I’m gonna open 5 slots for commissions I will immediately work on and 5 more on a waiting list that I’m gonna start as soon as I finish the main one. Those who end up in the waiting list won’t have to pay immediately but only once they’re contacted. If they don’t reply in 48h I will consider their commission null.

Main List:
1. Taken
2. Taken
3. Taken

4. Taken
5. Taken

Waiting List:
1. Taken
2. Taken
3. Taken
4. Taken
5. Taken

Send me a message/chat here on tumblr (highly recommended!!! I see them first!) or an e-mail at carlottadicataldo94@gmail.com stating the type of commission and describing what you want me to draw (visual references for OCs are mandatory).

                                I ACCEPT PAYPAL ONLY.

  • The prices do not include backgrounds.
  • I WILL NOT DRAW: robots/machines, abuse of any kind, incest, underage sex, r or non con and bestiality. If I dont’t feel confortable with what you ask, I will decline your request.
  • I WILL DRAW: nudity, mild nsfw, furries.
  • If you want to commission me something that’s not  on the list, contact me and we can discuss it. Same goes for backgrounds, we can talk about them. I will decide the price depending on what I’m asked.
  • I WILL NOT DRAW UNTIL I AM PAID. Once we decide on the type and subject, I will send you a paypal invoice!
  • I do not do refunds when the commission is finished. I usually don’t spend commissions’ money until they’re completed, so if something goes wrong and I can’t finish it, I will refund you.
  • You can repost my artwork whrever crediting me but you can’t claim my drawing as yours.
  • Remember: the time I need to work depends on a series of factors. Thanks for your patience.

Please signal boost if you can! That’d be great and would help me a lot! c:

Thanks in advance!

Here’s a picture of my favourite actor: Liam Neeson. 
I made this one in London at the Madame Toussauds. There was an extra Star Wars part which was actually really cool. 
The reason why I’m posting it is I guess quite obvious, isn’t it? 


finally updated my commission pricing and and organising after an influx in requests to open them again!

What i do:

Even though most of the examples here are fanart, I can draw pretty much anything, including animals, machines, backgrounds/architecture and scenery. I prefer doing cartoonish stuff, however. I can draw in numerous styles and am good at mimicry, so if you want a particular style i have done in the past feel free to ask.

faux 3d is for simplistic characters only.

what i wont do:

-hyper realism 

-super gory stuff

-pornographic illustrations

-real life people 

-feel free to pm me if you’re not sure

I use paypal invoices as my pay method and prefer USD currency.

Pm if you’re interested and we can discuss what you want.

prices aren’t really negotiable, but there are exceptions (like if you want something very basic, ect). All payments are up front and pieces will not be started until i’m paid.


1. taken

2. free

3. free


Portraits -

Face, neck, and sometimes hint of shoulder (no armor) - One character 40 USD, +5 USD for headwear. (No background)

Waist-up -

One character 60 USD, +10 USD for armor or complicated attire for EACH character (this includes period armor, space suits, fantasy armor, complex nobility attire, nobility/period dresses, vault suits… anything that would be more than one simple piece), +5 USD weapons, +5 USD headwear. (+50% second character). - No background.

-Any dynamic pose or special requests will raise the price.

-You are responsible for paypal fees, please calculate and include those when paying.

-I reserve the right to refuse any work without giving a reason.

-Payment is upfront, but I won’t ask for it until I’m ready to start the commission, so unless you payed for your work don’t ask me about it.

-I only accept paypal. 

If interested email me at shadowofdestiny1@yahoo.com

*I take four open commission spots at a time, and all other requests would be placed on a waiting list until I decide to close commissions.


Hey all! I’m sorry to make another commission sheet so soon after passing around the first one but my financial situation has gotten a bit dire.

As of right now, I will be moving somewhere around Monday, October 3rd. I’m not actually clear yet on where I’m going, or how I’m getting there, but this announcement came kind of out of the blue and I do not have the money to support a move of any kind, let alone the following expenses.

I need to be able to afford at least food expenses wherever I go, never mind the cost of getting there with my luggage. I do not currently have a job. Because of medical issues I’ve been unable to get work, so right now this is my only source of income.

Even if you can’t purchase anything, a signal boost would be hugely appreciated!

There will be five slots at a time, so I don’t get overwhelmed!

1. Taken





Payment acceptable through PayPal only!


  • Reference Sheet : Starts at $140 and includes 2 Full Body shots and 1 Bust minimum. Price increases with complexity + added features. ( Additional Busts, detail shots, ect. )
  • Character Design : Starts at $150 and includes 2 Full Body ( back / front ) shots and 1 Bust minimum. Price increases with complexity + added features. ( Additional Busts, detail shots, ect. )
  • Also Available : Sketches / Line Art / Backgrounds

Prices are per character! Email is [ zephyr.nocte@gmail.com ]. You may also contact me through Tumblr ask or messenger!

I’m getting a good bit of influx over art related stuff right now so I figure it’s a good time to make the actual post I’ve been putting off for these.

There’s a really good chance my family is going to have to move again pretty soon so I could use any extra cash

My art tag is
, if you would like more examples
Sketches are $10 each
Line work is $15
Flat colors are #25
Full color is $30
Extra characters are $10 each
Any background that isn’t just a flat color is $5
If you’re interested you can email me at enbyclown@gmail.com I can only accept payment via paypal USD

I’m gonna have 5 slots open for now
1. taken
2. open
3. open
4. open
5. open


Commissions Are Open!


What I Will Draw

People/Anthro/Animals/Robots/OCs/Show/Movie/Game characters

What I WONT Draw

Fetish Art/Gore/Nudity/NSFW/Pedophilia/Hateful Art


  • One Commission Per Person
  • I will revise sketches one time! After that I will charge for future alterations
  • I withhold the right to refuse a commission for whatever reason I see fit
  • Paypal Payments Only! (I will send you an Invoice)
  • I’ll be opening only 3 slots at this time. May open more if all goes well.

Email Me: allivanott@gmail.com

Its easier to keep track of everything there.






~(OvO~) Milo/Forrest LeRoo is Open for Commissions! (~OvO)~

Hello guys! I am very much open for commissions! I am trying to save up for an apartment with the girlfriend while I’m hunting for work so I want to gather as many commissions as I can! We want to move out as soon as possible to get somewhere safe and nice for us so it would be nice if you could help.

Contact me:
- through asks on tumblr
- through email at m.f.legge@gmail.com
- through skype merping_ninja2.0 (forrest leroo)


1. Taken
2. Taken

~Currently Taking Unlimited Commissions~

Do’s and Won’t:

I will draw pretty anything to the best of my ability. Fan work, OC’s, NSFW, Animals (anthro or not), robots, gore etc..

HOWEVER I will not draw anything offensive, fetish art, or “genderbends”

if you are unsure about something, just ask!

Other Things You May Wish to know:

  • I am very specific about my canvas sizes so please have that ready when you ask me about a commission.
  • Have at least one good reference for me to work from, the more references you have the better.
  • All my work is done at 300dpi and is saved as PNG so if you want the original file to print it will come out really nice.
Summer Commissions!

Hello everyone, Joseph here! I’m here to open some simple Summer Commissions!

All pricing in CAD




If you’re interested, please contact me on Tumblr or send an e-mail to hamarincak@gmail.com.

I will draw anything you want, OCs or fandom stuff! I can draw humans, anthros, and robots! Gore is okay, but nothing NSFW.




I’m re-opening my commission since I’m running out and need to save money.

If you are interested in anything please send me a message to my ask box or my e-mail: Totem_head@hotmail.com

I will not draw any intense nsfw work content, but I am fine with anything else.

I take Paypal only! Payment is usually upfront. But can be changed if needed.

Thank you!!



Please note that I am doing only ONE character per commission.

If you want more than one commissions then you will need to reserve another slot after you purchased one.

Prices are starting from $15 to $20 depending on character complexity.

Three slots are open at a time and it’s first come first serve:

1. Taken

2. Taken

3. Taken

If you send me a message for a spot and you received this “ ⚠ ⚠ ⚠  ” from me, it means slots are full.

Please send me reference of your character and include a short description! If interested, shoot me an ask on tumblr. Thanks!