Duncan Ataman-WIlliams | 28| Operations Instructor | TAKEN

FC: Chris Pine


Born as the first and only son of the villainous magical duo Malik Ataman and Ellayne Williams, his first four years of life were spent being spoiled by his mother while his father planned multiple robberies that lead to them being the most successful thieves of the decade (2000’s), and that of course put them on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most wanted. 

When tracked down and ambushed, both managed to get away and ended up leaving their son behind to be taken in by the agents sent to take in his parents. Under the orders of Director Rick Stoner and with his parents nowhere to be found, Duncan was put into multiple classes and training courses under S.H.I.E.L.D.’s supervision, and was slowly molded into a proper agent. 

The entirety of his adolescence was spent between school work, combat and weaponry training, along with multiple apprenticeships under some of the best agents S.H.I.E.L.D. had to offer – including that of Natasha Romanoff, Bruno Kreah, Tony Masters, Logan Howlett, Clint Barton, and Joanie “Nails” Eaton. Though the years were very hard for the young agent in training, he did make it through and was welcomed as a full fledged S.H.I.E.L.D Agent at the ripe age of seventeen. Because of his age and his inexperience he was mainly an accessory to other agents on their assigned missions. He was also mainly used as programmer even before he given his badge and assisted in taking down multiple governments with a mixture of hacking, outing secrets, and shutting down entire countries. 

As the Agent matured, he was moved up through the secretive ranks of S.H.I.E.L.D. up to clearance level 10 along side his main mentor Natasha Romanoff, whom he was later chose to replace when the time came. He mainly did missions from behind a computer but did occasionally do field missions, which resulted in his capture for a solid four months by a terrorist group. Later found and rescued by a team sent in by Director Nick Fury and lead by agent Phil Coulson. After his forced recovery, he was immediately sent back into the field to continue his work for S.H.I.E.L.D., a much more hardened agent.


Much like his mentor, Natasha Romanoff, he’s very clever and very quick to solve problems, but also like his mentor he has rather questionable morals and is more than willing to do whatever it takes to get a job done. That quality often gets him compared to his parents which can set him off when mentioned, even after many years of therapy, he is triggered by such. He’s a social butterfly and a shamless flirt– liking to flatter men and women alike just because he can. He’s very aware of how attractive he is and is often told that he’s full of himself instead of being told he’s confident.

Negative & Positives :

  • Questionable morals & Somewhat vain 
  • Clever & Confident


  • Natasha Romanoff (Mentor, Mother-figure), 
  • Clint Barton (Uncle-like)

Cassadee Barton | 19 | Assistant Communications Instructor | TAKEN

FC: Danielle Campbell 


Cassadee Ann Barton was born on August 15th of 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio to Bernard Barton, also known as “Barney” and “Trickshot”, and an unknown woman who died while giving birth to her. For the first three years of her life, Cassadee traveled with her father around the country though she wasn’t sure what it was that she did all she knew is that she never felt loved by the man that was supposed to be her father. Maybe he didn’t, perhaps that was why when she was 4 years old she found herself in New York being dropped on the doorstep of her uncle, Clint, and aunt, Natasha, and watching her father’s back as he walked away. She was deeply hurt that he would just abandon her, having grown up with a parent and only half of a father, and over the years she hardened herself to not trust anyone for fear of being abandoned again. It took her two years before she fully trusted that her uncle wasn’t going to leave her too but somehow Clint broke through all of her walls and she found herself closer to her uncle than she had ever been with her father, coming to think of the older man as her father figure to whom she looked up to more than anything. Clint, with the help of his wife Natasha, trained Cassadee alongside their eldest son Maxim in hand to hand, archery and firearms from the age of 5.

When Cassadee was ten years old she came to realize that she wasn’t normal. She had felt odd her entire life and figured that it was because her father had abandoned her but little did she know that she was actually considered a mutant and had been showing her powers since she was 5 years old but was hypnotized by Natasha into forgetting that it ever occurred. One day while training with Clint, Maxim and Francis, she tried to get into a mindset that she needed to get away from them. She thought “If only I could get behind them to that I could take their legs out then maybe I’d have the upper hand.”. Evidently that was all it took because suddenly she found herself behind her uncle and cousin which shocked both her and Maxim. Clint, who had seen Cassadee exhibit her powers before in the past during a temper tantrum at a young age, decided it was time to tell his niece the truth. When they got home he had Natasha remove the hypnosis that she had put on Cassadee years before and explained to her that she was a mutant, possibly from her birth mother, and had the ability to teleport as well as go invisible. Cassadee was both shocked and appalled at this information and even grew angry at her uncle and aunt for keeping such information about herself from them and they got into an argument which lead Cassadee to teleporting herself to a place where there were others like her to get away.

Cassadee found herself at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters talking to the headmaster, Charles Xavier. When Professor Xavier heard her story the first thing he did was call Clint and Natasha to see what they wanted to do to help the distraught ten year old. Not knowing how to help Cassadee control and learn her powers, Clint and Natasha agreed to let Xavier and his staff train her for a while. Cassadee stayed at the Xavier School until she was 17 years old before going home to her uncle and aunt. Though she was still upset with them, they managed to start over and have become closer since the incident. Clint and Natasha resumed training Cassadee and enrolled her into the SHIELD Academy when she expressed a desire to follow in their footsteps and become an agent for SHIELD. Upon graduation, Cassadee was appointed the code name “Wonder” due to her mysterious powers and works as a field agent for the search and rescue division of SHIELD, often helping other agents get in and out of sticky situations in order to help rescue a fallen agent or other targets.


Cassadee is a very intelligent and kind girl who often tries to see the best in everyone. She can be sassy and flirty but she tends to keep people at arms length due to trust and abandonment issues stemming from growing up without a mother and being abandoned by her father. When she does let you in she is very caring, loyal, compassionate and understanding. She is a sweet girl but she can get sort of closed off at times.

2 Positive & 2 Negative:

  • + Kind , Understanding 
  • - Closed Off , Distrusting


  • Bernard “Barney” Barton - Estranged Father (abandoned)
  • Clint Barton - Uncle / Father Figure
  • Natasha Romanoff-Barton - Aunt / Mother Figure
  • Maxim Barton - Cousin
  • Anya Barton - Cousin

Hayley Stark | 19 | Sci-Tech Instructor / Medic | TAKEN

FC: Leighton Meester


Hayley Maria Stark was born on December 13th of 2013 about 10 minutes after her twin brother Hansen to Tony and Pepper Potts. Hayley realized that she was smart at a young age, graduating from middle school by the time she was 10 years old and high school at 14. She developed her first iron suit when she was 15, a silver and black suit she called “Stealth” which she made quieter than other iron suits with a blending/invisibility feature which allows her suit to blend in with its surroundings in order to avoid detection. Though she was very proud of this accomplishment and was business savvy like her parents, when she was avoid center into Harvard University at age 14 she chose to go on a different path than her brother and parents and pursued a degree in Medicine. Hayley’s dream was to become a doctor.

After managing to gain a doctorate by age 17, Hayley decided to go back to school for a degree in business like her mother. She started working for SHIELD when she was 18, helping her father and brother develop weapons, shields and other necessary items that ensured the safety and effectiveness of the agents of SHIELD and the student and instructors of SHIELD Academy. She also acts as a medic for the agency from time to time when needed.

When Coulson asked asked her father for help, Hayley was hesitant at first but eventually warmed up to the idea. These days Hayley can be found found at SHIELD headquarters helping her father and occasionally patching up agents and students alike when needed.


Hayley has been considered by many to be a female equivalent to her father seeing as she is intelligent, eccentric, a massive flirt and a bit of a party girl. She is sassy and sarcastic a lot of the time and often has trouble trusting people. However, like her mother, she is very business savvy and once she lets you in she is a very loyal, loving and compassionate person. Hayley has a touch of a temper and is not afraid to tell it like it is no matter what the consequences. At times she can be bit of a “drama queen” but those who she has welcomed into her inner circle tend to have the ability to calm her down, especially her brother Hansen.

Negative &  Positive:

  • Intelligent, outspoken and flirtatious 
  • Blunt , dramatic and untrusting


  • Stark Family- Little brothers and sister
  • Jason Oliver- friend
  • Dustin Thorson- crush 

Desmond ‘Dez’ Coulson| 21 |Communications Intelligence Instructor| TAKEN

FC: Tyler Blackburn


Desmond “Dez” Coulson was born and raised in Shreveport Lousiana to two undercover operatives that worked for the SHIELD Agency. Dez was the youngest of two and when he was 6 years old, his older sister Sarah moved out and he never heard from her again despite the fact that he idolized her up until that point. Dez’s life was pretty much a simple life other than the fact that his parents were gone a lot of the time, leaving him in the care of a neighbor or his grandmother. When Dez was 15 his grandmother passed away but seeing as he was basically old enough to take care of himself, his parents began leaving him home alone whenever they would leave Louisiana to go out on missions elsewhere in the world.

Tragedy struck Dez’s life when he turned 16. His parents had just left Louisiana yet again for a covert mission in South America when their plane’s engines failed, causing it to crash. Both of Dez’s parents were killed, leaving him an orphan. Dez’s uncle, Phil Coulson, took him in after his parents death and though the teenager was thankful for his uncle’s help he fell into a deep depression over losing his parents and his sister not even caring enough to come back for the funeral.

In the months after his parents’ death, Dez began to rebel as a way of coping with the melancholy feelings he had been feeling thanks to the recent events. He began skipping school, stealing, vandalizing random cars and buildings and even fighting. Phil tried to get through to Dez but to no avail. Once the rebellion phase of his depression subsided, Dez fell into a severe blue period. He suffered from nightmares to the point he didn’t sleep for fear of seeing his parents’ plane crash in his dreams. He resorted to self mutilation in order to help deal with the pain he was feeling over the loss.

When Dez’s cutting went a little too far, resulting in him being admitted into the hospital, Phil put his foot down. He had been trying to get through to his nephew but Dez wasn’t trying to hear any of it. Phil had Dez start seeing a therapist to possibly get some closure when it came to his parents and hopefully get his life back on track. After Dez spent about a week in the hospital, trying to get himself straight, Phil took him under his wing and taught him different ways to cope and keep his mind off of things.

Dez started going back to school and graduated with honors before enrolling into the SHIELD Academy shortly after, wanting to follow in the footsteps of his parents and uncle. Shortly after graduation, Dez became one of the youngest SHIELD Agents to date but instead of being a Field Agent, as he had originally hoped, he was stuck in an administrative position. Dez had a keen eye for talent so he soon moved up the ladder and became his uncle’s assistant, recruiting new talent for the Agency and Academy. Dez seemed to like his job as a recruiter more so than a “paper pusher” as he called it. He recently became a field agent and was paired with the Asgardian assassin, Adam Hogunson.

When he came out to his uncle as being gay, Phil was very accepting of him and supported him every step of the way. Dez will be the first to tell you that he is not sure who he will end up with in the end because he feels that love sees no gender. He wants to get married and have children one day, even if it’s through adoption or a surrogate. Until then, he just lives every day as if it’s his last because after seeing how quickly life can take the people you love from you it’s too short to live it any other way.

After the fall of SHIELD at the hands of HYDRA it was all hands on deck for the remaining agents. Dez and his partner were asked to teach at the new Academy in Virginia to which both partners accepted graciously. Dez currently still works as an occasional field agent when need be but spends most of his time teaching the Intelligence and Security Training class for the Communications Division of the Academy while his partner teaches within the Operations Division.


Desmond, who prefers the name Dez, is the epitome of a Southern gentleman. Born and raised in the south by a southern father and Cherokee mother, Dez was taught from an early age to be polite and respectful toward everyone he meets. Despite his bouts of depression that lead to self harm after the death of his parents during a mission, Dez tries to adhere to these rules and is a very charming, kind, caring, loyal and gentlemanly.

Dez is a great listener, making him a wonderful friend to nearly everyone. He still has mood swings from time to time to where he becomes somewhat closed off due to his history of depression and self harm but he tries his best to hide it. Dez can be quite flirtatious toward both sexes, leading him to break a lot of hearts when the women he flirts with realize he bats for the same team. Dez has a severe weakness for people in need which often leads to him acting somewhat on instinct and having trouble at times distinguishing between people that actually need help and enemies that pretend as a way to pray on his weakness.

2 Negatives & 2 Positives:

  • + Charming, Loyal
  • - Moody, Naive 


  • Director Phil Coulson - Uncle
  • Adam Hogunson - Work Partner

Hansen Stark | 19 | Sci-Tech Instructor & Weaponry Specialist I TAKEN

FC: Daniel Sharman 

Hansen A. Stark along with his twin Hayley M. Stark were born to Tony and Pepper Stark on December 13, 2013, making him the oldest and next in line to Stark Industries. Paparazzi’s and hardcore fans lined the streets of the Avengers Tower waiting to get a glance at the new members of the Stark family. Seeing Hansen and Hayley joined at the hips, Tony and Pepper decided to continue their family resulting in Hansen’s younger brother, Phillip. Quickly taking the wrinkled newborn under his wings, Phillip had Hansen wrapped around his tiny fingers without knowing within minutes of his birth. Years later Danielle was born and Hansen took the role of an over protective older brother to heart. He watched over his family and taught them everything he knew wanting them to excel beyond their families name.

When Hansen was seven he had enough tricks up his sleeve making it easy to hack into Jarvis and SHIELD for a couple of minutes without being detected. That is how he found out Thor, Allfather, King of Asgard, was sending a package through the Bifrost to his father and mother for protection. Curiosity getting the better of him he stowed away in the trunk of the vehicle that his mother, father, and uncle Happy drove to pick up the package King Thor was sending. Having fell asleep Hansen was roughly awoken by a travel bag being toss onto him. Jumping out he was greeted with his fathers smirk, his mothers judging eyes, uncle Happys amused glare, and four pairs of wide eyes. Hansen later, on the drive home, learnt that they were Hagen, Dustin, Torunn, and Astrid the princes’ and princesses of Asgard. Whom become his second family apart from his own and those of SHIELD.

Finishing school at 16 years old Hansen proudly stood besides both of his parent helping where need. With his father in the lab and traveling for Stark Industries promotion; And with his mother in meetings and other CEO duties. All while keeping his role as the protective and cool big brother (Including to the Thordottir and Lokidottir sisters), best friends to the Thorson brother, while attending Yale and a somewhat active member of SHIELD. At the age of 17 Hansen decided it was time to build his own Iron Man suit. Thus Halo was created which he named after his favorite video game. Geek! Convicting his father (and Hayley) to train with him, Halo quickly became a second skin and nature to him. Hansen even perfected hand to hand combat thanks to the Thorson brothers. Blackmailing a couple of SHIELD Agents (mostly Dez Coulson and Francis Barton) into training him, Clint and Natasha Barton, who taught him willingly, Hansen is more than confident in his skill within and outside of his suit.

So when Director Coulson came to his father to ask for one more last favor, Hansen was ready and willing to help by all means. Not simply because of his confidence in his strength or the need to protect his family and friends but because he had the gift and power to change the world, to protect it. He wasn’t going to sit around watching as it fell around him into the hands of evil.

Hansen is independent, intelligent, level-headed, and has an indomitable will. A gentle soul. He has a kinder heart compared to his other siblings. At first it appears as if Hansen takes mostly after his mother, Pepper Stark, but he is a perfect mix of both. He shares his father’s love of engineering, drinking and rock music while perfecting his mother’s dislike for violence, impulsive, and promiscuous lifestyles of his siblings. Though he will never show his jealousy and insecurity for his family he consistently feel the need to prove himself to them and others around him.

2 Negative & 2 Positives:

  • + Level-Headed , Kind
  • - Insecure , Meek


  • Tony Stark - Father
  • Pepper (Potts) Stark - Mother
  • Hayley Stark - Twin Sister
  • Phillip Stark - Brother
  • Danielle Stark - Sister