Name: Tinia “Ting-Ting” Tio [TAKEN]


Clique: Smarticles (College)

Age: 18

FC: Jamie Chung

Bio: Oh, Ting Ting. The girl that knows it all. She would much rather prefer it if you call her Tinia, but there are some times where she lets it slide, with her darling sisters Su and Mai. However, when it comes to Ling Johnson, more than anyone, Tinia just wishes he would shut the hell up. She finds him a little annoying, but deep down, she’s dying to laugh. But being the daughter of one of the richest men in the world, she has to hold her ground, and be in complete control of her emotions. She believes in shutting up at the proper time, and in doing your duty, and that your duty has absolutely nothing to do with your emotions. She really has an amazing sense of humor and dry wit that she practically never lets anyone see, because she believes that no relationship can last forever. Secretly she knows she’s holding out for a special guy that’s yet to reveal himself. Ting Ting pushes lots of people away because she doesn’t believe in attachments, only business. She’s gets some of the highest grades in the entire school, and really it’s only because her father puts so much pressure on her. Being the eldest of the three siblings, she’s not accustomed to letting feelings show. Though Tinia loves her sisters dearly, she scolds them often on their account of feelings. Since they’re all three supposed to marry for the sake of the business, she doesn’t find it worth dating anyone around. She’s a proper lady, who almost never curses or puts a toe out of line. Though she’s a bit stiff, in reality, she’s just waiting for someone to come break her out of her shell. Tinia’s biggest shames are her giggle and laugh, which she finds hideous. Though some may think it cute, she thinks it disgusting to laugh. She hopes that no one ever gets to hear it, and luckily, no one has yet. She has a sweet smile, but in reality she can sometimes come off like a bitch. She’s just frank with people, because she believes that being honest about things and such can help you at all times, which might not always be true, considering her truth hardly explains her emotions. However, with her two sisters— whom she would do anything, anything for— she feels a little more open to discuss things she doesn’t with anyone else, like her possible affection for Ling, even if he does piss her off. Ting-Ting is friends with Mulan as well, and is beginning to show off the real Tinia— a sweet, loving girl— around her. She’s starting to find her place in Wishing Well, and is glad for it.