went ahead. When tensions rose and she could hardly protect the students at Xavier’s from the protesters at their gates she despaired. When finally the time came to close the school after one too many tragedies she looked for any source of hope for her students that she could.

She saw hope in New Sion. Just a glimmer of it. Tony Stark asked her to be hedmistess and she accepted. At least if they were among their own kind they wouldn’t be worried about showing who they are.

Emma Frost is currently Taken.

Marissa Burns || 19 || Psychology || Mutant 

Cryokinesis: Marissa can manipulate ice or anything to do with the cold. She has discovered some tricks to keep her power under control, yet still finds herself sporadically freezing small objects, glasses of water, or sometimes even patches of carpet when she’s barefoot.


Marissa Burns was born to a family of mutants in the Midwest. Her father had astral projection, and her mother was psychometric, resulting in an older sister who also had psychometry. Marissa and her older sister, Candice, got along really well as children and even had pet names for eachother as well as a secret handshake. Candice spent her free time usually teaching Marissa about psychometry and other ESP abilities, since her and their parents were all expecting Marissa to show signs of one soon enough. Not surprisingly, they were all shocked when Marissa borrowed her sister’s laptop for a book report and brought it back encased in a thin sheet of ice. 

After her true power was revealed, Marissa felt more and more like an outcast every day. Her parents had no idea how to teach her to control her abilities and neither did Candice. She grew apart from the rest of her family and ended up spending a lot of time in her room attempting to freeze glasses of water or old toys that she’d outgrown. In reality, Marissa was never very good at controlling her power, nor did she have the will to even try. She gave up on trying to fit in with her family as well and spent longer amounts of time out of the house with friends. She would come home late and sneak back to bed, only to get a good scolding in the morning.

She only started caring about her attitude when one of her close friends died in a late night car accident. Sure, he was drunk, and Marissa didn’t drink, but it scared her half to death that life could be taken away just like that. She started to help out with school fundraisers and local charities and ran for class president her senior year. She won by a landslide, as she had gained the respect of multiple cliques in her school. As she applied for college, she kept in mind that all she really wanted was for her life to mean something, and that meant to her that she needed to help people. She applied to Northgate with the intention of majoring in psychology and eventually becoming a counselor or psychologist or something along those lines, and as soon as she got the acceptance letter, she left her small town home behind. Marissa now lives on campus at Northgate University, emerged in her studies. 


Positives: Marissa is just about the most caring person you’ll find. She tends to be generally uplifting and fun to be around. She’s also very studious and responsible, always getting her work in on time and sometimes even over achieving. Helping people is actually one of her favorite hobbies, as it helps her forget about her personal life and just do good for someone else.

Negatives: She is overly trusting and let’s people in too easily, often to be let down. Marissa is also oblivious to the bad things happening around her as she is optimistic, though almost annoyingly so. She tends to hide her emotions and push back her own feelings, building up until she finally has to let them out. She prefers to do this alone where nobody can see her cry or try to help because she hates coming off as weak or overemotional. 


Aiden ParkerAiden and Marissa are lab partners in Chemistry. She likes him a lot and, even though they don’t talk much, admires his intelligence and determination. She knows he’s sort of obsessed with mutants, but she doesn’t mind, thinking it’s about time that someone learned the truth about why this has happened to her.

Sofia MacklinMarissa and Sofia have been roommates ever since Marissa first arrived. She can be a bit rude, but Marissa refuses to see any bad in her. They get along quite well due to their shared love for clothing, accessories, etc, and sometimes Marissa lets Sofia give her a complete makeover, recognizing that she has much better taste.

Karmen RamosMarissa likes to think she’s super woman and can do anything she sets her mind to, but one thing she absolutely cannot do is dance. She admires Karmen’s talent and, admittedly, sometimes likes to just sit in the gym and “study”, when she’s actually just watching the dance team. She;s had conversations with her here and there, but someday she’d like to try and spark a friendship.

Marissa is portrayed by Crystal Reed and she is TAKEN.



Delilah is quiet.  She has spent most of her life in solitude and as a result, communication is not one of her strong points.  Even if it was, she sees no point in talking unless it is necessary, seeing small talk as essentially a waste of time.  If someone speaks to her however, she will generally respond, even if she believes the conversation unnecessary and frivolous.  She is highly intelligent, with obscene amounts of technical knowledge, and the ability to analyze and read into situations.  This intelligent, however, does not translate to a social IQ.  Furthermore, although her ability makes her a fast learner, her isolation from the world has resulted in a lot of ignorance about a lot of things.  In particular, this includes pop culture, history, social conventions, and the typically accepted behaviors, morals and ethics.  Given this, Delilah sees little wrong with violence, even struggling with the morals of taking a life.  After all, she has both committed and experienced violence constantly throughout her life, with no frame of reference for it as a negative thing.  All of this is then contradicted by a strange sense of compassion that she is only started to reach within her.  It is something she was born with, and something her handlers have been working hard to beat out of her.  Instead, it was merely thrust further within her, made difficult to reach, but its strength means that it is constantly pushing at her seams to get out, and fighting it for fear of failure is one of her constant internal battles.

Her behaviors generally make her come across to other people as very strange, but her experiences also mean that she doesn’t really care.  Relationships are unnecessary and would only get in the way of her mission, so she doesn’t see a point in having any, although when, on rare occasions, someone persists in gaining her friendship, she is surprised to find that she doesn’t actually hate it, even if she doesn’t understand.  And there is a lot she doesn’t understand, so it is her curiosity and desire to know more that is one of the few things which causes her to become vocal, asking questions whenever she doesn’t understand something.  Delilah is also full of a complicated sort of self-loathing.  It is made complex by the fact that she does not truly see herself as having a self.  She is an object, a weapon, therefore disallowed from having wants or desires or even feelings.  These things are not necessary for a person without humanity; a person who is not a person.  Even worse, she is a mutant.  And mutants, she knows, are less than animals, valuable only to the extent that they are useful.  As such, she sees herself as essentially worthless, and as a member of a group deserving of destruction, yet at the same time, she has been taught that she does have value as a tool of the AMO, and therefore should do her best to be of use to them.


trigger warning: abuse and expermentation

Subject No. 3752 has no parents.  Rather, she has genetic donors. Subjects 2021 and 2895, previously known as Michael Thompson and Anna Guterman were specifically chosen as strong subjects for the breeding program at a well-hidden and as yet undiscovered Mutant Inc. location, and as such, their chromosomal DNA was extracted and manipulated to create the ideal specimen before the new fetal embryo was inserted back into Subject 2895.  When she was born, Subject 3752 was immediately separated from her genetic mother for testing and observation.  Her specific design made it such that she was born with the power of adoptive muscle memory, essentially the ability to copy anything she saw done.  Given this, she was placed under the care of several carefully chosen Handlers, who treated her only as Subject 3752, and conditioned her to see herself as a weapon rather than a person, and to be efficient, obedient, and so terrified of failure that she would be nearly incapable of it.  This conditioning was alternated with training, which consisted first of watching videos and instructors perform different feats and then of performing them herself.  While focused on physical combat and the use of weapons, this training also included more skills and knowledge based instruction, such as highly advanced scientific education as well as more tactical skills like lockpicking, hacking, and code-breaking.  Most of all, Subject 3752 was taught to hate mutants.  Mutants like herself were things, weapons, rather than people, and were to be defeated and contained at all costs.

It wasn’t until a little later in life that 3752 encountered either of her parents.  For much of her existence, she was kept separate from even the other test subjects.  This never really changed, but when she was about 12, there was a short, two-day period in which she was suddenly and unexpectedly moved to live and eat amongst the other mutants, only to be moved back to her private area just as quickly.  All of this was a result of some administrative changes and disagreements, with the thought temporarily being that she ought to form some experiences amongst others so she would know how to act.  During that time, her social inexperience meant that she didn’t really mingle, mostly sticking to herself, though she did notice people looking at her.  One woman in particular stared at her for a long time, but she chose to ignore it, having no idea that it was the very woman who had given birth to her.  She forgot her quickly enough, upon being moved back to her solitary quarters, and her life continued on as usual, occupied by training and conditioning.  Subject 3752 never encountered the man who was her biological father, and so was entirely unaware when he perished not long after her birth due to experimentation.

Instructed to keep Subject 3752 from forming any sort of humanity or identity, her handler, Sonia Everett, took some pleasure in abusing her as she might an animal, constantly throwing verbal slurs about mutants and animals at her, and sometimes accompanying that with physical abuse, though she was careful not to cause any permanent physical injury lest she damage the weapon.  Despite the inherent ethical ramifications, the result of all this training, conditioning, and abuse was successful.  Subject 2752 was a weapon, and thought of herself as little more.  She was obedient and terrible efficient, and her anti-mutant conditioning was such that she even saw herself as disgusting and worthless outside of her uses to the program.  It was at age fourteen that her success was truly tested outside of the lab she was raised and created in, and she was sent out for a short mission; kill a young mutant couple and bring back their young son.  Her first mission, it was also the most difficult, as even while she fulfilled her orders, she recognized that she was essentially sentencing this boy to her own fate.  It was because of this then that her eventual spotless success that her conditioning was proved so successful, so ingrained. 

From thereon, Subject 3752’s creators had complete confidence in the weapon that they had created in her, and began utilizing her more and sending her out more often to complete missions.  This, however, had some unforeseen consequences.  Her ventures out exposed the teen to the outside world; to media and stories and people, and although she didn’t realize it, she began to develop some internal ideas about things that weren’t part of her conditioning.  This was so much so that when assigned a long-term mission in which she would need a cover identity, she herself chose a name from stories she had heard, coming upon Delilah after finding something inspiring in the biblical character of the same name.  This occurred when, after war was declared in Ashworth, she was sold to the local Anti-Mutant Organization Headquarters, to be used as their weapon specifically.  From there, she was placed within Ashworth under the cover of a young mutant student who had been abandoned by her parents and had fled to the town to escape mutant prejudice.  Of course, none of this was true; she herself hated mutants, despite being one, and of course she had never had any parents to begin with; rather she was placed there to infiltrate mutant society and eventually the mutant underground as Delilah Pearson. 

Of course, with her being such a new experiment, it was impossible for her handlers to account for all the variables, and as someone so inexperienced in the real world and so eager for self-improvement (if only for the sake of being better; more efficient), her curiosity was bound to create some unexpected findings.  Not the least of which being that she didn’t automatically find herself hating everyone in Ashworth if she could simply ignore their status as mutants, as well as the fact that not only was she becoming somewhat attached to her new name, but also the newfound concept of living outside of the facility that created her, of even, perhaps, being a person outside of what they created.


ANNA GUTERMAN (mother/genetic Donor)

Delilah doesn’t know her mother.  She saw her a few times when she was 12, in the Mutant Inc. facility, and thought the woman’s stares odd, but took nothing else from it, well aware that she, a mutant and a weapon; a thing, had no parents.  And so while Anna had recognized the young girl as the child that had been half-created from her DNA, and whom she had carried to term, they were never able to communicate or interact beyond that.


Delilah understands that the woman, who was transferred to AMO along with her, is merely doing her job as her handler, but Sonia’s insistence on slapping her and on calling her an animal and a dirty mutie when Delilah knows better than anyone just what she is seems unnecessary.  And if Delilah knew how to hate, it would be Sonia that she hated first.  As it is, she is terrified of her handler, both because of the power she has over her through the chip in her head (which tracks her location but can also end her life on a moment’s notice) and because she has quite simply been condition to fear her handler.


Delilah has not seen Evan Daniels since the night she killed his parents and took him back to Mutant Inc., but she is certain that he still lives, and that he is being used in abused in the same way she was and is.  And even though she does not comprehend what the feeling is, she feels guilt over him like she does for nothing else; it is his face that haunts her nightmares, and him she thinks of when she gets to thinking more than she ought to be.

AMO COLLEAGUES (coworkers) 

Delilah barely knows the others who work in the AMO base she is assigned to, and she doesn’t care to (forming relationships with others is not part of her assignment).  To them, even the mutant ones, she is likely very strange, going about her business quietly and without any effort to be social.  The only AMO employees she pays any attention to are those who are her superiors.  Delilah knows better than anyone how she is supposed to address her superiors, and knows that when they talk, she listens, and when they give her orders, she carries them out without hesitation or mistakes.




Mark is, first and foremost, not a morning person. He’s sometimes also not an afternoon person, or an evening person, or a night person. He’s the guy who accidentally made coffee with kool aid because it was too early and he wasn’t paying attention. He exists in between introversion and extroversion, and could never figure out which he really was deep down. Both was fine, as far as he was concerned. What was the point in choosing? He likes to avoid important decisions if at all possible. That being said, he is capable of making them. He leans toward pacifism, but won’t run from conflict. Sometimes he’ll slink away if he thinks it’s pointless, but he’ll fight for causes he believes in, because he tends to think he’s right. All the time. It’s a miracle the stubborn bastard doesn’t get punched in the face more often. Said bastard tries not to be too emotional. It only works about eighty percent of the time.


Early childhood was uneventful and unremembered. Mark read picture books, was dragged on trips with family, berated by elder brother Tom, and practically lived at the park outside the family home. Then elementary school began, and so did drama. His brother – seven years Mark’s senior – was a young juvenile delinquent, his parents fought one another every step of the way through life, and his grandparents chose Marks’s fifth year to declare that they would not be associating with the rest of the family if they continued to avoid church so skillfully. Mark watched, worried at first, but soon became both unaffected and fascinated. What would happen next? While he sort of wanted it to stop, the now eight year old couldn’t help but be captivated.

By the time he was eleven, he’d matured just enough to lose interest. He payed more attention to school and books and games, which he’d discovered thanks to his brother. Being dragged away from his gameboy kicking and screaming to spend a week in the woods with his family was definitely not alright with him. His mother hadn’t come, thanks to his parents newly finalized divorce, which meant it was just him, his brother, and his father, a man who was not good at existing in the wilderness. Which was fortunate, considering what happened next.

Years later, Mark wouldn’t be able to remember what the argument with his brother had been about. He would, however, wonder for years if the fight had been connected to what had happened next. The theory he eventually settled on was that his powers had manifested before the camping trip, but had never done enough harm or good to be noticed. They had, at the time, just been strange feelings of control. Next to a fire, though, his powers were lethal. Not that he killed anyone. The fire engulfed the campsite, and killed all the books he’d brought along, which made for a very boring trip home, but didn’t do any other damage save for a few burn scars on his left arm and a brother who spent the entire return journey complaining about the smell of burning hair and asking who the hell thought it was a good idea to go camping in the first place.

Mark wasn’t sure it had been him who’d caused it at first. He’d just had a sneaking suspicion. He’d begun to experiment, very carefully, with the candles his mother kept in a drawer in her newly furnished apartment. He had mixed results, but managed to put two and two together. He’d definitely increased the intensity of the fire. He crossed arson off his mental bucket list (not that it had even been there in the first place) and then devoted ridiculous amounts of thinking to fantasies about vigilanteism.

High school provided opportunities for chemistry courses, which clued him into a few things. He was beginning to think he knew what his powers were. And he was beginning to get a hell of a lot better at controlling them. What had once been inconvenience turned to instinct. And then, as he neared his senior year, Mark got bored. He decided he didn’t care so much about the kind of excitement that involved his powers. He knew what he liked, and what he liked was literature and science. He went to college, studied both, and then, degrees in hand, tried to work out what he could do with them. He hadn’t gone far enough with his studies to warrant a career in the sciences, and he wasn’t sure any jobs that heavily involved english would be all that entertaining. He certainly didn’t want to be a writer, or a librarian, or a teacher. He shrugged, threw his achievements in a drawer somewhere, and left to work for his brother, who had made a life as a mechanic. It didn’t take too much time before a mixture of paranoia and curiosity (and several rumours) led Mark to Ashworth.


TOM COHLE (brother)

While the two brothers got off to a rocky start thanks to Tom’s teen angst, they grew closer as they got older. By the time both were adults – the official kind of adults that payed taxes and had jobs – they were best friends. Mark doesn’t doubt that Tom would help him if he ever needed it, and knows the same is true of himself.


The two cousins were never particularly close, but were close in age, and were often forced to exist in similar circles thanks to a shared elementary and high school. Mark suspects Jackie might be a mutant; Jackie suspects Mark probably is one. Neither know for sure.

CHRIS NG (friend)

As children, and as teenagers, and even sometimes as adults, Mark and Chris got into trouble with one another. Chris lives in London now, but the two stay in touch.


Amelia Turner || 19 || Cosmetology || Mutant 

Aerokinesis: Amelia is relatively skilled in her ability. She has shown to have a wide range of techniques from causing tornadoes to being able to using air pressure to increase her speed and strength. Due to her lack of focus, it’s very difficult for her to tap into one technique and use it to its full extent so though Lia has the ability to be very powerful, she still has a long way to go.


Amelia was born and raised by a wealthy family in the South. They were basically the American dream and the Turner family seemed hellbent on keeping it that way. From a young age she was taught that aesthetics were most important, it didn’t matter how you felt as long as you looked the perfect part on the outside. Amelia followed this rule to the tee and has always been very concerned with the way she looks and presents herself, something which her family took pride in. 

Growing up in an ‘ordinary’ family oblivious to anything that wasn’t ‘normal’, it came as a unexpected surprise when she discovered her powers over air and wind. Her first experience occurred at the age of fifteen as she was riding her bicycle down a particularly steep hill. The bottom of her dress had been caught in the wheel and she was thrown from her seat. Just as her body was about to collide with the ground, she closed her eyes and after a few seconds without impact, she opened them only to discover that she was floating on a miniature twister.

Telling her family wasn’t the easiest thing, after all, mutations weren’t, in most places, considered ‘perfect’, mutants were often outcasts and that was the complete opposite of what the Turner family strived to be. In an effort to maintain the “American Dream”, Lia was forced to suppress her powers and act as if they didn’t exist. Naturally, there were quite a few incidents where her mutation was nearly outed but for the most part, Lia kept her powers concealed most of her life. After being accepted into Northgate, Lia was more than happy to get away from being in hiding.


Positives: Amelia, or ‘Lia’ as she likes to be called, is your typical southern belle. She’s well-mannered, sweet and gentle, kind to her friends, and even kinder to her enemies. Her closeness with her family and friends makes her fierce and protective when it comes to them and although she is young, is quite motherly. 

Negatives: She cares for her appearance very much, always striving to look and behave perfectly in public, a perfectionist in that aspect. And although she can be serious when it is needed, like her powers suggest, she can be airheaded at times.


Zoe Chapman: Zoe and Lia have a relationship that constantly teeters between friends and enemies. Both of the girls study in similar fields and often butt heads, though Zoe is much meaner to Lia than Lia is to her. There are times when the two can get along quite well and they’ve collaborated on some projects successfully, so interactions between them can go very well or very badly.

Jackson Bates: Jackson and Lia have overlapping friend groups and as a result they spend a lot of time around each other. They’re pretty friendly towards each other though Jackson definitely wants more than that, and Lia knows it. She doesn’t mind him flirting with her but always shoots him down.due to being familiar with his playboy nature and seeing what he does to other girls. 

Travis WilliamsLia and Travis are not quite friends but are almost there. They were introduced by mutual friends at a party and get along well enough and will spend time with each other outside of parties if they can. Lia enjoys spending time with him because of his personality and how confident he is. Mostly they talk about their majors, or their homes and families. 

Amelia is portrayed by Nina Dobrev and she is TAKEN.



Ellie is like a ball of energy or an over-excited puppy. She loves meeting new people, making new friends and being happy. A smile rarely leaves her face but don’t take that as her being a pushover. Ellie believes strongly in any cause she gets attached to and will fight for what she thinks is right. The girl is also smarter than most would think – being fluent in French has helped her a lot in life and so has her musical skills.


When you find out you’re a clone, what do you do? At the age of twenty, Ellie found out the truth about her conception and birth… and what her mother went through to protect her. In 1995, Emily Jayden (Ellie’s mother) was only fifteen years old and expecting her first child, all thanks to the men who played god with her body. They wanted to see if they could replicate the mutant gene and somehow better it. They tested on many, but Ellie was the first to survive without failure… or so they thought. Just before the femme was to enter the world her mother escaped and gave birth before leaving her on the doorstep of a rich home in Boston. She left a note, explaining her young age and how she couldn’t care for her child so she hoped they would. She also left the child’s name; her name was Ellie.

Ellie was raised in a religious home with four older brothers and a ‘twin’ sister. Her adoptive parents never told her about where she came from – she believed she was a Bryce. Her childhood was normal. Her adoptive father was a preacher in their church, a good one too. The Bryce’s life revolved around church. The children were raised in a good Christian way, they attended a local convent school and they were expected to behave accordingly. That meant no parties, no television and no friends outside of their church. The children, in a sense, were brainwashed to make the Bryce’s seem like the perfect American family. It worked, it worked for years, that was until Ellie began to change. 

Ellie grew bored of the life she had. She wanted to leave their area. She wanted to go to parties. She wanted to meet new people. She wanted to sing something that wasn’t of a religious nature. She began to sneak out in the dead of night when her family was sleeping. She want to raves, parties, festivals! It was only a matter of time before she got caught… and dyed her hair. Her parents wondered where they went wrong and after they found out Ellie was interested in girls (she really shouldn’t have told her twin sister) they sent her away for the summer to a religious camp to ‘straighten’ her out. It didn’t work, but Ellie went back to pretending she was ‘better’ just so her parents would get off her back.

The short redhead was sixteen when her power revealed itself; she could turn invisible. It was a gift really, but for the first couple of months it was a curse. She had trouble turning back to normal and that was how her parents found out. They barged into her room one day while she was invisible. She couldn’t get her power to turn her back and she spent two days invisible to the world. When she turned back she told them the truth. Her parents were loving people, they’d help her, right? Unfortunately, when her parents found out, they revealed that she wasn’t their biological child. She was left on their doorstep on the day their true daughter Genesis was born and they decided to raise the girls as twins. Ellie was promptly throw out onto the street before she made her way to a mutant academy where she tried to let go of the past.

When the war ended Ellie got in contact with her real mother, a woman called Emily Jayden. From the moment they met, Ellie had no doubt that they were related. They loved the same things and Ellie was the image of her mother in many ways. Emily had been heartbroken when she had to give up her daughter and now she was finally getting to reconnect with her. It didn’t take long for Ellie to change her surname from Bryce to Jayden, not wanting anything to do with her adoptive family. They were nothing to her now. She had her own.

Two years ago, while in travelling around the country with some new friends Ellie started a band. They performed every now and again and ‘TBA’ became a hit. They were watched by numerous record companies but the rest of the band members didn’t want to be signed. They didn’t want to give up their lives so TBA broke up. Ellie moved to Ashworth soon after and lived as a songwriter for a time. It wasn’t too long ago she was offered a job as a radio presenter on Ashworth FM. Now, she has her own show and Ellie’s thankful for what she’s gotten.



From the moment they were reunited, Ellie has never been so happy. Her mother is her world and Ellie can go to her with any problem she has. Emily is still guilty over giving up her daughter but Ellie has moved past it – they’re together now and that’s all that matters. Ellie has never respected anyone as much as she respects her mother. 

MADELINE ROWLING (sister/ward)

When Ellie stumbled into young Madeline Rowling in the park one day, she knew she had to protect her. The young girl barely spoke a word when Ellie took her under her wing but now she’s thriving. Ellie thinks of Madeline as her little sister and she’s glad to have her. She’s never had anyone to protect before and Ellie has accepted that challenge with pride. 

LYDIA WADE (girlfriend)

Ellie doesn’t know what it is about Lydia but she loves to be around her. She doesn’t know what it is about her but Ellie thinks she’s the most interesting person she’s ever met. Ellie feels like she could do anything with Lydia by her side, and she hopes that doesn’t change any time soon.


Scarlett Niles || 20 || Toxicology & Astronomy || Mutant 

Portal Creation: Scarlett developed her power when she was nine years old and struggled with it for a good few years, sometimes portalling herself around by accident and more often than not ending up in the wrong place. In her last few years of high school and through extensive practice she managed to get it under control. These days she has very few problems with her power, apart from the occasional misdirection. 


Scarlett’s life has never been particularly easy. She grew up in a rough neighbourhood on the outskirts of Brooklyn, New York, and luxury isn’t something she’s ever known. Her parents had her when they were just out of high school themselves and ended up moving away from home to escape the constant criticism both families were giving. With little money and few skills both of her parents had to work two and sometimes three jobs to keep her clothed, fed, and a roof over her head. A little before Scarlett turned one her mother fell pregnant again, and that didn’t make things any easier. Eventually her father turned to local drug dealers, selling things for them and taking on other morally questionable jobs that paid well enough. Money became less of an issue for a while, and Scarlett was able to grow up fairly well balanced with her new younger brother, Isaac, despite the underlying illegality that funded their lives. 

She always knew she was going to be a mutant, since her mother had the power of illusions and her father had flight. Once her portal creation kicked in they taught her how to keep it a secret. She learned the signs of when she was about to accidentally portal and hid away, which meant she was labelled a “serial runaway” by her school due to how often she disappeared. They never paid much attention though. Isaac developed the power of Tychokinesis and as they got older he used it to help them both pass classes and exams in school. Scarlett was always close to her brother, looking out for him and taking care of him since their parents were rarely around and neither of them were very good at making and keeping friends. 

When the time came for finals in her senior year of high school, Isaac used his power to help her pass. Scarlett knew she wanted to go to college, so when it came time to apply for Northgate he helped her get into there too. When she moved away to live there on campus she didn’t miss her parents much; they’d been fairly absent in her life anyway. She did miss her brother but he planned to join her a year later anyway. So she focused on her studies and on the small business she’d managed to set up — not an entirely legal business, but it meant she got paid. She knew exactly where to find alcohol, drugs, anything you wanted really, and she could get it in less than five minutes using her power. Most people buy whatever they need from her. Scarlett still largely focuses on her studies in her second year of university and her little business is going strong. She’s happy enough with the state of things and even better now that her brother has come to join her. 


Positive: Scarlett has a natural charismatic streak to her, and although she covers it with sarcasm and insults it shines through more often than not. She is creative and can make conversation with anyone and has a natural leadership quality. She is also incredibly loyal and protective over those who manage to befriend her and stay in her life, and won’t let them go easily. Confidence is what she often describes as her best trait; she has very little shame or fear. 

Negative: She isn’t the most trustworthy person on the campus; in fact, most people would only trust her with their booze. She doesn’t mind lying and manipulating to get what she wants and is a very self-interested person. She rarely takes into account other people’s feelings and avoids any kind of hard work unless it benefits her, and even then she’ll try to make someone else do it. Pushing people away is what she does best and often she is cold and downright cruel to other people. 


Isaac Niles: Isaac is the one person that Scarlett loves and is truly close to. Growing up they always got along very well, looking out for each other no matter what. If Isaac needs her Scarlett will drop anything and everything she’s doing to help him, no matter what it is. They work extremely well together despite their differences in attitude and personality, and people often mistake them for twins

Ash BakerAsh is one of Scarlett’s best customers and she’s always surprised by the amount of drugs and alcohol the girl wants to buy every few weeks. In truth she’s almost worried about Ash and her behaviours, mostly because she doesn’t want to be the one responsible for killing someone, and has been keeping an eye on her lately. 

Aiden Parker: Scarlett is struggling to keep her grades up, and now that Isaac is refusing to help her cheat through the rest of the year she’s resorted to a tutor. She asked a lot of other people before asking Aiden and he was the first person to actually say yes. She doesn’t pay him, since she refuses to part with money and he doesn’t want alcohol or drugs, but she will occasionally retrieve a rare comic for him in lieu of payment.

Kieran Ravenswood:  Astronomy isn’t Scarlett’s major but she still feels the need to be better than others at it, especially Kieran. She’s constantly competing with him in the class and hates being beaten by him. She doesn’t talk about it (and bans him from doing so too) but he was the person she lost her virginity too after a very drunken end of year party, a fact which only spurs the hate she has for him. 

Scarlett is portrayed by Ksenia Solo and she is TAKEN.

Rajesh (Raj) Singh || 21 || Journalism || Mutant

Technopathy: Raj’s power is quite strong and is augmented by his natural intelligence, which means that from a young age he has been able to hack into secret government communications, as well as create new computer programs and inventions that are highly sought after on the black market of the internet. However, at times when he loses control or isn’t paying attention, something he was working on turns into a small robot, which spouts swear words and continues to insult him until he pays attention to it. Some of the items that he has created in this vein are his alarm clock, microwave, and desk lamp.


Raj grew up in a very traditionally Muslim Indian family in New York City. His family went to mosque every week and it was always his mother’s dream to marry off him and his five older sisters to good Indian families. Raj was the baby of the family, and he was definitely reminded of that on a daily basis. His sisters, all very strong and independent women, raised him so he had a working knowledge of all the female processes. At the age of 12 he was applying wax strips to their legs, he knew more about tampons than any boy should, and unfortunately also knew how to apply makeup due to the many times they had forcibly used him as their mannequin. His family was loud, boisterous, and busy, and almost in protest because of this, Raj grew up quiet, observant, and loving his solace. He spent most of his time on the computer, and was ecstatic when he got his own personal laptop at the age of 10 for doing well in school. He spent hours surfing the net, loving how it felt to worm his way into internet communities and discover information he wasn’t supposed to find.

However things changed when he was 9. September 11th was an event that affected his family heavily. When the planes crashed into the twin towers, his eldest sister and her fiancé had been looking at venues for their wedding in the buildings. Neither of them were able to get out. Raj’s family was devastated, but what was worst was the persecution that followed them because of their race and religion. They were treated as if they were the ones who had caused the disaster, when they were as much victims of it as the next person. A few months after he turned 11, his family was the victim of hate crimes. A couple skinheads who saw his father wearing a turban followed him home and beat him up, and then smashed his father’s business online, denouncing him as a terrorist. His father took the abuse silently, and even when they started losing business due to it, he just looked at pictures of his eldest baby girl, never uttering a word of complaint. That was too much for Raj, and soon he took his skilled fingers to his laptop. The past two years had fostered within him a technological prowess. Within an hour of being online he had hacked into security cameras, finding footage of the skinheads beating his father up as well as other information that was secret, and interlacing it with pictures and news feed of his sister’s death in 9/11. The video, which painted his father as a silent hero, also unveiled information about the skinheads as gangsters who had beaten, threatened, blackmailed, and even abused and raped people in the past. The video became viral, and the men were arrested. His father was vilified, and their restaurant became most popular with New York cops who decided to lend their business to families who had lost loved ones in the attack. No one knew Raj’s connection to the event, but he had discovered his power while doing it. When passwords had confronted him, he could will them into breaking. Technology seemed to mold itself to his beck and call, and his abilities as a technopath continued to grow in secret.

As the first mutant in his family, Raj kept it a secret until his mother and sisters realized he had accidentally converted the microwave into a talking, moving robot that would occasionally shout random swears at them if they didn’t clean it often enough. While slightly exasperated, they kept it quiet and took pains to ensure he stayed safe. They had experienced enough hate crimes to protect one of their own, and so he fostered them in secret until his grades and extreme intelligence got him into Northgate. At Northgate he spends most of his time on the internet. He is well versed in tumblr, internet forums, and is obsessed with conspiracy theories and the possible existence of Bigfoot and aliens. While his pseudonym is famous on the blogosphere and twitter, he is less accomplished in real life, and chooses to spend most of his time ignoring reality and online than engaging with people who exist around him, to the disgruntlement of his family.


Positives: Raj is a highly intelligent, extremely good person. He cares deeply about his family and is very protective of people he cares about. He wouldn’t hurt a fly unless they’ve threatened someone he loves. He is naturally gifted at school and gets very good grades. He is also very sincere and passionate about the things he finds interesting. He is witty and funny, though most of his jokes people don’t quite understand.

Negatives: Raj is quiet and disinterested in reality. Growing up dominated by his five loud sisters, he loves silence and solitude, is highly independent, and spends most of his time on the internet searching conspiracy theories or proof of Bigfoot. He is socially awkward, partially because he is uninterested in making friends. Despite his intelligence, he does not pick up on most social cues and therefore says things to people that could be considered rude or even uncaring, though he never realizes what he’s said to insult and never intends it. Essentially, he is a bit dorky.


Dominic Richards: They were roommates in their first year at university and bonded quickly due to their powers and shared experience with sisters. Both have extremely different personalities but are nonjudgmental and have the same values deep down, so they have bonded into unlikely friends.

Yoona SongYoona and Raj are both members of the Bigfoot Believers Club.  In fact the two of them are actually the only members of the Bigfoot Believers Club.  Raj started it in his second year at Northgate and was the lone member until Yoona arrived on his doorstep.  He thinks she’s a bit of a weird one, but he likes her deep down.

Naomi FletcherRaj somehow found out about Naomi’s fear of all things supernatural and has decided to take it upon himself to cure her.  He constantly barrages her with images of the most recent alien he is trying to prove, and while so far he has been faced with only violence and screams, he is convinced that he is helping her deep down.  

Raj is portrayed by Dev Patel and he is TAKEN.