taken with webcam

somebody makes an amv set to kids in america of footage taken from your laptop webcam without your permission, like theres footage of you staring off into space and typing on your keyboard flickering in and out to the beat of the song

can we make a “fat aesthetic” pls.

I would but I only use my iPhone camera, and I think most of those are taken with a really good camera. I think it’ll be cool though, like the style in those other aesthetic blogs that are so popular now but instead of limp little hot dog thighs have full soft thick thighs :3

or have you guys seen those “pale blogs” that are just like the modely people of tumblr taking pictures of their skinny bodies or like the Nike symbol.. you never see anyone full figured let alone chubby on there. I think most of those are taken with a webcam, but those style of photos should be easy to do.

anyone interested in this idea? or should I go back to sleep :p

beth: Mars, photographed by Mars Express, 11th June 2014.

9 images taken with the Mars Webcam. I think we are looking down on the northern hemisphere, around noon on Arabia Terra, Ls 144.2° - northern midsummer. equivalent to terrestrial August..

Image credit: ESA. Animation: AgeOfDestruction.