Joseph Kingsley (Joey) || 17 || Art || FC: Alex Pettyfer || Taken

Background: Joseph Kingsley comes from a family that is more than well-off when it comes to money. A sizeable chunk of extra money floating around and all the freedom that could ever be wanted gave only child Joey access to anything he wanted. Which was almost everything. The catch? Joey just had to make sure he looked like a presentable young gentleman in public eye and to not do anything to embarrass his parents. The reward entitled wild parties with his other wealthy friends that almost always had drinks and/or drugs involved, sex with as many girls and boys as Joey could handle, and the best clothes. Joey was, of course, one of the most popular boys in school because of this, and used that factor to his advantage. He could get anyone he wanted any time he wanted to. And another handy trick that remained hidden up Joey’s sleeve for those rare cases someone didn’t want him? “Let me paint you.” Joey was one of those boys who took to painting. He wasn’t just simply good at it, he excelled at it. He had magazines and occasionally gallery showings to prove it. And his favorite thing to paint? Yup, you guessed it! Naked people. Girls or boys. It really didn’t matter to him. And the best thing about painting them naked? Joey usually got lucky afterwards like a lot of artists do. But with all this freedom and rare punishment, a guy had to mess up once in a while, right? You’d be right about that. The reason Joey was sent to Oxford is simple: he fucked up in front of cameras. Some advice: don’t drink a large pint of beer before a fancy dinner party and then get caught fucking someone in the bathroom while you’re wasted. It isn’t smart. His parents, who were very ashamed and embarrassed of their son’s actions, knew of his artistic capability and sent Joey to the best creative arts school in the county: Oxford. Not that Joey is complaining. He knows about the reputation of the school, and he’s definitely down to party, have sex, drink, smoke, and do drugs. What else is a sexy bi-sexual boy supposed to when away from home and the media?

Personality: cocky, seductive, loud, charming, full of himself, hard partier, not very cautious, straight-forward, charismatic, and perverted


Daniel Rheeler “Mr. Rheeler” || 26 || Dance Teacher || FC: Matt Smith || Taken

Background: Daniel Rheeler was an up and coming ballet star when a tragic accident landed him out of his dance troupe thanks to a broken ankle. Daniel was crushed at first, but soon found that with his recovery, elite boarding schools wanted the almost star. The British man was drawn to Los Angeles instantly, agreeing to teach at Oxford High as a ballet teacher as well as teaching Dance History to the dance majors. When teaching Ballet, Daniel wears what you would expect a ballet dancer to wear-a leotard and tights. However, when teaching Dance History, Daniel prefers to wear anything that goes with his collection of bowties. Yes, bowties-odd thing to collect. But Daniel has been collecting them since a young age, always finding men who wore them to be sexy. Oh-did I mention Daniel is gay? Daniel Rheeler figured that little trait of his personality at a very young age. He can’t remember ever being in an actual relationship with a girl-it’s been all boys. Raised in an incredibly small town in England, however, made it hard for Daniel to find other gay boys, so he took to dance. Ballet had always fascinated him from the early age of four, especially the ballet dancers. Everything about their style and poise screamed at Daniel to do something about the need to dance ballet. So, he did. His parents, though they didn’t realize their son was gay until he turned fourteen, were very accepting of his lifestyle and, using the money they had, let Daniel take dance lessons starting at the age of five, and he has been doing it ever since. Ballet kept him busy, and Daniel didn’t even think of relationships with another man until he was forced to take a break from his love of dancing and to start teaching. Here at Oxford, who knows what might happen between a teacher and his student….

Personality: quirky, funny, intelligent, sarcastic, clever, curious, homosexual, care-free, sometimes a bit haunted by past failures, energetic