Meet Emma DeLaurenti. She is eternally twenty-two years old, and has been trapped in The Hollywood Tower Hotel since her death in 1939. Emma is portrayed by Demi Lovato. She is currently taken.

The Traits

  • Flirtatious
  • Stubborn
  • Independent
  • Sassy

The Story

Emma Brown was born in a small farm town near Houston, Texas. The population was around 345 people and everyone knew everyone. Raised in a small house and farm, Emma’s always been working hard to get the things she wanted. When she wasn’t in school, she would be helping her mom with things around the house and if she was lucky- helping her father take care of their animals. However, the girl longed for something more. She would spend her hours in school sitting in the back of her class with her head in the clouds. After watching movie after movie, she realized she wanted to be one of those girls. She wanted to make a name for herself and she knew she’d never be able to do it if she was stuck in Texas.

After saving up money from her waitressing job, she quickly dropped out of school and packed up her bags — much to her parents dismay — and made the journey all the way to California. Things weren’t very glamorous for the girl, however, and she ended up in a small apartment and working at a restaurant trying to make ends meet. For the first 3 years of her residence in Hollywood, she didn’t do much. A few small gigs as an extra in commercials or movies but nothing that would make her stand out. Emma started to get frustrated and in a fit of hysteria one night, decided to change her name, dropping the normalcy of Brown and picked something exotic- soon thereafter, she became Emma DeLaurenti.

After a while, Emma was beginning to lose hope. Auditioning for big roles and never getting them was getting tiring for the young girl. However, one fateful night, Miss DeLaurenti happened to be serving one of the biggest movie producers in the industry- Dexter Knight. After a whirlwind makeover, the man promised to make her a star. Things got a bit complicated for the pair when they mixed business with pleasure resulting in an affair. After one of their many nights together, the two were on their way to the Tip-Top Club’s annual Halloween party- they never made it off the elevator. Now, Emma roams around the Hollywood Tower Hotel, attempting her best to make herself known to the people around her. She’s determined to make it big somehow, even if it’s just as being remembered as one of the unfortunate victims of the Hollywood Tower Hotel death.

The Connections

Dexter Knight - The man that helped put Emma into the industry is also the same man she had an affair with. After months of their secret relationship, the two slowly began to fall in love. However, Dex tried to cut their affairs short to protect his image at MGM. The two now spend their time either at each other’s throats or locked away in a room on the 13th floor having one of their many passionate affairs.