Elena Blackwood || Gryffindor || 7th Year || FC: Jennifer Lawrence || Taken

Biological Information:

  • DOB: May 14th.
  • Blood Status: Muggle-born.
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual.
  • Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Blackwood. 
  • Siblings: None.

Magical Characteristics:

  • Wand: Blue Spruce, Fairy Wings & Unicorn Hair 10 in.
  • Patronus: Unable to Produce one.
  • Boggart: The thing that Elena is most afraid of is disappointment. Therefore, she sees everyone she loves; her friends, her family, even her teachers, staring at her in disapproval. This causes her to start hyperventilating. Her friends begin to say rude things to her and the boggart’s face changes rapidly between each face, they begin to disapprove of her blood, of her heritage, of her looks. Her parents say how much they hate her for being able to produce magic and how they don’t want her in their household anymore. By the end of the experience, Elena is a weeping mess on the ground. She has only ever been able to defeat her boggart once while she had in earplugs.
  • Amortentia: As far as smells go, there is only one that makes Elena swoon, and that is the smell of freshly cut grass covered in droplets of dew. This smell is normally produced at her household during the beginning of the summer months and she cherishes the time she gets to sit on the porch with a book in her hands going into a place of imagination and smelling the scent of grass.
  • Mirror of Erised: More than anything, Elena wants acceptance. It is a very silly thing to see in the Mirror of the Erised, but there she would see herself shaking hands with Scorpius Malfoy in a sort of truce format. This is because of the fact that ever since she started Hogwarts he and his cronies have hated her and laughed at her and made fun of her. She just wants it all to be over and for people to stop acting like piles of manure and more like reasonable human beings.


  • House: Gryffindor.
  • Organization: Potter’s Army.
  • Loyalty: Blackwood Family


  • Student.

Possible Ships:

  • Edmund McLaggen.
  • Up to Player.


Elena Margaret Blackwood is the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Blackwood, two muggles who work as lecturers at muggle colleges. Elena enrolled at Hogwarts in the crisp September of 2016 and was swiftly sorted into Gryffindor house. Being a Muggleborn, Elena had no prior knowledge about Hogwarts or the Wizarding World. At first she had a hard time believing that witches, wizards, goblins, and ghosts were not just fairy tales but in time she has grown to love the world she belongs in.


At first the whole Hogwarts experience was quite a daunting one for Elena Blackwood. When the time came for the ageing Professor McGonagall to inform Elena of her magical abilities Elena was quick to dismiss the old woman, insisting that she was crazy. After all, Elena had been raised to have a logical mind and quiet demeanour; her parents were incredibly studious and cared a lot for Elena’s success and as a child, Elena was given puzzles and books as opposed to toys. Fairy tale fantasies were just that, fairy tales. However after McGonagall had shown her a few simple spells it didn’t take long to convince Elena. Elena came to Hogwarts as a shy and quiet girl. She worried herself by wondering if the whole thing was a dream. Would she just wake up one day and go back to normality? Being sorted into Gryffindor gave her a confidence boost. She embraced the house that valued courage as did they her; so found it easy fitting in. However, she was very certain that she would be sorted into Ravenclaw. Throughout her first year she would often drift in and out of her own little world, admiring everything the school had to offer but never truly joining any kind of crowd. However after meeting others who were interested in her muggle background, such as Luke Goldstein and Gwen MacMillan, she grew confident around others and optimistic about her future. Over the years Elena began to come out of her shell and showed the school her true self, the Elena who she had not just been hiding since her very first step on the Hogwarts Express but also since she was a child. As much as she enjoyed books and puzzles, Mr and Mrs Blackwood were always stern to their daughter which had always restricted her from making friends with other children. Now at Hogwarts she felt free to express herself. Now she is one of the most liked students in the school. Naturally outgoing and joyful, it’s hard not to like someone as loveable as Elena Blackwood.

Despite being frequently taunted throughout her years at Hogwarts by Slytherins, for being a ‘mudblood’; Elena is proud to be a muggleborn and is determined to connect with her routes. For a witch who has been exposed to the wizarding world for six years, Elena is surprisingly in touch with the muggle world, more so infact than the wizarding world. She enjoys muggle culture and is very fond of comic books; often referring to herself as a ‘geek’ or ‘fangirl’. She is also a big muggle book guru, from The Hunger Games to A Game of Thrones to classics like Les Misérables, which was from the influence of Gwen, and To Kill a Mockingbird; Elena reads everything and anything fictional. She also admirers muggle celebrities and is one to copy the style of stars straight from their paparazzi photographs. Her passion what she believes in, with big arm gestures and facial expressions make Elena strangely captivating. When she’s telling a story it’s hard to tear your eyes away, her enthusiasm for everything gives people lots of optimism. She not only makes herself happy by being this way, but other people too, something she is not aware of and isn’t commended enough for. She is very modest about the effect she has on people which is possibly why she is so popular. Unlike the so very arrogant big names of Hogwarts, Elena likes to be joyful just because she can. Elena’s ‘derpy’ facial expressions are a huge factor of her popularity and while she is not one to deliberately try and create a clumsy and peculiar impression of herself, it simply tends to happen on its own accord. Her awkward jokes are also a huge hit with her peers and it’s always best to have Elena around in an uneasy situation, just to defuse the tension.

Being so likeable it’s hard to notice that Elena has flaws. But she does, like every other human being. She is incredibly indecisive, often not sure of what she wants and can take a long time making the right decision, a decision which she may even go back on and change in the future. Elena is also an escapist, often in her own little world hardly paying attention to those around her. This can sometimes get her into trouble; especially when her fantasies distract her from things such as homework and revising. However being so popular can sometimes become overwhelming for Elena, who still after years hasn’t become fully used to so much admiration and acceptance. This is where her escapism comes in handy and although it can make her drift off and forget what exactly she walked into the library for; it does help her get away from the constant attention when she needs time to herself. Yet her escapist nature and derpy ways do sometimes make people underestimate Elena. She is incredibly strong minded when she needs to be and is often rewarded for standing her ground but can, in addition, be quite stubborn. This often leads her into trouble and stubbornness usually arises when something she is passionate about is at threat. She sometimes takes her strong beliefs too far and makes the situation worse by being unreasonably headstrong. While her parents were successful at school and have good jobs, the income for those like Mr. and Mrs. Blackwood, who work for the public sector, has been decreasing for years. The family are not poor but not rich either, they waver in between but their income has been becoming lower recently. This, as well as being a muggle born, has always made Elena a target for rich, pureblooded Slytherins. Their constant teasing of her over exaggerated facial expressions make her feel isolated and Elena often forgets about how loved she is around the school when she’s being taunted by a Slytherin. However, over the years Elena has learnt to deal with their taunts, being extremely strong both mentally and physically. Gryffindor has taught her courage which she often uses in these sticky situations. The Slytherins are really the only ones Elena doesn’t get along with because in all she is an incredibly pleasant person. She has a good heart with kind intentions and a thirst for knowledge and joy. She is always willing to make new friends and makes it incredibly easy for others to like her.

Notable Relationships:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Blackwood:

Elena has a good relationship with both of her parents, although they do not approve of the fun loving personality she has developed since enrolling at Hogwarts. She does still try to please them and gets good grades at school, in hope that they won’t give her such a hard time for ‘not taking things seriously’ when she goes back home in the summer. She knows that her parents only have good intentions for her, but wishes that they would give her more freedom. She also often wishes that she had siblings since she gets incredibly lonely in the holidays without any of her friends.

  • Gwen MacMillan, Edwin Finch-Fletchley, Lysander Scamander, Edmund McLaggen & Luke Goldstein:

While Elena is friends with nearly everyone at Hogwarts, she isn’t one to stay in the popular group. She generally tends to stick with her best friends, Gwen MacMillan and Edwin Finch-Fletchley, whom she met on the train in her first year. At the time, all three were terribly nervous about Hogwarts, but by sheer good luck they were all sorted into Gryffindor house. Since becoming friends they have helped each other to become more confident. However, recently the homework has been piling up for the trio who have their N.E.W.T examinations coming up. Despite this, they always make time for each other no matter how many tests they need to be revising for. Gwen in particular is extremely curious and interested in muggle objects. Since becoming friends with Elena, many of Elena’s obsessions have rubbed off on her friend.
Elena and Luke Goldstein met in their first year when paired together in charms. It wasn’t long before Luke’s band of Ravenclaws and Elena’s Gryffindor trio collaborated. It is unknown to most how the Ravenclaw group and the Gryffindor group managed to merge. Though it would seem that members of both groups butt heads over most topics, for the most part, the lot are close to one another. Much like Gwen Macmillan, Lorcan is intrigued by Elena’s stories of the muggleworld, as he himself has little to no contact with it, and summers are now spent visiting her as well as going Nargle Hunting - trips Elena has joined the Scamanders on more than once, because she herself is interested in other, potential magical creatures -. Edmund McLaggen is probably one of the most infuriating things to come out of the group collaboration. He is rash and, in Elena’s opinion, kind of a dimwit. Though she won’t deny that he is attractive.

  • Scorpius Malfoy & other Slytherins:

Being popular with the rest of the school comes with a price, especially when jealous and power hungry Slytherins have something to do with it. The only people Elena truly has problems with are the Slytherins. It’s no secret that Scorpius Malfoy and his minions find her antics irritating nor is it a secret that she finds them uptight and pig headed. Being a muggleborn means that Elena is a large target for Slytherins but although this brings Elena down it also motivates her to fight for her and other muggle borns. She is determined to put nasty Slytherins in their rightful place and getting past the obstacle known as Scorpius Malfoy is just the way to do that.