taken with shitty camera


since i’m turning 20 really soon, here’s a little throwback. 

these are some of my earliest photographs! taken with a somewhat shitty camera and edited with gimp. lol.


Here are some pictures! They’re taken by my phone and really kind of shitty. The camera quality is sometimes too good that the image actually comes out quite ugly. I’m also not an experienced photographer in any way so I didn’t know how to manipulate anything so that the lighting would be better, so most of the photos are kind of dull. But I thought I’d post them anyway, because THIS IS OUR BLOG. 

The first is a lacquer painting (?) titled Ladies in the Garden. I really should’ve taken a picture of the plaque of the artist so I could’ve credited them, but I’m a dummy and I didn’t. But Vietnamese lacquer paintings are gorgeous they are so so beautiful. If you go, I recommend visiting the Fine Arts Museum. 

The second is of the Vietnamese National History Museum building. It’s a beautiful, lovely building. 

The third is of Tam Coc, where there are limestone mountains and tons and tons of lotuses. It’s so so beautiful & the lady who paddled our boat (WITH HER FEET) was so lovely. 

The fourth is a single blooming lotus from one of the ponds in the Temple of Literature. 

& the last is Cafe Pho Co, recommended to me by my friend from Hanoi (LEA) and its really secluded & hidden in an alleyway and it’s quite a climb but it’s worth it for the beautiful view of the lake!!!!!



finally got my permit but the picture I took might actually be the worst one I’ve taken in my life. the camera was REALLY shitty, had incredibly low contrast and it made me look like I was looking in different directions and my mouth was still numb from the dentist so I couldn’t even lift a smile with my right mouth corner. but I’m on course to get the full license within a couple weeks so I’ll get to replace it anyway

anonymous asked:

Your pictures of the sunrise album are so pretty aaaahhhh. And tbh Twitter is literally a melting pot of gross insensitive people with no regard for empathy so it's really worrying for me especially with my anxiety. I know jae is a grown man but I feel this need to protect him from the bull spewed on there, some people are so self absorbed and self righteous it's not good for his mental health, especially with how busy and tiring his life is already. Ok, QOTD, whats ur fav everyday6 side track?

Thank you! They were taken with my shitty android camera :)

And I agree, stan twitter is really annoying and wild so I don’t associate with anyone on there unless its a friend from other social media. The comments Jae get are actually so gross I try my best to not pop off. Like he’s here for his fans and friends- not random antis who just wanna start drama for attention ugh

but anyway my fave side track is I Would / It Would Have Been ❤❤❤


Prince Noctis - watercolour painting with process

Another experimental piece, still learning the medium… So, the process photos were taken with my shitty phone camera, so they all came out looking somewhat dark, but the finished version (top) was taken with a decent camera and digitally processed to look more like the original. :) 

A photo of yesterday’s doodles taken with my shitty phone camera. Maybe one day I’ll be able to upload decent photos… sigh. Never realized how hard it is to draw Taemin’s face. uugh.

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