Joseph Kingsley (Joey) || 17 || Art || FC: Alex Pettyfer || Taken

Background: Joseph Kingsley comes from a family that is more than well-off when it comes to money. A sizeable chunk of extra money floating around and all the freedom that could ever be wanted gave only child Joey access to anything he wanted. Which was almost everything. The catch? Joey just had to make sure he looked like a presentable young gentleman in public eye and to not do anything to embarrass his parents. The reward entitled wild parties with his other wealthy friends that almost always had drinks and/or drugs involved, sex with as many girls and boys as Joey could handle, and the best clothes. Joey was, of course, one of the most popular boys in school because of this, and used that factor to his advantage. He could get anyone he wanted any time he wanted to. And another handy trick that remained hidden up Joey’s sleeve for those rare cases someone didn’t want him? “Let me paint you.” Joey was one of those boys who took to painting. He wasn’t just simply good at it, he excelled at it. He had magazines and occasionally gallery showings to prove it. And his favorite thing to paint? Yup, you guessed it! Naked people. Girls or boys. It really didn’t matter to him. And the best thing about painting them naked? Joey usually got lucky afterwards like a lot of artists do. But with all this freedom and rare punishment, a guy had to mess up once in a while, right? You’d be right about that. The reason Joey was sent to Oxford is simple: he fucked up in front of cameras. Some advice: don’t drink a large pint of beer before a fancy dinner party and then get caught fucking someone in the bathroom while you’re wasted. It isn’t smart. His parents, who were very ashamed and embarrassed of their son’s actions, knew of his artistic capability and sent Joey to the best creative arts school in the county: Oxford. Not that Joey is complaining. He knows about the reputation of the school, and he’s definitely down to party, have sex, drink, smoke, and do drugs. What else is a sexy bi-sexual boy supposed to when away from home and the media?

Personality: cocky, seductive, loud, charming, full of himself, hard partier, not very cautious, straight-forward, charismatic, and perverted


Drake Hawthorne | 16 | Creative Writing | FC: Jesse McCartney | Taken

Background: Drake was born to a teen mother who put him up for adoption. His adoptive parents were the most amazing people, and he thought his life in upstate New York was perfect… Until his parent’s divorce. Divorce is hard on most kids, but it ruined Drake. He had to chose between staying with his dad in New York or moving with his mom to a small town in Washington state. Moreover, it changed Drake’s personality forever. It made him shy and aloof, and horribly afraid of falling in love. It was around this time that he started to write stories. He heard about Oxford High from his cousin, Chris Hawthorne, and thought it might be the perfect escape.

Personality: At first, Drake may seem a little cold, but really, he is just shy and feels a tad awkward in a lot of situations. When you get to know him he is much more light spirited and caring. He is quiet, and would much rather read a book than go to a party. Other traits: ambitious, honest (sometimes brutally), a bit stiff, anxious.


Rylee Shannan |  Art |  17 | FC: Robert Sheehan | Taken

Rylee was born in raised in Port Laios, Ireland and he won’t let you forget it. He takes pride in his native Ireland but he loves America. He loves to drink and smoke and has never made that a secret. Though his parents have always provided him with more than enough he loves to sell drugs as means to get by. He never spends any of the money his parents give him and prefers to get by on his drug dealers salary. Sex, drugs, money and art just may be his favorite things in life. He was sent to Oxford as punishment for starting too much trouble at home.

Personality: Rylee is outgoing. He loves to make friends. He tends to be a bit insensitive sometimes blurting out the first thing that comes to mind. He’s very flirtatious.


Jonah Ilse | Theater  | 16  | FC: Logan Lerman |Taken

Background: Jonah has always been picked on in school. First for his big glasses and then for his braces. The other kids were often bigger than him and he got used as a punching bag quite a bit. It got worse as he entered high school. Jonah had grown a tremendous amount but also chose to enter the high school’s drama club his ninth grade year. He was constantly made fun of. He was called gay for being into theater. Finally, tired of all the bullying Jonah begged his parents to transfer him to Oxford where he would not only be from under the critical eyes of the boys in public school but he would also get to hone his art and hopefully get employment opportunities.

Personality: Jonah’s still a bit shaken up from the abuse he endured in high school so he’s a bit shy to make friends. He generally hangs back from social situations and focuses greatly on his school work which he credits for getting him so far in life.

Relationship with his brother Jacob: Jacob and Jonah have a strained relationship and are often awkward around one another. Jacob wants to protect his brother but Jonah feels it should be the other way around since he is older.


Darren Valentine | 16 | Music | FC: Ezra Miller  |Taken

Background: Darren was taken by the state from his mother when he was just six years old. He grew up being jostled from group home to group home and foster home to foster home his whole life. When he was 12 he finally found his mother again but she was strung out on drugs. Her drug addiction almost destroyed Darren and to cope with it, he turned to drugs. He was living on the streets until he heard about Oxford. He got in with a scholarship based on his instrumental music abilities. 

Personality: Darren is a sarcastic type of guy. He has difficulties trusting people and uses drugs and music to cope with his painful past.


Daniel Rheeler “Mr. Rheeler” || 26 || Dance Teacher || FC: Matt Smith || Taken

Background: Daniel Rheeler was an up and coming ballet star when a tragic accident landed him out of his dance troupe thanks to a broken ankle. Daniel was crushed at first, but soon found that with his recovery, elite boarding schools wanted the almost star. The British man was drawn to Los Angeles instantly, agreeing to teach at Oxford High as a ballet teacher as well as teaching Dance History to the dance majors. When teaching Ballet, Daniel wears what you would expect a ballet dancer to wear-a leotard and tights. However, when teaching Dance History, Daniel prefers to wear anything that goes with his collection of bowties. Yes, bowties-odd thing to collect. But Daniel has been collecting them since a young age, always finding men who wore them to be sexy. Oh-did I mention Daniel is gay? Daniel Rheeler figured that little trait of his personality at a very young age. He can’t remember ever being in an actual relationship with a girl-it’s been all boys. Raised in an incredibly small town in England, however, made it hard for Daniel to find other gay boys, so he took to dance. Ballet had always fascinated him from the early age of four, especially the ballet dancers. Everything about their style and poise screamed at Daniel to do something about the need to dance ballet. So, he did. His parents, though they didn’t realize their son was gay until he turned fourteen, were very accepting of his lifestyle and, using the money they had, let Daniel take dance lessons starting at the age of five, and he has been doing it ever since. Ballet kept him busy, and Daniel didn’t even think of relationships with another man until he was forced to take a break from his love of dancing and to start teaching. Here at Oxford, who knows what might happen between a teacher and his student….

Personality: quirky, funny, intelligent, sarcastic, clever, curious, homosexual, care-free, sometimes a bit haunted by past failures, energetic


Abraham Sinclair (OC)  | 17 | Acting | FC: Dylan O'Brien | Taken

Background: Abraham’s loud, it’s his second year in Oxford High and the first thing people think when someone mentions him is that he’s as loud as you can imagine. He’s that funny, big mouth kid who knows everyone and always has a story to tell, most of them are made up since he has a good imagination and takes his time using it. He’s majoring in acting, that’s what he always wanted to do - be an actor - and apart from his Comedy first look, he dreams of being famous by acting on Horror Movies. He never knew his parents, heard they died in a car crash months after he was born, so his uncles raised him. He knew about Oxford High because everyone knows about Oxford High and he spent the last four years working his ass off to take good grades in his Acting classes back in previous school so he could get in with a scholarship and he did it. He has an older sister that studies at Oxford High as well, but they never were close.

Personality: Humorous, genuinely charitable, he likes to help others and don’t mind making childhood friends in one day, but his lively personality hides the burden his religious uncles stuck in his head, making him think he was never good enough, that his ability to act is insignificant and will never lead him to anywhere, he helps others because, in part, that helps him to feel better about himself. Abraham doesn’t show, but he has a low self-esteem and although he is always smiling and is the guy whom people rely, he can’t deal very well with the fact that he also needs help.


Marcus Hartlet (OC) | 15 | Music and Acting | FC:Matheus Fernandes |Taken

Background: The Hartlets were never exactly rich, but they were certainly well-off. A nice-sized house - four bedrooms, three and a half bath, sizable family and living rooms, even though there were only three people living in it - in a gated community. A nurse for a mother, a tax attorney for a father, not home too often, but with flexible enough schedules to give their son all of the attention he would need. Public school, but a nice one, with plenty of AP and honors classes, most of which Marcus was enrolled in. The last family you would ever think to be abusive.

But it was. Both parents, in different ways. Dad took out all of his anger on the boy, whether that meant using his fists, a belt, or, once, a lamp. (He’d said he’d fallen down the stairs.) Mom, on the other hand, completely ignored him. She would lock him in his room for days, no food, no water, ignore the screams when her husband was home. It was the malnutrition that stunted his growth, not letting him even reach five foot, weighing sixty-five pounds at the beginning of his sophomore year.

For years, almost no one suspected, and the few that did didn’t ask. Until one of the teachers finally noticed the numerous, dark purple bruises that the boy so carefully hid under his baggy clothing and went to the police. The moment his parents heard about the impending investigation, they spent several thousand extra dollars in order to ship him off to Oxford more than halfway through the semester. Without him there, there was no crime, in the eyes of everyone around them, at least. And only great parents sent their kids to prestigious boarding schools, right?

Personality: Marcus is probably the shyest person you’ll ever meet. His voice is rarely ever above a whisper and always stuttered through. He can’t retain eye contact, always staring at his feet. He either has his arms hugging his chest or his hands in his pockets, looking closed off to everyone. He doesn’t trust people, and it shows. Don’t mistake that for coldness, though. He’s painfully sweet, always wanting to keep people happy, and always seeing the best in them, despite fearing the worst. He’s desperate for attention and approval, though he seems to avoid the former, and will do anything for affection. He’s incredibly bright, getting at least low As in every class with little to no effort, and extremely talented. He can act any part, drawing from deep emotion far more easily than most students, and able to push it all away in the span of a few seconds. His voice always shocks people, but not as much as it impresses them. It’s the only thing he has any confidence in, and the stage is the only place he feels comfortable. If he tried, he could easily become a star, but his meek nature and need to be cared for make him an easy target for anyone who wants to use him.


Carter Kheen (OC)| 17 | Photography | FC: Nick Jonas | Taken

Background: Carter grew up in a town just outside of L.A. He was a shy kid growing up, but in middle and high school soon became a ladies man. His parents begged him to transfer to Oxford, where his mom was an alumni.  He was skeptical, being as his lack of knowledge of the girls at the school, but he had heard rumors of the school’s rep, and decided he should go.

Personality: Easy going, relaxed, a little shy at first, flirty


Christopher Robin Hawthorne (Chris) | 16 | Dance and Music | FC: Louis Tomlinson | Taken

Background: Meet Christopher Robin Hawthorne. The most bitchiest boy you’ll ever dare to meet. Want to be his friend? Don’t get your hopes up, honey. He puts the ass into sass. Not many get to hang with the elite, and Chris is at the top of the best. Too good for almost anyone, Chris prides himself in his ability to perform both ballet and different African dancing, particularly summoning and possession dances. Dancing and singing are Chris’ passion-he’d been dancing since he could walk and singing since he could talk, so he could never imagine being able to do anything else. Raised by two very wealthy Catholic religious freaks, Chris was taught that anything that went against the bible was terrible. So when Chris turned ten and found that boys made better toys, he didn’t know what to do. He knew he couldn’t tell his parents, but it was increasingly obvious as the years went by that he was indeed gay. At least at school. Chris found himself struggling. He was good at hiding it from his parents and church community, but he was still his parent’s son. He struggled with the fact that he knew he’d be going to hell someday if his religion was right about his “kind”, and Chris was scared. God wasn’t going to forgive him-and he knew that. Finally, on his sixteenth birthday, Chris gave himself the best sweet sixteen gift he could find-finally coming clean. Hoping his parents would turn to the more accepting of Christian values, Chris was unpleasantly surprised. His parents response was nothing short of horrid-he was screamed at, yelled at, cussed out, and disowned. His homophobic parents were too ashamed to even look at their only child for about a couple of weeks. Finally, Chris learned his fate: he was to be sent to Oxford, home of the rich and famous’ children. It might as well have been a death sentence to Chris. Chris decided a couple of things on his way to his new home-one, that God did exist, but He was a terrible God and didn’t deserve Chris’ love; and two, Chris would never let anyone stop him from being himself. Ever.
 Personality: Sassy, homosexual, stylish, hard to please, total gossip, spiffy, know it all, strongly opinionated, judgmental, too good for everyone.


Alyas Maaz (Aly) | 16 | Music and Photography | FC: Zayn Malik | Taken

Background:Alyas Maaz-the mysterious boy who couldn’t be any more of a mystery if he tried. The sixteen year old has gone through so much that he’s withdrawn from everyone else. Starting at the young age of seven, Aly’s mother died in a car accident. Since that hateful day, Aly’s father entered a downward spiral of drunkenness, hardly ever sober and barely adequate to take care of three young children. Aly, being the only one old enough to, stepped up, taking care of his younger sisters-one at the age of five and the other at the age of three. Aly could barely even tie his own shoes and was just beginning first grade. Aly prayed that things would get better for his siblings and himself. He figured nothing could get worse. But he was so wrong. Things only worsened after that first year. Still a drunk, Aly’s father picked up a new hobby-taking his anger out on his children. Aly, in fear of his sister’s lives, took all the beatings, often stepping in front of his father’s fists to save his sisters from getting hurt. The eight year old boy figured that their lives were more important than his own. To make matters worse, his life at school also became a living hell. Judged for his family’s Muslim background and beliefs, Aly was bullied, called things like ‘terrorist’ and getting beat up after school-as if he didn’t have enough bruises on his small body. No one did anything to stop the other kids, either, and no one cared to ask him how life was at home. He only had his sisters, who he had to lie to and say that the bruises were just pretend-that they weren’t ‘boo-boos’. That it was all imaginary. Protecting his sisters was the only thing that gave Aly the will to keep living-they were his world. Aly grew to a height of 5’9” when he was sixteen, taller than his father, but he couldn’t bring himself to fight back. He had become a quiet, scared  and submissive boy, giving in right away, unable to fight back in fear of somehow hurting his sisters. Aly was unresponsive at school and basically mute-his teachers thought he had a mental disorder of some sorts. Then, after eight years of constant abuse and lack of a real family, his very rich aunt noticed the drunken state of her brother and stepped in. She threatened to call the police if Aly’s drunk father refused to hand over custody of his children. Not wanting to go to jail, he did. Thinking he and his sisters were safe, Aly felt relief for the first time in his life. He was wrong to. His aunt, thinking that Aly was bad news and a trouble maker being a boy, decided to send him to a boarding school made for the talented, rich, or famous knowing her nephew could sing and capture beautiful images with even just a Kodak throw-away camera, not wanting to deal with the emotionally disturbed boy. She, however, kept Aly’s sisters. Aly lost the only thing that mattered and that had kept him alive for all these years. Crushed, Aly was sent away almost immediately, not even knowing how their new family would treat his younger sisters. He could only pray that it was better than they had been treated with their father. Aly took up dark clothes and a mysterious personality, not letting anyone get close to him. Drugs and alcohol also came up, mostly to numb his feelings and help him try to forget the past. Aly has no way of knowing if his sisters are okay or not, and it kills him every day.
Personality: Mysterious, quiet, submissive, guarded, distant from others, pained, and hard to get to know.