• Megan Hilty
  • Taken

The life of a Broadway girl wasn’t always fun, the endless dance rehearsals with the other tiny girls, the constant singing, keeping healthy and never letting any rough criticism get to you would always tire you out, but for some reason, Corrine could always handle it. Maybe it was because it was a distraction from the fact that she was the result of a rape, maybe it was because she could really be herself and shine when she stood on that stage, whatever it was, Corrine soaked up the spotlight and made damn sure she was a star. However, two years ago, Corrine auditioned for a musical, only to be beaten out by another girl and left in the chorus. Corrine was angry and sad at the same time and turned to Alcohol as a form of distraction, as her spotlight was taken away from her, but soon, the girl who beat her out left the show and it was her time to shine…or was it? Corrine was hit with severe laryngitis and left with pills to make her better in time for the next show, but what nobody counted on was the woman becoming addicted to the pills. Depressed and addicted to alcohol and pills, Corrine couldn’t see how things could ever get better for her, and things definitely took a turn for the worst when a review was posted in the New York Times, saying that she was a ‘fat actress’ and that she only got the role because people pitied her. Corrine wanted to prove them wrong, so badly, but when she realized that she definitely wasn’t as small as any of the other girls in the cast, she had to act quickly and turned to purging. It was an every day thing, purge, take pills, have a drink and put on a smile, and one day, whilst on stage, Corrine began to feel dizzy and halfway through her favorite number 'Let’s Be Bad’, Corrine collapsed on stage and was sent to hospital, where she was told that she wouldn’t be on Broadway anymore and would be sent to Parkwood Asylum to recover from her addictions, her depression and bulimia.


-Unknown Half-Sister to Kayla Malone