Well isn’t this exciting? Andrew Davies to write non-musical TV series of Les Mis.

In Q&A after screening Andrew Davies said his next projects are Les Mis (no singing) and a drama about Nye Bevan and the birth of the NHS

— Huw Thomas (@huwthomas)

February 1, 2016

To all the people who are giving larries shit about this 'baby' and what they choose to believe.
  • Ok first of all, if you want to believe in the baby, then explain a few things to me. 1) Louis loves children, so why does he look so fucking uncomfortable and unhappy every time his is brought up? 2) Why are all questions about it blacklisted by his management if he's so excited about it? 3) Louis defends the people he loves or cares about in the slightest, so why didn't he defend his baby or his baby's mother when they were being dragged for MONTHS? 4) If the baby is real, then why did Briana need to steal pictures off of the Internet to post as her own? Why is there proof of her cousin tell Briana stans to post pictures (that were also taken from someone else) and pretend they found them on her snapchat?
  • Secondly, you can believe in the baby all you fucking want, but if it's SO real then the larries are probably grieving right now. Therefore, this is my polite way of asking you to GET TH FUCK OFF THE 'LARRIES' OR THE 'LARRY STYLINSON' TAGS!!! Let us be. If it's real then everyone there is grieving, and you need to let them do it however they like. If that's by making up conspiracy theories about it or ranting or crying, then they have EVER fucking right too. Something they have believed in for YEARS has just been blown apart right? So if you want to believe it's real then TAKE INTO FUCKING CONSIDERATION ALL THE PEOPLE THAT ARE HURTING!! Don't fucking call them 'fake fans'. If your ass is considered a fan, then all the larries definitely are. Believe whatever you want, but DO NOT tell others that they are fake fans for what they believe. What I believe.
  • So long story short, before you want to judge others, consider the fucking facts. But you know think whatever you'd like. We'll see whose right at the end of all of this. But you have nothing to worry about right? Because it's so fucking real right?

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But aren't you ashamed your country still has colonies?

No. I’ll bet that the country you’re from was taken from someone else. That’s what happens, Britain has been invaded so many times it’s difficult to know what we’d have been without it. Look at the US, if colonisers hadn’t gone over it would still be a third world country and no progress would have been made. It’s silly to want a world where everyone has the land their ancestors had, no one owns land, American Indians aren’t entitled to the land of their ancestors because no doubt they took it from another tribe and they took it from someone else. The world belongs to all of us and none of us and the moment you think you’re entitled to your ancestors belongings is the moment you’ve gone crazy. The land belongs to the people currently inhabiting it, when they’re gone it’ll pass to the first people who is fierce enough to go and get it and it’ll be theirs and so on and so on, you rent, you never own.

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2 ((owo))

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2. Demons

Chara was under a tree, fanning themselves. The day was hot and humid, good for a picnic, maybe a date. They weren’t really doing much that day, taking souls isn’t very fun, and they had only taken one soul from someone in their whole life time. At that, it was from a dummy. They saw the other walk up to them, and they smiled, their fangs starting to show. ‘Oh! Gedan!”

Loving someone with mental illness isn’t some beautifully tragic romance they portray in movies.

Loving someone with mental illness is deteriorating, it is harsh, and it is cruel.

It’s holding her when she’s falling apart, and not the type of falling apart that’s innocently sad. It’s self-destructive; it’s holding her while she violently weeps and mourns as if her life has been taken from her by someone evil. It’s watching her scream with hate at the world, and wanting to scream with her too.

It’s congratulating her for getting out of bed, because surely that is an accomplishment no one truly understands. Seeing her overcome herself and fight such detrimental thoughts that block her from starting what the average eye sees as just another day. You see it as another one of her battles.

It is silently crying in the bathroom while she is in the bedroom, and making damn sure she doesn’t hear. Because this illness doesn’t just take from her, it takes from you too.

Loving someone with mental illness isn’t at all what it seems to be. It’s an unfair constant struggle.

Loving someone with mental illness is deteriorating, it is harsh, and it is cruel.

—  It is an unwritten promise to love her furiously through any obstacle 

“I have discovered that I have no feelings, just thoughts, borrowed thoughts taken from someone I admire because he seems to have feeling. I am tired of thoughts.”

- Allen Ginsberg, from a letter to Jack Kerouac

i can feel the ending of babygate starting lmao if tmz pushes for one of the family members posting a photo which happens to be taken from someone else, briana falsely claiming that louis is the real father is going to look even more plausible (adding the amount of money that they’re asking for from louis, etc etc). basically, this just creates the worst image of the jungwirths

This morning a beloved man in my life was taken far too soon. He wasn’t blood, he was a family friend, but he was always around, he supported me in so much, he told me numerous times “I’m your biggest supporter sky” when I came out As tran he sent me. Hella long message about how he was so proud ma how he would always have my back… He was taken from me, because of someone’s careless decisions, because someone wasn’t mature enough to have dd. Bub never drank, never touched a cigarette and never laid. Finger on drugs, it’s ironic how the poison someone else consumes can end the life of an innocent person. I pray they find the driver and being home some justice for you Bub. I love you, rest easy and give grandma love for me. ❤️😔

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The thing with sampling is that u still have to credit. No where on the album is blackbear credited. And even with the similar sounding tunes, don't you find it a little TOO convenient that bts named it Dead Leaves too with similar lyric meaning

I know there can be legal repercussions that come with sampling and its a shame that blackbear isn’t credited if it really is his song. But also consider the fact that Yoongi is not the only person who worked on this track. P dogg, slow rabbit, Bang PD, rapmon and the rest of the boys all helped with the song too and I can’t imagine if the song was taken from someone else that NOBODY would have said something about it. I honestly don’t believe that Bighit would allow a plagiarized song to be released on one of their albums.
Also, what REASON does Yoongi have to plagiarize? The song has been out for almost 2 months, legal actions would have been taken by now wouldn’t they? And why are people just now making a fuss about it?

If he really did plagiarize then there is no reason to defend him for it but I want to wait and see what really happened before I form my final opinion

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Head canon question; Since drake does not like Akainu, how did Drake react when he heard Akainu had killed Luffy's brother, Ace?

Good Question. Now like all the other straw hats, Drake was not present at the time that Luffy went out to Marine Ford. He was also on another island training his ass off, an island called Fang Island. 

Anyway, when Drake first read about Ace’s death in the papers, he felt a complete sense of helplessness. The man who took away from him his father, had once again taken something away from someone he cared about. And Drake wasn’t there and wasn’t able to do anything about it. He felt like he let his captain down, felt completely useless. 

Then he felt entirely sad, breaking down into tears. Why did this have to happen? Why does my captain have to suffer the same fate I did? It’s not fair! I don’t want him to be sad. These were all why Drake felt so unbelievably broken and saddened inside. But by the end, Drake was burning with rage.

Drake’s one dream in life is to inspire the next generation of pirates, to bring about the desire for freedom, discovery, and adventure in whoever may want it. But Akainu’s actions have done the complete opposite. The death of Whitebeard would have mostly likely ended the Great Pirate Era, if his last words hadn’t kept the fire of the One Piece lit that was set by Gold Roger. Akainu’s actions have been decimating the number of pirates that have entered the Grand Line and Drake refuses to let another person be harmed by him, or have their dreams crushed by him. At the moment, Drake decided, and was hell bent on being the one to kill Akainu. Not defeat, not kick his ass, KILL Akainu. Now Drake has a serious issue with death, being that as a child he went on a rampage and killed so many people. It made him fear his powers, and gave him a lot of mental and emotional issues. Drake swore he’d never kill again, but Akainu made him realize that he has to do this. 

If he’ll be able to go through with this, all depends on the future, his nakama’s feelings, and MOST IMPORTANTLY his captain’s orders. For a pirate that would disobey his captain’s order, is no pirate that can be allowed to sail under his flag any longer.

Thinking about streaming soon

Don’t feel like drawing right now and I need to relax, haven’t been having the best day. Or week. Or month ……

Aaaaanyway, I’m thinking about streaming in a bit. If I do I’ll drop a link. I wanna play a videogame but it’s always more fun with people to share it with.

Thinking I might play sonic adventure because I love that game, though I have the DX version which I really don’t like as much as the original, but I’ll work with what I have.

I’ve got a lot of other games, so I might ask if viewers, if I get any that is, wanna see me do something else. I might play Megaman Powered up or a randomized run of pokemon. Or maybe some battle network since I need to finish those. (I’m still on 2 lol.) Or even a rhythm game if people are interested. We’ll wee what happens.

Come for the laughably bad skills at videogames and stay for my stupid commentary!


Outdoors fun- Feb 6th

Making fictional snow-cakes & real s'mores outside on a winter day! 

Yes, this is happening…when it is winter & snow outside. You can still build a fire, and do all the fun stuff - make smores. It is much better even than on a warm (summer) day. 

The kids enjoying their time with grandma-grandpa

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Did you resent Pike for the demotion?

⤷ ✧  @ anon

      “It’s hard to resent him when my demotion wasn’t his decision. The actions
       that led up to that were mine & Admiral Pike acted accordingly & was only
       following orders. I would have been given a one-way ticket all the way back
       to the Academy if it wasn’t for him. ”