I give up. I see no point in living if I can’t be beautiful.


  • name: howl jenkins pendragon
  • age: twenty three
  • birthday: up to rper
  • college year: junior
  • majors: astrology + theology
  • born in: porthaven, wales
  • pronouns: he/him
  • sexuality: pansexual


Howl is the only child of the Jenkins family, living in Wales. A bright and curious child by nature, Howl would often be in his own little world, liking the solace. His parents soon gave up Howl and he was placed in the care of his uncle who lived in the countryside of Wales, a small town called Porthaven. His uncle had a secret; he was a practicing Pagan and would teach the young Howl, who excelled and had a natural talent for it as well. His uncle taught him all there was to know about the religion. The deities, the dedication, and the magic. While he was young he also had a private tutor named Madame Sullivan, who was a renowned pagan and taught him during the summers when he was not in school. Madame Sullivan who would teach the young Howl his subjects and more about magic. She was very fond of him and he became her favorite student.

As Howl grew older and went through his years of school, he grew more and more charming and had a great care for how he looked, sometimes taking an hour to get ready. However at sixteen everything changed. He fell in love with the most beautiful girl he’d ever laid eyes on only for her to break him down in the end. He gave his heart to this girl only to find out on their one year anniversary that she had been cheating on him. After this, Howl closed himself off from people, turning his back on school and the laughing eyes of his peers while finishing his schooling with his private tutor, Madame Sullivan.  The wounds healed but the scars remain and as more people would flirt with Howl for how attractive he looked, he would flirt back and has no qualms about charming a beautiful man or lady. However he grew an attachment of fear and feared an attachment to the very idea of love or any emotional attachment, stemming from being abandoned and his heartbreak.

When he was eighteen he was also betrayed by Madame Sullivan who wanted him to delve more into the black arts, which hurt him to have another person betray him and he stopped going to her for tutoring, and became afraid to get involved with anything. Eventually something snapped in him though and as many people fawned over him many began to fear him as well. He didn’t practice black magic per say, but what he was practicing wasn’t exactly orthodox either. Howl began to channel what his uncle called his “inner psychic abilities” and spent months and months on end practicing. He’d often try to cross over to the astral plane, the world between life and death. The out of body experiences wore him down though, but it was a way for him to escape even just for a little while.

How’s uncle began to worry at how introverted his nephew had become. How’s abilities had passed his and it scared him. He had seen Howl do things that inclined him to take action. Just after his nineteenth birthday his uncle told Howl of New Disney College and how it would be a great experience for him. He was reluctant at first but finally agreed after some convincing on his uncle’s behalf. The beginning of the next semester Howl arrived and decided to keep his past just that– the past. Although he loved attention, especially from the female population of the school so he decided he would show them “magic tricks” which were just the most basic of spells he could do but they wowed over the students and that was enough to keep him satisfied.

Although he is not the nicest guy around he had a good heart, but getting him to show that is a struggle. His uncle keeps contact with him nearly every day which keeps Howl grounded most of the time. Because of his reclusive tendencies though this tends to leave Howl unsure of what to say and can sometimes say what he’s thinking without a filter. He also spreads rumors about himself under the disguise of other names to keep himself at a distance from others. He loves keeping the mystery about himself. Behind the mask of beauty however is a deep, caring and intelligent man who longs to meet a friend who won’t hurt him.


After he had his heart broken he has become afraid to open up to anyone that tries to get close to him. He pushes them away and delves deeper into his studies to protect himself from any harm. He will go as far as to pretend he hates someone if he feels him self falling for them.


wanda maximoff – roommate


  • positive: benevolent, charming, brave
  • negative: immature, vain, introverted
  • dorm: the village ▪ building 3 ▪ room 124
  • face claim: Jamie Campbell Bower
  • resources: [x] [x] [x]


  • Christian Austin
  • Age: Forty-Six
  • Occupation: Head of Security
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Lyric/Quote: “Give me your secrets, bring me a sign. Give me a reason to walk the fire. See another dawn, through your daughter’s eyes. You give me a reason to walk the fire.”
  • Face claim: Jim Caviezel
  • OUT

Believe it or not, Christian is a good man. He may not look like it and his criminal record might not show it, but he’s the most innocent person out of everyone in the asylum. Born and raised in a small town in Ohio, he grew up with good morals and a supportive family. Once he completed his required years in University, he left his hometown to move to the city where he got a law enforcement job. Eventually he rose the ranks and landed himself a rookie position on the homicide squad where he remained for the next four years. Then everything went downhill. The evidence in his last case led up to him, pinpointing Christian as a serial killer. No one liked a corrupt cop. There wasn’t enough evidence to prove that he was framed so he was forced to do the time. Thankfully, since his slate was clean and there were a few doubts, they let him out on parole early after fifteen years since his sentence on one condition; that he did some sort of ‘community work’. He chose the next best thing to being a cop; being a security guard at an asylum. The big question was; who would want to frame him? It wasn’t that there weren’t people that hated him (he had put away several people during his time as a cop), it was that he didn’t know which one. And he would never find out because of his parole boundaries which were only a few feet off the asylum’s perimeter. One foot out of the boundary and he was back in the slammer for another twenty years or so. 

Fifteen years in prison with a bunch of idiot convicts led him to become the most patient man on the world which makes him an excellent listener. He’s not very talkative and doesn’t talk about his past voluntarily, only when asked to. He doesn’t like trouble and doesn’t like to break the rules. He’s extremely tolerable of the patient’s antics and rarely raises his voice. To a few he’s become a father figure, to others, he’s become their worst enemy.

Upon discovering that it was his ex-wife who framed him for murder, he was let off the hook. Instead of going back to his detective position, Christian decided to stay at the Home. He had discovered that he genuinely loved working at the asylum. The troubled kids there needed help, and while he wasn’t the one to provide it, it was inspiring to see what the few good doctors could do to change them for the better. Some of the patients were sweet, contrary to his initial belief. It was also there that he met Lilly. Somehow, the people he was confined with became his family.

Connection: Married to Lilly Austin.

  • Name: James Harris
  • Age: Twenty-Nine
  • Occupation: Security Trainee
  • Sexuality:  Up To Player
  • Face claim: Adam Driver

Ever since the age of three, when poor little James was dropped at his grandmother’s doorstep by unwilling parents (of which he would never see again), James has been an independent person looking for a purpose. While his grandmother was a perfectly apt guardian for the boy, she was very old, and therefore not quite the companion a hyperactive young boy would wish for. Still, he loved his grandmother and everything about her; save for the fact that she refused to speak about either one of his parents, claiming that the reason was because it would “upset her”. Not wanting to cause her any grief, he refrained from speaking about the subject for years.

The stress of not knowing who his parents were had become a heavy burden for much of his life. It made him a troubled, hostile person outside of his home, which in time only isolated him from most people his age. This snowball effect of unfortunate aspects involved him running into trouble with the police, a short stint in juvenile hall, and worst of all, failing in school. All of this eventually led to him dropping out before his Junior year of high school. James believed that there really was no purpose for him.

As he alienated himself from the world, James began to spend much more time at home with his grandmother now that the roles were reversed and she was now the one who needed taking care of. He held a few part-time jobs that never meant much to him during this time, but it seemed as if every day he was just going through the motions.

Eventually James built up enough nerve to do the work necessary for finding his parents, but when he found what he was looking for, he wished he had never done so in the first place. It turned out that both of his parents were highly addicted to methamphetamines. So much so that they chose the drug over their own son, which explained why he was left with his grandmother. Inevitably the drugs killed them both, which was why his grandmother refused to speak of it.

This newfound information disturbed James, and led to him shutting himself away from the world entirely. Though she had been told nothing about what he found, is grandmother knew that he had discovered the truth. It upset her how the kind person she knew he could be had been tucked away, and she knew she had to do something quick in order to help him. Through word of mouth at one of her bingo groups, she discovered that there was a place called Home for the Helpless that was looking for people to help protect those who couldn’t help themselves. She believed in James, and knew that he would be perfect for the job; so as soon as she returned home she encouraged him to apply. To which he begrudgingly obliged. 

Ethan Williams || 27 || FC: Dave Franco || Taken

Ethan Williams the only son of Cora and Dennis Williams. Everything was handed to him although he did like to work for some of his things. His father was the owner of his own multi million dollar company and eventually made Ethan the CEO. As time went on he made the company grow stronger and made more money. A few years later he met a woman named Danielle at a dinner party who he went on a couple of dates with and eventually want to marry her even though his parents and family told him she was just a gold digger and didn’t want to believe them. He bought her a big diamond and took her on a month vacation and purposed. He let her plan the wedding and let her spend as much as she wanted because money  really didn’t effect him because he makes so much of it. He lives happy in his life with his wife now even though his family doesn’t approve of his marriage and that cause some problems for him and Danielle but he still loves her

MICHAEL SCARPELLI is a TWENTY-FOUR year old TEACHER who is teaching JUNOR HISTORY at AKAMAI BOARDING SCHOOL. He is often told he resembles THEO JAMES and is currently UNAVAILABLE.


Michael, or Mike.. who most people seem to call him, grew up in a Christian environment in Madison, Wisconsin. His family weren’t hardcore believers, but that didn’t stop them from going to church every Sunday. He also attended private religious-based schools, seeing his family only wanted what was best for him and his adolescence. Michael was the youngest of three brothers. Obviously, he was the most spoiled one; his two brothers close to five years older than him. Their jealousy had turned real bad at times, but nothing Michael seems to remember as sinister experiences. He’d gotten both parents’ attention after all, simply by being their fragile baby.

Ever since pre-school he’d mostly been hanging with girls. For no specific reason, really, yet he found them way more comfortable having around. At age fifteen, he got his first girlfriend, and it didn’t take long for him to lose his v-card since she’d apparently done it before. It didn’t feel that special, though, as if the only thing he truly liked, was talking about common interests and maybe cuddle now and then. Instead, he started pondering about the fact that he didn’t like the one thing guys in his class couldn’t live without. One day, two years later, there was this new kid who had come all the way from Australia. Jaxon. A shy guy, but that didn’t stop Michael from giving the boy a friendly welcome. In the night, he couldn’t help but think of him and his shoulder-length hair.. every single detail until he reminded himself of his current long term relationship. It was almost as if it bothered him. And it certainly didn’t stop him from getting to know Jax better. Hiding his evolving desire for the Aussie, he made sure to keep his girlfriend close just in case. Then, finally, the day they shared their first kiss arrived. It was in the boys’ locker rooms, and Michael had never felt his heart beat any faster than it did that day. Too bad it had to be ruined, seeing they weren’t alone. Four guys had suddenly interrupted, staring at the boys in utter chock. Two Christian boys kissing at a private, religious school? Didn’t sound like a good idea, and the boys didn’t hesitate to give them a well-deserved beatdown.


Michael and Jaxon had ended up at the principal’s office, and just like that, the snowball had started rolling. The next day, everyone knew. The whole population of Madison, including his family. What took him by surprise was his mother, who seemed to be relieved. She’d known about his sexuality for a while - thanks to his non-stop talking about that new kid. His brothers on the other hand felt humiliated over having a gay brother. They were mean enough to join the other guys to mock their own flesh and blood. Jaxon’s family didn’t want to stand in the spotlight and moved without saying a word. Michael never heard from his boy crush again, and it made him really angry. The traces of the lost boy led to New York, a place that seemed to far, far away. Surprisingly, his girlfriend didn’t seem to wanna break up with him.. She kind of protected him from there on out, along with his other friends. His mom had been nice enough to fight for him to not get kicked out of school, seeing he only had one year left. Good thing his mother was a fighter, something that led Michael to eventually graduate - and even though things were working out, he couldn’t help but feel like something was missing.

Beside his many pitfalls, Mike had always been intelligent, so, by the time he had to decide on where to go and fulfill his further education, he chose New York University. History had always been his passion at school, and NYU had always been a dream. He didn’t leave only because of Jaxon, but because he wanted change. A chance from the old, new opportunities, new friends.. his own place. What surprised him the most, was seeing his brothers cry when he left.. thinking wouldn’t even show up at the airport. They didn’t want their little brother to leave, and they even got to apologize for everything, yet still admitting their disapproval towards his interest in men; this time without making a huge deal out of it. It’d taken Michael by surprise, but at least they’d asked for forgiveness. The first couple of years in New York went by fast. For some reason, people didn’t seem to care about anything over there - he could do whatever without thinking twice. It made him discover a lot about himself, enough to come out of his shell and don’t care about other’s opinions. Graduating NYU with excellence, the lad was head-hunted to Akamai Boarding School. They lacked a history teacher, and they’d really want the straight-A student to give them a shot.


Positive traits: hardworking, confident, flirtatious 
Negative traits: impulsive, jealous, blunt



"Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in search of our better selves." - The First History Man


Moscow, Russia


+ Calculating, Isolated, Precise

- Apathetic, Lethal, Relentless



Esca Mercuritte was placed at an unsuspecting doorstep upon his birth. An infant far too young to understand his predicament, was discarded as many unwanted children in the area were— packed into overflowing, dilapidated orphanages where the young perished in unbearable conditions. It was an unbelievable feat to surpass the age of a toddler, and that was what Esca did. The housing was deplorable; filled with starving, weak children that Esca shared morsels with no matter how miniscule. To survive within its confines he learned to steal, deceive, fight, and if needed be, kill.

The situation shifted as he entered his mid teens. The orphanage began to sell the older children for the military’s disposal. Esca, caught in one of these insidious trades, found himself exiting a cramped orphanage in exchange for a crowded train. He was herded like cattle, and one of many harbored toward another, even less desirable future. He learned with quick detesting fear what became of those who did not follow a Soviet’s commands. Pitted against other recruits until one came out on top, Esca was determined to survive. He would claim victory of every game they chose to enter him, and leave the harsh consequences to those who lost.

Proving himself under this new, animalistic command, Esca caught the attentions of an assassinating force. The Soviet Union, allied with Nazi Germany, demanded views that he could never truly share. The will to survive propelled him toward darker, unfathomable acts. It would be expected– with his newfound mentor a powerful Commander– that he would follow in the man’s footsteps. Even better, he would surpass the man completely. The man made it clear there were standards to uphold. He was the pawn of a merciless soldier, and would be treated with as much rage as the man forced upon the rest of his company. Therefore, along with his training, came constant mental and physical torment. The abuse was endless, and if a God existed, they took the sidelines to watch.


Esca was the best and the brightest sniper they’d seen in years. Though no matter how hard he worked and how much he succeeded, his superiors pushed farther than he was willing to bend. He was sent on missions that far surpassed his age, but he completed them far better than anyone could have expected. He was a perfect shot. A bounty hunter, a sniper, an assassin. He was whatever the force behind him wished him to be. By eighteen, Esca was truly his ‘captor’s’ most prized marksman.

His circumstance had made him cold, calculating, silent, precise, a ghost even. There was nothing he couldn’t do and perfection was expected and ethereal. He did not feel; each kill was simply another mark. However, the Russian’s luck eventually ran out. Unlike most in his position, he was not blind to the surfacing of concentration camps. Not supportive of the abusive nature Esca had been privy to over his lifetime, Esca sought out allied forces through an undercover Spy. Through strategic aid, Esca subtly began defecting from the Soviet Union.

They were found out. Esca was apprehended during his escape yet had managed to save the American spy. The following day as Esca arrived at his execution, an uncharacteristically bout of luck provided rescue. The spy he had been working with had pulled what Esca figured were tightly-knotted strings. Saved, he was given an ultimatum once against draping the line of life and death. To prove his allegiance he would assassinate his mentor, a high-level target they’d been after for years. Esca Mercuritte did not hesitate when pulling the trigger. Now, with the Shadowed Commandos, he receives targets and carries them out with zero complications, and is awaiting the day various members will accept him. Most outside the Commandos treat him rather harshly due to his past, and it is easy to say he does not openly seek the comfort of other people.


  • TBA

FACECLAIM: Matthew Daddario

Here’s another curse for you: may all your bacon burn.


  • name: calcifer burns
  • age: twenty two
  • birthday: july 17th
  • college year: junior
  • major: international business
  • born in: beverley, england
  • pronouns: he/him
  • sexuality: straight


Calcifer has always been a like able child. Granted, it might take some people a little longer to get used to his personality, but he still didn’t lack friends. He seemed to always know how to make people laugh, but sometimes the line between funny and mean got a little blurred and he wasn’t sure how to stop. But what most people didn’t know was that his life wasn’t always so happy and full as it seemed.

At the age of eight, the small child had decided he wanted to try cooking. Something that seemed simple and it truly was. In a matter of minutes he had a full plate of food sitting in front of him and he filled up before heading off to school. His mother came home and cook herself some breakfast before going to sleep after her night shift, almost like her son had only moments before, but what she didn’t realize was that the gas on the stove was left on and slowly filled the room. Unknowing of the large gas leak, his father walked inside long enough to set his stuff down and light a cigarette, but as the flame caught on the match, the room went with it. An explosion cracked and the house had caught on fire. In an attempt to save his wife, Calcifer’s father ran upstairs, only to get caught up there with her as the house fell around them.

Unaware of all that happened, Calcifer walked home from the bus stop like he normally did, but was surprised to see all the lights outside of it. As he got closer, police tried to stop him, but he told them it was his home. Eventually he was taken to the police station where they kept him for the night. At one point he overheard that a gas leak caused the fire and that the leak had come from the kitchen stove. That fact has been the thing haunting Calcifer for his whole life.

Eventually he was put into an orphanage and waited with everyone else to see if someone would come to adopt him. Luckily for him, a woman and her rich husband came in one day looking for a child to take home and raise as their own. They really weren’t looking to adopt one as old as Calcifer, but when they heard his back story and saw his little smile, the woman couldn’t resist. She wanted to help him out.

The couple adopted the boy and took him in, raising him to be a Burns. He was given everything in life and was raised to be charming. He was raised to win in life. Everything else that came with his personality was all natural. Probably things that came from his parents. Eventually it came time for him to graduate from his school and to head off to college. His parents knew about what was supposed to be an impressive school off in Ireland.

So he applied and of course got in, soon heading off to his new school. Another home for him to get used to. This could be better than the last.


It would take a lot to for someone to hear him admit it, but he’s afraid he might have been the reason the fire started.


dimitris johns – roommate


  • positive: humorous, talented, loyal
  • negative: untrustworthy, fussy, sarcastic
  • dorm: the village ▪ building 3 ▪ room 127
  • face claim: Taron Egerton
  • resources: [x] [x] [x]


Kovu Sow || 20 || Sophomore || FC: Landon Liboiron || Major: Sports Management || TAKEN

“I’ll avenge Scar and take his place in the Pride Lands.”


Kovu from The Lion King


Kovu was raised by his single mother, Zira after his father left the young family not too many years after Kovu was born, but Kovu only thinks his father is dead because that is what his mother has always told him and his siblings, Nuka and Vitani.

Unfortunately, the boys mother always had the highest of expectations for little Kovu, she was obsessive and even though she neglected him too, it was quite clear that the woman favored the youngest. It was odd, as he grew, Kovu looked more and more like his father and behaved like him to some extent too. This is what would really set Zira off. A constant reminder, even Nuka and Vitani, that was why she neglected them, because according to Zira, the children robbed her of her youth and drove the love of her life away.

With a mother like Zira, Kovu became rather independent and strong. As the family struggled, he would go out to fight for what he needed to survive living and being able to get out of the house all of the time was a good way for the boy to clear his mind, however, he never considered trying to make friends and whenever he wasn’t feeling hated by his siblings, he was a loner through and through.


He fought underground as he grew up, being tossed into the ring with other children his own age for entertainment. Gradually he grew stronger and became the reigning champion. It’s what got him into this college and how he planned to pay for it. His trainer transferred him to a guy in Ireland so that he could still earn money as he went to school.

[+] Traits

Protective || Brave || Caring

[-] Traits

Egotistical || Serious || Easily Influenced




v i t a n i  s o w ➳ Sister
n u k a  s o w ➳ Brother
z i r a  s o w ➳ Mother
s c a r  i g b o ➳ Estranged Father


Jack S

Copper Green || 23 || Junior || FC: Matt Lanter || Duel Major: Natural Resources and Conservation || TAKEN

“I’m a hound dog!”


Copper from The Fox and the Hound


Copper  always thought he’d have a good life. But that all changed when he turned 5. His mother and father died due to a car crash. He was put in a adoption agency. He was adopted by a rich old man also a sweet old lady. The man was strict. When the old man was drunk he’d beat Copper for no reason. Copper had bruises up and down his back/torso. He would go out to the forest nearby his house. After one of his beatings Copper was 9, he met Tod. They became best friends. Copper was forced to tell Tod lies by his Old Man. One was that he was going to college. He felt horrible. When Copper stopped being friends with Tod he met a couple of new ‘friends’ they were a gang called the Sharks. They set fires around town. Copper didn’t mind at all he liked his new friends. They took his mind off of things. Soon Copper grew apart from them when he wanted to get into college. Also Copper had 25 girlfriends since he was 16 (he’s a ladies man) and is rather easy to anger.


When he was 16 he lost his virginity to one of his gang members girlfriends in a motel room. When he found out he and Copper meet in an alleyway and beat each other up. Copper won; he broke 2 of his ribs and his wrist. The gang member surrendered. Copper drove him to the ER, and left him there saying his blind grandma was alone at the house.

[+] Traits

Thoughtful || Playful || Caring

[-] Traits

Confused || Different || Over Protective




t o d  f o x x ➳ Best Friend