Diablo Raven || 21 || Sophomore || FC: Andy Biersack || Major: Graphic Arts + Minor: Music || TAKEN


Growing up, he didn’t have any parents. They were dead. They both died in a war, but he didn’t get to know this until much later. He grew up in an orphanage and was badly treated by the majority of the people surrounding him because he was different from the others. He wasn’t very good at theoretical things, but he was good in action, if he tried hard enough. This made him get teased by many. Whenever he was getting picked on, he would go outside to relax. The other orphans would watch him take out his notepad and draw. What would he draw? Ravens. He’s always liked those majestic black birds. And that is how he earned his last name, since no one really knew his real one. Drawing is a passion of his, mainly because it takes him away from reality. And it makes him really happy. However, the people working in the orphanage disliked that and tried to get him to stop. Of course, he didn’t want to stop, and it led to him almost being beaten down with sticks by the other kids. He ran away.

After hours, he eventually had to stop and ended up deep in a forest. Luckily, there was a cottage nearby. That was where he first met a girl? Stunned by her beauty, he immediately took a liking to her and they spent a few days getting to know each other. They got very close and eventually he was brought to her mansion, where he moved. While there, he gladly helped the girl with anything she wanted in return for a place to stay and hot food. It was a good enough deal, almost too good to be true in his eyes. She eventually turned into a person he felt he could look up to, almost like a mother, and he’d do anything for her. He, for once, felt as if he was someone important and couldn’t wait to get his revenge on the orphanage he used to live in. He was used to spy on others and played a key part in finding them and telling the girl exactly where they were so she could carry out her plan. The authorities went after him too, but luckily she had set up a secret hideout for them in case such a thing would happen. He narrowly escaped and ran out to the hideout and waited for her to find her way out of her sticky situation too, but she never came back.

Ever since, he had been alone. Diablo is weary of the new people he meets, careful not to let them in or let them know anything about him. However, like the girl, he had been taught how to manipulate people and how to be a good actor and liar.

So, be careful when you’re around him because you never know what could happen.


Diablo is a bit of a kleptomaniac. If he sees something he likes, he’ll want to take it.

Positive Personality:

  • Diligent
  • Dignified
  • Intelligent

Negative Personality:

  • Mysterious
  • Pesky
  • Evil


  • Pansexual


  • Vanitas
  • Christian Austin
  • Age: Forty-Six
  • Occupation: Head of Security
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Lyric/Quote: “Give me your secrets, bring me a sign. Give me a reason to walk the fire. See another dawn, through your daughter’s eyes. You give me a reason to walk the fire.”
  • Face claim: Jim Caviezel
  • Taken OC

Believe it or not, Christian is a good man. He may not look like it and his criminal record might not show it, but he’s the most innocent person out of everyone in the asylum. Born and raised in a small town in Ohio, he grew up with good morals and a supportive family. Once he completed his required years in University, he left his hometown to move to the city where he got a law enforcement job. Eventually he rose the ranks and landed himself a rookie position on the homicide squad where he remained for the next four years. Then everything went downhill. The evidence in his last case led up to him, pinpointing Christian as a serial killer. No one liked a corrupt cop. There wasn’t enough evidence to prove that he was framed so he was forced to do the time. Thankfully, since his slate was clean and there were a few doubts, they let him out on parole early after fifteen years since his sentence on one condition; that he did some sort of ‘community work’. He chose the next best thing to being a cop; being a security guard at an asylum. The big question was; who would want to frame him? It wasn’t that there weren’t people that hated him (he had put away several people during his time as a cop), it was that he didn’t know which one. And he would never find out because of his parole boundaries which were only a few feet off the asylum’s perimeter. One foot out of the boundary and he was back in the slammer for another twenty years or so. 

Fifteen years in prison with a bunch of idiot convicts led him to become the most patient man on the world which makes him an excellent listener. He’s not very talkative and doesn’t talk about his past voluntarily, only when asked to. He doesn’t like trouble and doesn’t like to break the rules. He’s extremely tolerable of the patient’s antics and rarely raises his voice. To a few he’s become a father figure, to others, he’s become their worst enemy.

Upon discovering that it was his ex-wife who framed him for murder, he was let off the hook. Instead of going back to his detective position, Christian decided to stay at the Home. He had discovered that he genuinely loved working at the asylum. The troubled kids there needed help, and while he wasn’t the one to provide it, it was inspiring to see what the few good doctors could do to change them for the better. Some of the patients were sweet, contrary to his initial belief. It was also there that he met Lilly. Somehow, the people he was confined with became his family.

Connection: Married to Lilly Austin.

David Alleyne (Prodigy) Accepted!


  • Name: David Alleyne
  • Codename: Prodigy
  • Faceclaim: Michael B. Jordan
  • Age: 19
  • Grade: Senior
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Power(s)/Abilities: The ability to mimic the knowledge possessed by others including fighting skills and etc.
  • Brief Personality Description: David Alleyne is what you would call “the guy next door”. He is extremely ambitious and with the mutant gift that he possess, he can accomplish any goal he desires. He thrives on intelligence and scholarship which he believes his powers are somewhat of a “cheat”. Prodigy cares for his friends dearly and will protect them at any cost. Even though his gift gives him the persona of a so called nerd, David has been known to be one of the coolest people on campus. His leadership puts him in a position where his peers look up to him and even some of the teachers.
  • Brief Bio: David Alleyne is introduced as a naturally intelligent boy, but who finds upon becoming a teenager that the answers to his exams and assignments begin appearing in his head whenever he is in the same room as his teachers. He begins to realize that he is a mutant with the ability to know anything that the people nearby know. Feeling this made him a cheater, and knowing the knowledge would fade, David becomes driven to study even harder. He takes college-level courses while finishing high school and attempts to keep his mutation a secret until the anti-mutant hate group “Purity” outs him to his parents and attempts to attack him. David is rescued by Remy LeBeau, who was sent to recruit him. After consulting with Gambit and his parents, David decided to go to the School of Heroes. His parents agreed that it would be best for him to enroll in a school where he would be able to hone his abilities and also be able to continue his education.


  • Name/Alias: Marcel
  • Age: 19
  • Time Zone: EST


Jake Puckerman 5th Year Gryffindor Halfblood Taken

About Jake

If there was ever a boy who lived in deep turmoil since the dawn of the Era of Peace, it would be Jacob Ezra Puckerman. He’d grown up the only child to a young single Muggle mother, completely unaware of the magical blood coursing through his veins. Even so, he always felt different than the others surrounding him, and wondered if he’d ever find a place to fit in. He was half black, half white, he was supposedly the product of an illicit affair with a married man, and was the product of a teen pregnancy. His life seemed to hold no higher meanings, no adventure or distinct special destiny, though he felt that he was more than just this. It wasn’t until he was eleven that he discovered the truth, through a frightening looking owl that appeared at his bedroom one night with an envelope in his beak, inviting Jacob Ezra Puckerman, eleven years old, to study at Durmstrang Institute of Magic. It was then his many questions, his curiosities about his father and the part of him he would never know, were answered. Jake was the bastard son of a Wizard, and his father secured him a chance to study at one of the most prestigious Magic Academies in Europe/Asia. And at first that seemed a brilliant idea, like out of a dream, but that was until he saw the terrors that awaited him at Durmstrang Institute.

He had never known the meaning of a home, or happiness, and he hoped knowing who he was would know fix this. But he’d been wrong, and upon his arrival as a young boy was instantly ridiculed by his peers. They all saw him as a “mudblood”, a term rarely used since the second war, and considering the majority of Durmstrang’s students were pureblooded, they all saw him as filthy vermin, and made sure he knew. Jake endured years of torment and bullying, that reached a high early in his fifth year of attending the school, when a group of boys went against school rules and even the law and used a deadly curse on Jake. There were few who have survived or even been inflicted upon with the Sectumsempra curse, not even another known person within this century, but Jake fell victim to the curse and has been left scarred all over his torso from it. In reaction to this, Jake’s mother wished to pull him away from the Wizarding world and raise him a normal Muggle boy, but Jake wouldn’t have it. He enrolled himself in Hogwarts and was quickly transferred and sorted into the House of Gryffindor–Where the Brave of Heart dwell. His dark and mysterious personality, and lone wolf tendencies, once more branded Jake an outcast at his new school, though no one was making fun of him. There was a diverse set of witches and wizards here, and he felt safe in that knowledge. Still, he’s kept his distance from the majority of his classmates, especially the Slytherin half-brother he never knew he had until that very first day when it was announced “another Puckerman” was joining the rankings of Hogwarts alumni. There is one person in particular who has captivated him since he’s entered the corridors of Hogwarts, and that’s a spellbinding young witch in Ravenclaw. He finds himself attracted to her in a way he never imagined, as if there’s some sort of destiny between them, and even has this urge to just protect her, though many stand between the pair of star-crossed lovers.

Jake’s Relationships 

Marley Rose - Jake had first encountered Marley Rose his first evening at Hogwarts. She didn’t know this was their first moment of meeting one another, but it was. It was late that evening, during a full moon, deep in the Forbidden Forest. Students weren’t allowed out this late at night, not alone, but here they were. Marley there because of a sadistic prank pulled by Slytherin Kitty Wilde. Jake there because he enjoyed the solitude and found it easier to dwell there in his animagus form. Being in his wolf form, the girl didn’t recognize him, but the sound of howls in the distance and the sight of the wolf scared her beyond belief, and she had passed out moments later. Jake turned back into a human and carried her back to the castle, disappearing before the professors found poor Marley sitting alone in a corridor, pale and out  cold. Marley would tell anyone that the pair first met in the hospital wing, when Jake stopped by to check on her and she called his name. From that moment on, as she introduced herself to him and openly admitted to wanting to be his friend, the melancholy Gryffindor declared himself her protector and guardian, vowing to himself to protect her from her fears and any who wish to harm her. It was from that desperate need to protect her that his love has stemmed, and it has since grown stronger with each day and moment passed between them. But he’s guarded, and hides behind the image of a cocky womanizing player, at the insistence of his older brother, and knows that if there’s anyone he should be protecting her from, it’s him–The broken boy who will never have a place he belongs.

Kitty Wilde - From the day he walked in, Jake had caught the attention of the cunning Kitty Wilde of Slytherin. The girl, who already had her fair share of casual relationships around school, had instantly set her sights on the Durmstrang transferee, declaring him as hers and believing full well she would snag him before any other girl came in. Of course, Kitty wasn’t counting on Jake and Marley’s instant connection, and has found more reason to scorn the girl. Jake is unaware of Kitty’s dislike for Marley, or that she was responsible for Marley being alone in the woods the same night he was there, and the girl has a tendency to act overly sweet and charming around him. He’s inexplicably drawn to her, though that could be partly due to her being a quarter Veela, and has a hard enough time avoiding her and her seductive ways. The raging hormonal teen boy in him wants to hang around Kitty, and may even like her a little, but the other part of him is in too deep with Marley and feels like Kitty should be held at a very careful distance. He’s conflicted over whether or not to trust the blonde Slytherin and fears making the wrong decision at the end of the day.

Ryder Lynn - Rivalry is very common amongst young men at Hogwarts, especially over House Cup, but there are rarely any the likes of Jake and Ryder. Neither knows much about the other, aside from what they see, but they despite one another deep down to their souls and find themselves in a long lasting rivalry over the affections of the one girl who connects them both together–Marley. To Jake, Ryder is a stuck up snobby Pureblood andsimilar  to the popular males at Durmstrang who bullied him. He’s perfect, popular and beloved by all, and a blockade between the Puckerman and Marley. The boys butt heads continually over the girl’s well-being, declaring themselves the better fit for her, and use any means of competition to prove their points–From grades, to Quidditch matches, to Wizarding Chess, popularity, and even a duel here and there in the courtyard that often lands the pair in detention. Jake utterly despises Ryder and thinks him another threat to the girl he’s vowed to protect. He’s unaware that Ryder has Marley’s best interest in mind as well, though neither boy realizes how much their rivalry has affected the girl between them and is only injuring her further.

Noah Puckerman - Of all his encounters since transferring to Hogwarts, there was none more feared and more desired than the one with Noah Puckerman, the half-brother Jake was never aware of. The boys had been introduced by the Muggles Studies/History of Magic professor Will Schuester, after the arrival of the transfer student and the announcement of his name shocked the entire student body and staff of Hogwarts. Both boys were infamous sons of a once proud Ministry worker, Ezra Puckerman, who had attempted to steal from Gringotts when a secret addiction overwhelmed him. Ezra used one of the unforgivable curses in order to carry out his plan and ended up sentenced to life in Azkaban because of it. No one had ever imagined the wizard would have a bastard son, much less one with a Muggle. Yet there he was, in the flesh, and with more indication of who he was, Jake feared and deeply wanted to know his brother and find out more. Their relationship at first was awkward, and still kind of is, the pair slowly trying to get to know each other, Puck even advising Jake to enjoy himself and date as many girls as possible before committing to one girl. Puck has always been a family man, though, and has let it known he wants to be there for his little brother, but there are still weird feelings over it, and with Kitty, Puck’s squeeze for the past year, suddenly showing interest in Jake, there’s a strange rift already between the brothers who just want to get to know one another.

Sam Evans - The first person to welcome Jake into Gryffindor and at Hogwarts, Sam Evans seemed just another friendly person but it has been let known that the boy wishes to actually befriend the new Gryffindor, and Jake seems to trust him enough to allow a friendship to start growing between them. He’s a little wary of others, that much is true, but Jake feels good about Sam, and being able to be on the Quidditch team and learn new skills because of the older boy is definitely a plus. Being teammates and sort of friends, Jake is often known to spend some time with Sam and his other friends, but generally keeps his distance from socializing. Enjoying solitude or the company of a girl here and there. Still, he trusts Sam, and will credit him as his first friend at Hogwarts next to Marley. 

Extra Points

Wand — 10 in. Pine with Phoenix Feather core
Pet — n/a
House Clubs — Quidditch Team (as one of the Chasers),
Boggart — Ezra Puckerman: His fear isn’t the man himself but for what he stands for–being abandoned and feeling left without a place to be, as Jake always felt.
Patronus — Wolf
Animagus — a Wolf

✘ Ships: Jarley, Jitty, Jake/Chemistry ✘

Anti-Ships: Jake/No Chemistry ✘


Reese Bradley | 17 | Freshman | FC: Ezra Miller | Taken

Ability: Poison Generation

Personality: Reese is the biggest class clown, he never failed to make the whole class laugh but he’s also very sarcastic. Not being afraid to fight for what he believes in, Reese doesn’t really care about what people think of him. His parents sent him to Supernatural Academy so he could learn how to control and improve his powers but Reese isn’t too much interested in that, he prefers concentrate himself on his favorite hobby, filming.

Side Notes:

  • Made 18 on 7th April 2012
  • Passed to the Sophomore Year (Was Freshman during the 2011-2012 School Year)

Vanitas Clavis || 20 || Sophomore || FC: Ash Stymest || Major: Astronomy || TAKEN


Vanitas was always considered the black sheep of the family. He was born with his twin brother, Ventus. They never got along well together, even as children. When Ventus met Aqua and Terra, Vanitas got jealous of their bond. He wanted a bond like that but could not find one. He felt alone. Even when at family outings, Vanitas would distance himself from the group.

When going into his teenage years Vanitas began to pick up bad habits. He started to smoke at the age of 14. At first it was just occasionally when he was with his friends but eventually it became a pack every few days. Then there was the stealing. He was not only stealing from stores and random people, he began to steal from his own family. He was finally caught when he was trying to steal a Lucky charm Aqua had made Ventus. Also he developed a mean streak. He’d begin to start fights with family members and kids at school. Notably one time he gave Ventus a black eye. Then him distancing himself became worse. He would refuse to go to family outings and if was approached Ventus he would lash out at him in anger. Sora, his cousin, would also try approaching him, but he would get the same results Ventus did. No one knew exactly why he disliked Sora but many believe that it was because of the strong bond he had with his friends much like Ventus. Something that Vanitas was extremely jealous of. His parents started to question what they were gonna do with him. The older he got, the more angry he got. By the time he finished high school he got suspended more times then you can count on two hands for fighting, among other things.

Vanitas had graduated high school but not with the best of grades. He would be surprised if any college would accept him. Vanitas hated to admit it but he did need to go to college. Ventus had already got accepted and they were pressuring Vanitas into going to the same one. He knew he would never get accepted till he was approached by a man who worked there, Xenahort. He promise Vanitas he could get him into the school as long as while there he would help Xenahort. Vanitas of course agreed, and next thing he knew, he was heading for New Disney College!


Vanitas won’t admit that he hates the feeling of being lonely but he does. He tried anything to get rid of the feeling. He smoked marijuana heavily in his junior year but soon quit realizing what it could do but did not drop his habit of smoking cigarettes. It is why he finds some comfort in the help he gained from Xenahort. It makes him feel less lonely.

Positive Personality:

  • Driven
  • Clever
  • Observant

Negative Personality:

  • Jealous
  • Sadistic
  • Cold-Hearted


  • Straight


Cousin of Sora and Roxas


  • Diablo
Bart Allen (Impulse) Accepted!


Name: Bart Allen

Codename: Impulse

Faceclaim: Will Merrick wishes he was this hawt

Age: 14

Grade: Froshmeat

Sexuality: Meatsexual

Power(s)/Abilities: Superhuman speed, stamina and durability, photographic memory, Speed Force clones (don’t wanna talk about it), complete self-molecular control, time and dimensional travel, resistance to temporal disruptions, generation of whirlwinds

Brief Personality Description: Airhead would be accurate. Ditzy would be kind. Bart Allen can only truly be summed up by the word ‘Impulse.’ Thoughtless and scatterbrained, he’s often described as having his heart in the right place (but, for those privy to the secret, as thinking with his feet). Lovable to the more tolerant of his peers, he can be extremely irritating to others.

Brief Bio: My family includes Barry Allen (grampop), Iris West Allen (grammy), Wally West (cousin once removed), and a few others. I was born in the 30th century, and - get this - I had this super-cool accelerated metabolism. By the time I was two, I was physically twelve. Spent most of my childhood in a virtual reality machine that kept pace with my time. Didn’t really help, though, and Gramma took me back to the present, where Wally challenged me to a race around the world. It shocked my metabolism back to normal - and I totally won! Max says I have to learn to be an adjusted teenager or something, I dunno. So here I am! Please don’t dump meat on me.

Bonus quote: “We do not dry our hair in the microwave, Bart.” ~Max Mercury


Name/Alias: Lilah

Age: 15

Time Zone: EST


OLIVER WATERS is a 21 year old PHOTOGRAPHY MAJOR at Bryant Academy. He looks a lot like ZAC EFRON and is currently TAKEN.





Oliver grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. He was raised by his father, since his parents got divorced when he was only thirteen years old. He always looked up to his father, since he was such a successful man who always did what he had to do to take care of his family. Oliver also had a younger brother, Harley, who he never got along with much. While Oliver preferred life with his father over his mother, Harley hated their father and made that openly known. His younger brother even tried to live under his mother’s company at one point, but she refused him and sent him back to live with their father. This only made Oliver dislike his mother further.

For Oliver, school was always an effortless thing. He never really cared to try too hard in school - never was able to focus on his assignments or what the teachers were saying. But still, he was a bit of a know-it-all, and he aced every test. Even though he never liked school much, he also never dared to skip classes. He was afraid of disappointing his father, and he also never wanted to miss a second with Lana.

Lana was a girl he met in the seventh grade and hit it off almost immediately. They were close friends for two years before at the start of their freshmen year, they decided to date. She was a sweetheart, always optimistic and outgoing. Lana got along with everyone and helped Oliver to get through some of the problems he had with his little brother and mother. She balanced him out - she was good for him. And at their senior prom, Oliver proposed to Lana, and she accepted.

After graduating high school, Oliver decided to take some time off from school. Even though it was against what his father wished, he wanted to get married to Lana before returning to school. However, recently with Lana out of the picture, Oliver’s father convinced him to go to school in Seattle. Arriving at Bryant, Oliver had no intentions of liking the school. With a couple bottles of liquor stocked in his dorm room at all times, that was the only way he knew to get through this year. He figured he would just keep his head down and his eyes on the ground. The less attention he attracted, the better.


Sam Evans 6th Year Gryffindor Pureblood Taken

About Sam

Sam Evans embodies everything Gryffindor values. Courageous, Chivalrous, Determined and, most of all, Brave at Heart. As a young boy, Sam was stricken with the unfortunate ailment of Lycanthropy, being attacked one late evening under the full moon at the tender age of four by a St. Mungo’s asylum escapee. Since then his life had changed. His parents feared for him and what his future would hold, those dealing with Lycanthropy still detested by the greater Wizarding World. Could he lead a normal life? Would they have their happy baby boy back? With many options in their hands, the Evans family almost decided to admit their young boy into St. Mungo’s asylum ward. But Sam put his foot down, and declared, at only four years old, he would live with this and go onto become a student at Hogwarts just like his mother and father and would learn to live with his ailment rather than fear it. His courage to carry on and determination to not let this ruin his life inspired his parents, who then did all necessary to make Sam’s life better. It was the first true sign to the two former Hogwarts students (of house Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw) that they had produced the first Gryffindor in the long line of Evans and Brandons that were strictly Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws respectively. Dealing with years of battling the werewolf inside of him, Sam managed to go to Hogwarts, and with the help of a kind professor, has kept his ailment a well hidden secret from all those around him.

Life at Hogwarts has been great for Sam. He’s very well liked by his peers, is Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, and even has a string of admirers. Being rather handsome and having a very old school Knight-like personality, Sam is very popular with the girls at Hogwarts, though he’s placed his sights on one Ravenclaw in particular. He doesn’t care about the rivalry between houses, only making comments on Gryffindor’s superiority on the Quidditch pitch, and is known to be friendly amongst kids in every single house, including Hufflepuff Keeper Finn Hudson. He’s not the greatest at studies, having dyslexia, but doesn’t let that hinder his spirits. He’s at Hogwarts to have fun and make friends, and play Quidditch, most importantly of all. And, besides, studies aren’t as important as winning the heart of the Seventh Year Ravenclaw he’s loved since his fourth year, especially before she’s far out of his reach and leaving her mark on the world.

Sam’s Relationships 

Quinn Fabray - If you ask Sam Evans his philosophy on romance, he will tell you that to every one man there is one woman he is forever meant to be with. And if you ask him who is one woman is, he will tell you without hesitation that Quinn Fabray is her. It all started in the Great Hall at the very beginning of his fourth year, when the doors opened and in came three of the most beautiful creatures any of the boys of Hogwarts had seen in their entire lives, The Fabray girls. Sisters trasnferred rom Beauxbatons of Wizard and Veela descent, Sam was a goner the moment he looked into Quinn’s nearly golden colored eyes. He had never seen a woman more gorgeous and he swore in that moment the entire world stopped, everyone disappeared, and the only inhabitants of the room were him and the blonde. Since that day he’s been in love, and has tried all he can to impress her. He was even a part of the “The Greart Quidditch Pitch Mess of 2010” where members of the opposing Hufflepuff and Gryffindor teams during the match for the Hogwarts Cup engaged in a huge fight just by the Ravenclaw spectator seating over the cheering Veela, who supposedly winked at a Chaser who was then attacked by a bat-wielding Beater in jealousy. The Chaser in question? None other than fourth year Sam Evans. Sam took the most severe beating, though it was worth it when he awoke to an apologetic Quinn at his bedside. Since that day the two developed a friendship, one Sam believes will soon become more. Their friendship is based off of flirtation and Quinn’s constant teasing. They spend much of their free time together in the library, or in the Great Hall, or even at each other’s House common room, huddled together playing senseless games like thumb wars, Wizards Chess, or even just studying, where they engage in the same old flirtatious banter. Quinn likes to lead Sam on, make him think she’s interested and leave him cold, and the boy hates it but likes to go back for more. And Sam likes to annoy her with imitations of professors, figures in the Wizarding World, and his supreme knowledge of Muggle things, being highly interested in the Muggle world. Anything to make her roll her eyes in that devilishly cute way she does. Many try to tell Sam that his feelings for her are all because of the seductive Veela side of her, but Sam knows they’re true, and will do anything to get her to return them.

Rachel Berry - Sam, being overly friendly, was quick to befriend the somewhat overbearing and intense Gryffindor Rachel Berry. Many thought him crazy for it, but the boy saw no harm in it. Sure, she gave everyone a headache, liked to rank herself higher than anyone despite her unpopularity, but he didn’t see a reason to not befriend her, and openly did so. At first the girl was apprehensive–After all, why was the insanely adorable third year interested in her? But she warmed to it, and the two have been good friends since. Sam even had a minor crush on Rachel until Quinn strolled in, but set it aside as he knew she was head over heels for Finn Hudson. At Rachel’s insistence, Sam has joined the Hogwarts Choir, though he isn’t entirely interested in it. Rachel is the strongest against Sam’s relationship with Quinn, and often reminds him that she is part-siren and could be pulling him under her magical spell. He tries to ignore this topic with her because he doesn’t want to fight with Rachel, but is starting to reach a boil point since she insists on saying what she believes of Quinn. Despite this, he knows his friendship with Rachel is one for the long run, and has no desire to simply stop talking to her, no matter how much he hates her dogging on Quinn.

Blaine Anderson - Blaine Anderson is Sam’s partner in crime. The boys knew each other from boyhood, and have always been the closest of friends. Blaine was there for Sam when he was struggling with his Lycanthropy, and Sam was supportive of Blaine’s confusion of sexuality. There has not been a fond memory Sam has that doesn’t include Blaine, and the same goes for the other boy. It was devastating to learn the boys weren’t sorted into the same house, Sam sure that Blaine would join him in Gryffindor, but they have not let that stop them. With a very special map known as the “Marauder’s Map” that Sam had acquired one day while strolling through an antique store at Diagon Alley, and an even more so peculiar cloak that Blaine had been given by an unknown person, the boys have been able to carry on their bromance and sneak around the castle without anyone’s knowing, with the map to guide them away from professors lurking the corridors and the cloak to hide them. Blaine has even loaned him the cloak to help Sam sneak away in order to transform every full moon in the Forbidden Forest. The boys are still inseperable, sometimes sitting at one another’s house’s table during meals just to socialize and share their jokes, and both share a deep fascination with the Muggle world, being of Pureblood ancestry and not having any sort of exposure to it.

Jake Puckerman - Sam is one of the few to welcome Jake Puckerman to Hogwarts. The boy is shrouded in mystery, and obviously related to the Slytherin, but Sam doesn’t care. He sees potential in the kid, and obviously he can’t be bad if he was sorted into Gryffindor, right? He’s one of the few to outreach to him and has already started a friendship with him, the pair bonding easily over Quidditch. Sam has even encouraged Jake to join the team, and they’re now playing as Chasers on the team. Sam is putting the effort to make the new boy feel at home, and is a strong advocate for Jake, despite what many people tell him about blindly putting trust in the troubled boy.

Extra Points

Wand — 10 ¾ in. Cedar with Dragon Heartstring core
Pet — a Ferret named MJ (Mary Jane)
House Clubs — Quidditch Team (as one of the Chasers and Team Captain)
Boggart — Distorted Mirror: Sam’s greatest fear is represented through a mirror with a distorted and unrecognizable reflection. This can signify many things, but to Sam is reflects the beast within and his fear of losing control on nights he shifts.
Patronus — Collie
Species — Lycanthropy is not an inherited trait nor does it define a species, but is when a human is stricken with the ability to transform into a savage wolf-like creature. Sam Evans was attacked when he was around four by a Werewolf and has since lived with the unfortunate ailment.

✘ Ships: Fabrevans, Samchel, Sarley, Sam/Chemistry ✘

Anti-Ships: Sam/Male ✘


“I’m Aiden Thomas and I’m when I say I’m new here, I mean new to the United States. You see, until recently my family lived in Ireland. My dad decided to up and move our family to be closer to my grandma. She’s isn’t as young as she used to be and she could use a little help. While most kids would be frustrated about such a big move, I’m actually really excited. I’ve always wanted to live in America. But then again, I’m a naturally optimistic guy. No sense dwelling on the negative aspects of this move. I can’t change it, so I might as well enjoy it.

Ashland, Ohio is a pretty small town. I’m a junior at Ashland High and the kids there are pretty welcoming. I wasn’t exactly popular back home, but people here are interested in me. It’s not often that a kid with a accent appears. I’m even thinking about trying out for the football team. Or soccer as they seem to call it here. So strange. Either way, I have a feeling that I will settle in just fine. There are no complaints. Except for one thing. My chemistry partner. Christian Alder. He’s a nice guy, don’t give me wrong, my best mate even, but he’s so much more than that. 

He’s very devoted to his religion, and I respect that. I’ve never been particularly religious but I can see where he’s coming from. There’s just something about him. It’s addicting. His glasses. The sound of his voice. I’ve never considered myself gay, but before I knew what was happening, I was falling for Christian. The only mistake? I didn’t find out about Macey until I was into deep. 

It hurts. I understand Christian’s struggle I really do. I’ve become sick in the head, I think. I have to be. To look forward to the comfort of the night. Where I can expect the touch of his lips on mine, where he isn’t ashamed to pull me close, whispering declarations of a love that could never be into my ear. And I go along with. Having something is better than nothing at all, right? Then the morning light comes and I’m all alone, all traces of Christian gone except the unmistakable smell of him on my pillow. Then school rolls around and we act like it never happened. Like everything is okay. But I’m tired of being used. I  can’t just be someone’s second choice. I know he doesn’t really care about Macey but he’s a good guy, to nervous about his parents to break up with her.

I’m going to have to stand up for myself. What the two of us are doing isn’t right. I’ve tried to show him that there is a way to balance his morals with what he wants. Loving someone isn’t a sin. Regardless of gender. I refuse to believe that. If only I could make him see. These midnight meetings have to stop. He has to realize that he is hurting me. He needs to make a decision. If he doesn’t, then I’m afraid I will.”


Rylan James Green | 19 | Senior | FC: Alex Gaskarth | Taken

Abilities: Probability Manipulation (the ability to manipulate luck and bad luck on your self or others) and power negation (cancel powers/abilities)

Personality: Rylan are a lot of things, he’s a musician, a goof ball, fluent in sarcasm and growing up in the core of London, England; he’s as British as they come. While growing up he was surrounded by his very musical family and therefore influenced by it which has led him to be able to handle a guitar, the piano and a microphone with ease. Something he takes great pride in, not because he knows that girls love a guy who can sing and play the guitar, but because it makes him genuinely happy. It doesn’t take much to put a smile on Rylans face, as long as you understand sarcasm and don’t think he’s stupid because he choose to act like a goof ball most of the time. Because he’s far from stupid, but he tends to want to spread joy around him and instead choose when he has to be serious. Overall, Rylan is one happy dude, always enjoying himself and wants others to do the same.

Side Notes:

  • Birthday: 20th November
Dick Grayson (Nightwing) Accepted!


  • Name: Dick Grayson
  • Codename: Nightwing
  • Faceclaim: Tyler Blackburn
  • Age: 17 
  • Grade: Junior
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Power(s)/Abilities:
  • Master Detective: Grayson is a world class detective on par to the likes of Batman. He was rigorously trained by the Dark Knight in everything from escapology to criminology, fencing, stealth, disguise, and numerous other combat/non-combat disciplines.
  • Master Acrobat: Grayson is a prodigious natural athlete, possessing a peak human level of agility/acrobatic skills. He is generally regarded as the greatest human acrobat in the DC universe. Batman himself is a incredible athlete in agility, but even he gives the advantage in that area over to Nightwing. As he is the only person on Earth who can do the quadruple somersault (formerly one of three, the other two being his parents).
  • Master Martial Artist: He is a master of many martial arts disciplines with an emphasis on Aikido, Jeet Kune Do, Escrima, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Wing Chun, Hapkido, Jiu-jitsu, Shotokan Karate, Savate, Kendo, Ninjitsu, Boxing and Tang Soo Do . He has effectively combined the martial arts he has mastered into a unique style that suits his strengths. This makes him one of DCs top tier martial artists.
  • Peak Human Conditioning: Dick Grayson possesses the peak athletic strength and endurance of a man who regularly engages in intensive physical exercise.
  • Multi-lingual: Having had the finest education as Bruce Wayne’s ward, he speaks with fluency in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Farsi (Persian), Mandarin and Cantonese, and has some knowledge of Romany and the alien language of Tamaran.
  • Skilled Leader: He is also a brilliant and experienced strategist with superlative leadership skills, having served as leader to the Titans, the Outsiders, and even the Justice League. Additionally, Dick’s efforts to remain in contact with other heroes makes him a master at rallying, unifying, and inspiring the superhero community, a skill in which he has surpassed his mentor.
  • Strength level: Dick Grayson possesses the normal human strength of a man that has intense physical workouts at the height and weight of 5"10 175 lb. While he relies more on speed and agility than strength, Grayson has shown incredible strength throughout the years. He has kicked a steel door off of its hinges, held up nearly 1000 lbs of rubble, hurt the super-strong Blockbuster with his blows, and defeated the KGBeast in single combat. ( From Batman wiki )
  • Brief Personality Description: Dick, while like any other teenager spending his freetime playing video games and having a good time with the others, loves to spar and make sure he is in the best physical condition. He drives his team(s) hard, but he feels like he’s doing for their well being. He takes his cases seriously, and often won’t come out of his room until he has it figured out. Other than that, he likes to joke and mess around with his friends.
    Brief Bio: Dick was adopted when he was eleven years old by Bruce Wayne when his parents were killed by Zucco. After being sent through a few different orphanges, and getting beaten because of his small size due to being an acrobat, Bruce, who was in the audience when his parents were killed, adopted Dick. Dick, after sneaking out of the manor one night, stumbled upon Batman and Bruce finally told him about Batman and reluctantly let Dick become Robin. When he was sixteen, Dick was shot in the shoulder by the Joker, which scared Bruce into giving up the cowl for good. Dick, disagreeing on this immensely wants independence, but due to his minor status, was forced to come into the school with Bruce.


  • Name/Alias: Erica
  • Age: 19
  • Time Zone: EST



“Hey, Carter Daniels here. I’m sixteen years old and currently a sophomore in high school. You’ve probably heard of me, everyone has. I’m what you would call the local player around the school. Sure, it’s not the best reputation, but everyone has to get their name out there some way, right? Honestly, most of the rumors are all talk, not that I’d ever admit it. I’ve only slept with one girl in my entire sixteen years on this Earth. It all started one night at Freshman homecoming. The girl I went with asked if she could tell everyone I had taken her virginity. Sure, what the hell? The next thing I knew, everyone was claiming they had slept with me, all because she was popular and they wanted to be like her. Hey, I don’t care. The guys respect me for it and I have plenty of friends because of it. Sure, at times it feels like I’m living a lie and it does get pretty tiring keeping up this charade.

Majority of the time I act like a total ass, mainly because that’s what everyone expects me to be. But honestly, that couldn’t be further from the real me. I’m actually a really nice guy. Don’t give me that look, it’s true. I enjoy kicking back and watching Saturday night cartoons with my three year old little sister and pouring over my newest comic of the month. In all honesty, I’d do anything for anyone, especially my family, I’m a very caring guy. Not a jerk in the slightest. You see, my family is definitely my weak spot. My dad left my mom three years ago, after my sister was born. Not that he had ever been much of a father to me anyways. In fact, I hardly remember seeing him. He was always gone on “business trips.” Which seemed strange to me when my mom was working two jobs and still had trouble playing the bills and providing for me and my sister. When he was home he was always drunk and throwing things. The last night I saw him he tried to hit my mother. I was standing in the kitchen, watching the whole thing and sprung into action. I hit him in the jaw and grabbed a knife. Needless to say, he fled. He came back the next day for his things and we haven’t heard from him sense.

My mother seems happier now, much happier and I’m glad. My dad was a deadbeat and I vowed to never become anything like him. I’ve even picked up a job at the local sporting goods store to help with some extra cash. I can’t stand the idea of my sister never growing up to be able to afford the small things she might desire. I’m a family kind of guy, which might end up being a good thing. Why, you ask? I’ll be a father pretty soon. It all started on a summer night, I was with a few guy friends and we decided to crash the local carnival for the hell of it. I ended up meeting Shiloh Reynolds that night. We hit it off and started talking, and I found that I genuinely enjoyed her company.

There was something about her that I couldn’t shake. She was so beautiful, so sweet, so seemingly pure. Before I knew what I was doing, I was inviting her over to watch a movie. And literally, that was all I had in mind. I wasn’t ready to leave her side just yet. So we went back to my place and I legit did put in a movie. I asked her about herself and listened. She had been quiet at first, gradually opening up as I got to know her better. Before I knew what I was doing, I had leaned in and kissed her. It was just a kiss, yet it meant a lot to me. I felt something. A spark, if you will. It drove me on and she never stopped me either. That was the first time I had sex and honestly, protection had never even crossed my mind. She left right after and I could tell she was upset. I was ashamed as well. How would I feel if someone did what I had just done to my younger sister when she was older? I was disgusted with myself and couldn’t bring myself to talk to her for the rest of the summer, even though I desperately wanted to make things right. I couldn’t get the beautiful girl out of my head.

When school started back, I began to hear whisperings in the hallway. A freshman girl was pregnant. You see, that was unheard of in our town. In fact, the last teenage pregnancy had been my mothers’ when she had fallen pregnant with me. My heart went out to the girl. A freshman raising a baby? Surely she wouldn’t keep it. Then the girl’s name began coming up in conversations. Shiloh. I knew, I wasn’t dumb. I had been her first and she wasn’t the type of girl to sleep around. I marched up to one of my friends and demanded to know what was going on. He merely told me that Shiloh was apparently pregnant, he had heard it directly from one of her close friends, and that he parent’s had kicked her out a few days ago. Shell-shocked, I done a little investigating and soon found out she was staying with Kayleigh Garcia.

I had to know the truth. Surely she couldn’t be pregnant? After school I went directly to Kayleigh’s and confronted Shiloh for the first time in months. She looked so small, so fragile, so young and terrified. She was pregnant, it was true and it was all my fault. I left without a word, having no idea what to even say. I was sixteen. A sophomore. I had vowed to myself that I would make my mother proud of me, that I wouldn’t make the same mistakes my father did. But I hear I was, doing just that. I went home in, completely terrified to my wits end. My mother was home and asked me what was wrong. All I could do was cry. She held me for the longest time, simply comforting me while I let it all out. I told her between sobs what was going on and she merely held me, whispering reassuring things in my ear. I fell asleep with my head in her lap.

I stayed home from school the next two days, recovering from the news and shock. What was I going to do? Shiloh was pregnant and it was my fault. She was also homeless and it was my fault. I did the only thing I knew how to do. I went to my mother and asked for her help. The next thing I knew, we were at Kayleigh’s and my mom was telling Shiloh that she was going to come live with us. I didn’t protest, too ashamed and disgusted with myself to say much of anything. That’s how I was for the first few months of her living with us, anyway. Hey, I had just found out I was going to be a father. Could you blame me? The poor girl probably hates me and I honestly, I can’t blame her. I hate me too. But lately, I’m trying. I really do want to be there for the baby. I don’t want to be like my father. I want to be the best dad that I can be. Shiloh is a amazing girl and she deserves that much from me.

I asked to go to a the gender scan about a month ago, knowing that my mom usually accompanied her to those types of things. She said yes, much to my surprise. We found out it’s a boy. I’m going to have a son. In the privacy of my room later on that night, I cried. Merely from emotion and apprehensiveness. And maybe just a bit of joy. Shiloh and I are getting on better now. She’s so charming. The sweetest girl I’ve ever met and just so full of life. I can tell she’s hurt, but honestly it’s so easy to make her smile. I’d give anything to see her happy. I might even be falling in love with her. If only I could make her see that I’m not who she thinks I am. If only I could explain to her that she was my first. Maybe things would be different. Maybe we could have a chance at being a family. Me, her, and the baby. I’m going to do the right thing.”


Eion McAllistair | 19 | Junior | FC: Tyler Hoechlin | Taken

Ability: Werewolf

Personality: Eoin McAllistair was raised 64th generation pure-blood werewolf. His father was his packs alpha, always pushing him his entire like. At his physical and intellectual peak, Eoin came to SA both in search of someone specific and in an interest to become even more in control of himself. Eoin speaks Latin, Gaelic, French, English and German fluently and is a skilled Arithmancer. Because of his trip to SA, Eoin’s pack waits patiently for his return and a new leader, Eoin himself, to take his fathers place as head of the pack.

Side Notes:

  • Birthday: 29th August
  • Pack Members: Xavier Masset, Cynthia Szhor & *soon to be added*
Victor Stone (Cyborg) Accepted!


  • Name: Victor Stone
  • Codename: Cyborg
  • Faceclaim: Dijon Talton
  • Age: (14-18 if a student, 22+ if a teacher. Student teachers may be younger): 17
  • Grade: (Freshman/14-15, Sophomore/15-16, Junior/16-17, Senior/17-18 unless held back. Delete if teacher) Junior
  • Sexuality: (optional) Hasn’t thought about it since the accident, so Cyborg/chemistry
  • Power(s)/Abilities: (Please look this up. You may modify some things. If you have questions, feel free to private message here for help! If you need to, copy and paste from another resource andcite it):
  1. Cybernetics: Cyborg possesses cybernetic enhancements that provide superhuman strength, endurance and durability. Cyborg can also interface with computers. Built into his body-armor are an infrared eye, computer generator, sound amplifier, and special programming adapters that allow him to interface with other body extensions.
  2. Body Resistance: The nature of Cyborg’s body provides him with natural body armor offering resistance versus physical damage and energy attacks.
  3. Superhuman Strength: At optimal capacity, Vic can lift/press in excess of several tons. Cyborg’s upper strength limits have fluctuated with upgrades to his systems over time.
  4. Superhuman Speed: He possessed a degree of superspeed and could leap great distances.
  5. Superhuman Endurance
  6. Superhuman Durability: His bones are reinforced with molybdenum-steel.
  7. Computer Interfacing
  8. Flight: Powered by boot jets
  9. Integrated Weapons
  10. Sensor Systems
  11. A hologram that allows for him to appear like a normal kid, but if a part is in use (such as his sonic cannon or jet boots) that part of his body will appear in original mechanical form.
  12. Since half his brain is machine and the other half is organic, psychic attempts aren’t effective on him, though hacking ones are until his internal sensors block the hacker and boot him out.


  • Brief Personality Description:

    So basically I would like to have him similar to Teen Titans cartoon, where he’s laid back, into video games, and obviously tech oriented, all while in his normal Cyborg form. But that would only be when he’s alone with the Titans. Since he feels insecure about his normal appearance, he’ll  use the hologram around other non-Titan people. His favorite Titan would be Beast Boy, despite how he may tease him sometimes. He’s completely loyal to his fellow Titans and is glad to finally be seeing them again. 

    While interacting with others in his hologram form, he can be friendly enough, though possibly abrasive at times if he gets agitated. He’s highly intelligent, but likes to show it off in his projects instead of school work.  Is scared of how people will treat him should his hologram fail and they see his true form, so he’ll take really good care of the rings that are on his left and right middle finger. They’re waterproof enough to withstand washing his hands and taking showers, but not for chlorine filled pools or the mass amount of water in oceans. 
  • Brief Bio: 

    Victor was already smart for kids his age, but his parents wanted to improve it even more. So putting him to secret experiments, they succeeded. But an accident in a train crash seriously After his parents died, Cyborg was stuck in being the way he was, and often hid on the streets due to his appearance scaring most people (especially his entirely red left eye).  Once he joined the Titans however, he was getting better about his insecurity, eventually not even caring to hide himself anymore around them. But ever since they disbanded because of the incident, that insecurity came back and was strong enough to even motivate him to make a hologram appearance as one of his upgrades. He was found by Bruce Wayne, after accidentally interfacing with one of his company’s security systems. Given the option to either go to jail or attend his school, Victor was about to pick the former with the thought of busting out. That is, until Wayne got a phonecall and after some muttering on the phone, answered in a tired voice “Tell Beast Boy I’ll deal with him later,” before hanging up the phone. At that, Victor couldn’t help but laugh before saying that he’ll go to the school. 


  • Name/Alias:Fred
  • Age: 18
  • Time Zone:EST (GMT -5)

            S U R V I V I N G IS WHAT I DO BEST

NAME: Grant Riddle
AGE: 23
AFFILIATION: Unaffiliated
WEAPON: Hunting knife
FACECLAIM: Jack Falahee


Grant is a billboard of spoiled chances. Born just in time to be ushered into quarantine, he’d been privileged enough to earn the mantle of family caretaker after his selfish parents decided they didn’t want to share their rations or other luxury items with their own children. As a result, Grant lost three of his five siblings to disease, which makes him ever more determined to do everything he can to keep his remaining siblings alive.

Working as a scavenger, Grant takes risks in going to obscure locales in order to keep food and medicine stocked in his meager living quarters. The work has its perks – lots of new and stunning sights, pretty baubles and bits, and valuable tech hauls to name a few – but it isn’t without its downfalls… and sometimes those downfalls aren’t worth the pleasures.

One night, while Grant was out on a longer than usual haul, a local trouble maker within the quarantine zone decided to snoop through Grant’s private stash. His siblings, thinking Grant had come home, stirred from their sleep and spooked the would-be thief with their presence. He responded with frightened violence, accidently killing the two children with the force of his blows. Grant returned to one of the most horrific and heart breaking scenes in his life, and he had no idea where to start looking for answers.

Pushing through his pain and guilt, Grant started to sink into more sinister paths to indulge the new darkness in his heart. His scavenging got more risky, and less above the table. A job kicked down his line of contacts paired him with a veteran smuggler named Zyanna, notorious for her “any means necessary” way of doing things. The route took them through some infested woodlands on the way back to the quarantine zone, and as they made their way down a ravine, a hunter called out to them. The hunter had fallen a few hours earlier and broken his leg, Grant was relieved to been able to help, but Zyanna looked on edge.

Sunset was approaching as they got further down the ravine. Zyanna stopped them before the path went between two large collapsed structures. Checking around, they managed to spot some clickers grouped up by one of the collapsed walls – fortunately, they could sneak by if they were careful. However, as they proceeded to cross the pathway, Zyanna’s foot slipped on a brick and brought attention to them. The clickers spun and began their charge, and before Grant could position the injured hunter safely, Zyanna kicked the brick forward and caught the hunter’s broken leg in her legs back swing. The hunter shrieked in pain as he fell from Grant’s shoulders, and in the same movement Zyanna pulled Grant off of the hunter and turned to run with him in tow. Grant twisted around in time to see the first clicker descend on the hunter while his screams became less audible and more or less just gurgles.

Zyanna took him into a spot just outside of the quarantine fence to recollect before they entered the city. “I messed up back there” she started, “it’s a good thing we had something to drop our entourage, huh?” She chuckled a bit as she shot a glance to Grant, but Grant wasn’t laughing – and soon Zyanna wasn’t either. As the last bit of her statement left her mouth, Grant’s cold stare brought the cold edge of his hunting knife across the length of Zyanna’s throat. She clutched onto his arm as blood escaped the wound, slowly the grip loosened until she collapsed onto the ground, unmoving. Grant stayed zoned out and blank the entire time, as if he wasn’t even there in the moment, but he recognized what the moment meant inside of himself. Zyanna had thrown a good person away – a person with family, struggling to live in this fucked up world – to save her own ass. She didn’t deserve her survival. Why should she live if others more deserving didn’t get to? His siblings, just like that hunter, had only been doing their best to survive and deserved much more than they got. Grant corrected this, as he resolved he would always do from here on out… by taking those he deemed undeserving of life out of this life.


+ bubbly, loyal, sympathetic and exuberant
- motor-mouth, annoying, hyperactive and vengeful


CHARLOTTE JACOBS: is Grant’s best friend and partner in crime - literally and figuratively. They grew up together, and she is the one person who knows all sides to his personality. His bright smile is usually seen by everyone, but only Charley knows what he’s like when his eyes gloss over as he goes in for a kill, what guilt slowly tears away at his psyche. She’s the one person who can put up with him without a doubt, and he loves her that and so much more. He could likely go on about all the reasons he loves his best friend, but she’d end up smacking him over the head mid-ramble.

→ Name: Rudy Waernas

→ Age: 28 (114)

→ Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

→ Faceclaim: Rami Malek

→ Hometown: Eastland Grove

→ Species: Leprechaun

→ Status: Taken

The Waernas family, to insure their Elvish bloodline, only had successors of Waernas decent. For centuries heads of households would pray for sons to pass their species onto, and for thousands of years their line has remained in tact. Fathers would give their coins to their sons, and though it was never spoken it was something the leprechauns just understood. The Waernas families scarcely moved around, a majority of them choosing to remain in Eastland Grove after the bloodline migrated because it lacked the judgment of other places. The leprechauns knew the kind of people that lived in Eastland, and they would fit right in.

The problem Abdullah (Erumollien) Waernas (Rudy’s grandfather) had when choosing his successor was that he could only choose one, but he had two sons. Patrick (Nostarion) and Cecil (Útíradien) were two years apart, and by right Cecil was entitled to the coin because he was the first born. However, when watching his children grow up Abdullah could quickly tell the difference between an evil leprechaun and a chaotic one. Chaotic leprechauns, specifically with the past of the Waernas family, remained loyal to their family and used their skill for prosperity. Evil leprechauns were selfish risk takers, and Abdullah didn’t trust his eldest son with such power. He passed his coin subliminally and not even on his own choice, but felt right giving it to Patrick as he sat on the pavement grumbling about the scrape on his knee. Patrick refused to tell his father it was Cecil that pushed him off the bike.

Patrick didn’t understand why the coin seemed to be following him around, but when he mentioned to his brother how lucky he’d been lately Cecil automatically knew what it meant and he was furious. They were teenagers then, and as they grew older Cecil grew bitter. He was slimy and deceiving, he hated his father and envied his brother, but Patrick never stopped supporting him, even when he dragged him into other cities in Florida to use his abilities to trick and rob people.

Rudy was born in 1901 to Patrick and Ida, a beautiful woman Patrick met on a day trip to San Carlos. The problem was that Cecil fell in love with Ida on first sight, but with Patrick’s luck and charm there was no way he would win. Fed up and power hungry, Cecil made a deal with a leprechaun from the slums of Sebring: a body in exchange for a gold coin. Cecil was blinded by his longing and jealousy, and finally became a leprechaun at the price of the woman he and his brother loved. Furious, the brothers fought through tears and with two types of luck against each other, Patrick was killed at the hands of his brother’s self defense. Abdullah describes that day as the one day he saw regret and grief in his son’s eyes, killing the one person who dealt with him despite his behavior and selling the women he loved out of selfishness. Cecil tried his best to get Ida back, when he failed he couldn’t look anyone in the eyes. He mourned his brother’s death and eventually killed himself, leaving Rudy alone with his grandfather.

For the next century the pair lived in Eastland Grove and ran the family pawn shop One Man’s Treasure. They would leave every few decades to a nearby place so nobody was suspicious of their aging, but they always returned to the comfort of Eastland Grove. Rudy became a leprechaun when he was thirteen and found an old coin in an old book that was given to him as a child. It was rusted and indented and he thought nothing of it until it started to appear everywhere. His grandfather assumed it was his coin left by his good son, but when he saw the thing for the first time a few years later he knew it wasn’t his.

He never told Rudy, who remained confused as to why he hadn’t gained any of his father’s memories, instead slowly unlocking memories of an old drunk and sleeping on the street. He struggled with becoming a stereotypical leprechaun, he was friendly and charming but never felt very lucky and didn’t understand what it “truly meant” to be a leprechaun. Rudy often felt like his lack of acquired memories and path was disappointing to his grandfather, who often ranted on about what it took to be a leprechaun. Rudy hasn’t been a leprechaun for very long, and the secret mystery of his coin hangs heavy in his pants pocket. Sometimes he felt like it was a curse rather than a blessing or that he didn’t deserve it, but the legend has it that the coin chooses its successor, not the person.

→ Positive Traits: comical, friendly, willing

→ Negative Traits: unreliable, unfortunate, greedy

Meet NICHOLAS CASSIDY. He is THIRTY-SEVEN and people mistake him for TOM HARDY. He is currently TATTOO ARTIST/BOUNCER but would rather be a RAPPER.

“I come down like a bloody rain cuts up flesh sky, Pulse beating under, yeah, Meat petals bloom in a bone garden, Ain’t no god, no ghost gonna save you now, I sell souls at the side of the road. Would you like to take a number.” 

NICHOLAS prefers to be called/goes by NICK/NICKY.

+ Passionate, Creative, Intuitive
- Brooding, Temperamental, Reclusive

The Past

From Hackney, London, living with an alcoholic mother who turned to prostitution, ten year old Nick was taken from her custody and sent to live with his Navy-hardened father in Baltimore, Maryland..USA. The view was similar, the structure, however, was entirely different. He no longer went hungry, he showered daily and was required to go to school every day. At first, it was rough and the two fought like crazy, but Nick’s father instilled respect and before long, they became the best of friends. That didn’t mean life was sunshine and rainbows. His father wasn’t an easy man to please and Nick was a hard-headed, angry, violent kid. Often suspended for fighting during school, counselors were called to intervene, but ultimately, nothing could be done. No amount of anger management, no therapy, no mediation would calm the youth down. Nick’s father did the next logical thing he could think of. He put him in a gym and let him take his anger out on the bags. And that did just the trick. Eventually, Nick started sparring, he fought other boxers and Mixed Martial Artists and with a release for his pent up anger, Nick was able to partake in more enjoyable, creative facets of life. That’s how they discovered his talent for drawing and painting.

With proper nurturing, finally, Nick was able to get himself into a decent college. He attended Otis Institute in California and liked the area so much, he made the west coast his home. Getting started in his career, however, wasn’t an easy feat. Or a cheap one. Nick began apprenticing under a few tattoo artists, figuring it was the easiest way to get his drawings some decent attention, and also finding another outlet for his creative abilities. Human skin was just another canvas, after all. And to help pay for his loans, Nick started bouncing at the local clubs, keeping drunk and disorderly patrons in their place. Sometimes he even played a hand as a roadie for a few bands passing through, but that was only if they didn’t have any and couldn’t handle the equipment themselves. Eventually, after the shop’s owner passed away, Nick found himself completely taking over. He had two artists looking to him for answers and the shop ran on his schedule. How it all happened still blows him away.

The Present

He might be a long way from home, but Nick is still very much apart of his father’s life. He even talks to his mom and younger half-siblings sometimes. (Mainly to send her money) He runs a local tattoo shop called ‘Kalypso’s Cove’ right off the boardwalk, ocean view and all. It’s probably one of his most greatest accomplishments he’s been able to maintain. Weekends is spent down at the clubs, bouncing still, and when he’s not throwing drunks on their asses, he’s in the gym, boxing and fighting to maintain his skill. There’s still quite a bit of anger and darkness pent up in his brain and fighting is the only outlet he has to maintain a sense of normalcy.

The Future

Nick is in love with the tattoo shop, and he loves being an artist. Those things, he’ll never give up or change, but what he has found a passion for, and something he only does as a joke or to goof off, is rapping. He’s not too bad at it either. His hopes aren’t to take the world by storm like Biggie or Tupac or anything like that, and he certainly knows he’s not the next Eminem, but making a few videos and getting Vine-Famous can’t be too hard, right? If you ask him why he doesn’t pursue it seriously, he’ll tell you, “It’s a young man’s game.”


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Clyde Jenner • 31 • Member of the Queens Guard • Norman Reedus • John Clayton

“If it flies it dies, if it hops it drops.”

Clyde’s History

Growing up, Clyde had what most would consider a normal childhood. Born into a middle-class family with two loving parents and twin brother Clinton, Clyde knew nothing but love and happiness as a child. While he may not have been the most attractive boy, he was a kind and compassionate kid who would do anything for his family. The boys would always look forward to days when the mail arrived with letters from their uncle as he traveled to far-off kingdoms. Once, Clinton teased him over his excitement at finding out that their uncle had married an opera singer and now had a baby boy. The result was the twins wrestling on the floor and promptly banished to the corner to think over the error of their ways. Once, they had heard that their uncle, aunt, and little cousin were going to return to Ever After, but the triumphal return never happened, and, worse still, the letters that had given them so much joy stopped coming. Childhood didn’t last forever, and Clyde soon had other troubles to occupy his time. Things were tough for Clyde in secondary school. Kids picked on him constantly, calling him “the ugly twin” and “the stupid one”. It was not as if Clyde was terribly unattractive; he just did not have the rugged good looks that of his brother. In his school work, he was consistently average, but it also did not help that Clyde tended to be covered in mud and blood from his numerous hunting trips in the woods of Ever After.

Things began to look up for Clyde when he met Carol in his final year of school. She was beautiful and kind to him; he could not believe his luck when she agreed to date him. The two were all but inseparable, and for the first time in a while, Clyde considered himself truly happy. The two had been together for almost a year when he finally got up the nerve to tell Carol how much he loved her. It was a moment that should have been filled with joy and happiness. Unfortunately for Clyde, it was instead filled with disappointment and rage. It was in that moment that he found out that his “relationship” with Carol had been nothing but a prank – a way to find out the innermost secrets of the outcast and then laugh at him behind his back. Even worse, Clinton had been the brains of the operation and was also dating Carol the whole time. Enraged, Clyde pulled out his hunting rifle and shot his brother and Carol in the heart, killing each instantly. He dragged their bodies into the woods and buried them where he knew they would never be found. After his brother had been missing for a few days, his parents began to despair, seeming not to care that they still had one son who was alive and well. Clyde packed what he cared to keep and headed to the castle, deciding to enlist in the Queen’s Protective Services. Three years later, he underwent the trials and was placed in the Royal Guard. In that moment, Clyde discarded his past. He refused to be the weak boy who had been picked on and became Jenner: a strong and feared Guardsman. Though he hadn’t been named a Knight, there was still room to rise and he was going to do anything to reach the top; hurting people along the way was of no consequence to him (it was rather a plus). He had a thirst for blood, and animals alone could no longer quench it.

Clyde’s Personality

Clyde is as tough on the inside as he looks on the outside. The only person he cares for is himself – everyone else he views as a punching bag at worst, and at best, a stair step to help him get what he wants. So he may hurt a few people on his way to the top; it doesn’t matter to him so long as he isn’t caught in the crossfire. After Carol, Clyde vowed to never allow a woman back into his life unless it would benefit him in some way. This is exactly what a marriage to Jane Porter would provide: benefits he would never have dreamed imaginable. Even though it has been eleven years since his brother’s untimely demise, Clyde’s rage is still just as vast and present as it was that day. When he is being honest with himself, he remembers how it felt to kill and finds himself wanting to do it again. It is during these times that he’s more aggressive than usual towards Jane and ends up hunting in the forest. Clyde’s worst trigger is being underestimated. He spent too many years of his life being told he was the lesser and to know his place. He’s done his best to abandon the sad, sensitive soul he used to be, and when anyone even has a hint of condescension while dealing with him, Clyde is guaranteed to put them back in their place in the most brutal way possible.

Clyde’s Present

Clyde spends his days walking the palace halls and perimeter, making sure that the castle inhabitants (specifically the Queen) are safe from any who wish to harm them. It was during one of his patrols that an eccentric old man named Mr. Porter approached him, asking if he would be interested in marrying his daughter. Clyde’s first reaction was to laugh in the poor man’s face at the idea of marrying the strange girl who could so quickly flip from a mouse who was more shadow than substance to a cold and sharp-tongued shrew. But after remembering the Porter’s position in Court and realising what the match would do for his standing, he quickly agreed. Since the courtship began, Clyde has been pushing Jane to accept his proposals of marriage, afraid that her father will change his mind about the arrangement. Being so spoiled as a youth, Clyde has never learned patience, disliking long waits to get what he wants. 

Nevertheless, he tries to be kind to Jane, knowing that force alone won’t get him his prize. But trying isn’t enough – her flighty behaviour and unwillingness to get married infuriate him. His patience wears thin and more frequently than he admits, he loses control and ends up taking his anger out on her. He doesn’t mean to hurt her, but once he sees red, there is no stopping him. Don’t get the wrong idea – he doesn’t feel any remorse when he sees the girl crumpled on the floor, weeping. At the end of the day, what happens to her is her own fault. When Clyde is not working, or pressuring Jane to marry, he can be found in the woods of Ever After hunting and setting traps. While he mostly hunts alone, he has been known to go out with his acquaintance, Graham Warren, from time to time. The other man doesn’t talk much and seems as bloodthirsty as Clyde – winning traits that make him as close to a friend as Clyde will ever have.

Gar Logan (Beast Boy) Accepted!


  • Name: Garfield Logan
  • Codename: Beast Boy
  • Faceclaim: Boo Boo Stewart
  • Age: 16
  • Grade: Sophomore
  • Sexuality:  he don’t give a fuck
  • Power(s)/Abilities: Beast Boy has the transformational ability to morph and transform into any animal that he has seen himself or has seen in an illustration
  • Brief Personality Description: (Perhaps in five sentences) Beast Boy is a laid back kind of guy. He likes to have fun and be around people who are also fun to be around. He is probably one of the most stubborn people you will ever meet. Despite that he generally wants to make people laugh and smile, and be a good friend. He’s a jokester, and quite immature, but can have his moments in battle where he becomes a great leader. 
  • Brief Bio: After being bitten by a green monkey in Africa when he was only a child, circumstances surrouding it had turned his skin green and given him the ability to morph into animals. He was kidnapped and sold to a group of villians when he was only a kid, and later given to a foster father who was no better. Eventually he was saved by the Doom Patrol. After fighting along with them, circumstances found him with the Teen Titans. He loved it and made friends even closer than he had in the Doom Patrol. But then of course the incident occured and they were forced to disband. Now he’s here, in a high school for superheroes. 


  • Name/Alias: Jake
  • Age: 19 in 3 weeks
  • Time Zone: EST